Just Try And Match 80% Of These Characters To Their Netflix Show

Netflix's original TV shows are growing in popularity, because the teams of writers behind these shows know exactly what they are doing! They create the best storylines and the most intriguing characters for us to follow as fans and viewers. Some Netflix original TV shows only last for a season or two, but many of them continue to film new seasons each year!

Dear White People, Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return, Trailer Park Boys Out of the Park: Europe, I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson, and Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya are just some of the cool shows that Netflix offers. In order for Netflix to compete with its competitors in a successful manner, Netflix has to continue creating great shows for us to fall in love with! If we as viewers have great shows to tune into all the time, we will always renew our monthly service with Netflix.

Question 1

Marty Byrde?

Question 2

Piper Chapman?

Question 3

Rory Gilmore?

Question 4

Sheila Hammond?

Question 5


Question 6

Mr. Peanutbutter?

Question 7

Hannah Baker?

Question 8

Cherry Bang?

Question 9

Grace Hanson?

Question 10

Dev Shah?

Question 11

Lorelai Gilmore?

Question 12

Dustin Henderson?

Question 13

Count Olaf?

Question 14

Miranda Sings?

Question 15

Alex Vause?

Question 16

Todd Chavez?

Question 17

Titus Andromedon?

Question 18

Steve Harrington?

Question 19

Luke Danes?

Question 20

Carmen Wade?

Question 21

Bill Tench?

Question 22

Beau Bennett?

Question 23

Holden Ford?

Question 24

Ramona Gibbler?

Question 25

Jacqueline Voorhees?

Question 26

Sam Sylvia?

Question 27

Colt Bennett?

Question 28

Frankie Bergstein?

Question 29

Vanya Hargreeves?

Question 30

Roman Godfrey?

Question 31

Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren?

Question 32

Jameson "Rooster" Bennett?

Question 33

Nick Birch?

Question 34

Sam Gardner?

Question 35

Clay Jensen?

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