Would You Survive Jurassic Park? Answer These Questions And Find Out!

Since the 90s, people have been enamored with visiting Jurassic Park one day. After all, this location was responsible for bringing dinosaurs back to life, and this opportunity would fulfill the dreams of people around the world. Of course, we soon learned all about the downside of resurrecting extinct creatures, and the films encompassing the original franchise all played a significant role. In more recent years, the Jurassic World films have added a new ripple to the story, beginning a new set of films and introducing some fascinating concepts.

This quiz is going to take people out to this beloved park and quiz them on everything from trivia to encountering wild dinosaurs and figuring out what to do! There's no easy way off the island, but a person that truly knows their stuff just might make it out safe and sound. Good luck!

Question 1

Name This Character

Question 2

Where Is Jurassic Park Located?

Question 3

How Many Jurassic World Movies Are There?

Question 4

A Baby Velociraptor Has Hatched

Question 5

A T-Rex Is On The Prowl And The Fence Is Down

Question 6

Is Blue A Male or Female?

Question 7

Is A T-Rex A Carnivore or An Herbivore?

Question 8

Dinosaur Bones Are Called...

Question 9

Do Owen And Claire Get Married?

Question 10

Are Velociraptors Male Only?

Question 11

This Dinosaur Has The Whole Group Trapped!

Question 12

Researchers Discovered A New Dinosaur Breed

Question 13

Name This Character

Question 14

How Many Jurassic Park Movies Are There?

Question 15

Who Owns Jurassic Park?

Question 16

On A Quiet Drive Through Jurassic Park, Footsteps Start Growing Louder

Question 17

Should Jurassic Park Be Open To The Public?

Question 18

What DNA Was Used To Resurrect Dinosaurs?

Question 19

Was A Velociraptor A Carnivore or A Herbivore?

Question 20

This Giant Appears To Be Friendly

Question 21

These Two Break Free And Spot A Group Eating Lunch

Question 22

Does Ian Malcolm Appear In The Lost World?

Question 23

Is An Allosaurus Pictured Here?

Question 24

The Park Is Closed But Heavy Footsteps Are Coming Down The Hallway

Question 25

Does Owen Help Create Indominus Rex?

Question 26

This Dinosaur Has Been Trained: Trust It or Run?

Question 27

An Evacuation is Underway

Question 28

Whose Collection Is This?

Question 29

Name The Character On The Right

Question 30

Can Dinosaur Track People Down From Their Scent?

Question 31

Which Film Does This Dinosaur Appear In?

Question 32

Is This A Picture Of A Brontosaurus?

Question 33

This Dino Is Up For Auction

Question 34

Would A Mosasaurus Be A Problem On Land?

Question 35

It's Feeding Time And The T-Rex Has Found The Food Court!

Question 36

Does Claire Have Nephews That Visit In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom?

Question 37

Is This A Photo Of Indominus Rex?

Question 38

Does Owen Specialize In Training The T-Rex?

Question 39

Does Claire Train Dinosaurs In Jurassic World?

Question 40

Should Dinosaurs Be Used As Weapons?

Question 41

Which Of These Dinosaurs Is An Herbivore?

Question 42

These Dinosaurs Show Up And Communications Go Down

Question 43

Is This A Stegosaurus?

Question 44

Is Alan Grant A Paleontologist?

Question 45

Do The Dinosaurs Ever Make It Off The Island In The Jurassic World Series?

Question 46

This Dino Needs Help!

Question 47

You're Surrounded!

Question 48

Is Dennis Nedry Picture Here?

Question 49

Name This Character

Question 50

Trapped Outside With A T-Rex Roaring!

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