We're Pretty Sure You're Going To Fail This Harry Potter Quiz

So you think you know Harry Potter better than anyone else, huh? Well, ever since we were first introduced to the Wizarding World, many have made this claim. Today we are here to sort out the truly magical, from the ordinary. Who's ready to test out their Harry Potter knowledge?

In today's magical quiz, we will be going over details from all 8 of the Harry Potter films. Some of the questions may seem easy enough, but it's going to take a very powerful wizard to pull off a passing grade. Once everyone has taken all of their best guesses, we will know once and for all who the real experts are, and who should maybe look into marathoning the films one more time. Who's game?

Question 1

Who is Dean Thomas' best friend?

Question 2

What did Dumbledore claim to see when looking into the Mirror of Erised?

Question 3

Who taught Defense Against the Dark Arts in Harry's second year?

Question 4

Who became Minister for Magic after Cornelius Fudge?

Question 5

What did Hagrid name his pet dragon?

Question 6

What kind of dragon did Harry face during the Triwizard Tournament?

Question 7

Who did Fleur Delacour marry?

Question 8

Who was Harry's first kiss?

Question 9

What secret message was written on the snitch Dumbledore left to Harry?

Question 10

Name this character

Question 11

Who did Ron take to the Yule Ball?

Question 12

What did Remus and Tonks name their baby?

Question 13

What is Dumbledore's favorite sweet treat?

Question 14

What house did Cedric Diggory belong to?

Question 15

What kind of animal did Hermione turn into after drinking Polyjuice Potion?

Question 16

What Quidditch position does Ron play?

Question 17

Who is the Twins' best friend?

Question 18

Name this character

Question 19

How did Harry survive the Basilisk bite?

Question 20

Which Ministry department does Arthur Weasley work for?

Question 21

What does the spell "expelliarmus" do?

Question 22

What does the Felix Felicis potion do?

Question 23

What does the store Honeydukes sell?

Question 24

What house does Luna Lovegood belong to?

Question 25

What does the term "squib" mean?

Question 26

Who cursed the bludger that attacked Harry?

Question 27

How did Fred and George get the money to open their shop?

Question 28

What was Harry's original wand made out of?

Question 29

Name this character

Question 30

What did Harry use to save Ron from the poison?

Question 31

Who is NOT a known Death Eater?

Question 32

Where did Tom Riddle work after leaving Hogwarts?

Question 33

What is Hermione's patronus?

Question 34

Who is the owner of The Three Broomsticks?

Question 35

True or false: Harry's first broom was a Firebolt

Question 36

Who pretended to be Mad-Eye Moody for a entire year?

Question 37

What plant allowed Harry to breath underwater during the Triwizard challenge?

Question 38

What village did Harry's parents live in?

Question 39

What does Vernon Dursley do for a living?

Question 40

Who is NOT an Animagus?

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