Think You Remember Harry Potter Enough To Score Over 50% On This Quiz?

Alright Potterheads, it's time to take the ultimate Harry Potter test. It's no secret that Harry's story has become one of the most popular in existence. However, just like with all the other fandoms, there are tons of people who like to claim they are the biggest fans, when in reality - they are not. Today we get to the bottom of who the real wizards truly are!

In this magical quiz, we will be asking a variety of Harry Potter based questions. Anyone with the slightest bit of magic in their veins, should be able to swing a passing grade. Though, for all the muggles out there, beware this will not be easy. Once every question has been answered, spotting the squibs will be a piece of cake (or treacle tart).

Question 1

Name this character

Question 2

What phrase did Professor Umbridge force Harry to write on his hand?

Question 3

At what age do children receive their Hogwarts letter?

Question 4

What did Dumbledore claim to see when looking into the Mirror of Erised?

Question 5

What did Hagrid name his pet dragon?

Question 6

What Ministry department does Arthur Weasley work for?

Question 7

What kind of plant did Harry use during the second Triwizard challenge?

Question 8

Who's father is this?

Question 9

Who was Harry's first kiss?

Question 10

What kind of animal did Hermione accidently turn into after drinking Polyjuice Potion?

Question 11

Name this character

Question 12

Where did Harry live before losing his parents?

Question 13

Who gave Harry his invisibility cloak?

Question 14

Who used the Cruciatus Curse on Neville's parents?

Question 15

Did Ron ever join the Quidditch team?

Question 16

Who gifted Harry the Firebolt?

Question 17

Who pretended to be Mad-Eye Moody for almost an entire school year?

Question 18

What is the name of Dumbledore's pet phoenix?

Question 19

Which of these is NOT a real type of dragon?

Question 20

What house does Dean Thomas belong to?

Question 21

Why did Xenophilius Lovegood betray Harry and his friends when they visited him?

Question 22

What do Hermione's parents do for a living?

Question 23

What are the Deathly Hallows?

Question 24

How many Weasley children are there?

Question 25

Name this character

Question 26

How did Fred and George interrupt the OWLs?

Question 27

What animal does Professor McGonagall turn into?

Question 28

Name this character

Question 29

What house does Luna Lovegood belong to?

Question 30

What is Dumbledore's full name?

Question 31

What was Harry's original wand made out of?

Question 32

Name this character

Question 33

What kind of dragon did Harry face in the Triwizard challenge?

Question 34

What inn did Harry stay at while visiting Diagon Alley?

Question 35

Name this character

Question 36

Which Quidditch position does Oliver Wood play?

Question 37

Which Quidditch team is Ron's favorite?

Question 38

Name this character

Question 39

What house does Cho Chang belong to?

Question 40

Name this character

Question 41

What kind of car did Harry and Ron fly to Hogwarts?

Question 42

Who is "Moony"?

Question 43

Who is the owner of the Three Broomsticks?

Question 44

Name this character

Question 45

What did Harry use to save Ron after he drank the poison?

Question 46

Who is "Prongs"?

Question 47

What is Hermione's patronus?

Question 48

Which of these is NOT one of Lockhart's books?

Question 49

What is the name of the candy shop in Hogsmeade?

Question 50

Who became Minister for Magic after Cornelius Fudge?

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