If You Score Over 80% On This Test, You're Probably A Genius

The world is filled with a whole lot to learn, and people that want to be considered well-rounded by their peers actively look to learn as much as they can. Our education makes sure that we get a lot of core principles down, and each day, we take in new information. The people that are able to store this information are the ones that can expand upon it and appear smarter than the average bear. The ones that miss the little things tend to catch fragments of ideas here and there.

This quiz has a little bit of everything under the sun, and the people that have been paying attention in life are the ones that can finally show the world that they are functioning on another level!

Question 1

Is A Boy's Chromosomes XX or XY?

Question 2

Which Of These Movies Was Based On A Novel?

Question 3

Name This Brand

Question 4

Which Position Does Baker Mayfield Play?

Question 5

Which Of These Songs Is By The Beatles?

Question 6

Which Fast Food Restaurant Serves The Big Mac?

Question 7

Rogue Sailors Are Often Referred To As...

Question 8

Which Fruit Is This?

Question 9

Which Of These Is NOT A Beach City?

Question 10

How Many Strings Does A Standard Bass Guitar Have?

Question 11

Which City Is Batman From?

Question 12

The NFL Championship Is Called The...

Question 13

Which NBA Team Plays In Dallas?

Question 14

Name This Television Series

Question 15

Where Is The Great Wall Located?

Question 16

Which Of These Is NOT A Primary Color?

Question 17

Where Is Disney World Located?

Question 18

Is This Workout A Form Of Cardio?

Question 19

Is The Sphinx Located In Athens, Greece?

Question 20

What Is A Baby Elephant Called?

Question 21

What Does E.R. Stand For?

Question 22

Which Baseball Team Plays At Fenway Park?

Question 23

Name This Disney Movie

Question 24

Is A Gorilla A Monkey or An Ape?

Question 25

What Is Hummus Made From?

Question 26

Is Ice Cream A Dairy Product?

Question 27

Which Film Franchise Is Luke Skywalker From?

Question 28

Name This Video Game Franchise

Question 29

Name This Video Game Character

Question 30

People Who Dress Up At Conventions Are...

Question 31

Name This Video Game

Question 32

What Does S.V.U Stand For?

Question 33

Which Hockey Team Plays In Boston?

Question 34

Name This Brand

Question 35

Which Franchise Is Pikachu From?

Question 36

Is Touch One Of Our Senses?

Question 37

Is Pokemon GO Still Available For Download?

Question 38

What Is A Palindrome?

Question 39

Which Country Does Champagne Come From?

Question 40

Which Profession Gathers Clues To Solve Crimes?

Question 41

Artifacts Are Usually Kept In A...

Question 42

Is The Golden Gate Bridge Located In Jacksonville, FL?

Question 43

1700 In MIlitary Time Is The Same As...

Question 44

What Is Superman's Nickname?

Question 45

Name This Animated Series

Question 46

Name This Comedy

Question 47

Name This Logo

Question 48

Does Under Armour Make Athletic Apparel?

Question 49

Which Actress Plays Wonder Woman?

Question 50

Name This Logo

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