Play Friends 'Would You Rather' To See Which Character You're Most Like

Friends is one the greatest shows to ever appear on television, and now that it has been 35 years since its initial debut, people are beginning to look back on just how fantastic it was during its initial run on television. It had everything needed to succeed on the small screen, and once it took off, there was simply no stopping it. Even now, it remains one of the most popular shows around, and people are discovering their love for this series regularly. With so many classic episodes to watch, it is a show that can keep people busy for a long time.

Today, we want people to step into this fantastic world and make some interesting choices. In the end, we will reveal which character they are most like!

Question 1

Have Rachel or Phoebe As A Roommate?

Question 2

Have Ross As A Friend or A Professor?

Question 3

Marry Rachel or Stay Single?

Question 4

Clean With Monica or Ride A Bike With Phoebe?

Question 5

Date Phoebe or Stay Single?

Question 6

Live With Ross or Live With Chandler?

Question 7

Listen To Ross Lecture or Listen To Chandler Sing?

Question 8

Give Ross Relationship Advice or Give Chandler Fashion Advice?

Question 9

Watch Joey's Soap Opera or Buy Joey A New Chair?

Question 10

Have Monica Cook A Meal or Get A Massage From Phoebe?

Question 11

Have A Kid With Rachel or Have A Kid With Monica?

Question 12

Help Phoebe Choose A Partner or Let Her Decide?

Question 13

Help Ross Move Furniture or Help Chandler Ditch Janice?

Question 14

Have Rachel or Phoebe As A Babysitter?

Question 15

Taking A Break: Take Ross or Rachel's Side

Question 16

Take Monica's or Joey's Apartment?

Question 17

Babysit For Monica or For Ross?

Question 18

Teach Phoebe To Ride A Bike or Let Ross Handle It?

Question 19

Get Sandwich Lessons From Joey or Sailing Lessons From Rachel?

Question 20

Learn Unagi From Ross or Rachel?

Question 21

Leave With Rachel or Stay In New York?

Question 22

Eat Pizza With Joey or Eat Stolen Cheesecake With Rachel?

Question 23

Work With Rachel or Work With Chandler?

Question 24

Marry Janice or Stay Single?

Question 25

Have Rachel or Monica Plan A Party?

Question 26

Get Fashion Advice From Rachel or Love Advice From Phoebe?

Question 27

Have Monica As A Sister or Phoebe As A Wife?

Question 28

Play Computer Games With Chandler or Talk About Dinosaurs With Ross?

Question 29

Relax At Central Perk or Party Downtown?

Question 30

Throw Monica A Baby Shower or Phoebe A Bachelorette Party?

Question 31

Live With Joey's or Rachel's Sisters?

Question 32

Take Career Advice From Joey or Love Advice From Ross?

Question 33

Find Ross A Wife or Find Ross A Personality?

Question 34

Play Football With The Gellers or Help Joey Build An Entertainment Unit?

Question 35

Hang Out With Dr. Drake Ramoray or The Holiday Armadillo?

Question 36

Convince Rachel To Marry Ross or Convince Rachel To Marry Gunther?

Question 37

Get Style Advice From Joey or Chandler?

Question 38

Go To Monica's or Ross's Wedding?

Question 39

Travel Abroad With Ross or Stay Home With Pregnant Phoebe?

Question 40

Grab A Drink With Chandler or Monica?

Question 41

Take Dating or Life Advice From Joey?

Question 42

Night In With The Girls or Night Out With The Guys?

Question 43

Help Phoebe Find Her Mom or Help Ross Find The Geller Cup?

Question 44

Get Dating Advice From Rachel or Comedy Advice From Chandler?

Question 45

Let Phoebe or Joey Babysit?

Question 46

Let Ross Decorate or Let Chandler Cook?

Question 47

Trust Joey or Monica With A Secret?

Question 48

Grab Dinner With Joey or Dessert With Chandler?

Question 49

Have A Timeshare With Monica or Rachel?

Question 50

Get Coffee With Phoebe or A Drink With Ross?

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