This Quiz Will Reveal Which Dragon Ball Z Warrior Race You Belong To!

As one of the most storied and celebrated franchises ever created, Dragon Ball is a rare example of a franchise that keeps churning out exceptional material each year. Many of us got into the franchise at a young age, and we have been around to see it grow and reach levels of worldwide popularity reserved for only the best content. We remember where we were when our favorite characters fell, and we can tell you where we will be when the next film gets a theatrical release.

As we the fans have known for some time, there are a number of powerful races within this incredible universe, and we have wondered which race would be a perfect fit for us. These different races all bring something unique to the table, and they can be the right fit for any person out there interested in joining this expansive universe. While we may feel as though we know the right race for us, there is only one definitive way to know.

Today, we are giving people the chance to see which race is going to be the perfect fit for them! Questions will range from trivia to situation-based questions, and they will reveal everything!

Question 1

Does Goku Use Final Flash?

Question 2

Is Frieza The Strongest Villain?

Question 3

Name This Character

Question 4

What's The Best Way To Defeat Buu?

Question 5

Trunks Needs Help In The Past?

Question 6

Was Cell Created By Garlic Jr.?

Question 7

Which Character Does Android 18 Marry?

Question 8

Has Krillin Been Resurrected?

Question 9

Which Character Is A Brilliant Scientist?

Question 10

Choose A Trainer

Question 11

Name This Character

Question 12

Choose A Sidekick

Question 13

Which Character Created Android 17?

Question 14

Does Zarbon Work Alongside Dodoria?

Question 15

Name This Character

Question 16

There Is An Opening On The Ginyu Force

Question 17

How Many Children Does Bulma Have?

Question 18

What Is Beerus The God Of?

Question 19

Who Is Broly's Father?

Question 20

Does Whis Have Any Children?

Question 21

Zamasu Has Offered To Make You A Supreme Kai Apprentice

Question 22

How Many Dragon Balls Are There?

Question 23

Who Would Win In A Battle: Kibito or Beerus?

Question 24

Which School Trained Tien?

Question 25

What Is Bardock's Race?

Question 26

Is Ginyu Wearing A Scouter?

Question 27

Are Saiyan Born With Tails?

Question 28

Is This Character Named Goten?

Question 29

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber Is Available For Training

Question 30

Was Vegeta Able To Defeat Frieza Alone?

Question 31

Where Does Trunks Come From To Help Save The Day?

Question 32

Which Character Mentors Gohan?

Question 33

Frieza Needs Helping Taking Over Earth And Besting Goku

Question 34

Has Perfect Cell Ever Been Defeated?

Question 35

Who Is Yamcha's Best Friend?

Question 36

Which Power Does Piccolo Possess?

Question 37

Krillin Has Retired And Joined The Force

Question 38

Has Bardock Found Every Dragon Ball?

Question 39

Who Is Beerus's Twin Brother?

Question 40

Which Form Of Buu Is This?

Question 41

Which Character Does Goten Help Create?

Question 42

Choose A Power

Question 43

What Is Dr. Gero's Android Number?

Question 44

What Does A Scouter Do?

Question 45

Which Planet Is Piccolo From?

Question 46

The Galaxy Soldiers Offer Their Allegiance

Question 47

Is Whis Stronger Than Beerus?

Question 48

What Is Master Roshi The God Of?

Question 49

Compete In The World Martial Arts Tournament?

Question 50

Which Power Does Chiaotzu Not Possess?

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