58% Of People Fail This Common Sense Challenge. Can You Pass It?

Common sense is something that everyone should have, but that few actually possess. Most people will gladly go through life acting like they know what they are talking about, and they will do so in the most confident way possible. This false bravado may fool some people, but others are able to see right through it and realize that the individual is nothing more than a fraud. We should be picking up new information all the time, but those people out there that are lacking in the observation department are bound to miss far more than they take in.

For those of us that do have common sense, well, we can't help but sit back and enjoy life being a little bit easier. We have spent the time to accumulate simple knowledge of everyday things, and we don't really have to worry about the little things. We do our best to set the bar for everyone else, but the small percentage of us that can hold our own need to make sure we stay sharp and don't fall into the majority of people that have no common sense.

So, who out there is among the best and brightest? This quiz will reveal everything!

Question 1

Should A Person Sweep Or Mop First?

Question 2

What Is The Person Behind The Wheel Called?

Question 3

How Many Hours Are In The Day?

Question 4

What Month Is Thanksgiving In?

Question 5

Which Of These Is NOT A Type Of Cheese?

Question 6

Which Holiday Is Santa Part Of?

Question 7

Which Letter Does J Follow?

Question 8

Which Continent Has The Most Countries?

Question 9

Which Bug Makes Honey?

Question 10

What Are These Called?

Question 11

Which Sport Is This?

Question 12

What Do Jumper Cables Do?

Question 13

Are Oranges Vegetables?

Question 14

When Tapping Glasses, What Do People Say?

Question 15

2+2 Is An Example Of What?

Question 16

A Clock That Doesn't Work Is Right ______ Times A Day

Question 17

What Does CPR Stand For

Question 18

Should Pregnant Women Change Kitty Litter?

Question 19

Are Eggs Used To Make On Omelet?

Question 20

What Is Coffee Filled With?

Question 21

Is It Safe To Let The Oven Run All Night?

Question 22

What Do We Use To Unclog A Toilet?

Question 23

What Type Of Building Is This?

Question 24

Which Holiday Lets People Dress Up In Costumes?

Question 25

People That Lift Weights And Show Off Their Physique Competitively Are Called ...?

Question 26

Who Is This Man?

Question 27

How Much Is A Standard Tip At A Restaurant?

Question 28

What Type Of Animal Is This?

Question 29

Which Of These Is NOT A Real Creature?

Question 30

Is The Letter M A Consonant?

Question 31

Which Part Of The Body Is This?

Question 32

Which Season Precedes Winter?

Question 33

Which Of These Games Is Played In A Pool?

Question 34

Do Beetles Make Webs?

Question 35

Which Sport Is This?

Question 36

How Many Babies Make Twins?

Question 37

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate?

Question 38

Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

Question 39

What Are Fries Made Of?

Question 40

Are Hills Larger Than Mountains?

Question 41

Are Tigers A Type Of Cat?

Question 42

Which Class Is Science-Based?

Question 43

Raising Our Hands In Class Indicates What?

Question 44

Does The Sun Rise Or Set In The East?

Question 45

Where Is Central Park Located?

Question 46

Spider-Man Is What Type Of Character?

Question 47

An Outdoor Ballpark Is Called A ...?

Question 48

Which Body Of Water Is Largest?

Question 49

What Are Citizens Of Paris Called?

Question 50

Ordering Food To A Hotel Room Is Called ...?

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