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Superheroes have been a source of entertainment and inspiration for decades now, and few in the history of the genre have been as impactful and as popular as Batman. With humble beginnings in the pages, Batman has gone on to become a celebrated hero that has been box office gold and a small screen stud over the years. Anytime Batman is attached to a project, people are immediately interested. What's more, is that Batman just so happens to have some of the greatest villains ever penned, and they know how to push him to his limits and bring out the best in him.

Today, Batman fans will be put to the test as we bring them some trivia questions that only true fans will be able to answer!

Question 1

What Is Batman's Real Name?

Question 2

Has Batman Ever Married Harley Quinn?

Question 3

Has Batman Ever Defeated Superman?

Question 4

Which City Does Batman Live In?

Question 5

Why So Serious?

Question 6

Did Batman Design The Flash's Suit?

Question 7

Which Company Does Batman Run?

Question 8

What Is The Name Of Batman's Butler?

Question 9

Has Batman Ever Conquered Themyscira?

Question 10

Which Of These Is NOT A Batman Villain?

Question 11

Is Batman's Nickname The Dark Knight?

Question 12

Who Did Batman Help Take Down In Justice League?

Question 13

Did Batman Save Rachel In The Dark Knight?

Question 14

Who Did Batman Take In As The First Robin?

Question 15

Did Batman Defeat Bane In The Dark Knight Rises?

Question 16

Did Batman Appear In Watchmen?

Question 17

Did Shazam Get His Abilities From Batman?

Question 18

Is Red Skull A Batman Villain?

Question 19

What Does Batman Call His Car?

Question 20

Did Batman Train Aquaman?

Question 21

Does Batman Have A Son?

Question 22

Has Batman Ever Used Kryptonite Against Superman?

Question 23

The Batman Who Laughs Is A Combination Of Batman And...

Question 24

Does Batman Have Superhuman Strength?

Question 25

Does Batman Marry Batgirl?

Question 26

True Or False? The Joker Has Broken Batman's Back.

Question 27

Has The Joker Ever Discovered The Batcave?

Question 28

Does Batman Have A Plan To Defeat All His Allies?

Question 29

Which Of These Is A Batman Vehicle?

Question 30

Does Batman Ever Find Out Hush's Identity?

Question 31

Which Batman Ally Came Back As Red Hood?

Question 32

True Or False? The Joker Has Never Learned Batman's Secret Identity.

Question 33

Does Batman Own S.T.A.R. Labs?

Question 34

Where Did Batman Get His Giant Penny?

Question 35

Did The Joker Escape Prison In The Dark Knight?

Question 36

Does Batman Have A Space Suit?

Question 37

What Is Batman's Father's Name?

Question 38

Did Rorschach Train Batman?

Question 39

Does Batman Own The Daily Planet?

Question 40

Did Christian Bale Play Batman In Batman Begins?

Question 41

Name This Batman Actor

Question 42

Is Batman Married To Wonder Woman?

Question 43

Where Did Batman Lose His Parents?

Question 44

Has Batman Had A Romantic Relationship With Catwoman?

Question 45

Who Is Batman's Partner To The Left?

Question 46

Which Of These Women Has Batman Dated?

Question 47

Does Batman Have A Villain Named Ultron?

Question 48

Does Batman Work Closely With Jim Gordon?

Question 49

Who Trained Batman?

Question 50

Did Batman And Superman Survive Public Enemies?

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