Think You Can Score Over 75% On This Simple Baby Test?

Alright parents, time to see who has been paying attention! Whether we are experienced parents, expecting parents, or simply just enjoy the topic of babies, these simple questions should be able to be answered by anyone who has ever been interested in having children! Not to worry though, we will give the correct answers for those who don't know them already.

In this quiz, we will be asking a variety of questions all based around the little bundles of joy! Some of them will be related to the pregnancy and birthing process, while others will focus around actually raising a baby. Anyone who manages a score higher than 75%, definitely knows what they are doing! Let's see who's got some baby homework to do, shall we?

Question 1

True or false: The baby belly disappears right after birth

Question 2

Which of these is NOT a lullaby?

Question 3

When do babies typically say their first word?

Question 4

Is there one parenting technique that works for all children?

Question 5

What is the most recommended sleeping position for pregnant women?

Question 6

Name this kids movie

Question 7

What do some women lose after giving birth?

Question 8

True or false: Fathers can sometimes feel pregnancy symptoms too

Question 9

Can women eat once the labour process has begun?

Question 10

True or false: Pregnancy can increase allergy symptoms

Question 11

Name this kids show

Question 12

Which of these activities is NOT recommended for pregnant women?

Question 13

Name this baby brand

Question 14

Why do babies spit up so much?

Question 15

What is the first thing a newborn recognizes about their mother?

Question 16

What are false contractions called?

Question 17

What is the name of the cord that connects mom and baby?

Question 18

Name this kids movie

Question 19

When can a mother typically begin feeling the baby kick?

Question 20

What does the term "swaddle" mean?

Question 21

True or false: Babies can crawl right after birth

Question 22

Name this baby brand

Question 23

How often should newborns be fed?

Question 24

Is it dangerous to wake a sleeping baby?

Question 25

How many hours of sleep should newborns get each day?

Question 26

Name this kids movie

Question 27

True or false: All babies smile within their first week at home

Question 28

When does a baby's first tooth usually appear?

Question 29

Name this kids show

Question 30

Should pregnant women jump on trampolines?

Question 31

When does the baby bump typically begin to show?

Question 32

Name this kids movie

Question 33

What should be kept in the crib with a sleeping baby?

Question 34

Is potty training easy for all children to learn?

Question 35

What is a midwife?

Question 36

Name this kids show

Question 37

True or false: pregnant women should avoid all forms of exercise

Question 38

Why are pregnant women advised to not eat sushi?

Question 39

True or false: All babies are born with hair

Question 40

Name this kids movie

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