Play Our Baby Quiz And We'll Guess If You're A Mommy Or A Daddy

All parents have a unique way of doing things, and moms and dads especially tend to differ in their approach to raising a child. Moms and dads will always do their best to work together as a team to raise a happy and healthy child, but when push comes to shove and the other one isn't around, each parent will do things their own way. Babies take in all aspects of their environment, and they pick up on things that their primary caretakers do. It is important to keep this in mind whenever a decision is made about how to handle a situation.

All parents are welcome to come and take our quiz today. It will feature a little bit of everything, and in the end, we will guess if the person taking the quiz is a mom or dad.

Question 1

Choose A Name For A Baby Boy

Question 2

How Often Should Babies Have Their Bottles Cleaned?

Question 3

The Baby Is Crying And It’s 3 A.M.

Question 4

Choose A Name For A Baby Girl

Question 5

A Family Member Wants To Take The Baby For The Day

Question 6

Choose A Nursery Theme

Question 7

When Do Babies Start To Sit Up?

Question 8

What’s A Good Way To Make The Baby Laugh?

Question 9

How Long Is The Average Pregnancy?

Question 10

Is It Okay To Fly With Babies?

Question 11

What Is A Good Snack For The Baby To Enjoy?

Question 12

What Is Something That Should Be Baby-Proofed In The House?

Question 13

Choose A Baby Book To Read

Question 14

Why Do Babies Spit Up So Much?

Question 15

Choose A Good Pet For A Baby

Question 16

When Does The First Word Usually Happen?

Question 17

Cloth Diapers or Disposable Diapers?

Question 18

Crib or Bassinet For The Baby?

Question 19

Which Of These Toys Is Best For A Baby?

Question 20

Choose An Activity To Do With The Baby

Question 21

Choose Some Soothing Music For The Baby

Question 22

Pick or Pass The Name Delilah

Question 23

Does The Heart Shrink When Women Are Pregnant?

Question 24

Pick or Pass The Name Gemma

Question 25

The Baby Is Playing Around And They Suddenly Get Quiet

Question 26

Can The Baby’s Crib Be In The Parent’s Room?

Question 27

What’s A Good Way To Get The Baby To Start Crawling Over?

Question 28

How Often Should The Baby Be Bathed?

Question 29

When Does The First Tooth Usually Come In?

Question 30

Which Of These Toys Should Babies NOT Play With?

Question 31

When Should The Pacifier Be Left Behind?

Question 32

What Is Baby Powder Used For?

Question 33

What Is A Good Way To Elicit Babbling?

Question 34

Choose A Nursery Rhyme For The Baby

Question 35

When Do Babies Normally Start Potty Training?

Question 36

Which Of These Is A Great Place To Take The Baby For Fun?

Question 37

Is It Good To Sing To The Baby?

Question 38

What’s A Good Way To Make A Baby Smile?

Question 39

The Baby’s Diaper Needs Changing And The Parents Forgot Whose Turn It Is

Question 40

What’s A Good Age For Baby Photos?

Question 41

What’s A Good Way To Stop A Temper Tantrum?

Question 42

The Baby Finishes Eating. What Happens Next?

Question 43

You’re Holding The Baby And Something Smells Funny

Question 44

Do Babies Have Tears The First Time They Cry?

Question 45

When Do Babies Start Hearing?

Question 46

The Baby Is Fussy And It’s The Early Afternoon

Question 47

Which Part Of The Newborn Always Needs To Be Supported?

Question 48

What Should Breastfeeding Mothers Avoid Drinking?

Question 49

The Baby Made A Mess And Has No Clean Clothes

Question 50

Is A Baby’s Brain Fully Developed When It’s Born?

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