Answer These Simple Baby Questions And We'll Guess If You're A Mommy Or A Daddy

Calling all parents! Today we have come up with a super entertaining way to figure out who all of the mommys and daddys are. In this quiz, we will be going over some real-life parenting decisions, and at the same time, trying to guess who's a mamma and who's a pappa!

Here is how it will work: We will ask a variety of questions based around baby and child care, and every parent will be allowed to pick whatever answer suits them best. Once all of the tough calls have been made, we will take a shot at guessing who's a mother and who's a father. Time to see who is living up to the stereotypes and who is going about things a little differently!

Question 1

Pick a theme for the nursery

Question 2

True or false: Breastmilk CAN be kept in the freezer

Question 3

Throwing a gender reveal party?

Question 4

Pick a name for a girl

Question 5

You booked a babysitter for one night, what's the plan?

Question 6

The kids are throwing a tantrum in public, what to do?

Question 7

True or false: All babies are born with the same eye color

Question 8

Pick a color for the nursery

Question 9

The kids need help with their homework, what to do?

Question 10

Pick a name for a boy

Question 11

Pick an ideal number of children

Question 12

Pick an after-school activity

Question 13

Rate this kids movie

Question 14

You catch the kids stealing candy, what to do?

Question 15

The kids get lice, what to do?

Question 16

What will the kids be eating for breakfast?

Question 17

Find out the baby's gender or wait to be surprised?

Question 18

Pick a name for a girl

Question 19

At what age can the kids start dating?

Question 20

Rate this kids movie

Question 21

Reading bedtime stories or singing lullabies?

Question 22

Pick an after-school snack for the kids

Question 23

What's a good age for a kid to get their first cell phone?

Question 24

Pick a name for a boy

Question 25

Attending a Lamaze class?

Question 26

You forgot to pick up formula at the store, what to do?

Question 27

Cloth or disposable diapers?

Question 28

Pick a family vacation?

Question 29

Will the kids be allowed to eat Halloween candy?

Question 30

True or false: Babies should always sleep with a hat on

Question 31

Rate this kids movie

Question 32

The kids throw a snowball at you, what to do?

Question 33

What's a good age for a child to visit Disneyland for the first time?

Question 34

It's a rainy Saturday and the kids are bored, what to do?

Question 35

How often are the baby bottles getting washed?

Question 36

Pick a pet for the kids

Question 37

The kids want to go camping, what to do?

Question 38

Will the kids get a television in their bedroom?

Question 39

Rate this kids movie

Question 40

What kind of birthday parties will the kids get?

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