If You Score Over 80% On This Baby Quiz, It's Time To Get Pregnant

Making the decision to have a baby is a huge one, and most people are up to task before the little one comes along. It is said that no one is truly ready to bring a baby home, but there are plenty of people that are far more ready for action than a lot of other people out there. Nevertheless, babies come home to new parents each and every day, and once they are in the household, things take a massive turn. Having plenty of knowledge beforehand goes a long way, and today, we are trying to see who knows their stuff.

The questions on this quiz vary in difficulty, and the people that can get a high score are probably ready to start trying!

Question 1

How Many Babies Makes Twins?

Question 2

What Is The Opposite Of Identical Twins?

Question 3

Name This Kids Snack

Question 4

Name This Kids Show

Question 5

When Do Babies Begin Rolling Over?

Question 6

What Helps Prevent Diaper Rash?

Question 7

How Often Should Bottles Be Washed?

Question 8

What Is The Average Age For Potty Training To Start?

Question 9

Every _____ Seconds, A Baby Is Born.

Question 10

Name This Kids Movie

Question 11

Is It Okay To Have Pets In The House With A Newborn?

Question 12

When Can Babies Begin Tasting Salty Flavors?

Question 13

Name This Kids Movie

Question 14

Name This Kids Show

Question 15

What Is The Average Age For A Preschooler?

Question 16

Why Do Newborns Spit Up?

Question 17

What Is A Helicopter Parent?

Question 18

Name This Kids Show

Question 19

What Happens The First Time A Baby Cries?

Question 20

When Do Babies Typically Say Their First Word?

Question 21

Name This Kids Movie

Question 22

What Should Babies Avoid Eating?

Question 23

How Often Should Newborns Be Fed?

Question 24

What Is The Most Common Eye Color For Babies?

Question 25

Do All Children’s Speech Develop At The Same Rate?

Question 26

Do Babies Coo or Babble First?

Question 27

What Do Babies Need To Leave The Hospital?

Question 28

When Should Parents Take Away The Pacifier?

Question 29

Name This Kids Show

Question 30

Are All Babies Delivered The Same Way?

Question 31

Which Of These Is NOT A Lullaby?

Question 32

Should Babies Get Plenty Of Calcium In Their Diet?

Question 33

Name This Kids Movie

Question 34

When Does A Baby Get Their First Tooth?

Question 35

When Should Babies Have Their Teeth Brushed?

Question 36

What Percent Of Babies Have A Birthmark?

Question 37

Do Babies Sit Up Or Crawl First?

Question 38

Which Of These Is NOT A Traditional Bedtime Story?

Question 39

Newborns Typically Sleep For How Long?

Question 40

Name This Kids Show

Question 41

How Much Water Should Newborns Drink Daily?

Question 42

When Do Babies Begin Hearing?

Question 43

Name This Kids Movie

Question 44

What Doctor Will Kids See For A Checkup?

Question 45

What Are Babies Born Without?

Question 46

Is Potty Training Easy For All Kids?

Question 47

How Much Television Time Should Children Have Each Day?

Question 48

Why Do Babies Wiggle Around?

Question 49

What Is A Baby’s Typical First Word?

Question 50

What Is An Au Pair?

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