How Well Do You Remember These Classic Adam Sandler Movies?

As one of the most popular and successful actors of his era, Adam Sandler is a performer that has reached millions of fans around the globe with his unique brand of comedy. He is notorious for making movies with his friends, which sounds like the best job in the world. In his prime, Sandler was cranking out one smash hit after the next, expanding on his legacy and entertaining people that were looking for a break from life for a while. He still makes comedy flicks, and his fans still make sure to give them a watch as soon as they are released.

Today, we want to see which people out there are true Adam Sandler fans by having them take this trivia quiz about some of his most famous movies yet.

Question 1

What Is Paul's Last Name In The Longest Yard?

Question 2

Does Billy Complete His Education In Billy Madison?

Question 3

What Does Deeds Do For Fun In Mr. Deeds?

Question 4

Why Is Dave Sentenced To Anger Management?

Question 5

Name This Character From The Waterboy

Question 6

Name This Film

Question 7

What Does Sonny Do For A Living In Big Daddy?

Question 8

Who Is Billy's Kindergarten Teacher In Billy Madison?

Question 9

What Was The Final Part Of Dave's Therapy In Anger Management?

Question 10

Which Character Helps Happy Learn To Play Golf?

Question 11

Does Buddy Get Tased In Anger Management?

Question 12

How Much Money Does Happy Need To Win In Happy Gilmore?

Question 13

What Band Takes Over The Radio Station In Airheads?

Question 14

Which Position Does Paul Play In The Longest Yard?

Question 15

How Many Brothers Does Lucy Have In 50 First Dates?

Question 16

Who Is Julian's Hero In Big Daddy?

Question 17

What Is Billy Trying To Inherit In Billy Madison?

Question 18

How Many Kids Does Michael Have In Click?

Question 19

Why Does Lucy Like Henry's Hands In 50 First Dates?

Question 20

What Does Happy Want To Be In Happy Gilmore?

Question 21

What Does Julian Want To Be Called In Big Daddy?

Question 22

Who Does Happy Have To Defeat To Save His Grandma's House?

Question 23

Who Wins This Fight: Bob Barker or Happy Gilmore?

Question 24

What Do Chuck And Larry Do For A Living?

Question 25

Which Character Is Disciplining Billy Here?

Question 26

Name This Movie

Question 27

Which College Does Bobby Go To In The Waterboy?

Question 28

Name The Character In The Middle

Question 29

Where Does Babe Claim To Be From In Mr. Deeds?

Question 30

Which Film Does Crazy Eyes Appear In?

Question 31

Where Is Longfellow From In Mr. Deeds?

Question 32

Name This Character

Question 33

Does Paul Throw The Game In The Longest Yard?

Question 34

Do The Guards Win In The Longest Yard?

Question 35

Which Bowl Game Does Bobby Play In?

Question 36

How Old Is Julian In Big Daddy?

Question 37

Does This Character Appear In Click?

Question 38

What Movie Does Lucy Watch Every Day?

Question 39

Where Does The Wedding Singer Take Place?

Question 40

Who Tazes Dave In Anger Management?

Question 41

What Caused Lucy's Memory Loss In 50 First Dates?

Question 42

What Does Billy See In His Hallucinations In Billy Madison?

Question 43

Which Wrestler Does Bobby Call Up In The Waterboy?

Question 44

What Is Julia's Last Name Going To Be In The Wedding Singer?

Question 45

Which Musician Does Robbie Meet On His Flight To Las Vegas?

Question 46

Does Robbie End Up With Julia In The Wedding Singer?

Question 47

What Fake Name Does Babe Use In Mr. Deeds?

Question 48

Who Does Bobby Marry In The Waterboy?

Question 49

How Many Anger Management Films Are There?

Question 50

Which Character Leaves Robbie At The Altar In The Wedding Singer?

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