You'll Fail This Music Quiz... Unless You Grew Up In The 90s

Music has a way of defining a decade, and the music that 90s kids got to listen to while growing up still holds a special place with all of them. These kids were treated to music from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, and they can still recite the lyrics to all their favorite tracks. What's more, is that they can remember a ton of details about the biggest artists of the era. They grew up in an era that saw a unique shift in the music industry, and the biggest artists around came and went as things continued to evolve.

Today, we want to take people back and give them a nostalgic music quiz. The questions here feature a little bit of everything, and we have a feeling that 90s kids are going to do the best!

Question 1

Which Of These Is A Nirvana Song?

Question 2

Celine Dion Performed A Song For Which Film?

Question 3

Fill In The Blank: "This is how ________"

Question 4

Name This Band

Question 5

Which Of These Songs Is NOT By The Backstreet Boys?

Question 6

Is "Where the Hood At" A 90s Song?

Question 7

Which Of These Songs Is By Boyz II Men?

Question 8

Bell Biv Devoe Contains Members From Which Group?

Question 9

Which Genre Was 98 Degrees?

Question 10

What Does C.R.E.A.M. Stand For?

Question 11

Which Of These Songs Is By The Beastie Boys?

Question 12

Was Tupac Part Of N.W.A.?

Question 13

Name This Artist

Question 14

Which Of These Songs Is By Blackstar?

Question 15

Who Is The Singer Of Oasis?

Question 16

Which Label Was Run By Diddy?

Question 17

Finish The Lyric: "I want to see you out that door, baby _______"

Question 18

Name This Artist

Question 19

Is T.I. A 90s Artist?

Question 20

Which Movie Did Smash Mouth Lend "All Star" To?

Question 21

Who Is The Lead Singer Of Radiohead?

Question 22

Name This Band

Question 23

Did "Country Grammar" Come Out In The 90s?

Question 24

Which Of These Nicknames Is NOT Part Of The Spice Girls?

Question 25

What Is The Name Of Pearl Jam's First Album?

Question 26

Which Of These Is NOT A Green Day Song?

Question 27

Is The Lead Singer Of Hootie & The Blowfish Named Hootie?

Question 28

Who Was Singing For Van Halen In The 90s?

Question 29

Which Of These Songs Is By Hanson?

Question 30

Which Group Was Dr. Dre Part Of?

Question 31

Name This Artist

Question 32

Which Of These Songs Is By Usher?

Question 33

Finish The Lyric: "Living la vida _______"

Question 34

Which Song Came Out First: "...Baby One More Time" or "Toxic"?

Question 35

Was Lenny Kravitz A Member Of The Red Hot Chili Peppers?

Question 36

Which David Bowie Song Did Nirvana Cover During Their MTV Unplugged Set?

Question 37

Does Garth Brooks Sing "Friends in Low Places" or "Neon Moon"?

Question 38

Name This Rap Group

Question 39

Which Of These Is NOT A Bon Jovi Song?

Question 40

Who Is The Lead Singer Of Metallica?

Question 41

Which Rap Group Was Ice Cube Part Of?

Question 42

Did Outkast Release "Player's Ball" or "Ms. Jackson" First?

Question 43

Which Of These Men Was NOT In Public Enemy?

Question 44

Which Disney Film Did Elton John Do The Soundtrack For?

Question 45

Fill In The Blank: "It's a _______ life for us"

Question 46

Which Band Does Adam Duritz Sing For?

Question 47

Which Of These Songs Is By MC Hammer: "U Can't Touch This" or "California Love"?

Question 48

Who Was Featured On "If I Ruled the World" By Nas?

Question 49

Fill In The Blank: "With so much drama in the ______, it's kinda hard being Snoop D-O.-double-G."

Question 50

Which Of These Songs Is By Christina Aguilera?

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