How Well Do You Remember These Classic 90s Movies?

Nostalgia is always in, and because of this, movies from the 90s have had an incredible way of remaining relevant over the years. The decade brought a number of new faces into the entertainment industry, and these individuals helped take things to another level, inspiring the next generation and others to come. It is always refreshing to go back to the well of 90s films and see where many of our favorite new releases drew inspiration from, and we have a feeling that people will be enjoying these 90s flicks for many more years.

Today, we want to take a look back at the best movies from the 90s and see who can pass a trivia quiz. These questions are coming from 50 different movies, so only true film fans will be able to ace this quiz!

Question 1

Who Does Cameron End Up With in 10 Things I Hate About You?

Question 2

Name This Character

Question 3

Where Is Aladdin From?

Question 4

What Is Lebowski's Nickname?

Question 5

How Many Blade Films Are There?

Question 6

Name This Movie

Question 7

Where Does Braveheart Take Place?

Question 8

Who Is The Coach Of The Mud Dogs In The Waterboy?

Question 9

Where Does Kevin's Family Go For Christmas In Home Alone?

Question 10

Which Clerks Character Said "I'm not even supposed to be here today!"

Question 11

Which Character Does Chris Tucker Play In Rush Hour?

Question 12

Who Is The Chief Of MIB?

Question 13

Where Does Chasing Amy Take Place?

Question 14

Name This Character From Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Question 15

What Is Randall Floyd's Nickname In Dazed and Confused?

Question 16

Where Do Harry And Lloyd Travel To In Dumb and Dumber?

Question 17

Name This Movie

Question 18

Which Fairy Tale Is Ever After Based On?

Question 19

Fill In The Blank: Fear and ______ in Las Vegas

Question 20

What Is Brad Pitt's Character's Name In Fight Club?

Question 21

Which Branch Of The Military Is Forrest Part Of In Forrest Gump?

Question 22

Which School Does Good Will Hunting Take Place At?

Question 23

Who Are These Sisters From Hocus Pocus?

Question 24

Where Does Tink Find Peter In Hook?

Question 25

Who Turns Louis Into A Vampire In Interview with the Vampire?

Question 26

What Is Jack's Nickname?

Question 27

Finish This Jerry Maguire Quote: "Show me the ______!"

Question 28

Name This Movie

Question 29

Which Pill Does Neo Take In The Matrix?

Question 30

Where Does Mrs. Doubtfire Take Place?

Question 31

What Age Does Josie Pretend To Be In Never Been Kissed?

Question 32

Name This Character From Office Space

Question 33

Where Do The Twins Meet In The Parent Trap?

Question 34

Do Edward And Vivian End Up Together In Pretty Woman?

Question 35

What Do Jules And Vincent Get At The Beginning Of Pulp Fiction?

Question 36

Who Was The Undercover Officer In Reservoir Dogs?

Question 37

Which Character Goes On To Be A Professional Baseball Player In The Sandlot?

Question 38

Name This Movie

Question 39

Which Character Does Sydney Punch In Scream?

Question 40

Why Is Andy Sentenced To Prison In The Shawshank Redemption?

Question 41

Who Is Clarice Using Hannibal To Find In The Silence of the Lambs?

Question 42

Fill In The Quote From The Sixth Sense: "I see ______ people."

Question 43

Which Basketball Legend Appears In Space Jam?

Question 44

The Bus Needs To Stay Above ______ Miles Per Hours In Speed

Question 45

Does Chris Tucker Appear In The Fifth Element?

Question 46

Which Of These Actresses Appeared In The Mask?

Question 47

Is The Rocketeer Based On A Comic Book Character?

Question 48

Where Was The Titanic Sailing To?

Question 49

Fill In The Toy Story Quote: "To _______ and beyond!"

Question 50

Which Show Does Garth Work On?

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