If You Score Over 50% On This FRIENDS Quiz, You Win Monica's Apartment

As one of the greatest shows of all time, FRIENDS is still a series that people continue to watch on a daily basis. After all this time, the jokes and the themes on the series continue to hold up and be relatable, and social media is the place where people love to dust off their best memes and quotes from the show. It struck a chord with audiences back in the 90s, and the people watching it for the first time today are seeing why it became such a phenomenon back in the day.

The characters from the series all held up their end of the bargain by perfectly fitting into the situations that they were placed in, and the performers bringing them to life could not have done a better job. They took the bar that was set by the people before them and took it to a new level, making sure that the people coming after them would be required to be even better. Few shows have come along and have been as great as this one, and because of this, its massive fan base made sure to absorb every bit of information from the series.

Today, we want to see who the best fans are, and Monica's apartment is on the line!

Question 1

What Is Chandler's Last Name?

Question 2

Where Does Friends Take Place?

Question 3

Does Phoebe Live With Her Mom?

Question 4

What Does Joey Do For A Living?

Question 5

Is Ross A College Professor?

Question 6

Do Ross And Rachel Get Married?

Question 7

Which Character Buys Phoebe A Bike?

Question 8

What Is Rachel's Last Name?

Question 9

Where Does The Gang Hang Out?

Question 10

Does Phoebe Have A Twin Brother?

Question 11

Which Character Lives Across From Monica?

Question 12

Who Is Monica's Brother?

Question 13

What Does Monica Do For A Living?

Question 14

Does Joey Marry Phoebe?

Question 15

Which Character Has A Son Named Ben?

Question 16

Which Character Is A Masseuse?

Question 17

Does Ross Have A Daughter Named Patricia?

Question 18

What Is The Name Of Ross's Ex Wife?

Question 19

How Many Sisters Does Joey Have?

Question 20

Does Monica Adopt?

Question 21

Does Rachel Ever Work For Ralph Lauren?

Question 22

Does Joey Ever Date Phoebe?

Question 23

Where Did Ross Meet Chandler?

Question 24

Who Does Phoebe Surrogate For?

Question 25

Is Rachel From A Rich Family?

Question 26

Where Do Monica And Chandler First Get Intimate?

Question 27

Does Janice Marry Ross?

Question 28

Do Rachel And Chandler Ever Date?

Question 29

What Is The Name Of Rachel's Younger Sister?

Question 30

What Is Phoebe's Mother's Name?

Question 31

What Is Joey's Character's Name On Days of our Lives?

Question 32

Does Chandler Ever Work For Apple?

Question 33

Who Is The Character On The Left?

Question 34

Why Did Monica And Richard Split Up?

Question 35

Who Gave Monica The Apartment?

Question 36

Did Rachel Work At The Central Perk?

Question 37

What Animal Is Chandler Afraid Of?

Question 38

Has Phoebe Ever Dated Chandler?

Question 39

Who Does Ross Meet In China?

Question 40

Which Character Dates Pete Becker?

Question 41

Does Joey Ever Live On His Own?

Question 42

Does Ross Date A Student?

Question 43

Which Holiday Does Chandler Refuse To Celebrate?

Question 44

How Many Times Has Ross Been Divorced?

Question 45

Does Rachel Have A Sister Named Angel?

Question 46

Does Monica Divorce Chandler?

Question 47

Who Was Rachel Supposed To Marry In Season One?

Question 48

Who Does Ross Have A Child With?

Question 49

Which Secondary Character Has A Crush On Rachel?

Question 50

What Is Joey's Favorite Food?

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