Do You Remember Season 1 Of Friends Enough To Ace This Quiz?

Friends is considered to be one of the seminal shows of the 1990s, and it took the world by storm shortly after its debut. People quickly fell in love with the show's ability to tell funny and interesting stories, with characters that were a shining representations of the decade. Though they contrasted in styles and personalities, these characters found a unique balance in New York thanks to sharp writing and fantastic production, and the series has continued to thrive after all these years. Because season one was where things really took off, we want to turn back the clock and focus our attention on this momentous season.

True fans of the series will be able to go through and answer all 50 questions about season one of Friends!

Question 1

Is Ross Married or Divorced?

Question 2

Who Does Rachel First Move In With?

Question 3

Which Character Is Pregnant In Season One?

Question 4

Where Does Rachel Initially Work?

Question 5

Who Does Chandler Initially Live With?

Question 6

What Happens When Ross Goes To The Hockey Game With Joey And Chandler?

Question 7

Who Is Chandler Initially Dating?

Question 8

Which Character Does Monica Start Dating Early On?

Question 9

Joey Works As Whose Butt Double?

Question 10

Who Does Rachel Initially Date?

Question 11

Who Does Phoebe Initially Live With?

Question 12

What Does Monica Have Stolen?

Question 13

What Does Ross Name His Child?

Question 14

Who Tells Rachel That Ross Is In Love With Her?

Question 15

Who Temps As Chandler's Secretary?

Question 16

Does Rachel Start Dating Barry Again?

Question 17

Does Ross Or Chandler Take In Marcel?

Question 18

What Does Marcel Do To Monica's TV?

Question 19

How Does Monica Start A Fire?

Question 20

Where Does David Move To For Work?

Question 21

Who Does Paolo Hit On When He's Dating Rachel?

Question 22

Does Joey Get Feelings For Ursula Or Phoebe?

Question 23

Which Habit Does Chandler Pick Up Again?

Question 24

Whose Funeral Does Monica Attend?

Question 25

Where Does Ross Have To Travel To?

Question 26

What Modeling Job Does Joey Land?

Question 27

Where Does Ross Get His First Kiss With Rachel?

Question 28

Who Does Phoebe Spy On?

Question 29

What Does Monica Make Her Aunt A Dozen Of?

Question 30

Which Ex Does Joey Try Getting Back With?

Question 31

Who Does Rachel Have An Adult Dream About?

Question 32

Who Does Joey Kiss At Midnight?

Question 33

Whose Mom Does Ross Kiss?

Question 34

Who Pays Chandler To Quit His Bad Habit?

Question 35

Does Phoebe Join The Gang For Thanksgiving?

Question 36

Who Does Phoebe Help Dump Joey?

Question 37

Rachel Finds A Cat That Belongs To Which Character?

Question 38

What Happens When Ross Attends A Funeral?

Question 39

When Does Ross Have His First Date After Being Single?

Question 40

Which Married Woman Does Chandler Go Out With?

Question 41

Does Phoebe Get Pregnant In Season One?

Question 42

Who Does Rachel Leave At The Altar?

Question 43

Who Eats Chandler's Cheese Sandwich On Thanksgiving?

Question 44

What Does Joey Hide From His Mom?

Question 45

Who Does Chandler Ask To Be His Date For New Year's Eve?

Question 46

When Does Janice Get Dumped?

Question 47

What Does Phoebe Find Out About Chandler?

Question 48

Does Chandler's Mother Or Father Come To Town?

Question 49

Does Monica Date A Guy That's Still In High School?

Question 50

Who Does Barry Date After Rachel?

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