The Rachel Green Quiz Even Ross Would Fail

Phones and times may have changed but there is one thing that still stands- our approval ratings (yes, it’s that serious) on Rachel Green’s style. We were introduced to Rachel’s spoiled yet endearing character when she runs from the altar to New York City to meet Monica Geller, her friend from Lincoln High, because she was more turned on by a gravy boat than her fiancé, Barry. From the classic ‘Rachel’ look to the side pony, fringe, braid, to the one we were not quite sure how to recreate, Rachel Green won our hearts quite literally with her rendition of “I like big butts, and I cannot lie” to her sweeping declaration of love when she says “I got off the plane” in the final season.

A new YouGov poll even ranked Rachel Green as the most attractive Friends’ character with 50 percent of the vote and also its most dateable character. Well, while we are counting votes, 61% of adults who watched Friends even said Ross and Rachel were really on a break. As Rachel would say, “isn't that just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic?” Well, we won’t let Ross off the hook that easy. Here are 30 questions that even Ross would fail to answer.

1Which of Joey's colleague at 'Days of our Lives' asks Joey to set him up on a date with Rachel?

In season 8, this person meets Rachel on the sets of 'Days of our Lives'. When asked why she hasn't come to the set earlier, Rachel responds that Joey may have thought she would embarrass him because she is a complete "soap-opera nut". The evening of Rachel's date with this individual, Ross shows up with pizza and an invitation to watch a Ukranian movie. When Rachel declines because of her plans, Ross claims he doesn't mind if Rachel dates and says he finds it mundane or "even a little dull".

2What song did Rachel sing at her ex- fiancé Barry's wedding?

When Rachel, rather reluctantly, agreed to be the maid of honour at her ex- fiance's wedding, she was furious to know his parents had told people she left the altar earlier because of syphilis. Ross announced during the toast that Rachel left Barry because she did not love him. Rachel refuses to leave when she finds out Barry made a bet on the time of her exit from the wedding. She walks up to the microphone and sings this song.

3Rachel dated this one man who looked and behaved like Ross. Name this character.

In season 2, Rachel dated a man that had an extreme similarity to Ross. Phoebe, Monica and Chandler try to remind Rachel of this fact but she claims that this is not true. Rachel finally notices this resemblance when she sees Ross and this individual having an argument. Towards the end, the person lets Phoebe and Chandler know that Rachel broke up with him. Trivia on the episode: The striking differences between Ross and this person are the chins and height of the characters.

4Rachel and this individual go on a double date with Ross and Elizabeth. Name the person.

In season 6, Rachel dates this person who appears in 3 episodes in the season. They end up going on a double date with Ross and Elizabeth. On a romantic trip, they show up at the same county house as Ross and Elizabeth where this individual gives himself a pep talk about how he's "the man". Eventually, Rachel breaks up with him when she asks him to open up to her and he reveals his childhood memories and ends up in tears.

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