The Rachel Green Quiz Even Ross Would Fail

Phones and times may have changed but there is one thing that still stands- our approval ratings (yes, it’s that serious) on Rachel Green’s style. We were introduced to Rachel’s spoiled yet endearing character when she runs from the altar to New York City to meet Monica Geller, her friend from Lincoln High, because she was more turned on by a gravy boat than her fiancé, Barry. From the classic ‘Rachel’ look to the side pony, fringe, braid, to the one we were not quite sure how to recreate, Rachel Green won our hearts quite literally with her rendition of “I like big butts, and I cannot lie” to her sweeping declaration of love when she says “I got off the plane” in the final season.

A new YouGov poll even ranked Rachel Green as the most attractive Friends’ character with 50 percent of the vote and also its most dateable character. Well, while we are counting votes, 61% of adults who watched Friends even said Ross and Rachel were really on a break. As Rachel would say, “isn't that just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic?” Well, we won’t let Ross off the hook that easy. Here are 30 questions that even Ross would fail to answer.

Question 1

Which of Joey's colleague at 'Days of our Lives' asks Joey to set him up on a date with Rachel?

In season 8, this person meets Rachel on the sets of 'Days of our Lives'. When asked why she hasn't come to the set earlier, Rachel responds that Joey may have thought she would embarrass him because she is a complete "soap-opera nut". The evening of Rachel's date with this individual, Ross shows up with pizza and an invitation to watch a Ukranian movie. When Rachel declines because of her plans, Ross claims he doesn't mind if Rachel dates and says he finds it mundane or "even a little dull".

Question 2

What song did Rachel sing at her ex- fiancé Barry's wedding?

When Rachel, rather reluctantly, agreed to be the maid of honour at her ex- fiance's wedding, she was furious to know his parents had told people she left the altar earlier because of syphilis. Ross announced during the toast that Rachel left Barry because she did not love him. Rachel refuses to leave when she finds out Barry made a bet on the time of her exit from the wedding. She walks up to the microphone and sings this song.

Question 3

Rachel dated this one man who looked and behaved like Ross. Name this character.

In season 2, Rachel dated a man that had an extreme similarity to Ross. Phoebe, Monica and Chandler try to remind Rachel of this fact but she claims that this is not true. Rachel finally notices this resemblance when she sees Ross and this individual having an argument. Towards the end, the person lets Phoebe and Chandler know that Rachel broke up with him. Trivia on the episode: The striking differences between Ross and this person are the chins and height of the characters.

Question 4

Rachel and this individual go on a double date with Ross and Elizabeth. Name the person.

In season 6, Rachel dates this person who appears in 3 episodes in the season. They end up going on a double date with Ross and Elizabeth. On a romantic trip, they show up at the same county house as Ross and Elizabeth where this individual gives himself a pep talk about how he's "the man". Eventually, Rachel breaks up with him when she asks him to open up to her and he reveals his childhood memories and ends up in tears.

Question 5

What is Rachel's ex- fiancé Barry's profession?

Rachel Green left Barry Faber at the altar when she leaves for New York City to find Monica Geller, her high school friend. When Rachel goes to return the ring to his professional setup, she ends up hooking up with him. Rachel later finds out that Barry was having an affair with Mindy during their engagement, who he eventually decides to marry. Rachel is furious at Barry's wedding at the rumours spread about her in the past. Eventually, Barry and Mindy get divorced.

Question 6

At which company is Tag is Rachel's assistant?

Tag, who is five years younger than Rachel, appears in seven episodes in season 7 and 8. Rachel breaks up with him on her thirtieth birthday after she thinks he is too young and not ready for the relationship. Eventually, Rachel is fired from her job at this organization after her boss catches her being interviewed for another company at the next table in a restaurant. She does not end up getting a job at the other company and ends up fired from her current position.

Question 7

Rachel says "isn't that just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic" in regards to Ross dating this character.

Ross dated this character, in season 2, who mostly wore black and white. Rachel disliked this individual, asked Phoebe to give her a terrible haircut and tried to stop Ross and her from consummating. Eventually, Ross and this character break up when Rachel leaves a message, admitting her feelings for him, on Ross' answering machine. This person even took Monica shopping which made Rachel feel like she was stealing everyone from her life. This character and Ross adopt a cat together.

Question 8

Rachel gets jealous of this character on the trip to Barbados.

Joey develops feelings for Rachel in season 8 but she turns him down. Later, Rachel ends up jealous of this character who is dating Joey during the trip to Barbados. Rachel ends up confessing her feelings to Joey on this trip and he says he can't hurt Ross. Eventually, Joey sees Ross kiss this individual and ends up kissing Rachel in her hotel room for a while. This character is a palaeontology professor and knows about Ross due to his academic papers on palaeontology.

Question 9

What job did Rachel leave to be with Ross in the final season?

Rachel had her first job at Central Perk cafe which she quit to pursue a career in fashion. Rachel is initially hired as an assistant buyer with the help of Mark Robinson at a leading brand. Later in her career, she works as the women's wear coordinator at Ralph Lauren. When Rachel and Ross run into Mark after Rachel loses her job, she is offered a position in Paris with the fashion brand in question here. Monica sets up a going away party for Rachel where she doesn't say goodbye to Ross.

Question 10

The 'I Hate Rachel Club' spread this rumor about Rachel.

Rachel was a bully to Willy Colbert in high school. To take his revenge, he formed a club with Ross and a Thai exchange student Ta-Taka-Ki-Kek. Ross, who was secretly in love with Rachel, agreed to be part of the 'I Hate Rachel Club'. When Rachel hears about this fact over dinner, she is upset and angry with Ross' behavior and Will's snide remarks. The 'I Hate Rachel Club' spread this rumor about Rachel Green which she never heard until then.

Question 11

Rachel Green has three siblings. True or False.

One of Rachel's sister visits Rachel and starts to date Ross after she thinks that is what Rachel would want to happen. Ross ends this relationship after two dates as he wanted to preserve what he shared with Rachel. She gets upset and tries to seduce Ross and leaves after failing to do so. Another sibling refers to Rachel's baby as Emmett as she assumes that Emma is a boy. A sibling is also convinced that Ross is a falafel seller.

Question 12

How many pages was the letter that Rachel wrote for Ross?

In season 3, Ross sees Bonnie and Rachel together in Rachel's room. Once Bonnie leaves, Ross and Rachel share a kiss. While Ross works on breaking up with Bonnie, he returns to find that Rachel has written a letter for him. Ross, tired after his break up, falls asleep and lies to Rachel that he read the letter. Ross, in an effort to please Rachel, says yes to her proposed question in the letter. Later, he realizes that he agreed to take full responsibility for what had previously gone wrong in their relationship.

Question 13

Who are her parents?

In season 2, Rachel's mother announces that she is leaving her husband whom she did not love. Rachel's father was a strict man who spoiled his daughters but would cut them off financially. Their marriage was a loveless event in their lives and after their divorce, they could not stand each other's presence. This led to Rachel opting to throw two birthday parties instead of one- one at her own apartment with her mother and one at the guys' place for her father.

Question 14

Who does Rachel dress up as for Ross?

Rachel Green asked Ross about his sexual fantasies in season 3. To this, he revealed that he liked a scene in this movie. Rachel tells Phoebe about this fantasy which makes Phoebe play a prank on Ross. At first, Ross is offended but he continues to tell Chandler about the fantasy. Chandler scares him by speaking of his mother to which Joey remarks that he thinks of Chandler's mother too. Later, when Rachel enacts the sexual fantasy, Ross can only imagine his own mother, Judy.

Question 15

Rachel kissed this character while in high school.

This girl was Rachel's sorority sister in college and appears on the episode, The One With Rachel's Big Kiss. She shared a house with Rachel during the senior year where she nicknamed her Ray-ray Green. Once, after drinking sangria, Rachel and this girl ended up kissing. Rachel assumed the night to be a random wild experience but the girl falls in love with Rachel. Later, when Rachel ends up inviting her for dinner, she reveals her true feelings for Rachel.

Question 16

When is her birthday?

The date is important in the history of Friends because it marks Rachel Green's birthday! In season 1, Ross is in China during her birthday. At this point, Chandler lets Rachel know that Ross is in love with her. Her 30th birthday took place in the episode 'The One Where They All Turn Thirty'. In season 9, Rachel's birthday was in the episode 'The One With Phoebe's Rats' where Rachel was worried about her colleague Gavin Mitchell and Chandler tried to stop Joey from hitting on Emma's nanny, Molly.

Question 17

What brand of lipstick did Jennifer Aniston use while portraying her character Rachel Green?

This is a tough one but if you follow Rachel Green's character, you cannot miss the shade of lipstick. Jennifer Aniston revealed, to Glamour, the exact company for getting this 'warm brown with a satin finish' lipstick. She called the shade 'browny brick' and said it was her go-to shade during the filming of Friends! In the same interview, Jennifer spoke about 90s trends and how she was not on board with the tiny sunglasses of the time. She still loves the classic look!

Question 18

In order to attract this client, Rachel throws a party for Emily Waltham.

This character appears several times during Season 4 of the show. After Rachel shits to the personal shopping department at Bloomingdale's, she meets this character who comes in for a full wardrobe change after his divorce. First, she tries to flirt with him with two tickets to a Knicks game where he ends up taking his nephew. Her final plan was to throw a party for Emily which was held to catch his attention. At the end of the night, he rejects her because of his recent divorce.

Question 19

Rachel dated this Italian man in season 1.

In the episode 'The One With The Blackout,' Ross is about to confess his love for Rachel when a cat attacks him. While Rachel and Phoebe search for the owner of this car, they run into an Italian man. Later, Rachel kisses this man in darkness. This Italian man was out of the show when he made romantic advances at Phoebe while she gave him a massage. After this, Rachel throws his clothes down the balcony and the chapter with this Italian man comes to a close.

Question 20

In season 4, Rachel and Monica take part in a quiz with Joey and Chandler. What is one of the categories?

The contest consists of questions created by Ross after Monica and Rachel have a bet with Joey and Chandler. In this episode, each question is related to one of the four characters. The overall game has four categories and a bonus "Lightning Round" for the contestants. It starts out with Joey and Chandler claiming to know more about Rachel and Monica than they did about them. Joey and Chandler start out by naming all the items in Rachel Green's shopping bag.

Question 21

When does Rachel confess her pregnancy to Phoebe?

In this season, Phoebe finds a pregnancy test marked positive in the trash and thinks that Monica is pregnant. Later, Rachel Green admits that she is the one who is pregnant and asks Phoebe to keep it a secret from the other characters. In order to protect Rachel, she claims that she is pregnant. Joey proposes to Phoebe and later to Rachel when he finds outs that she is the one who is really pregnant. Phoebe eventually finds out that the father is Ross. Guess the season.

Question 22

Which baby name did Ross and Rachel reject before deciding on Emma?

When Phoebe asks Rachel and Ross about their baby's name, Rachel says she has a few ideas. Phoebe puts in their recommendations with Phoebe and Phoebo. Phoebe then says that Ross and Rachel get five veto votes each. Rachel suggests the name 'Rain' and 'James' for a girl which Ross quickly rejects. Ross mentions the name 'Ruth' which Rachel says belongs to an old person. What is another name that Rachel decides on before the baby is finally named Emma?

Question 23

Phoebe and Rachel disagree on purchasing from this store they move in together.

Rachel Green purchases an apothecary table from this particular store for the apartment. Monica warns Rachel that Phoebe dislikes mass-produced products and things that do not have a history. Rachel tells Phoebe that she bought the table at a flea market and it was an antique. Later, Rachel realizes that Ross bought the exact same table from this store. Phoebe discovers the table at Ross' apartment and Rachel says it was copied from the original table. After this, Rachel purchases more products from the store.

Question 24

What is Rachel's grandmother's name?

This character is the paternal grandmother of Rachel, Jill and Amy Green and Emma's great-grandmother on the show. She is an unseen character (appears in none of the episodes) and was mentioned in the episode 'The One With Rachel's Phone Number' in which Rachel and Phoebe go to a bar to meet two guys from their building. Because she apparently smells like potatoes, the people who lived in her area named her 'Spuds'. This might be a tough one but name this character.

Question 25

Guess the season from the hairstyle in the image.

If you are a fan of Rachel Green, you could not have missed this hairstyle! In this season, Rachel is promoted to the position of Merchandising Manager at Ralph Lauren. This is also the season where she meets Tag, her assistant at the job. In the episode, she spends her night with Tag in the office looking for contracts which she eventually does not send out. Rachel breaks up with Tag on her 30th birthday that is celebrated in this season.

Question 26

Who offered a job to Rachel at the Moondance Diner?

This character was introduced to us at the Moondance Diner where Monica was employed in season 3. After overhearing a conversation between Monica and Rachel, this character offers to help Rachel in getting a position at Bloomingdale's. Ross is eventually jealous of this person's relationship with Rachel. When Ross and Rachel break up, this character asks Rachel to a date. Rachel does not continue the relationship because of her feelings for Ross. He is replaced by Sophie either due to a promotion or because he leaves his position.

Question 27

What is Chandler's job according to Rachel in the episode 'The One With The Embryos'

This is a follow-up question on the quiz! In the episode 'The Contest', Rachel and Monica compete with Chandler and Joey to prove who knows the other team better. The show is divided into categories with a bonus round called the "Lightning Round". Because the girls cannot answer this particular question "what Chandler does for a living?" Joey and Chandler win the contest. The correct answer to the question is that Chandler works in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. What does Rachel say?

Question 28

What is Rachel's last name on Ross' wedding invitation?

We have all at some point spelled Rachel's last name as this. Even Ross made a mistake in season 4! Rachel's name was spelled as this on the invitation card to Ross' wedding. This happened once again when her name was spelled on the Ralph Lauren nameplate in season 9. It was spelled as this on her daughter Emma's birth certificate as well. Guess the incorrect spelling of her name on Ross' wedding invitation, Emma's birth certificate and the Ralph Lauren nameplate.

Question 29

Which person does Rachel convince to shave their head?

The character is Phoebe's friend on the show and is remembered for her bald head in the past. Phoebe asks Rachel whether she could set up the character and Ross to which Rachel agrees because she assumes Ross would not be interested in her choice of hairstyle. Ross and the character start dating which upsets Rachel as she fears that they might fall in love with each other. At the beach, Rachel tells this character that she loved her bald head, thinks she should do it again and lends her a razor.

Question 30

In this season, Rachel Green got a braid.

Let us give you a recap of this season. In this season, we saw the episode 'The One Where Ross Says Rachel' where Ross says Rachel's name at his wedding with Emily. In another episode, Phoebe catches Chandler and Monica kissing and pulling each other's clothes off. The Friends then work on pranks to make Chandler and Monica's secret more difficult including the time when Phoebe consistently hits on Chandler. The episode was titled 'The One Where Everybody Finds Out'.

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