Only 10% of FRIENDS Fans Can Pass This Rachel Green Quiz

Friends premiered on NBC in 1994 and went on for ten seasons. The iconic sitcom follows the adventures of six twenty-somethings living in 1990s Manhattan.

The friend group includes the high-strung chef Monica Geller and her nerdy brother Ross, who works at a museum. There is also the incredibly sarcastic Chandler Bing, the charming but dim-witted struggling actor Joey Tribbiani., the eccentric masseuse and self-taught singer Phoebe Buffay. The last to join the tight-knit group is Rachel Green, who leaves her fiancé at the altar and gets cut off by her family as a result.

The world is first introduced to Rachel in the very first episode, when she wanders into Central Perk, a hysterical mess in a soaking-wet wedding dress. Audiences immediately fell in love with her character. She starts off as a spoiled princess who does not know how to do anything by herself and blossoms into a strong, independent woman in fashion.

Throughout the series, she was one of the most popular characters in the cast. Jennifer Aniston won an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe for her portrayal of the character and went on to have a successful career in film.

How well do you remember the beloved character? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1

Her ex fiancé Barry is a(n)...?

In the very first episode of the sitcom, Rachel leaves her fiancé Barry at the altar. About a half an hour before the wedding, she was sitting in the room with all of the presents. She sees a beautiful gravy boat and realizes that she finds it more appealing than Barry. And then it dawns on her how much he looks like Mr. Potato Head, so she has to get out of there. Barry does, however, have a good job as an...

Question 2

Who was her maid-of-honor?

Rachel's maid-of-honor in her wedding to Barry was the worst. Despite supposedly being one of Rachel's best friends, she was having an affair with Barry while he was with Rachel. After Rachel leaves him at the wedding, the two of them get together. Even though she catches Barry cheating on her with Rachel when they are engaged, she decides to still marry him. They get married in the season 2 finale and divorce sometime in season 6 after she catches Barry cheating again.

Question 3

The first time she tries to do her own laundry, what does she accidentally do?

In the fifth episode of season one, "The One With The East German Laundry Detergent," Rachel goes to the laundromat and Ross tags along. She is eager to prove her independence, since her father just offered her a convertible if she gives up and goes home. While there, she has to deal with a bully who tries to steal her machine. She finds the courage to stand up to the bully, with Ross' help. However, when she does her laundry she accidentally...?

Question 4

What country is Paolo from?

Rachel meets Paolo in the season one episode named "The One With The Blackout." During a citywide blackout, a scared cat ends up jumping onto the balcony of Monica and Rachel's apartment. It turns out to be Paolo's cat, which Rachel returns. She is instantly attracted to him, much to Ross' dismay. Rachel breaks up with Paolo after he makes a pass at Phoebe while getting a massage. He does not speak very much English. Which country is he from?

Question 5

She has two younger sisters named...?

Rachel has two younger sisters. She is not very close with them and describes them as not very nice people. Much like Rachel when she was younger, her two sisters are spoiled rotten and self-centered. Her youngest sister appears in two episodes in season six and the other one visits in season nine and season ten. Rachel attempts to reform both of her sisters to become independent like her, but neither of them seem interested in changing their ways. What are her younger sisters' names?

Question 6

How does she first find out Ross is in love with her?

In the season finale of season one, "The One Where Rachel Finds Out," Rachel finally discovers Ross' true feeling for her. She always knew that he had a crush on her in high school and he hinted that he wanted to ask her out in the first episode, but she had no idea that he was in love with her. She makes a list of pros and cons of going out with Ross and eventually realizes her own feelings. How does she first find out?

Question 7

Who took Rachel to prom in high school?

Rachel dated a popular guy in high school who rode a motorcycle. He took her to senior prom, but was so late to pick her up that Rachel thought he wasn't coming. And to make matters worse, he hooked up with another girl named Amy Welsh on prom night. Monica runs into him later and goes on a date with him, but discovers that he has not matured at all since their high school days. Do you remember this guy's name?

Question 8

In season 2, she is insanely jealous of Ross' girlfriend...?

By the time Rachel realizes that she loves Ross too, it is too late. He goes on a work trip to China at the end of season one. At the beginning of season two, she goes to meet him at the airport. She is distraught when he brings home a girlfriend. It is a woman that attended grad school with Ross and they reconnect during the trip. Rachel does not handle this well and attempted to sabotage Ross' relationship with...?

Question 9

______, the manager of Central Perk, is in love with her

He is the manager of Central Perk, the coffeehouse the gang hangs out in practically every day. He is Rachel's first boss when she gets a job as a waitress at the coffeehouse. He spends the majority of the series secretly pining after Rachel and openly hating Ross. He is the one who tells Rachel that Ross slept with another woman while the two of them were "on a break." He finally reveals his love for her before she leaves for Paris.

Question 10

Ross makes a list of her flaws, saying she is...

Ross learns that Rachel finally likes him back, which he has been dreaming of for years. But one problem - he has a girlfriend that he is very happy with. He is stumped on what he should do. Chandler suggests that he make a list comparing his girlfriend's flaws to Rachel's. This process actually helps Ross come to the conclusion that he wants to be with Rachel. Unfortunately. Rachel discovers the list and is offended by the content. Ross had written that she is spoiled, ditzy, too into her looks, and...?

Question 11

Ross and Rachel finally start dating at the end of which episode?

Ross and Rachel finally get together and begin dating in season two. They kiss at the end of a certain episode that has become a fan favorite. Is it the seventh episode of season two, "The One Where Ross Finds Out?" Is it episode nine, "The One With Phoebe's Dad"? Is it the season finale, "The One With Barry And Mindy's Wedding?" Or is it episode fourteen, "The One With The Prom Video?" Hint: At the end, Phoebe exclaims "See, he's her lobster!"

Question 12

Rachel dresses up as which fictional character for Ross?

In the premiere episode of season three, Rachel asks Ross if he has any fantasies that she can act out for him. He admits that there is a certain fictional character he would like her to dress up as. Rachel discusses the request with the girls, and Phoebe mentions that it is a common one. Which character does Ross want Rachel to dress up as? The superhero Wonder Woman? Princess Leia from Star Wars? Xena: Warrior Princess? Or is it Lara Croft?

Question 13

She has a tattoo of a ______ on her ______?

In episode sixteen of season two, Phoebe and Rachel decide to get tattoos. Ross reveals that he hates them, which makes Rachel reconsider. Phoebe encourages her to go through with it. Ironically, Phoebe herself chickens out when she realizes it was done with needles. Phoebe was planning to get a lily on her collarbone, since her mother was named Lily. She ends up only getting a blue dot, which she tries to pass off as the earth seen from a great distance. What does Rachel get?

Question 14

Which song does she sing at Barry's wedding?

Rachel is forced to be the maid-of-honor at her ex-fiancé Barry's wedding. Not only does everyone keep making jokes about her walking out on her planned wedding, her hideous bridesmaid dress gets tucked into her underwear and exposes her butt to everyone. She says the only time she has ever been more embarrassed is when she had to sing a certain song in eighth grade to the entire school. At the wedding, she gets up on stage and sings the song to everyone. Which song is it?

Question 15

Where is her first real job in fashion?

Rachel finally quits her waitress job at the coffeehouse in season three and triumphantly exclaims she will never serve coffee to anyone ever again. She gets a job at Fortunata Fashions, but is dismayed to find out that she is nothing but an assistant that serves coffee and sorts through hangers. While she is venting about how much she hates her job, she meets a guy named Mark. He works in fashion and helps her get her first real job at...?

Question 16

In season 3, what does she convince Ross' girlfriend Bonnie to do?

Ross and Rachel break up after the infamous "break" they take. Phoebe then sets Ross up with her friend Bonnie. The two hit it off, much to Rachel's dismay. In the season three finale, "The One At The Beach," the gang stays at a beach house. Ross and Rachel begin flirting again until Bonnie arrives. Rachel desperately wants to get her out of the picture and decides to sabotage the relationship. She convinces Bonnie to do something to ensure the couple breaks up.

Question 17

How long is the note she writes for Ross?

The season four premiere is called "The One With The Jellyfish." The group is at a beach house where Ross has decided to break up with his girlfriend, Bonnie, and get back with Rachel. It is late by the time he gets to Rachel's room, and then she hands him an incredibly long, handwritten note she wants him to read immediately. He ends up falling asleep before he finishes reading the letter. Ross repeatedly notes that the letter is ____ pages, front and back.

Question 18

She was a part of which sorority in college?

The show does not go into much detail about Rachel's college years except for the fact that she was in a sorority. Back then her friends called her "Ray-ray," and she partied all the time. The name of her sorority is mentioned a couple of times in the series, do you remember what it is? Was Rachel a part of Kappa Kappa Gamma? Was she a member of Thigh Mega Tampon? Was it called Kappa Kappa Delta? Or was it Alpha Chi Omega?

Question 19

How does she finally scare her boyfriend Joshua away?

In season four, Ross dates a British woman named Emily. After a mere six weeks together, they announce that they are engaged and plan to get married as soon as possible. The entire friend group is concerned that it is moving too fast and, of course, Rachel is distraught. She is so upset that she ends up ruining her new relationship with Joshua by suggesting they get married too. He turns her down and is freaked out. What does Rachel do that finally scares him away for good?

Question 20

What she does think Chandler's job is?

Joey and Chandler claim that they know Rachel and Monica better than the girls know them. To settle the dispute, they play a trivia game about each other that Ross designs. Things get heated when the girls agree to give up their apartment if they lose. Rachel is apprehensive but ultra-competitive Monica cannot resist the challenge. The girls end up losing when Ross asks "What is Chandler Bing's job?" Neither of them know and Rachel yells out a nonsense answer.

Question 21

She goes on Ross' and Emily's honeymoon alone to which country?

Ross' marriage to Emily falls apart right at the beginning when he accidentally says Rachel's name at the altar. Emily leaves after the wedding and refuses to see or speak to Ross. He begs her to come to the honeymoon they have planned. When it appears like she will not show up, he suggests that he and Rachel go together for a vacation. However, when Rachel boards the plane Emily appears. Ross chases after her and Rachel goes to ______ alone.

Question 22

Phoebe calls Monica high-maintenance and Rachel...?

This takes place in the season six episode "The One With The Joke." While the girls are making fun of a Playboy magazine, Monica jokingly asks Phoebe and Rachel who they would pick to date among the three of them. Monica and Rachel avoid answering, but Phoebe instantly picks Rachel. Monica is offended. She becomes even angrier when Phoebe explains her reasoning. She says that Monica would be hard to date because she is too high-maintenance. She also says Rachel is...?

Question 23

What pet does she buy that freaks everyone out?

Rachel pays an exorbitant price of $1000 for an unusual pet. She buys the animal, which she names Mrs. Whiskerson, because her grandmother had one just like it when she was a kid. The rest of the group is freaked out by its appearance. Rachel also ends up regretting getting the pet. Though her grandmother's pet was apparently sweet and cute, Mrs. Whiskerson is anything but. She is so nasty to Rachel that she ends up giving her away immediately.

Question 24

On the night Emma was conceived, who initiated the encounter?

Emma is the result of a one night stand between Ross and Rachel that took place around the time Monica and Chandler were planning their wedding. Neither of them can agree on who initiated the encounter. Rachel insists Ross came on to her while Ross claims that it was the other way around. It turns out that Ross had accidentally videotaped the entire thing, so they are able to definitively prove who came on to who. Who initiated it? Rachel or Ross?

Question 25

How does she mess up the trifle for season 6's Thanksgiving dinner?

The Thanksgiving episode of the sixth season, "The One Where Ross Got High," is one of the most memorable. Monica has invited her parents over but has failed to tell them she is living with Chandler. Her parents hate Chandler because of a lie Ross told years ago. Joey and Ross desperately want to leave so they can party with Joey's hot, new roommate. And Rachel is tasked with making the only dessert, an English trifle. She is worried she will mess up...and she does.

Question 26

Who comes up with the name Emma for her daughter?

Ross and Rachel have trouble agreeing on what to name their child. Rachel suggests odd names like Sandrine, Rain, James (for a girl), Dayton, and Sawyer while Ross suggests Darwin, Thatcher, Delilah, Ruth, Stewart, and Helen. Even when they learn that they are having a girl, it does not help them narrow down their choices. One of the other friends suggests the name Emma, which they had been planning to name their daughter. Rachel loves it so much they let her have it.

Question 27

How does she almost blow her job interview at Ralph Lauren?

Rachel interviews for an amazing job at the fashion company Ralph Lauren in season five. She interviews for the job with a man named Mr. Zelner. All goes well at first. But then she does something so awkward she is worried that she was blown the job opportunity. Even though she is invited for a second interview, she is still paranoid about what she did to Mr. Zelner. She manages to get past the awkward encounter and ends up getting the job.

Question 28

She and Chandler repeatedly steal what from a neighbor?

In a season seven episode, a food delivery that is meant for a neighbor accidentally gets delivered to Chandler. He realizes the mistake, but the delivery is so good that he keeps it for himself. Rachel catches him and also gets hooked. It is so good that they become addicted. They even steal another one from the neighbor's doorstep. They fight when Rachel eats some without Chandler and then end up dropping it on the floor. That doesn't stop them from eating it though.

Question 29

True or false: she has kissed Phoebe and Monica

As the title of the series suggests, the six main characters of Friends are very close with each other. They are so close, in fact, that most of them have kissed someone else in the group. Sometimes it is flirtatious or romantic and other times it is just friendly or humorous. Ross and Joey have kissed. So have Chandler and Joey. Even Ross and Monica kissed (by accident). Has Rachel kissed both Monica and Phoebe at some point in the series?

Question 30

What rumor did the I Hate Rachel club start?

Jennifer Anniston's then-husband Brad Pitt makes a guest appearance in the season eight episode "The One With The Rumor." He plays Will Colbert, a guy who went to high school with Ross, Rachel, and Monica. He was overweight and nerdy, and Rachel apparently made his life even more miserable. He hates her so much that he starts the I Hate Rachel Club with Ross (and a foreign exchange student who didn't understand what it was). The club spreads what rumor about Rachel around the school?

Question 31

She is terrified of which playground equipment?

Ross says that he wants to take Emma to the playground. But Rachel freaks out and says that she does not want Emma to go to the playground ever. She explains that she had a traumatic incident at a playground when she was four years old. Her hair got tangled in some playground equipment. A chunk of her hair had to be cut and it was uneven for weeks. Ross convinces her to get over her fear. What playground equipment was she scared of?

Question 32

What does she claim Emma's first word is?

Ross and Rachel's daughter Emma says her first word in episode eighteen of season nine, which is titled "The One With The Lottery." Emma is staying with her grandmother. Rachel calls to say goodnight to her daughter and then excitedly announces that Emma has said her first word. But when she says what the word is, the others tell her that it is not a word. She insists that it is and proves it by grabbing a dictionary. What was Emma's first word?

Question 33

In college, she kissed a girl named...?

Rachel runs into one of her old sorority sisters, played by Winona Ryder, in the season seven episode "The One With Rachel's Big Kiss." Rachel claims that she once made out with her when they were at a college party and had too much sangria. Phoebe does not believe it happened and Rachel sets out to prove it. At first, Rachel's old friend tries to deny it happened. But it turns out that she actually fell in love with Rachel after the kiss.

Question 34

She gives up a job in _____ for Ross?

In the last season, Rachel interviews for a job with Gucci. It goes terribly wrong and not only does she not get the job, she gets fired from her position at Ralph Lauren. It is a bleak situation until she runs into her old colleague, Mark. He finds her an incredible job with great pay in Paris, which Rachel calls the fashion capital of the world. She ends up not going to stay with Ross. The job was with which well-known fashion company?

Question 35

What is her middle name?

Rachel Green was born in 1969 (though, her age is all over the place during the series) to Sandra and Leonard Green. She grew up on Long Island and attended school with Monica and Ross Geller. Her middle name is only mentioned a couple of times throughout the series. Do you remember what it is? Is her full name Rachel Mary Green, Rachel Kate Green, Rachel Sandra Green, or Rachel Karen Green? Hint: Phoebe says her full name in a season seven episode "The One With All the Cheesecakes."

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