Find Out Which Twilight Vampire Is Your Soulmate

For centuries, humans have fantasized about the existence of vampires. But whether these entities have ever existed is up for debate. While some will claim that real-life experiences have placed them on the map, there aren't really any stone-cold facts. Regardless of this, we still love to read vampire-inspired novels and watch vampire movies.

If you enjoyed reading the Twilight series, you probably made it a point to watch every single one of the movies too. While these movies weren't that well-received by the critics, they seemed to be more than enough to content the Twilight fanbase. Sure, some of the scenes were so badly acted out that they seemed to be a spoof, but that doesn't change the fact that the movies were pretty spot-on.

Did you develop a crush on one of the Twilight vampires while reading the novels? If so, we're pretty sure that this quiz will reunite you with them. If you want to find out which Twilight vampire is your soulmate — you've come to the right place!

After answering this short and easy quiz, we'll be able to reveal which Twilight vampire you'd spend eternity with. So, are you ready to get this quiz started?

1Do you like going to sleep early?

As you may know, vampires aren't actually able to fall asleep. This can make dating a vampire quite difficult. Unless your soulmate is Edward, of course, as he sure does enjoy watching his girlfriends sleep. So, do you make it a point to get to bed early?

2What are your thoughts on hunting?

If your vampire soulmate had to hunt animals in order to survive, would you scorn him for it? As many of you know, the Cullens are a 'vegetarian' family, which causes them to need to hunt on the daily. So, what are your views on hunting?

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