There's No Way You Can Fill In All Of These FRIENDS Quotes...But You Can Try!

Few shows in the history of television are as loved and as remembered as this one is, and even now, new fans hop on board as soon as they get a few episodes in to their first watch. The show was able to perfectly capture the era in which it was set, and many of the themes from the series are still as relevant now as they were back then. The main characters from the series were able to form a unique bond while making their way through life in New York, and they delivered some of the most memorable lines in television history.

Fans of this series are in for a treat, because today, they have a chance to fill in the blanks on the best quotes from the series!

Question 1

I'm Monica. I'm disgusting. I stalk guys and ___ their underpants.

Question 2

Nice camouflauge. For a minute, I _____ didn't see you?

Question 3

It's like... all my life, everyone told me: "you're a..._______".

Question 4

I'm the holiday ______!

Question 5

I'm always the _____.

Question 6

And then after the baby's born, they're great for _______ melons.

Question 7

Everyone is getting married, or pregnant or ______.

Question 8

Sweet lord, this is what _______ must taste like.

Question 9

Ah, ______ based on my pain.

Question 10

I am not "______", I am a hoot!.

Question 11

Well, the _______, so I had to eat everything.

Question 12

That's not _____. Let's go!

Question 13

We were on a ______!

Question 14

Catwoman. So, we ______ again!

Question 15

Someone on the subway licked my _____!

Question 16

And that, my friends, is what they call _______.

Question 17

I've got this _______ to please people.

Question 18

I'm _______.

Question 19

I can't have a mimosa? I'm _______!

Question 20

These are just ______. They'll go away.

Question 21

It doesn't happen to every guy and _______ a big deal!

Question 22

I call that _____ style.

Question 23

Dear God! This _______ is a knapsack!

Question 24

Oh, my _______!

Question 25

That is _________ information!

Question 26

I just shouldn't _________ to make decisions anymore.

Question 27

Get out and stop _______ me.

Question 28

Sometimes, I like to ___________ and pretend I'm a giant.

Question 29

I don't like it when people __________, okay?

Question 30

He's so ______, I want to cry.

Question 31

I'm _______, and I like it!

Question 32

Why do _______ happen to good people?

Question 33

Is that what a _______ would do?

Question 34

Ross: the ________ force!

Question 35

Get _______ my sister!

Question 36

No, you've _______ it up!

Question 37

They're not ___________, man!

Question 38

Seriously, good luck _________ me.

Question 39

Did she __________ the plane?

Question 40

This is like a ______ point.

Question 41

Ross came in _______ and cried!

Question 42

_______ doesn't share food!

Question 43

_______ is a total sense of self-awareness.

Question 44

________ the sock!

Question 45

Boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, but ________ life.

Question 46

I'm so happy and not at all _______.

Question 47

Oh, that's okay, girls tend to ________ me.

Question 48

Ah, _________ roll.

Question 49


Question 50

How ______ doin'?

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