Fifty Shades Of Grey VS Twilight: Who Said It?

We have all come to know and enjoy watching these four characters grow. Their stories are all complicated and interesting and keep everyone on their toes too! Sometimes their stories seem so similar it is difficult to tell them apart - but a real fan knows what's what and who's who too. There is no denying that Ana Steele, Bella Swan, Christian Grey and Edward Cullen have all said a few things that we have either thought or said ourselves. Then again, there are also some things which have been said that have made us all laugh or giggle uncontrollably.

Sometimes fans may want to quote a particular character or scene, but get mixed up with who said what to who or when etc. Never fear! Any confusion or misunderstanding will be cleared up in this short and exciting quiz. Of course, some of these statements or questions are aimed not only at getting a message across, but they also set the tone with whatever the situation may be, in fact some statements are used to lighten up a moment when needed. Of course, Ana has a smart mouth which often leads her in to trouble with Christian - yet he seems to enjoy it. Bella and Edward could hardly look at one another, let alone have a conversation!

Question 1

Who is happy to bare their soul to their partner?

"It's an extraordinary thing to meet someone who you can bare your soul to and accept you for what you are" Ah... Another phrase or sentence that could be applicable to any of these people. Ana and Bella were not perfect - even though these two men thought that they were! Nevertheless, they also divulged their souls to the men they loved. These ladies were also introduced to the darker side of life when they discovered the secrets of the men they'd fallen head over heels for. Edward always seemed a little off to most, because he was living a dark secret - like Christian.

Question 2

“It's because I'm pregnant"

This is easier to narrow down since it can only be Ana or Bella who would say that they're pregnant. And there is a lot a lady does or doesn't do because they are pregnant. In fact, a woman's body and attitude may also change as a result of the pregnancy. In fact, even the mood swings can be blamed on being pregnant when playing one's cards right... So which of these two beautiful ladies said the statement listed above?

Question 3

Who is surprised by how much they've changed?

"I'm not. It's you that's changing me. We can't rule out either couple just yet regarding this statement - since both Ana and Bella are forces of change in their men and vice versa. Neither of these two couples planned for this to happen. With love as deep as each couple has though, change is bound to happen. This could have been Christian warming to Ana or even Bella accepting Edward's life. That being said, once one of these characters actually said the line listed above. Who was it?

Question 4

Who gives a warning about ruined clothing?

"You wouldn't want to ruin your clothing." No one wants to ruin their clothing - it's just way too expensive to replace. Was it Ana who said this while offering coveralls to Christian in the hardware store? Was it Christian who said it to Ana during their first intimate encounter? Or maybe it could have been Bella when she joined in on the baseball game? Perhaps, it was Edward who said this to Bella before she was turned in to a vampire, never to return to her human self again?

Question 5

Who wants to be the whole world to their partner?

“I want your world to begin and end with me." This statement may be considered a little obbsessive if the context of this is not considered, but a real fan understands that it was all about sharing the love. The other thing is that these characters all have a tendency to be extremely over the ones they love. So much so, that the men would happily get into a physical dispute or confrontation with other men, if the situation called for it. Nevertheless, which character was it that made this statement.

Question 6

"Necrophilia is not my thing"

This was a line which would have made some fans have a little giggle. Was this something that Edward Cullen, the vampire, may have said? Or was it maybe Bella Swan referring to her partner who was the actual vampire? It's possible, but unlikely, that it would be Ana Steele since we all know that Christian is very much alive in the bedroom. Or was it Christian Grey who used the phrase to refer to young, innocent and inexperienced Ana?

Question 7

Who's afraid to part ways?

"We can't be apart. You can't leave me" Again, this may be considered a tad controlling or obsessive, but those fans who know all the books and movies can appreciate the moment this took place. There is no denying that both of these couples were madly in love with one another, and although it took a while to admit fans must be glad it worked out beautifully. In the same breathe itnis also important to understand that this statement has a lot to do with all the difficulties they experienced.

Question 8

"Marry me"

OK, so this was completely unexpected when it happened, right? Not for any other reason except that they were all pretty young. Besides Edward, but thankfully he carries his age well... Bella was basically still in school when the thought a of marriage occurred and Ana had just graduated. Christian was only in his late twenties when he fell for Ana. But they all fell, they fell hard for their partners. We are glad that they did since it was fun to watch!

Question 9

Who dreams about eternity?

"I dream about being with you forever" This could possibly be actual dreams one has while fast asleep, or maybe it is more of a day dream -since Edward doesn't sleep and Christian is BFF's with insomnia. When Christian does actually sleep he has horrific nightmares, unless he has his Ana by his side. She is like his dream catcher, and Ana also has intense and vivid dreams about her lover, Christian. Bella also has some strange dreams, sometimes filled with night terrors which wake her up.

Question 10

"Say it. Out loud. Say it"

Some folks can be a little demanding and maybe even a little bossy too. Like insisting that something in particular gets said out loud, or like when a contractual agreement needs to be signed before anything can actually take place. Oh, the things we could mention where these four often instructed others to do, or not to do, something in particular. That being said, a real fan will know who it was that told someone to say something out loud.

Question 11

"Laters, baby"

So this phrase is an easy one for even the less interetsed fanatic out there. In fact, we bet the question has already been answered without reading this short description. This is a cute little something that is enjoyed by two different couples. One of them does it just for fun, while it is fairly important to the other couple. Casting your mind back to the moment this phrase was born, it must be noted that it was a rather embarrassing moment too.

Question 12

Who is hopelessly devoted?

"You are my life now" Everyone feels this way when they are infatuated or in love with someone. The new partner usually becomes the alpha and omega of the other person's life. Basically, they become one another's lives. The strangest part is that after falling in love, it's extremely difficult to live without this person yet, each of them lived perfectly fine when they were alone. Perhaps it could be argued that before meeting one another they were merely existing, and they only started living afterwards.

Question 13

"Enlighten me then"

This could be considered a dare of sorts, or maybe even a little fliratious hint. It all depends on who is saying it, who it is being said to and what they're actually discussing. We shall leave the finer details to the imagination, since everyone has their own interpretation of the situation. We can only assume that whoever was putting the challenge out there was hunrgy for information and possibly experience too. Someone who was new to the relevant situation.

Question 14

"What if I'm no a hero. What if I'm the bad guy?"

This is another line that will make readers think about who said it. It may be unlikely that either of the two ladies would refer to themselves as 'the bad guy', but it's not impossible. Looking at Edward and Christian though, just about anything may be possible. After all, Edward is a vampire who considers himself a vegetarian. Christian entertains a world that most people are completely unaware even exists. So which of these four characters could have said this?

Question 15

"I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore"

This statement is ironic since all of these characters are very strong, The men are physically stronger but they are all very strong minded. Based on this, it is hard to believe that one of them was just not strong enough to stay away from the other. Then again, perhaps it was love that made them a little weak. Who was it that said this though? There's only one way to find out.. Select the correct answer from the options below.

Question 16

Who references a Police song?

“P.S. I also note that you included the Stalker's Anthem, "Every Breath You Take" This is one of those moments where a reader or viewer would have no choice but to giggle. This young person is listening to various songs and can't resist but to remark on some of the titles in the play list. Of course, the song is suspect and talking about an ex, but given the context of the story one can really appreciate the humor in this scene. But who was it that made this remark? Select the correct answer below!

Question 17

Who is worried that they're changing too much?

"Why are you trying to change me?" It is possible that there are some folks out there who do try and change others. This is not a topic that we are going to discuss though. We can only try to establish who it was trying to change who, or so they thought? Well, Bella wanted to be changed in to a vampire... Christian wanted Ana to change in to a more submissive woman. The thing is, these couples were all being changed in one way or another, and not nesessarily on purpose...

Question 18

"How can someone so tiny be so annoying?"

They say that dynamite comes in small packages, but no one ever said that so did annoying folks. Surprisingly, annoying people come in all shapes and sizes. Anyone who has experienced life will be able to agree with this too. Again, this is a statement that'd easily put a smile on a viewer or reader's face. After all, it was said jokingly and who doesn't love a little fun? Who was it that made this observaht and interesting statement though?

Question 19

"Whatever happened to delayed gratification?"

For some, delayed gratification is really the only way to live. That being said, for others, instant gratification is the only way to go. Luckily this is personal preference! Of course, if delayed gratification is what is needed to feel fulfilled, then one will need to exercise a great amount of control. This is not always as easy as it sounds - just ask Christian Grey. Perhaps this is what Edward was referring to when he tried to delay changing Bella.

Question 20

"I'm the boyfriend"

This is a bold statement made by someone who clearly wants everyone to know their title and relationship status to the lady in question. How does one even respond when approached with a statement like this? Is it worth acknowledging or would a witty reply be called for? A real fan knows exactly who said this, and can probably quote the reply which was given as well. We have narrowed down the options here. It can only be Christian or Edward this time.

Question 21

Who is impressed by the strength of their partner?

"You're impossibly fast. And strong" This is sort of an easy one if fans have been paying attention... Which of these four cool characters could have said that someone was impossibly fast and strong? Was it Bella saying it to Edward? Maybe it was Edward to Bella after she woke up from being changed? It could even have been Ana who said it to Christian since he is into kick boxing and other physical activities which keep him fit. Select the correct answer from below.

Question 22

"Well, then the rest of this stuff is just details"

No one likes details, and no one enjoys going through the fine print of anything either. But the details are of vital importance Especially when entering an intimate contract or agreeing to become a vampire. Neither of these two situations should be taken lightly, and the details should always be reviewed carefully. Of course, the fine print is not the thing these couples were interested in to begin with. They were all very hasty to get their adventure on the go!

Question 23

Who knows they're irresistible?

"Every thing about me invites you in. My voice, my face, even my smell." So who was it that made this statement about the fact that everything about them invites people in? Is it true that someone could be so perfect that others are possibly 'hypnotized' in to falling head over heels for them because of their looks, face and smell? This seems a little too good to be true - or like something that could only ever happen in a fantasy fairy tales world. Nevertheless, one of these people must have said this...

Question 24

Who wants to bring their love to Europe?

“I know you've always dreamed of going to Europe." This statement may be a little tricky to place - since most folks have probably said this, or feel this way. Who hasn't dreamed of going to Europe? The real question is, who of these four famous characters said this to someone? Was it Ana who said it to Christian - although he has probably been over there a hundred times already? Was it Edward who said this to Bella while planning where to spend eternity together as newly weds?

Question 25

Who finds their partner intoxicating?

"You're like my own personal brand of heroin" This is a statement made by someone who is absolutely besotted with their partner. Is this a reasonable expectation to have in reality? If not, it's OK since we can all enjoy a little fantasy or fictional story once in a while. That exactly what the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and Twilight saga are about. Believe it or not, there are no people who morph into werewolves... That being said though, who called their partner their own personal brand of heroin?

Question 26

“It's the adrenaline.”

So this line could be said by either of these four characters. Edward could have been talking about a freshly changed Bella or even a Bella who found out his secret. Christian could be talking about Ana awakening a new part of her or even seeing the red room for the first time. This one really is a toughie! But real fans will have no problem pinpointing this moment as it was a pretty big one for one of these couples.

Question 27

"I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love..."

The feeling of being unconditionally and irrevocably in love with someone is absolutely breathtaking. It's actually very difficult to explain. It's something that is better experienced than told. This is how these two couples felt about one another, right from the moment they laid eyes on one another too. Who was it though? Who was brave enough, and bold enough to share these words with the world, in essence baring their soul about the one that they loved so much.

Question 28

Who can't resist their partner?

"I can't resist you, and I don't want to lose you" Ah! The feeling of being infatuated with a new person... It's simply provocative and intriguing. It is so difficult to keep to one's self when in this situation. It is almost impossible to resist them, and at the same time life without them sounds simply devastating. There is no denying that all four if these characters felt this way about their significant other. And what an adventure it was to watch them grow together and even get married in the end!

Question 29

Who can't just say "marry me"?

"Would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?" Here we go again with the marriage proposals! See, there are just way too many similarities between these two stories. Of course, we are not complaining! These two stories will go on for ages, even if the buzz calms down a little. The other thing is that all of them have a way with words that keep us intrigued and wanting to watch or read more. We know that Ana had a smart mouth and wasn't afraid to use it...

Question 30

"No one will surrender tonight, but I won't give in. I know what I want."

Another statement only a real fan knows. Let's face it - every one of these four people know what they want and none of them will ever back down until they reach their goals. They are all very strong minded and strong willed. Good luck to anyone who stands in the way of them reaching their desires! But was it Ana, Bella, Christian or Edward who said that they wouldn't give in, and that they knew exactly what they wanted?

Question 31

Who is crazy about steak?

“You know what I am sure about? This steak.” If the answer doesn't jumpmout at first then we suggesting working with a process of elimination... Starting with who eats, and who eats what. Do vampires enjoy steaks? Did Ana ever munch on a juicy steak - she did go through a stage where she hardly ate.... Has anyone ever seen Bella actually eat a plate of food? Christian is very high maintenance with food too, ensuring those ariund him never go hungry. Vanilla ice-cream is also a favorite of his.

Question 32

Who wants to be bound to their partner?

"And I wanna tie myself to you, in every way humanly possible." Isn't this just the sweetest thing we've ever heard? Or is it the weirdest? Thankfully each to their own opinion... Would this ever be something to say to one's partner in real life? Is this something that every couplen in love should do? Would this include getting matching tattoos? Nevertheless, is this even something Edward and Bella could consider - with Edwad being a vampire and all... Of course, there would be no doubt that this is something Christian and Ana could do.

Question 33

"Is it not enough, to have a long and happy life with me?"

This sentence could also have been said by just about anyone. Afterall, they all just wanted to have their happily ever after with the ones they love. Although, being a vampire would mean that a 'long' life is literally for eternity... The other thing to consider is that Ana wanted 'more' from Christian. She wanted hearts, flowers and everything in between. Was it Christian who asked Miss Ana Steele if a long and happy life with him was not enough?

Question 34

Who promises an eternity of love?

"I promise to love you every moment of forever." This is super sweet! But let us nog get too distracted with this beautiful statement while we try to remember who it was that made this stunning statement. It must have been something that one of these characters said while sharing their loving vows with one another, and with their family and friends there to be witnesses to this moment. So, who was it that said these beautiful and memorable words to the love of their life? Pick an answer below.

Question 35

Who warns their partner?

"You don't know what you're getting yourself into." Isn't it true that no one really knows exactly what they are getting themselves in to when it comes to a new relationship. Bella didn't know she was in love with a vampire. Edward didn't know that he would get involved with such a strong willed woman who would eventually want to be like him. When Ana fell in to Christian's office for the interview she had no clue what his bedroom taste was like. He also had no idea who Ana was.

Question 36

Who takes their vows very seriously?

"I made a vow to love you faithfully, forsaking all others." This is one of the most romantic things someone can say to their loved one, or that they can be told. A vow is a promise and promises are not meant to be broken. That being said, it is easier said than done. But it appears that Ana and Christian managed to get this right, and so did Bella and Edward. Forever is a really long time though, so Bella and Edward best ensure they keep the romance alive and well.

Question 37

Who is in awe of their new lifestyle?

"I just can't believe this is my life, that I get to live with you." At first this statement might not sound very positive, but fans know that it is a statement which was filled with tons of love and adoration. If anything, the person who said this was madly and deeply in love with their partner and also came to the realization that things were not as bad as what they first thought it might be. In fact, they soon realised that this new life may be worth the sacrifices and loads of fun too.

Question 38

“I am Switzerland"

This was also a moment that would have made fans laugh or at least smile. During a heated conversation someone piped up that they were Switzerland. Not the physical country or anything, but in the terms that that was the stance and opinion that they would be holding regarding the particular topic at hand. Simply out, they were going to remain neutral. This is a metaphor one would understand if doing history was a topic that was high on the priority list.

Question 39

Who is worried about the consequences of a big choice?

"I know the consequences of the choices you're making." Often people don't think that their actions will have bad consequences. Even when warned, some would rather make the mistake themselves and learn the lessons the hard way. Of course, taking advice or guidance from others is something we often shy away from. On the flip side, it is also frustrating when we are the ones who are giving the advice and the person we are giving it to is just not interested in listening or taking this advice either.

Question 40

Who wants to be a better person?

"Hopefully a year from now I'm gonna look in the mirror and see someone like you. Someone capable of courage, sacrifice and love." Wouldn't it be great if we could look back in a year's time and see the growth in terms of having more courage and more love. Even in the sacrifices we make or would consider making. There is no doubt though that all four of these characters have given up lots to be together. They have all learned to love a lot more and they have also become more courageous. But, it's often difficult to see the good changes in one's self.

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