If You Can't Score Over 50% On This Fifty Shades Test, You Don't Deserve Christian

50 Shades of Grey was nothing short of a whirlwind when it debuted, and after several books and films, it was a global juggernaut that helped define an era. While this series was not for everyone, the people that became fans were with it until the very end, and they made sure to show their support each chance they got. It is not often that a franchise like this comes around, and those of us on the outside looking in could only stop and wonder about what we were missing out on.

Today, we are going to put fans to the test and see who out there really knows their stuff about this franchise. To ace this quiz, you will need to be a massive fan of the series!

Question 1

Where Does Ana Work?

Question 2

How Old Is Christian When He First Meets Ana?

Question 3

Name The Character On The Right

Question 4

Where Was Christian Born?

Question 5

What Is Carla's Relation To Ana?

Question 6

Who Introduced Christian To His Special Ways?

Question 7

What Is Ana's Maiden Name?

Question 8

What Does Grace Grey Do For A Living?

Question 9

What College Does Ana Attend?

Question 10

In Which Movie Are Ana And Christian Married?

Question 11

What Nickname Did Ana Give Elena?

Question 12

How Many Children Do Ana And Christian Have?

Question 13

Do Ana And Christian Ever Split Up And Get Back Together?

Question 14

Name This Character

Question 15

Ana Starts Off As An Assistant To Which Character?

Question 16

Which School Did Christian Briefly Attend?

Question 17

Do Christian And Ana Divorce?

Question 18

How Old Is Ana When She Meets Christian?

Question 19

Who Does Christian Confuse Ana For When They First Meet?

Question 20

How Does Ana Describe Her Relationship With Christian?

Question 21

Every 10 Seconds, Christian Makes How Much Money?

Question 22

After Their First Night, What Does Ana Make Christian For Breakfast?

Question 23

What Hardware Store Does Ana Work At?

Question 24

When They First Meet, Is Christian Ready For Children?

Question 25

Christian Tells Ana To Wear Which Dress At The Ball?

Question 26

In Their First Interview, How Many Questions Did Ana Ask Christian?

Question 27

What Is The Name Of Ana's Assistant?

Question 28

What Does Ana Use To Draw A Map On Christian's Scars?

Question 29

Where Does Christian Propose To Ana?

Question 30

Where Do Ana And Christian Have Their First Kiss?

Question 31

What Vacation Does Ana Win?

Question 32

How Old Was Christian When He Lost His Mother?

Question 33

Does Christian Make Ana Toast The Morning After The Club?

Question 34

Which Author Does Ana Want To Publish In 50 Shades Darker?

Question 35

How Many 50 Shades Movies Are There?

Question 36

Does Kate Get Engaged In The Last Movie?

Question 37

Where Do The Newlyweds Go For Their Honeymoon?

Question 38

Ana Finishes College In Which Movie?

Question 39

How Many Siblings Does Christian Have?

Question 40

What Does Christian Get Ana For Their Wedding?

Question 41

What Is Christian's Brother's Name?

Question 42

Who Works Security For The Grey's?

Question 43

What Does Christian Wear On His Lapel At His Wedding?

Question 44

Which Major Character Breaks Into Grey Enterprises?

Question 45

Who Invested In Christian's Company?

Question 46

What Is Christian's Father's Name?

Question 47

Name This Character

Question 48

Ana Fell In Love With Reading Thanks To Which Author?

Question 49

Did Christian Grey Found SIP?

Question 50

What Is Ana's Major In College?

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