Play 'Pick Or Pass' And We'll Tell You How Good You Are With Women

So you think you're a ladies man, huh? Well, today we have built a quiz specifically to find out who is truly "wooing" the ladies, and who should maybe try some new techniques! The best thing about this quiz? All it's going to take, is looking at some totally gorgeous babes. Doesn't sound too bad, does it fellas?

Here is how it's going to work: We are going to show photos of different women, and everyone here will be asked to voice their opinion on each one. Once we have an idea of how everybody feels about these celebs, we will reveal just how good everyone is with the ladies in their real life. Don't worry, we won't spill anyone's secrets!

Question 1

Lea Michele

Question 2

Gigi Hadid

Question 3

Angelina Jolie

Question 4

Bella Thorne

Question 5

Sarah Hyland

Question 6

Lindsay Lohan

Question 7

Ariana Grande

Question 8

Jennifer Aniston

Question 9

Kate Upton

Question 10

Alicia Keys

Question 11

Megan Fox

Question 12

Lauren Cohan

Question 13

Taylor Schilling

Question 14

Ariel Winter

Question 15

Emma Roberts

Question 16

Katy Perry

Question 17

Taylor Momsen

Question 18


Question 19

Irina Shayk

Question 20

Kylie Jenner

Question 21

Chrissy Teigen

Question 22

Kaley Cuoco

Question 23

Emily Ratajkowski

Question 24

Kate Mara

Question 25

Rita Ora

Question 26

Miranda Kerr

Question 27

Amber Heard

Question 28

Kendall Jenner

Question 29

Dakota Johnson

Question 30

Charlotte McKinney

Question 31

Elizabeth Turner

Question 32

Jessica Alba

Question 33

Scarlett Johansson

Question 34

Hailey Baldwin

Question 35

Taylor Swift

Question 36

Camila Cabello

Question 37

Blake Lively

Question 38

Cara Delevingne

Question 39

Demi Lovato

Question 40

Jessica Biel

Question 41

Miley Cyrus

Question 42

Olivia Culpo

Question 43

Selena Gomez

Question 44

Bella Hadid

Question 45

Emma Stone

Question 46

Anna Kendrick

Question 47

Mila Kunis

Question 48

Heidi Klum

Question 49

Alyssa Milano

Question 50

Naya Rivera

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