Pick Your Favorite TV Shows And We'll Guess Your Zodiac Sign

Every person out there has either heard of, or taken a part of binge watching. When you binge watch, you likely use your favorite shows, or new shows. Maybe you like to do this with a significant other, a best friend, your parents, or even your pets! You could spend hours watching seasons upon seasons of any show that catches your interest, or that brings you back to a simple time. Anything to draw you away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life!

We always wonder if our tastes reflect exactly who we are and maybe even, our horoscope. Is it possible that our date of birth could influence things like the shows we want to watch, or our favorite characters, or even the storylines that keep us engaged week after week. Who knows?

What we do know is that the shows you like to watch, and enjoy watching, tell a lot about you. Whether you like to watch comedies on repeat, or love tuning into a new drama every week to find out what happens next! The shows that you spend your time watching can tell us what type of person you are! In this case, tell us your favorite shows and we will use that information to guess your zodiac sign!

1Which Medical Drama is your favorite?

Everyone loves a good drama relating to medicine. The episodes almost always tear us apart each week, but we can't stop ourselves from watching!

2Which Medical Comedy is your favorite?

A little less serious than the dramas, but these still have those episodes that get to us! We are brought back each week because of the laughs and relationships between characters.

3Which workplace comedy is your favorite?

We can all relate to those shows that feature an annoying boss or coworker. We've more than likely experienced it for ourselves!

4Which cartoon has your heart?

In the past few years, more and more cartoon shows have been becoming popular. Of these four, which do you like the best?

5Which of these police shows do you like?

Many of us enjoy curling up and watching shows where they catch bad guys. Many of these, feature in depth relationship drama that we eat up!

6Which drama do you love?

These shows take us into character's lives, their homes, and their families. Every single week we are either laughing, crying, or both!

7Which crime show do you like the best?

These shows either follow a criminal's footsteps, or the police trying to catch them! They all have their differences, but almost always cheer for the good guys!

8Which of these current comedies do you like best?

These shows are still on the air, and we desperately wait all year for the new season to come out! Which of these four do you enjoy the most?

9Which Netflix Original was your favorite?

With binge watching shows being the new thing, Netflix has begun to monopolize on that, by writing and producing their own shows!

10Which late night talk show is your top choice?

Late night TV has been around for decades. Although there are new faces, there are those hosts who we just love to watch every night.

11Which of these zombie shows?

Zombies are a huge money maker right now for television companies, because everyone is interested in them! Of these few, which is your favorite show?

12Which of these shows about drugs did you like the most?

These shows related to drugs in some way, whether it be the selling, creating, using, or even owing money to drug lords. Which one was your favorite?

13Which of these vampire show was your fave?

Vampires are a huge thing right now! Everyone knows the popular ones like Twilight, featuring Edward and Bella. But, which was your favorite TV series about vampires?

14Which show featuring teenagers was awesome?

We all love a good show that exemplifies what it is like to be a teenager, with some more elaborate problems than we would normally face.

15Which was the best show about high school?

All of us at one time or another has been in the school system. Whether you loved it or hated it, you probably found solace in those shows that made you forget your own problems, and focus on theirs.

16Which reality show is your guilty pleasure?

These are those shows that we might not admit we love at first, but will watch them whenever we get the chance because they are that good!

17Which is your favorite game show?

You might only watch these when you're around your parents or grandparents, or you watch them every night that they come on! Nevertheless, you have a favorite.

18Which of these HGTV shows do you swoon over?

What show do you find yourself watching all day when you're off from work? Admiring the decorations by the cast, or the purchases by the people shopping. You wish that could be you.

19Which obscure show is the best?

Not many people seem to know these shows or they've just kind of forgotten them. To you they may be an obvious favorite, but have you ever tried to talk to someone about them and they have no idea... yeah that's why.

20Which singing show is the best?

You probably watched these shows every week, cheering on your favorite contestant! Possibly even calling in or voting online, to make sure they'd win!

21Which of these shows starring a woman do you love?

Everyone loves a good show that has a great cast, but we love it even more when it features a woman or women as the lead characters!

22Which HBO series is your top pick?

HBO has put out dozens of shows since they have been around. Nearly every single one of them has been a huge hit. Even the older ones come back as we binge watch them over and over.

23Which '90s TV comedy is your favorite?

The 1990's was a great time for TV! Some of us may be too young to remember them, but the reruns were on as we were growing up!

24Which Disney show did you like the most?

While these aren't on TV anymore, you definitely had a favorite when they were on! We loved the drama, the exaggerated emotions, and all of the guilty pleasures that went along from seeing our younger selves projected in these shows.

25Which Nickelodeon show was your favorite?

Similar to Disney Channel, Nickelodeon had its own array of shows that we loved to watch! Many of these are no longer on, but they were great while they lasted.

26Which cooking show is the best?

Many of us love to watch people cook. It gives us a great deal of stress, especially in competitions, but that all goes away when the show is over and we still have a clean kitchen.

27Which show about animals do you love?

Many people love animals! They love them so much that there is a whole channel dedicated to them! Which of these shows do you like the best?

28Which of these comedies do you like the most?

We watch comedies to get out of the world and escape reality for a little while. While watching, we are drawn into the main character's family, through laughing.

29Which of these 'mature' cartoons do you like?

Cartoons have become more popular in the last few years, especially those that are more designed for an older audience.

30Which is the best reality show?

Reality shows come in a few forms, but these ones are centered around people in competition to win a prize. That prize usually involves money.

31Which of these mystery shows are your favorite?

Mystery shows are the best because you never know what is coming! Sometimes you can make predictions about what is going to happen, but it is usually a surprise!

32Which Spin Off series do you like the most?

When an insanely popular series comes to an end, there usually ends up being some sort of spin-off show to keep the success rolling. Which of these was the best?

33Which TLC show is the best?

TLC has produced several successful TV shows over the past few years. We get stuck into watching them whenever they are on!

34Which wedding show do you like the most?

Wedding TV is a way for people to imagine their future, even without being in a relationship!

35Finally, what is your favorite type of show?

What is the genre of show that you love to watch most of the time? Is it comedies, dramas, or what?

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