Pick Your Favorite Movies And We'll Tell You If You're Street Smart Or Book Smart

When people ask if you're smart, typically your response is measured on a scale of how good you are at school and other menial subjects like math and science. However, there are many dimensions to being smart, like the difference between being street smart and book smart.

For those that don't quite understand what we mean, being street smart is in reference to your cultural awareness and behavior. How well could you get around in the city and talk to the people in it? If you were faced with a sketchy situation, would you know how to handle it?

On the flipside, being book smart is as literal as you'd expect. It refers to things like vocabulary, math skills, and general knowledge. This is the kind of intelligence that is typically celebrated in American culture, but the two are different dimensions of intelligence, and being smarter in one area over another is no bad thing.

Keep that in mind as we analyze the types of movies that you like. Through it, we will determine whether you are more street smart or book smart. Again, it's important to stress that being street smart is no better or worse than being book smart.

1Pulp Fiction or Rain Man?

Pulp Fiction is a series of tales involving crime, guns, and some of the most iconic lines in cinema history. It's violent and in your face. Rain Man, on the other hand, is a tale about a savant who is brilliant beyond anyone in the world, but he's also slightly awkward.

2Back to the Future or Ghostbusters?

The 80s were a wonderful time for movies. Back to the Future is the quintessential time travel film that went to spawn a successful trilogy. Ghostbusters was another tale about men discovering apparitions haunting the world around them.

3The Shape of Water or Baby Driver

The Shape of Water, in a nutshell, is an Oscar-winning movie about a woman being in love with a fish. Compare that tale to Baby Driver, an Edgar Wright film about a getaway driver just trying to make a living and get by. Which adventure would you rather watch?

4Captain America: Civil War or Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Captain America: Civil War and Batman V Superman are two pieces of the same pie. Both movies feature iconic heroes coming at odds with each other and disagreeing to the point where they come to blows. They also feature supportive appearances from other heroes.

5Planet of the Apes or Star Trek?

Sci-fi movies used to be all the rage. Planet of the Apes and Star Trek were two of the largest franchises that spawned in this trend. The former was about a post-apocalyptic world where apes took over society and the latter is about a space captain going on diplomatic missions across the galaxy.

6The Lion King or The Little Mermaid?

The Lion King and The Little Mermaid are two of Disney's most popular animated movies. That said, they are drastically different. The Lion King is a coming of age/revenge story while The Little Mermaid is a classic Disney princess story complete with great music.

7Robocop or The Terminator?

Hard R action movies don't come often these days. Many older folks can remember when Robocop and The Terminator came out. Both of them were brutally violent movies that had iconic dialogue, classic costume design, and powerful leads behind them.

8The LEGO Movie or How to Train Your Dragon?

Animated companies are constantly changing the way they make movies for kids. Years ago, LEGO created a strangely solid movie about their toys called The LEGO Movie. Dreamworks also phenomenally adapted a kids' book to the big screen with How to Train Your Dragon.

9Wall-E or Robots?

Robots are a hot topic for films. Two animated robot movies were Wall-E and Robots. Wall-E is about a lonely robot tasked with cleaning Earth after humanity littered it with garbage. Robots is about a robotic society about an inventor trying to find his footing in the world.

10Titanic or Avatar?

Titanic and Avatar are two of the highest-grossing movies of all time. Titanic is the story of the actual ship that sank after hitting an iceberg. Avatar is about a group of people inhabiting artificial bodies that they use to explore the world of Pandora.

11Guardians of the Galaxy or Iron Man?

Marvel has a lot of superhero movies under their belt and they've dipped into different genres. Guardians of the Galaxy is their attempt at a space opera while Iron Man was a solo action movie about a man trying to redeem himself.

12The Shining or Psycho?

Psychological horrors are some of the most disturbing movies to watch. The Shining and Psycho are some of the most unsettling. The former is about a man with writer's block going insane by being in a lonely hotel and the latter is about a woman at a hotel with a demented owner.

132001: A Space Odyssey or Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

2001: A Space Odyssey and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy are both iconic stories involving space. Where they differ is that 2001 is a much more serious movie while Hitchiker's is fundamentally satirical. Which style of sci-fi do you prefer?

14Shrek or Shrek 2?

After a big falling out with the higher-ups at Disney, Dreamworks gained some new talent and created a movie that was a big middle finger to all fantasy. The Shrek franchise has remained as one of the most popular on the internet to this day (which has nothing to do with the film's quality).

15Pete's Dragon or The Jungle Book?

Disney has done a lot of work with remaking their beloved animated classics. In 2016, Pete's Dragon and The Jungle Book were the two remakes that came out that year. Each of them involved a young boy being abandoned in the woods and protected by a much stronger creature.

16Finding Nemo or The Incredibles?

Finding Nemo and The Incredibles are two of Pixar's most critically-acclaimed movies. We all know the beloved tales of Nemo being lost from the Reef as well as the Incredibles family dealing with the persecution of the world's superheroes.

17Silence of the Lambs or A Nightmare on Elm Street?

Horror movies have many different subgenres. For example, Silence of the Lambs was a much more psychological horror that made you fear a single man without ever seeing him as a physical tormentor. A Nightmare on Elm Street, on the other hand, was an entity who killed many people.

18Mad Max: Fury Road or Inception?

Mad Max: Fury Road and Inception are fantastic examples of movies that benefit from great directors and effects. Mad Max was a rough adventure with phenomenal set pieces and Inception had mind-bending visuals to constantly make viewers question what they were seeing.

19Jurassic Park or Home Alone?

Two classic movies that came out in the 90s were Jurassic Park and Home Alone. Jurassic Park told the story of what life would be like if dinosaurs were recreated today while Home Alone was a slapstick movie about an unrealistically clever kid.

20300 or Man of Steel?

Zack Snyder has directed a lot of action movies, and two of his best works are 300 and Man of Steel. The first one gave us the classic line "This is Sparta!" while the latter gave us our first taste at what to expect from the DCEU. From there, you can decide which one is the best.

21The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?

Fantasy makes for some great entertainment, and The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are prime examples of this. However, the difference between the two is that the former is set in its own complete universe while the latter is focused on magic and exists on planet Earth.

22The Breakfast Club or The Empire Strikes Back?

The Breakfast Club and The Empire Strikes Back are two movies that deal with a lot of character development. The differences are in the fact that Breakfast Club is set in high school while Empire Strikes Back is a setting in a galaxy far away.

23Blade Runner 2049 or Independence Day: Resurgence?

Current Hollywood has put a lot of emphasis on developing sequels to classic projects. This led to sequels to both Blade Runner and Independence Day. The former became one of the best movies of 2017 while the latter was shoved to the wayside.

24The Matrix or The Shawshank Redemption?

When it comes to action movies, The Matrix defined an entire generation. On top of that, The Shawshank Redemption went to define a lot of male dramas. Whichever one you prefer is dependent on whether you like sci-fi action or realistic stories.

25Pan's Labyrinth or The Dark Knight?

There are few things bringing Pan's Labyrinth and The Dark Knight together other than their critical acclaim. As a metaphorical movie, Pan's Labyrinth is one of the best of its class. As a superhero film, The Dark Knight is also at the tip of its genre.

26Toy Story 3 or Cars 2?

Pixar is no stranger to sequels. After Toy Story 2 proved that they could be profitable in this way, Disney ordered them to do more. This led to Toy Story 3, the finale to Woody and Buzz's adventures and Cars 2, which continued the racing life of Lightning McQueen.

27Batman (1989) or The Dark Knight Rises?

Batman is a character that will constantly appear in movies. Two of his best movies took place with "Batman" in 1989 and The Dark Knight Rises in 2012. The two are drastically different takes on the mythos of the Caped Crusader, and they're liked for different reasons.

28Arrival or Gravity?

Which sci-fi would you prefer? A horror story on board a space shuttle or a fascinating first-contact movie? That's the difference between Gravity and Arrival. One is just about the terrifying vacuum of space while the other involves mysterious aliens.

298 Mile or Kingsman: The Secret Service?

8 Mile is a realistic tale of how a white rapper came into his own and gained a serious following. Kingsman: The Secret Service is about how a poor British kid became a secret agent and made a name for himself. They're both movies about young men trying to find their footing.

30Jurassic World or The Last Jedi?

Jurassic World and The Last Jedi are both sequels to relevant franchises. They are also both quite controversial. Many viewers were divided on the quality of Jurassic World and the entire Star Wars community is divided on The Last Jedi's quality.

31The Godfather or Star Wars?

The Godfather and Star Wars (A New Hope) are two of the most beloved movies ever created. The Godfather tells a story of family and the mob while Star Wars is a standard hero's journey. The two are, quite literally, worlds apart.

32The Avengers or Justice League?

Marvel and DC both have their team-up movies, and everyone has their favorite. The Avengers brings together Earth's Mightiest Heroes and has them fight an Asgardian god. Justice League sees Batman bringing heroes together to fight a warrior of Apokolips.

33Cloverfield or 10 Cloverfield Lane?

The Cloverfield franchise has become a very interesting series. While the movies all take place in the same universe, they are very loosely connected. Cloverfield tells the story of a monster that took over the world while 10 Cloverfield Lane tells the story of a few people in a bunker.

34The Force Awakens or Star Trek: Beyond?

The Force Awakens and Star Trek: Beyond were both attempts to revitalize a series that left a bad taste in fans' mouths. The former was criticized for being a little too-samey to other movies while the latter was praised for its return to form for the franchise.

35Despicable Me or Coco?

Despicable Me and Coco represent two movies that are both extremely popular for different reasons. Despicable Me is heartwarming and brought the Minions to the world while Coco banked on being a purely emotional tale that shed new light on an established culture.

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