Pick Your Favorite Movies And We'll Tell You If You're Street Smart Or Book Smart

When people ask if you're smart, typically your response is measured on a scale of how good you are at school and other menial subjects like math and science. However, there are many dimensions to being smart, like the difference between being street smart and book smart.

For those that don't quite understand what we mean, being street smart is in reference to your cultural awareness and behavior. How well could you get around in the city and talk to the people in it? If you were faced with a sketchy situation, would you know how to handle it?

On the flipside, being book smart is as literal as you'd expect. It refers to things like vocabulary, math skills, and general knowledge. This is the kind of intelligence that is typically celebrated in American culture, but the two are different dimensions of intelligence, and being smarter in one area over another is no bad thing.

Keep that in mind as we analyze the types of movies that you like. Through it, we will determine whether you are more street smart or book smart. Again, it's important to stress that being street smart is no better or worse than being book smart.

1Pulp Fiction or Rain Man?

Pulp Fiction is a series of tales involving crime, guns, and some of the most iconic lines in cinema history. It's violent and in your face. Rain Man, on the other hand, is a tale about a savant who is brilliant beyond anyone in the world, but he's also slightly awkward.

2Back to the Future or Ghostbusters?

The 80s were a wonderful time for movies. Back to the Future is the quintessential time travel film that went to spawn a successful trilogy. Ghostbusters was another tale about men discovering apparitions haunting the world around them.

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