Marry Or Divorce These Hunky Actors And We'll Guess Your Age

Can anyone else hear those wedding bells? Well, if you can't hear them just yet, get ready! Today we have arranged for everyone to walk down the aisle (multiple times). That's right, in today's very special quiz, every lady will get to tie the knot with her dream man.

Here is how it's going to work: We are going to present different hunky bachelors, and everyone here will get to pick who to marry and who to divorce. Now, these men are all very talented actors of course, but talent is just one of the many factors to consider when picking out a groom. Once everybody has selected their suitors, we will try guessing everyone's age. Start writing those vows ladies, the men won't wait forever!

Question 1

Taylor Kitsch

Question 2

Scott Eastwood

Question 3

Johnny Depp

Question 4

Diego Luna

Question 5

Ian Somerhalder

Question 6

Chris Wood

Question 7

Bradley Cooper

Question 8

Tom Hardy

Question 9

Jon Hamm

Question 10

Ewan McGregor

Question 11

Matthew Goode

Question 12

Jim Sturgess

Question 13

Hugh Jackman

Question 14

Tyler Hoechlin

Question 15

Charlie Hunnam

Question 16

Henry Cavill

Question 17

Robert Pattinson

Question 18

Orlando Bloom

Question 19

Daniel Radcliffe

Question 20

Jaden Smith

Question 21

Zac Efron

Question 22

Richard Madden

Question 23

Dwayne Johnson

Question 24

Michael Fassbender

Question 25

Taylor Lautner

Question 26

Chris Hemsworth

Question 27

Jude Law

Question 28

Sebastian Stan

Question 29

Chris Evans

Question 30

Matthew Daddario

Question 31

Chris Pine

Question 32

Brad Pitt

Question 33

Alexander Skarsgård

Question 34

James Marsden

Question 35

Tom Hiddleston

Question 36

Chris Pratt

Question 37

James Franco

Question 38

Charlie Cox

Question 39

Ezra Miller

Question 40

Jonathan Groff

Question 41

Tom Cruise

Question 42

Adam Driver

Question 43

Jamie Dornan

Question 44

Michael B. Jordan

Question 45

Garrett Hedlund

Question 46

Christian Bale

Question 47

Jake Gyllenhaal

Question 48

Cole Sprouse

Question 49

Austin Butler

Question 50

Edward Norton

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