Play 'Marry, Date, Reject' With These Female Singers And We'll Rate Your Game

This game of "Marry, Date, Reject" will help us rate how good or bad everyone's game is. Those who have a lot of game when speaking to the ladies have nothing at all to worry about. Having a lot of game is a very big deal because those who are able to confidently approach a person they find attractive usually end up being the happiest!

Ever imagined going on a date with someone as gorgeous as Ariana Grande? She is a talented singer and she stands out in any crowd she finds herself in. She is known for wearing her hair in a high ponytail, performing catchy songs on stage, and much more! Katy Perry is another pretty singer to consider. Who wants to marry her or go on a date with her? Probably just about anyone! She won the MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year a few years back! Decide about these two women and many more!

Question 1

Camila Cabello?

Question 2

Rita Ora?

Question 3

Demi Lovato?

Question 4

Lana Del Rey?

Question 5

Miley Cyrus?

Question 6

Ariana Grande?

Question 7

Katy Perry?

Question 8

Tana Mongeau?

Question 9

Selena Gomez?

Question 10


Question 11

Taylor Swift?

Question 12


Question 13


Question 14

Lady Gaga?

Question 15


Question 16

Mariah Carey?

Question 17

Christina Aguilera?

Question 18

Britney Spears?

Question 19


Question 20

Gwen Stefani?

Question 21

Jennifer Lopez?

Question 22

Kelly Clarkson?

Question 23

Alicia Keys?

Question 24

Ellie Goulding?

Question 25

Shania Twain?

Question 26


Question 27

Carrie Underwood?

Question 28

Hilary Duff?

Question 29

Nicki Minaj?

Question 30

Vanessa Hudgens?

Question 31

Avril Lavigne?

Question 32


Question 33


Question 34

Jessie J?

Question 35

Nelly Furtado?

Question 36

Christina Milian?

Question 37


Question 38


Question 39

Cardi B?

Question 40

Aubrey O'Day?

Question 41


Question 42


Question 43

Charli XCX?

Question 44

Hayley Williams?

Question 45

Alessia Cara?

Question 46

Alanis Morissette?

Question 47

Tove Lo?

Question 48

Leona Lewis?

Question 49

Meghan Trainor?

Question 50

Carly Rae Jepsen?

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