On A Scale From Taylor Swift To Katy Perry How Much Of A Fashionista Are You?

There was a time when Katy Perry and Taylor Swift seemed like the best of friends. They were often photographed together at various award shows and red carpet events and the public loved seeing these talented music artists seemingly to be friends. Yet, it wasn't long before there was trouble in their relationship and the public seemed determined to find what went wrong. There were hints that were dropped in various interviews and, of course, Taylor Swift released the hit single, "Bad Blood," which was supposedly having to do with the demise of her friendship with Katy Perry. However, there are two sides to every story and the public started to take Perry's side when Swift's ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris, started making comments to the media about Swift's deplorable treatment of Perry during their spat.

People have started to take sides with these two music artists, which shows that they're taking more into account than just their singing ability. Although both of these music artists can now claim themselves as pop singers, they couldn't be more different in regards to their public persona and stylized look. Katy Perry is known for her eccentricity when it comes to her fashion choices and Taylor Swift has emerged from her young country star roots. Many of their fashion choices have been completely different but it's interesting to see how both of them have put their own spin on a classic or trendy look. Test your own fashion preferences and see which end of the scale you would belong on if it revolves around Katy Perry and Taylor Swift fashion choices.

1Do you hate or love this over-the-top Christmas outfit?

People often think of Christmas having a completely different set of rules when it comes to fashion and the Ugly Sweater Party is one of those events that people truly look forward to every year. Do you hate or love this over-the-top Christmas outfit?

2Was it Katy Perry or Taylor Swift that wore the best silver ensemble?

Metallic tones have been extremely trendy in recent years. Katy Perry wore this silver ensemble during her California Dreams tour and Taylor Swift wore this silver ensemble on the red carpet. Was it Katy Perry or Taylor Swift that wore the best silver ensemble?

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