Everyone Should Get Over 80% On This Easy Spelling Quiz!

Language is important for it allows us to communicate with our fellow human beings. Every single language in the world is made up of words which are then used either in a structured or conventional way.

Indeed, without words we wouldn't be able to communicate. Of course, we could always try and express ourselves and our feelings by using grunts, hand gestures and body language but there is no guarantee that our fellow human beings would understand us.

However, while we can't imagine our lives without language - and in consequence, words - the fact of the matter is that some words are incredibly difficult to spell. Sure, we might be able to pronounce these words and use them in casual conversations but writing them down might be a different matter altogether.

Unfortunately, poor spellers are often ridiculed and considered to possess below average intelligence. That is, of course, totally untrue but perceptions and ideas are hard to break.

So, how good of a speller are you? Do you think you can spell every word out there? And, more importantly, can you spell easy words? Only too often the seemingly easy and straightforward words are the hardest to spell.

Question 1

Do you know how to spell this strange word?

Do you know how to spell this word that means strange, unusual or uncanny? It is often used to describe people that stand out or situations that are out of the ordinary and leave people feeling mystified and uneasy. Sometimes this word is used in a derogatory sense and sometimes - albeit quite rarely - it is used as a compliment. One thing is certain - whenever someone uses this word they are describing something strange and out of the ordinary.

Question 2

Welcoming people will know how to spell this word.

This word is used quite often in the English language and has a few meanings. On a basic level, this word can mean that someone has enough room and is willing to put you up for a night or two (or longer) in their house. However, this word can also mean that someone is willing to help you or that someone is willing and able to assist and oblige your needs or wishes, such as changing their dinner plans to see you instead.

Question 3

Can you spell this word that refers to a fancy tissue?

This word refers to a square of material that is usually made out of cotton or silk, or some other rather fancy material. This piece of material is usually used for blowing your nose but it can also be used for wiping your tears or sweat. Businessmen often have this piece of material in their suit pockets and women often use this piece of material for fashion purposes such as for tying up their hair or using it as an accessory on bags and wrists.

Question 4

Do you know how to spell this word that means a small supernatural human being?

You are probably well aware of this word that means a small supernatural human being - usually a girl - that has immense magical powers. These magical "creatures" are often said to be invisible and many believe that they live in forests. Of course, in reality, no such magical creatures exist but they often appear in supernatural and magical stories. Many young kids believe in the existence of these magical creatures and think that if they place their fallen tooth under their pillow that this magical being will come and collect it, leaving money in its place.

Question 5

We use this word daily, but can you spell it?

We all use this word extensively in our day to day lives. Indeed, this word is a very popular word in the English language. Its synonyms include words such as certainly, without doubt and absolutely. We use this word when we are absolutely certain about something, be it a factual piece of information or our emotions. Thus, we might use this word as an answer both when someone asks us "Are you sure that Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system?" and when someone asks us "Are you sure you like him?"

Question 6

Can you spell this difficult word?

This is certainly one of the harder questions on this quiz. Indeed, many educated people get the spelling for this word wrong no matter how often they use it. It is just incredibly tricky to spell. This word refers to a repeated pattern of either movements or sounds. In the latter case - a repeated pattern of sounds - the synonym "beat" could be used to mean the exact same thing. So, do you know how to spell this very tricky word?

Question 7

Do you know how to spell this very common word?

This is another one of those words that we use very often in our day to day lives. It is a very common word in the English language and it can refer to someone who is extremely attractive or good-looking as well as to something - an object or an animal for example - that is very pleasing to our senses or our minds. This word can describe people, animals, buildings, everyday objects, all forms of art, and even feelings.

Question 8

Most people dine here often, but do you know how to spell it?

Do you know how to spell this particular word? We bet that you do although many people struggle with it. The word in question refers to a place where one can come and eat a meal that someone else has made in return for money. Informally, this place may be known as an "eatery." Most of us go to this place once or twice a month as well as for special occasions and when we are feeling in the mood for a treat.

Question 9

Do you know how to spell the word that refers to place where we will all end up one day?

This word refers to an area full of graves, tombstones, and in some cases, even tombs. It is where we bury our dead, that is if they do not want their bodies to be cremated and their ashes to be scattered somewhere in particular. These places can seem rather eerie and mysterious, especially during nighttime and some people are terrified of them. We often go to this place and light a candle or two when we decide to visit our dead relatives.

Question 10

We bet you will feel very awkward if you won't know how to spell this word.

This word refers to the action of someone making you feel awkward or ashamed either of yourself (your appearance or your personality traits for example) or of something that you have done (tripping for example) or said (saying something silly and then being called out on it). We all hate the feeling of being ashamed although some of us handle it better than others - while some of us are able to laugh the awkwardness off, others blush or even burst into tears.

Question 11

Can you spell this word that refers to something compulsory?

This is another one of those words that is incredibly difficult to spell and thus many English speakers, not to mention those whose first language is not English, struggle with it. This word refers to something that is obligatory or compulsory. It can either mean something that absolutely needs to be done or something that needs to be present (like a tent when one goes camping) or something that is inevitable. As a noun, it can also mean indispensable and basic requirements of life, such as a shelter.

Question 12

William Shakespeare was this. Can you spell it?

This word refers to someone who writes plays. Some of the synonyms available for this word include writer (which is however a broader term and means someone who writes anything - including short stories and scripts - not just plays) and dramatist. Some famous people known for going down this career route include the great bard William Shakespeare, Arthur Miller, and Oscar Wilde. So, do you know how to spell this word correctly? If so, go ahead and choose the answer that you think is correct.

Question 13

Some people go on holidays here, but can you spell it?

There are two possible meanings for this particular word. As a noun, this word refers to the region that is made up of this particular sea and its islands and coasts and as an adjective this word can mean anything that is related to this specific area, such as prints or cruises. Once again, this word is rather difficult to spell so we won't judge you too harshly if you are not exactly sure as to which of the below spellings is correct.

Question 14

Can you spell the word that refers to the permit that allows you to drive?

This particular words refers to the permit or the card that gives you official and legal permission to drive an auto vehicle such as a car. This word should not be confused with the word that refers to someone granting you official permission to do something for example to drive a car or to start trading in a specific area. Indeed, this latter word has a slightly different spelling. Do you know how to spell this specific word? If so, go ahead and choose the correct answer.

Question 15

This instrument helps us cut things. How do you spell it?

This word is incredibly hard to spell which is somewhat annoying considering that it refers to an object that we use in our lives daily. This word refers to a very useful instrument that consists of two blades stuck together in such a way that allows you to open and close them whenever you put your thumb and fingers inside this instrument's handles. This instrument is used for cutting various things such as paper and material and in some cases even hair and nails.

Question 16

You eat this sweet treat after the main meal, but can you spell it?

Can you spell this word? It refers to a sweet treat that is most often eaten at the end of a big meal such as lunch or dinner. This sweet treat - usually a slice of cake, cookies or ice-cream - is often enjoyed alongside a cup of coffee or tea. Very few people dislike this sweet treat but many find this word rather difficult to spell. Indeed, this word is often confused with another similar word that refers to a large barren area usually full of sand.

Question 17

Can you spell the word that refers to the action of spelling a word wrongly?

This particular word is very fitting for this quiz for it refers to the act of spelling a word wrongly. It is quite funny that a word that describes the act of spelling something wrong is itself so difficult to spell correctly. So, do you know how to spell this word? Or are you just as baffled by its spelling as most of the other people out there? Regardless of how you feel about this word, go ahead and pick the answer that you think is correct.

Question 18

Can you spell the name of this rodent?

This word refers to a small, brown animal that lives in trees. This rodent has a bushy tail and a soft fur. Its legs are quite strong which allow it to leap among tree branches with ease. It mainly eats nuts and seeds and humans can often get pretty close to these animals, especially the more tame ones or those that are used to seeing people and being approached by them. As a verb, this word can also mean to hide something in a safe spot or to move around restlessly.

Question 19

Do you know how to spell the name of this stunning area?

This word refers to the so named sea as well as the countries that surround it. It can also refer to the people who live in these countries. Place names are often hard to spell so it comes as no surprise that many people often get this particular word wrong. So, how about you, do you find place names hard to spell? If so, you should find this question challenging. On the contrary, if you find place names easy to spell then you should pass this question with flying colors.

Question 20

How do you spell this word that refers to ornaments used for adorning yourself?

This word refers to ornaments that are used to adorn oneself, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Most of these ornaments are made from precious metals - although some are also made from plastic or glass - or jewels such as diamonds or gemstones (or imitations of these jewels). Women tend to wear these ornaments more often than men although men like to adorn themselves with these ornaments - especially rings and necklaces - too.

Question 21

Men wear this almost everyday. How do you spell it?

This is another one of those words that is curiously hard to spell. It refers to a scented liquid that is made up of alcohol and aromatic oils. This liquid is used in the same way that perfume is used - you spray it on your neck and any other areas that you want to smell nice, such as wrists. This scented liquid is more often than not used by men and not women since the latter generally prefer perfume.

Question 22

How do you spell this word that means the start of something?

This word refers to the very start of something or else the earliest stage or stages of something. Synonyms for this word include start, launch, debut and conception among many others. It is a word that is often used by people in their daily lives but is notoriously hard to spell. So, do you know how to spell this particular word? If you do then go ahead and choose the answer that you think is correct. And if you don't, simply go ahead and make a guess!

Question 23

What is the correct spelling for a word that means our natural world?

This particular word has a few meanings. For one, it can refer to the natural world that we live in, meaning either the exact geographic area that we are located in or the natural world as a whole. This word can also mean the surrounding world that we grew up in which has different factors, elements and conditions - harsh or soft for example - that directly and indirectly impact our living world and in consequence, us and our personalities.

Question 24

Some people get this permanent drawing on their skin. How do you spell it?

Once again, this word has several meanings although one of the meanings is more used - and even known - than the other meanings. This word usually refers to a permanent drawing or pattern that some people decide get marked on their skin. Only professional artists are able to mark the skin with special pigment so as to get the desired drawing. This word can also refer to a drum that beckons soldiers to their shelter in the evening. Finally, this word may also mean repeated beating or tapping.

Question 25

How do you spell the day after today?

This word means the day after today and is used by English speakers almost every single day, especially in connection with future plans, projects and meetings. However, despite the fact that this word is used commonly, it is rather challenging to spell. So, do you know how to spell this particular word? If you do, go ahead and choose the answer that you think is correct and if you don't go ahead and make your best guess - you never know, you might just be right!

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