Everyone Should Be Able To Name 100% Of These Fruits And Veggies

Fruits and veggies have not always been a key part of everyone's diet, that's for sure. Especially on this continent, but there is a pretty big movement towards eating more and more fruits and veg. And why not? They are tasty and they are healthy. It's a win/win situation when it comes to devouring these delicious morsels.

Now, if only fruits and veg were as tasty as bacon, surely everyone would heap their plates with fruits and veggies all day long. But even for those who are not too deep down the rabbit hole of rabbit food like lettuce and carrots, this quiz should still be a breeze. Who actually doesn't at least know a pretty wide variety of fruits and veg even if they don't eat a lot of them?

That being said, I guess it is time to dig in and sort through all 50 of these fruits and veggies. There are definitely some that I know people will dread the thought of eating but there are others that are the key ingredients in some delicious pies, breads, drinks, desserts and more. This is a pretty sound list of fruits and veggies (and let's not get caught up in herbs or legumes or nuts). Time to dig in!

1Name This Fruit!

Well, this is just a tasty treat that is definitely being sold like crazy right now. There are some people who pour some beverage of some sort and then stick a tap in the fruit in order to have a flavorful drink. There are others who just cut it up into slices and serve it at barbecues in order for people to stay hydrated. And then is before getting into the fake-flavored stuff that this fruit ends up in. Like Jolly Ranchers or other candy.

2Name This Vegetable!

This vegetable can be used in all sorts of recipes. It can be fried, sauteed, barbecued, baked...it can even be eaten raw! It's probably not the best just to pull this thing out of the ground and start chomping but if worse comes to worst then there is every ability to just pull one of these guys up and have a bite. These are probably best done with some garlic, butter and salt. Suddenly I'm hungry now and this is only the start of the quiz!

3Name This Fruit!

These little things (not always so little) are often a part of a debate. One side says that this item is a vegetable and not a fruit and the other side says the opposite. Now, realistically, all fruits are technically vegetables but not all vegetables are fruits. This one right here though...this is a fruit. And it is delicious to make sauces with. And that sauce is most typically found on pizza or pasta. You can even just fry these things up or put them raw on a salad.

4Name This Vegetable!

Sometimes this special root veggie is found at the bottom of a casserole which also happens to have marshmallows for some strange reason. This is something I'll just never understand but it's a real thing that usually appears around Thanksgiving. Either way, this veggie has also found its way into most restaurants now in a fried form that typically comes with chipotle mayo. I'm not a fan of mayo but the chipotle mayo really goes well when this veggie is cut and deep fried.

5Name This Fruit!

This might be one of my very favorite fruits on this whole list. It goes so well with so many things and has a wonderful flavor. It actually can have both a sweet and a tart flavor depending on the size and season. This fruit can be found in pies, crumbles, cream, cakes, fillings, jams, jellies, chips, and even just totally plain and fresh from the bush. And it can flavor a drink very well also. Try a nice cold iced tea with some slices of this fruit. Yum.

6Name This Vegetable!

This is a pretty good base for a delicious salad. I actually have several stocks of this planted in my garden right now. Some people may be surprised to learn that this also tastes very good when put on top of pizza with some goat cheese. Yummy! This specific vegetable definitely resembles several other plants and herbs in one way shape or form but it is up to the quiz-taker to decide just which this is. Now I want pizza...

7Name This Vegetable!

This delicious vegetable grows wildly all over the place where I'm from and requires very little maintenance to flourish...which is probably why it grows so easily everywhere. I used to pick this and then dip the stalks straight into some sugar. It was delicious. This veggie has a very tart but fruity flavor and a lot of people have confused it for a fruit because of this fact. When mixed with strawberries this tends to make a pretty darn delicious taste!

8Name This Fruit!

IT is so incredibly easy to find these little berries where I'm from. Anyone can go and pick them alongside the highway or down the trails through town. They make a delicious tea. They also are good in cold drinks, in jams and jellies, in pies, and on top of some tasty ice cream desserts. That being said, people who don't like getting anything stuck in their teeth might want to avoid them because the seeds of this berry can get into all sorts of trouble.

9Name This Vegetable!

I used to pick these veggies right out of the garden and chomp on them just as is. My parents thought I was crazy because these veggies pack a little bit of a punch when it comes to flavor. If someone is sensitive to hot or spicy things, this veggie can really get them. It's not like the heat of a chilli or the spice of a cayenne but it has a burn in about the same way that ginger or garlic do.

10Name This Fruit!

Well, everyone should know this one without any issue at all. These are probably best known to people when the fall comes. Mainly because that is when they are harvested but also because they have been made a huge part of Halloween in the form of Jack-O-Lanterns. And there has been some wonderful film use for these things. Like the fake horseman scene in Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp. Anyway, this fruit is pretty tasty in pie, and there is a whole generation of people who insist on having this with spice...

11Name This Vegetable!

This particular vegetable is probably one of the most consumed all throughout the developed world. It is pretty easy to grow and it can be made into a number of delicious things. It can be cut and fried and turned into chips and fries and it can also be distilled into a delicious and powerful drink. Salads can be made with it. Having this with eggs and bacon in the form of homefries is pretty wonderful. This is a very versatile veggie.

12Name This Fruit!

This is probably one of the strangest fruits that are commonly known among the majority of people. It is a very messy and sometimes annoying fruit. When cutting into it, all of the fruit is actually surrounding the seeds so as soon as someone cuts into the fruit, juice goes flying everywhere. That being said, once picking away at the fruit on the seeds it is delicious. Messy but delicious. Basically, this fruit is a lot of work for a small yield but the taste is worth it.

13Name This Fruit!

Oh, what a delicious fruit this one is! This makes some of the best fruit juice out there, that's for sure. The amount that Hawaii must make selling products made from this fruit has got to be pretty staggering. And it makes total sense. This is one of the tastiest tropical fruits out there. Dole has pretty well built their entire brand on this spiny fruit. Be careful when grabbing one of these though. They can be a little prickly.

14Name This Vegetable!

I grew a bunch of these last year and they did really well. It's always best to have the true fresh veggie right from the ground or the stem or the pod. These little green morsels are usually served with carrots. At least, they are usually served with carrots in every film, tv show, and commercial. It is easy enough to get a massive bag of these from the market in the frozen food section. They can be used in all sorts of delicious dishes.

15Name This Fruit!

There have been many cider brands putting out their own versions with this specific fruit instead of the usual apple cider. And I have to admit that it really is pretty tasty. I'm not a huge fan of this fruit by itself but its juice is pretty delicious. That is probably the biggest context anyone will see these fruits in. The cider business has given them new life. Otherwise, they've always been around but haven't particularly been all that popular.

16Name This Fruit!

This delicious fruit can be a bit messy if it is just bitten into straight away. The juice from this one is pretty sticky. That being said, this fruit's juice is some of the best out of all fruit. And it is very hydrating when out in an incredibly awful heatwave in Toronto during the middle of the summer. It's a good thing that there are markets that carry these wonderful things right there for you to pick up for dirt cheap.

17Name This Vegetable!

Some restaurants turn this root veggie into crisps. Sounds pretty good to me. After all, it's not the only root veggie that finds its way into a deep fryer for all to enjoy out at a pub or restaurant. Typically though, this veggie will be found roasted or sauteed. Often this is done with carrots. I think that the reason carrots are added alongside so many of these veggies is because they color things up a bit. This veggie is good even without a vibrant color.

18Name This Fruit!

Don't let the seeds be of any concern here. No reason for alarm. It's pretty easy to remove them. As can be seen, they are all concentrated in the center so there is no need to worry about getting them stuck in teeth while eating. Often times this fruit is simply used for juices anyway so there is even less worry to be had about getting seeds stuck in teeth or on the way down. This fruit also makes a delicious chip.

19Name This Fruit!

This fruit makes likely the most well-known of all the fruit juices. And if that's not actually the case, then it is definitely tied for first with another very prominent fruit when it comes to the juice industry. You'll see slices of this fruit on the glasses of many cocktails, there are fields of these fruit trees all over Florida. Tropicana might be one of the biggest companies to carry this product. And they also come in all sorts of sizes.

20Name This Vegetable!

Be very careful that these veggies don't cause tears. There is a spray from this type of veggie that is released when cut into and it will more often than not cause people to cry. Growing up in the food servic industry, I have seen some pretty burly and grown men crying quite a bit because it was time to cut these veggies up. Of course, there are ways around that teary process and not all types of this veggie cause tears. But it's still amusing.

21Name This Fruit!

This is perhaps one of my most favourite fruits of all time. Especially if it is stuffed with garlic. Now, many people think that because of the very savory nature of this fruit that is in fact a vegetable but one has to remember that this fruit grows on trees (perhaps most famously in Italy and Greece). This is how we get our hands on some delicious oils. This fruit is incredibly salty though so for those who can't quite handle that flavor these may not be the right pick.

22Name This Vegetable!

There are varying types of this veggie. Being a fungus, there are hundred and hundreds of varieties. Not all of these options are by any means healthy though. Eating the wrong type of this veggie can result in some pretty awful injuries...or even worse. And then there are those who buy into the hallucinogenic type of this veggie. That is not something I'm remotely interested in though. These do very well sauteed with some onions and put on top of a medium-rare steak.

23Name This Fruit!

It pretty well seems that every single type of tropical fruit just happens to taste very good when juiced and served as a nice cold beverage. And there is no exception when it comes to this rather special fruit. Often, grocery stores will sell this fruit in nectar form as opposed to juice form. It is a thicker sort of juice that is very high in sugar but also very delicious and fairly healthy in spite of the amount of sugar.

24Name This Fruit!

There was actually quite a shortage of this fruit for a number of years and the world is still not out of the woods yet in terms of the shortage being totally over. The reason for this, I have to assume, is because of the massive number of these fruits being put to use in pubs and bars all over the world. Everyone seems to want one of these sliced and used as a garnish for their drinks. It's a strange world.

25Name This Vegetable!

This is a very popular veggie, for sure. It is used in probably the majority of salads out there in the world. It is typically the basis for those salads. This veggie also comes in many different types. The names are certainly always interesting to learn because of just how many types there are. I pretty stick with two types. One is very good to go with burgers and sausages and the other is very good to use as the basis of a salad...and then there's a third one I like that works both ways.

26Name This Fruit!

This makes perhaps one of the most popular summer drinks of all time. Now, that drink has been adapted to use limes and to be mixed with various substances and other fruits and veggies but that doesn't change the fact that this is the original. This is also often used as a garnish at pubs and restaurants. And that's before even mentioning the fact that this fruit is also used in a lot of medications. The Halls that have this and honey are actually tasty.

27Name This Fruit!

This fruit shares the name of something completely different. The name of this fruit is also the name of a bird from New Zealand. In fact, New Zealanders are often referred to as this very name. I've always found that very interesting and sort of nonsensical but that is just the world and the way it somehow is. While the skin of this fruit can be eaten (I eat it sometimes) most people seem to avoid it. Probably because it's furry.

28Name This Vegetable!

My grandma makes these the very best way possible. It's not very difficult. like so many other veggies all it takes is either some oil or butter and a bit of salt. Sounds good enough to me. Simple and delicious. But even beyond all of that, it is actually pretty delicious when it is just pulled straight from the plant and eaten right there. But make sure to clean it all off well if there were pesticides used in the garden of choice.

29Name This Fruit!

This particular fruit is very often used in a fermentation process in order to make wine. And there is nothing wrong with that. In addition to that, there is just regular juice featuring this fruit also. The best way to consume these little things though is to just buy a bag of fresh ones and pick at them while lounging about somewhere. It brings to mind the Greek gods and goddesses just laying there with servants feeding them. That's also featured in pretty well every old movie about ancient Rome as well.

30Name This Vegetable!

Oh, this vegetable is a pretty key ingredient and also part of the title of some of the best bread out there. Not to mention this also has a very distinct ability to ward of vampires for some strange reason. Of course, that actually doesn't always mean anything since garlic never bothered the vampires in Lost Boys (at least not until they lost their invite to the scene of the final battle). At any rate, this is probably one of the best veggies here in terms of health benefits.

31Name This Vegetable!

This special vegetable here is not exactly a small one by any stretch of the imagination. It certainly is delicious though. If fried up and put on a sandwich, it just gives a nice added crunch and some good health benefits (more health benefits if it's left not fried at all). This is also probably the most popular food item to find its way onto the internet if for no other reason than it is a frequently used emoticon to indicate...a number of things.

32Name This Vegetable!

Believe it or not, this veggie finds its way into a number of drinks and even just put in a glass of water the refreshing quality of this veggies is pretty surprising. And for those who might be looking to find a substitute for something like crackers, this veggie is a perfect swap. It has a great deal of crunch, has fewer calories, keeps the eater hydrated, and makes for a generally healthier option over crackers. And it works well with pretty well anything that would go on crackers.

33Name This Vegetable!

Here is the epitome of fruits and veg. This is by far the most popular of all the vegetables. Even if quiz takers here are not fans of this vegetable it is virtually impossible to escape. It is used in everything from animal feed to syrups and oils as well as other synthetic products that one might not really expect at all. Even just being used in animal feed, consumers of meat are already filling up on this veg. And so too are vegetarians who consume byproducts from those same animals.

34Name This Fruit!

Oh, this is perhaps one of the greatest summertime fruits of all time. That is probably because it's one of those tropical fruits, but don't think that doesn't mean they can't be grown in cooler climates. It just takes a lot of loving care. This fruit can be eaten in many stages and it can be dried or the liquid in it (typically called milk) can be drunk straight away...even the fruit inside the shell has a wonderful oil that can be used for many things.

35Name This Vegetable!

Perhaps some of the best of this type of vegetable, for sure. Those who have never eaten one of these before will likely want it to be mixed in with some other kind of food. No newbie with this veggie wants to eat it on its own. That takes a special type of person. It might have a little bit of kick to it and that definitely does not sit with everyone's stomach. That being said, it's mainly the seeds that are really hot.

36Name This Vegetable!

This is perhaps one of the blandest of the veggies of the world. That being said, this particular veggie really does work with a lot of things. By itself, it's maybe not that great but if this veggie gets Cheese Wiz or peanut butter spread on it, it really does change everything and suddenly this very bland veggie becomes a wonder of mankind. It is incredibly easy to grow in all sorts of climates and that is likely because of the fact that it pretty much is just water with some crunch.

37Name This Vegetable!

This might be one of the strangest veggies. And it just so happens that this veggie has been used as inspiration for a number of characters for both movies and video games. It's very interesting. The Lord of The Rings character of Gothmog was partially inspired by this veggie. Also, the Clickers in the video game The Last Of Us were also partially inspired by it. To see them is to understand fully that inspiration. Making buffalo bites out of this veggie is the smartest thing to do with it.

38Name This Vegetable!

Who knew that this veggie could come in such an array of colors? Most people know this veggie by only one color. This is the reason for Archie Andrews' nickname. There is something about the vibrant orange color of this veggie that actually can affect the tone of the human skin due to chemical reaction when consuming far too much of this veggie. If ever someone appears too orange, it's either a very intense tan or perhaps the person just had too much of this veggie.

39Name This Vegetable!

Maybe this is the most Irish of the veggies on this list, aside from the potato. This has been known to be used in Irish cooking for generations. Anyone who might know of the Leather Jacket Guy online will know that he always carries a pipe with a big leaf of this veggie sticking out of it. The guy is pretty hilarious and overwhelmingly stereotypical when it comes to just how Irish he is. I think the best recipe for this veggie is in roll form.

40Name This Vegetable!

So many people seem to hate this veggie. It is known from one end of the Earth to the other as that veggie that everyone hates. I honestly do not know why this is. Maybe it was just always cooked the wrong way or big business was just trying to downplay this delicious veggie so they could sell more sugary treats. Who knows? Either way, this veggie is not only really good to taste but it is also really good for the human body as well.

41Name This Vegetable!

These little tree-looking things are perhaps among my favorite of all the veggies. I used to eat these things all the way down to the stalks before my mom would even get to the cashier at the grocery store. Dip isn't needed for these things but it definitely enhances the experience. Some people just like to think of this veggie as maybe one or two steps up from cauliflower. A lot of people are unsure of this but I have to say it's pretty tasty.

42Name This Fruit!

This berry grows wild all over the place where I'm from up north. It's wonderful to be able to take a walk down the trails and just grab some of these things to snack on while on the way. This little berry makes some great jams and jellies. And that's before mentioning the pies and the juices. This little thing is one of the greatest antioxidants in the wide world of fruit and is often referred to as a super berry.

43Name This Fruit!

This is one of the seediest berries out there in the fields and on the market. It is really good in refreshing drinks. Iced tea being perhaps the best one of these. There are all sorts of ciders as well that have them. Then, of course, there are the typical jams and jellies and pies. And, I have to say that these delicious yet seedy morsels are just delicious all on their own. But don't let the color throw you...what is this yummy berry.

44Name This Vegetable!

Let's name some delicious foods...salad, pizza, pasta, veggie platters...this veggie is even delicious when it is stuffed. Make no mistake, there are many varieties of this type of veggie. Some are spicy, some are sweet, and some can be pretty bland. But that hardly matters here. The point is naming this specific variety of this particular type of veggie based solely on the description and the look. This is a pretty common one so it should not be all that difficult.

45Name This Vegetable!

This is perhaps one of the grossest veggies out there. At least as far as I'm concerned. But that does not stop it from being an incredibly healthy veggie all the same. Its mainstay is probably the roots and the juice. This super veggie should have taken the crown over brussels sprouts for the ruling veggie that most people don't like. But, in spite of all the bad press that some veggies get it doesn't change the fact that veggies are the healthy choice!

46Name This Fruit!

This is a pretty common fruit right here. There is pretty well no way that anyone should be able to get this question wrong. No judgement on those who might get it wrong. This fruit is so bright and vibrant and it is the one fruit that everyone thinks is favored by all manner of monkeys. This fruit is a great source of potassium. With either a freeze dryer or a dehydrator, this fruit can turn into a wonderful chip.

47Name This Fruit!

It's an alligator pear! No, of course that is not the actual name of this fruit but it does both resemble a pear and alligator skin so the cute nickname does fit it rather well. While this fruit can be pretty bland, it does happen to have a great deal of healthy fats for the body and it is one of the better fruits out there for some great recipes. One could even take the seed from the center or this fruit and slowly grow a plant out of it if careful enough.

48Name This Vegetable!

These green little sticks are pretty awesome, especially when roasted up with some butter, salt and garlic. That pretty well makes just about every vegetable taste pretty brilliant. With this particular veggie, time is of the essence when cooking though. It can easily be undercooked and be rock solid when bitten into. It also takes a fine line from perfectly cooked to overcooked and complete mush and certainly no one wants to eat one of these scrawny little veggie sticks when it's mush.

49Name This Fruit!

This is the basis of pretty well every cider. Or at least most of them. Aside from that though, this is probably one of the most famous fruits when it comes to juices, pies, crumbles, chips, tarts, and even Boy Scout fundraisers. I remember getting in uniform and selling these red delicious fruits as a Scout when I was a kid. It was one of my favorite times of year. And now I like to support the Scouts by buying these things. I love the way Granny Smith grows hers.

50Name This Vegetable!

This long, green veggie has a pretty close similarity to a number of veggies out there. So it is up to the quiz taker to decide just which veggie it is. Look closely. There is a noticeable difference. This particular veggie is great when it is fried up. It goes well it sandwiches and can be eaten with cheese and crackers. It could even be a replacement cracker. That yummy crunch but with fewer calories and a greater health benefit.

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