Every Parent Should Try This Healthy Food Quiz

You are what you eat, and that's truer than ever when it comes to children. One of the most important parts of raising a child is ensuring they eat healthy. Diet is everything. Kids are at a crucial stage of their life when they're growing, and the types of food you give them will have a huge effect on how they develop - mentally, physically, and even emotionally. It's all in your hands, and as a parent, you have a massive responsibility to do everything you can to make your kid's diet as healthy as humanly possible.

But that's easier said than done. In order to really ensure that your kid is eating a nutritional diet, you need to do a little bit of research into what a child's diet should really be. You might even have to learn how to cook new foods, and make an extra effort when it comes to cooking simple foods. And that's really only half the battle. Actually convincing your child to eat these healthy foods is another thing altogether. Do you know what it really means to give your child a healthy diet? Take this simple, easy quiz, and we'll tell you the answer...

Question 1

If Your Child Is Gluten-Free, Which Of These Foods Should You Avoid?

These days, the new buzz word when it comes to health foods is gluten-free. Many more kids these days are displaying allergies to gluten, and this severely cuts down the foods that they can enjoy. But there are also plenty of other people who willingly choose to go gluten free. However, if your child is Gluten-Free, which foods should you avoid?

Question 2

Out Of These, What’s The Healthiest Beverage?

When thinking about a healthy diet, a lot of people forget that what you drink is often just as important as what you eat. This can be something that can cause a lot of problems, or it can be something that aids in your child's healthy diet. It's all up to what you choose to give your child to drink...

Question 3

What’s A Great Way To Make Sure You Can Have Tasty Fruit Options All Year Round?

Fruit is something that many people, including children, do not eat enough of. It can seem like an uphill battle trying to get your child to eat enough fruit, and sometimes parents just give up. But there are so many benefits to eating fruit. If you don't eat fruit, you'll actually get some serious problems. But what's a great way to ensure you have fruit all year round?

Question 4

What’s The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

Everyone should know the answer to this question. There are many meals in the day, and each one should be something your child looks forward to. Every meal should be balanced, healthy and full of nutrients. But there's one meal where the stakes are most higher - because it's the most important meal of the day. But do you know what this is?

Question 5

What Should You Add To Your Child’s’ Breakfasts To Give Them An Energy Boost?

When it comes to breakfast, a lot is riding on what you give your children. Give them the wrong foods, and they'll totally crash halfway through the day. And the blame really falls on your shoulders in this situation. You want them to start the day off right, and in order to do that, what can you add to their breakfasts to give them energy?

Question 6

What Does Fish Contain That Is So Good For You?

Fish is one thing that a lot of people and parents overlook, but your children can definitely benefit from a lot of fish in their diet. In fact, some say that you should eat fish about 3 times per week. That's how healthy this food can really be. But why is it so healthy? What does it contain that is so good?

Question 7

If Half Your Child’s Plate Is Lean Meats And Whole Grains, What Should The Other Half Be?

There are some pretty simple rules when it comes to portions, especially when you're serving food for your little ones. Obviously, you don't want to give them simply a plate full of meat, or a plate full of whole grains. Kids appreciate variety just like the rest of us, and it's good for them too. But if your child's plate is half meat and grains, what should the other half be?

Question 8

What Does “GMO” Stand For?

There's been a lot of talk in recent years about GMOs. And if you're concerned about what your kids are eating, it might be something you want to learn about. There's a lot of interesting facts that are coming out about GMOs, and their effect on our health. Some say it's better to avoid them. But what does GMO stand for?

Question 9

Which Of These Is An Example Of A Healthy Snack For Kids?

Most kids love to snack, and while we typically associate snacking with unhealthy foods, the truth is that your children can happily chow down on some tasty snacks, while being pretty healthy at the same time. All it takes is a few adjustments, and your kids will be snacking in the healthiest way possible. But which of these is a healthy snacking option?

Question 10

How Many Servings Of Fruit Should Children Have Per Day?

Fruit is great and all, but there have been some debates over how much fruit you're actually suppose to eat every day. Some say that it's just the fruit farmers trying to sell more fruit! But the truth is that you are supposed to eat a good amount of fruit each day. How many servings should you be giving your children?

Question 11

True or False: Washing veggies isn't important

Sometimes it's really challenging to pick out vegetables that you can actually trust. There are so many concerns these days when it comes to how and where our foods were grown, and some parents just don't trust most vegetables. There are a lot of nasty chemicals out there that could end up on your vegetables. But can you truly trust vegetables?

Question 12

What’s One Way You Can Make Healthy Foods More Interesting For Your Kids?

Probably the hardest part about getting your kids to eat healthy is convincing them that the food they're eating is interesting. This is much easier said than done, and it's clear that tons of kids out there refuse to eat some really healthy food because it's not as flashy as some other snacks. But how can you make the foods more interesting?

Question 13

What’s Healthier? Brown Or White Rice?

Most people should know the answer to this question. Brown rice and white rice are the two most famous types of the grain, and they're some of the most common staples out there for people to eat all over the world. But one type is definitely more healthy than the other. Do you know if it's brown rice or white rice?

Question 14

What Addition To Vegetables Can Make Them More Appealing To Kids?

Sometimes, you have to add a little something to your vegetables to make it more appealing for your kids. This is just one of the many tactics parents use to finally get their kids interested in vegetables, and it's a pretty good one. There's one thing that most parents add to their vegetables. But do you know what it is?

Question 15

What Is Farro?

Farro is another type of food that can be really healthy for your kids, but mostly it's only know to the true health nuts out there. It's a really good alternative to the foods we eat constantly, and it's definitely very nutritious. It packs in tons of protein, which can be great for kids. But do you actually know what Farro is?

Question 16

What’s Healthier, A Boiled Potato Or A Baked Potato?

Potatoes are some of the most common vegetables that people eat alongside their meat and grains, and they seem to never go out of style. While potatoes can be prepared in ways that are unhealthy to people and children who eat them, there's one way to cook them that is considered more healthy than others. But what's healthier, a boiled potato or a baked potato?

Question 17

What’s Healthier, Whole Wheat, Or White Bread?

Bread is something that people have been enjoying for thousands of years, and it doesn't seem like we're going to be stopping anytime soon. It's one of the most common foods in the world, but there's definitely ways in which you can serve more healthy bread options to your children. For instance, is it healthier to eat whole wheat bread or white bread?

Question 18

True Or False, Organic Foods Are Grown Without The Use Of Synthetic Pesticides Or Artificial Fertilizers

Organic Foods definitely have some benefits over normal vegetables and produce. But the fact is that they are a little more expensive. You have to weight the pros and cons, and ask yourself how important your child's health is to you. There are numerous benefits of organic produce. But is it actually true that organic foods are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilizers?

Question 19

Which Of These Are Healthier, Starchy Vegetables Or Non-Starchy Vegetables?

It's all well and good to eat as much vegetables as possible when it comes to your child's diet, but are all vegetables created equal? As it turns out, they're not. Some vegetables are considered more healthy than others, and the division mostly comes down to whether or not they contain starch. But do you know which one is healthier?

Question 20

How Many Servings Of Vegetables Should Children Have Per Day?

The same goes for vegetables - there's been a lot of talk about how many servings you and your children should be eating every single day. Most people know the general number, and knowing this simple fact can help you ensure that you child has enough vegetables in their diet. But do you actually know how many servings per day your child needs?

Question 21

How Much Sugar Is In A Can Of Coke?

Coke is definitely not the most healthy option for a child, and it's something that your children shouldn't be drinking a lot of. Anyone can tell you that. But do you know how much sugar is actually in just one can of coke? The answer might shock you, and convince you that giving your kid Coke is one of the worst things you can do.

Question 22

Which Of These Is NOT An Example Of A Processed Food?

On the subject of unhealthy foods, most people know that processed foods are a big no no, both for average people and for kids. Kids are especially vulnerable to processed foods because they're still going. Too many kids eat processed foods these days, and a lot of them too. But out of these options, which is not an example of processed food?

Question 23

What Does Fiber Aid In?

Fiber is another thing that we should mention, and it's really important not just for adults, but for kids too. Fiber is one of those things that can really solve a lot of problems that your kid goes through, and too many parents don't bring fiber into the mix when it comes to their kid's diet. But what does fiber aid in?

Question 24

Which Is The Healthier Breakfast Option For Your Child?

There are many options when it comes to giving your child breakfast, and you will no doubt be confronted by them as you walk through the aisles of your local grocery store. We all know what kids would LIKE to have for breakfast... But what's actually GOOD for them? Can you identify the healthiest breakfast option listed here?

Question 25

Which Of These Is Safest Option For A Child With Lactose Intolerance?

Kids love ice cream, and that's something that's probably never going to change. It's hard not to! It's cold, creamy, sweet, and entirely delicious! Still, many people and children have trouble with dairy options. However, as a parent, it can be tough to deny your child a treat. So, which of these can be safely consumed by children who may have issues ingesting dairy?

Question 26

True Or False, Non-Organic Food Can Contain Antibiotics And Hormones

We've talked a lot about organic food so far in this article, and in truth there's enough information out there to write an entire article. More and more information is coming out about organic food, and how it stacks up against genetically modified organisms, especially when it comes to our children. But is it true that non-organic food can contain antibiotics and even hormones?

Question 27

True Or False, Fish In Your Diet Can Increase The Chance Of Heart Attacks And Strokes

We've also talked a lot about fish so far in this quiz, and so far we've mostly been singing its praises. There is no doubt that fish can really help provide a balanced diet, and we've mentioned that there's a huge benefit of feeding your kids this regularly. But is there also a dark side to fish? Is it true that is can increase the risk for heart attacks and strokes?

Question 28

Cutting Down In Sugar Can Reduce _____________ In Teenagers

Teenagers are some of the most challenging children to raise, and once your child goes through this stage, it can be quite a battle. Raising them is one thing, but getting them to eat healthy is another thing entirely. Sugar is very popular among teens, and they eat a lot of it. But can you actually complete this nutritional fact?

Question 29

Which Is Healthier: Steaming Or Boiling Vegetables?

Though veggies can be eaten raw, many people find issue with textures as well as strong flavors. Even adults don't always eat all of their veggies! There are a number of ways to cook them in order to make them palatable, but unfortunately, some of these methods can greatly reduce the nutritional benefit of eating them in the first place! So which out of the following options is the healthiest when it comes to cooking your veggies?

Question 30

What’s A Healthy Alternative To Fried Chicken?

Fried Chicken is a very popular dish in certain parts of the world, and it's what a lot of children grow up with. There's no doubt that the crunchy exterior of this fish mixed with the juicy innards is delicious, and it can be quite addicting. But is it healthy? No. Do you know a healthier alternative to fried chicken?

Question 31

What's The Best Way To Make A Donut Healthier?

Donuts are the temptation that many adults can't resist, but you should definitely think twice about giving them to your kids. Some say that donuts are just as bad as a cigarette in terms of how much harm they do to your body. However, most people know it's unrealistic to cut out all unhealthy food. So what's a healthy way to enjoy this treat?

Question 32

What’s A Healthy Alternative To Potato Chips?

Another thing that really tempts a lot of people out there is a good old bag of potato chips. These things are deceptively addictive. You grab a few, then grab some more, and then before you know it, the entire bag is just gone. Kids love them, but there are better, more healthy options. Out of these options, what's one of them?

Question 33

Out Of These, Which Food Contains “Bad” Types Of Fat?

Fats are at the forefront of the discussion right now in terms of nutrition. We previously thought that ALL fat was bad, and encouraged everyone to follow low fat diets. Then we discovered that there's actually good fats and bad fats. It's good to know the difference, especially when raising a kid. But can you spot the example of a "bad" type of fat?

Question 34

True Or False, Avocados, Nuts, Seeds And Olive Oil All Contain Monounsaturated Fats

Continuing on with the fat discussion, there are some things that actually contain good types of fat. Your body does need fat, and it should be part of both your diet and your child's, contrary to popular belief. But it's important to choose the right kinds of fat, the "good" kinds which are healthy. Is it true that Avocados, nuts and olive oil all contain monounsaturated fats?

Question 35

True Or False, Fish Is Not A Good Source Of Polyunsaturated Fats

We've talked a lot about the powers of fish so far in this quiz, and to be honest it's something that you should really consider giving your children a lot of. There are so many benefits when it comes to this amazing source of protein, but what about its fat content? Is it true that fish is not a good source of polyunsaturated fats?

Question 36

What’s A Fun Way To Get Your Kid To Eat Bananas?

Bananas are really healthy, and they're probably one of the types of fruit that you should really consider giving your kids lots of, especially when compared to other kids of fruits. They're really high in potassium, which is great for all people, not just kids. But getting them to eat bananas can sometimes be a struggle. What's a fun way to convince them?

Question 37

Which Foods Are Especially Susceptible To The Negative Effects Of Pesticides?

Pesticides are some of the worst things that you can find on the most common foods out there. More and more information is coming out about the dangers of pesticides, especially those used in large scale farms with are no organic. There are many foods which are susceptible, but one type is more so than any other. Do you know which type this is?

Question 38

Which Of These Is A Benefit Of Grass-Fed Meat?

Meat is something that most kids eat growing up, an a lot of parents aren't too watchful about what kids of meat they give their children. The truth of the matter is that not all meat is created equal. Grass fed meat is vastly superior to meat that gives animals other diets. But do you know which of these is a benefit?

Question 39

Why Is It So Important To Give Fish To Growing Children?

This is the last time we're going to talk about fish - we promise. We've talked a lot about the benefits of eating fish, from its Omega-3 content to its huge amounts of polyunsaturated fats. But we haven't really talked about why fish is so crucial for children, more than any other food. Do you actually know why this is?

Question 40

True Or False, Soy Milk Contains Phytoestrogens, Which Are Hormones

There's been a lot of talk about soy milk recently, and it's one of the most popular drinks that parents give their children. On the outside, it seems like a great choice, as it has protein and other nutritious ingredients that can be great for children who are growing up. But is it true that soy milk contains phytoestrogens, which are hormones?

Question 41

Which Of These Is Most Likely To Get Kids To Eat Their Veggies?

But how do you make your kids eat their vegetables if they are so determined to say no? That's been the struggle of parents for hundreds of years, and it's not getting any easier. With tons of other foods marketed towards kids that are completely unhealthy, kids these days are more likely than ever to refuse their veggies. But can pressuring your children backfire?

Question 42

Which Requires More Water To Cook, White Rice Or Brown Rice?

White and brown rice are different, and as we've previously noted, brown rice is much more healthy. If you're switching over from white to brown rice in an effort to be more healthy, there are some slight differences when it comes to cooking this healthy, nutritious alternative. But do you know which type of rice requires more water to cook?

Question 43

It’s Often Hard To Find Time To Make Healthy Breakfasts For Your Kids. What’s One Tactic That Can Help?

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day, but it's also one of the hardest to prepare. If you're a working parent like so many other adults these days, you will be getting ready for work when breakfast time is happening. Even if you don't work, you'll be rushing to get your kids ready for school. But what's an easy way to make healthy breakfasts on a tight schedule?

Question 44

What’s Is The Healthier Alternative To Butter From The Choices Below?

Butter is something that many parents cook with without so much as a second thought. But is it really the healthiest option out there? No. No it is not. Butter is one of the most unhealthy things you can give your kids, and there are actually a few healthy alternatives out there. But what's the healthiest alternative you can give them?

Question 45

What’s Healthier, Sucrose Or Fructose?

Most people will know the difference between fructose and sucrose, and they'll probably know which one is healthier as well. It doesn't take a genius to figure out, and you certainly don't need to be a chemist to come up with the answer, even though these are chemical structures. But what do you think? What's actually healthier, sucrose or fructose?

Question 46

Which Has More Calories, Broccoli, Or Corn On The Cob?

Broccoli and corn on the cob are two types of popular vegetables, although your kids will probably prefer one of these two options. Both are vegetables, which means that they're generally good options, but when you look at the caloric content of both vegetables, it's clear that one is more healthy. Well, which one has more calories? Broccoli, or corn on the cob?

Question 47

What’s One Way To Get A Picky Child To Eat New Vegetables?

Making a decision to give your kids more vegetables is an important step to ensuring they have a healthy diet. But it's easier said than done. If your kid has already grown accustomed to eating less healthy alternatives, getting them to switch over to veggies can be a real battle. But can you name one way to ensure that your child eats their vegetables?

Question 48

True Or False, Your Child’s Food Preferences Are Unlikely To Ever Change

As an adult, you might be one of those people who are stuck in their ways when it comes to the kinds of foods you enjoy. Or, on the other hand, you might be very adventurous, trying new and interesting foods all the time. But what about your kids? Is it actually true that you child's food preferences are unlikely to ever change?

Question 49

How Long Does It Take To Cook Kale?

Kale is a wonderful choice for all you health nuts out there, and it's definitely one of the healthiest choices of vegetables out there. Kale is packed full of nutrients, and there are numerous ways you can cook and prepare this healthy vegetable. Some methods involve frying the leafs on a pan. But how long should you really cook it?

Question 50

What’s An Easy, Quick Way To Ensure That You Get The Vegetables And Fruits Your Kids Need?

Sometimes, we just don't have time to concoct elaborate dishes that take our energy, especially in the morning. But rest assured, there's an easy way to eat healthy which doesn't require you to become a full time chef. When it comes to getting enough fruits and veggies, there's some easy methods. But what's one quick way you can make sure your kids are getting their fruits and veggies?

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