Every Nintendo Gamer Should Be Able To Answer These Mario Questions

The Mario series is the most successful videogame franchise in history. This is not hyperbole. Ever since the character debuted in 1981, the popularity of the series has grown like it was under the effects of a Super Mushroom. From the classic music of the original 8-bit games to the red cap Mario wears with the big M on it, this character and his franchise have dominated the public consciousness. In fact, the success of the character is credited with saving the entire videogame industry from financial ruin back in the early 80s. And of all the games to influence gamers, this series has managed to touch the hearts of children and the minds of adults alike in a way like no other game series ever has.

Super Mario Bros may not live up to the rigorous standards of today’s standards, but it is still considered one of the best made games of all time, and it is rigorously studied by modern game designers to understand how to craft a game that will let players intuitively dive right into a game.

Most Nintendo fans will have no trouble answering these questions about Mario. However, some of these questions are quite challenging. From the dungeons of Bowser’s Castle to the heights of the coins in the sky only reachable with a Tanooki Suit, this quiz will cover everything Mario related. Ready? Then let’s get started!

Question 1

Which Mario brother is this?

The worldwide popularity of the Mario franchise began with the videogame Super Mario Bros. Back then, there were two bros whose only real difference was a mixed up color scheme in the rendering of their graphics. Interestingly, besides a slight variation in color, the two brothers were identical in every way at first, both having the same appearance, functionality, and abilities. Only in later years would Mario and Luigi become distinct separate individuals. Which of the Mario brothers is featured in this picture?

Question 2

What is this boss named?

This princess-napping baddie is one of the oldest villains in videogames. He is a classic character, known to gamers all over the world, and is even recognizable to those who have never played a videogame in their lives. This saurian supervillain seems to be a cross between a turtle and Japanese oni with a huge tortoise shell, fiery red hair, and demonic horns giving him an unforgettable appearance. He is a despotic warlord with his own personal army of goons. Every Nintendo fan should be able to name this boss.

Question 3

What does the Super Mushroom do?

The original Super Mario Bros game is still considered one of the greatest videogames ever made, and is studied by game designers as a masterpiece that teaches players how to engage with a game through simple play. The first level introduced movement, mechanics, enemies, and a power-up within less than a minute of play. That first power up was the Super Mushroom—one of the most recognizable power ups in all of game history. What was it that the Super Mushroom did?

Question 4

Name this Princess.

This princess is one of the classic characters that has been part of the Mario series since the first Super Mario Bros game. In her pink dress and with that long golden blonde hair, she is so iconic in her appearance that she is instantly recognizable. Of course, she hasn’t always had the best role in the games. Mario’s long time love interest, she has a habit of being kidnapped, so much so that many have suggested that she actually uses kidnapping as an excuse to cover for her relationship to Bowser. Who is she?

Question 5

Identify these enemies.

These are some of the most iconic baddies of the entire Mario videogame franchise. With hard shells and strong determination, these little fellows can cause big trouble if someone isn’t ready for them. Interestingly, their shells provided for some of the coolest mechanics in videogames and could be used as a weapon against other enemies in the Super Mario Bros games if a player jumped on them at the right angle. Anyone who has played Mario should be able to quickly identify these slow-moving enemies.

Question 6

What game console was the original Super Mario Bros for?

Super Mario Bros was the game that put Mario into everybody’s home. Before this, Mario had been an arcade game. By making the jump to consoles, Mario was a character people could enjoy without ever leaving the comfort of their living room. Sitting there pushing that four-directional movement D-Pad and the A and B buttons changed the way games were played, and are a very sentimental memory for many people who remember those days. What console featured the game Super Mario Bros?

Question 7

What realm does Princess Peach rule?

Princess Peach is the ruler of the realm in Mario. Okay, technically, the form of governance is never clearly defined, but given her title and the abundance of castles everywhere, the feudal implications of the world seem to evident. Notable locales in the realm are Toad Town, as well as Bowser’s Castle and Peach’s Castle. Princess Peach is the ruler of this land where most of the Mario games take place. What is the name of this fictional videogame land where she rules?

Question 8

What is this cute dinosaur called?

A hit star all on his own, this character is one of the most popular of the whole Mario franchise. A companion to Mario, this big-mouthed dino can actually be ridden, and is considered Mario’s greatest companion. As far as game mechanics go, riding him is one of the greatest joys a player can achieve. The character was first introduced in 1990 in Super Mario World, and has since gone onto star in several videogames in which he is the title character. What is his name?

Question 9

Which Mario game features the infamous Blue Shell?

The Blue Shell is one of the most notorious items in all of gaming. It is loved, feared, and hated. Some people consider it perhaps the most overpowered item in the game, completely destroying the dynamic of power in multiplayer games. Others see it as an item so specific in its use as to be almost meaningless in affecting their personal lot in a game. Still, the effectiveness of the Blue Shell is hard to deny. Give a quick answer: which game features the Blue Shell?

Question 10

Are Goombas allies or enemies?

Gombas are fairly common enemies in world of Mario. After all, these games take place in the Mushroom Kingdom, and Goombas are basically glaring mobile mushrooms with angry faces. Goombas are also one of the first types of character that players can interact with in the original Super Mario Bros. Are these little fungi actually fun guys who want to play with us and join in on the fun, or are these angry mushrooms really hostile threats trying to cap the Mario Brothers?

Question 11

True or False: Super Mario Bros has sold more than 300 million copies.

Super Mario Bros is one of the best-selling videogames of all time. It topped the charts in Japan, the US, Canada, the UK, and throughout the world. The concept—two Italian plumbers who are brothers jumping their way through a hostile world of sentient attack mushrooms to save a kidnapped princess—was unlike anything seen before. Its originality contributed as much as its mechanics to its success. How successful was it. Or to rephrase the question: true or false, Super Mario Bros sold more than 300 million copies?

Question 12

Name this mustachioed miscreant.

This character is the antithesis to Mario in almost every way. Oh sure, at first glance, they might look alike, what with Mario having a similar hat, mustache, and built to this character, but that’s the end of the similarities. He first appeared in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, but has since been the protagonist of a number of his own games. He has also been a major character in Mario Party, Mario Golf, Mario Baseball, and Super Smash Bros. We mustache who this character is.

Question 13

Which Mario character is a living mushroom?

In the Mushroom Kingdom, there are all manner of weird characters and creatures. From shell-backed Koopas to the explosively forceful Bullet Bill to long-tongued dinosaurs that hatch from eggs, there is no limit to the bizarre biodiversity of the world Mario inhabits. As such, it should come as no surprise to anyone that one of the devoted vassals of Princess Peach in the Mushroom Kingdom is this heroic little guy, who is himself a mushroom. Real fans won’t be left in the dark identifying this fun guy. Who is this mycological character?

Question 14

In which game did Mario first appear?

Mario has been around since the early 80s. Of course, he has changed quite a bit over the years. The smiling mustachioed Italian plumber with a squat body and rich laugh has grown into this role from his simple origins as an 8-bit jumping man. Now, Mario has his own franchise with multiple game series, as well as TV shows, toys, and (unfortunately) a movie. Before he was ever a console hero, he appeared in arcade games. What game was the one Mario first appeared in?

Question 15

Which word best describes Luigi?

Luigi is the OTHER brother of the Mario Brothers. It must be hard for him. When they are known throughout the world as the Mario Bros and the other one is named Mario, this does not allow a lot of room for Luigi to shine. Still, over the years, he has grown quite a bit, becoming increasingly distinct from his older brother Mario. He is taller that Mario, wears more green than Mario, but what is it about his personality that makes him unique? What term best describes Luigi?

Question 16

What power does the legendary Tanooki Suit grant?

The Tanooki Suit is one of the most popular items found in the Mario franchise. It is inspired by the Japanese animal the tanuki—often translated as badgers or raccoon dogs. This item appeared for the first time in the videogame Super Mario Bros 3 in 1998, and it has since appeared in Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario 3D Land, and Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition. In addition to being cute, this suit serves quite a function. What power was it that the Tanooki suit gave Mario?

Question 17

What was the first 3D Mario game?

These days, almost all videogames are 3D, with notable exceptions making a deliberate point to emulate or respond to the 2D games of the past. Mario is known to kids growing up nowadays as being 3D. However, he started out as a classic 2D character back in the 80s when he was a platforming character jumping through levels on the NES. In the 90s, videogame technology first allowed for 3D game graphics. What was the first game to feature a 3D rendering of Mario?

Question 18

Who is this character?

This big ape is arguably as big a Mario character as Mario himself. In fact, Mario is part of an older game in which this gorilla was the title character. This barrel-throwing character has appeared more than thirty games. He received his own cartoon show in 1997, and his titular game series has sold more than 40 million units across the globe. While he started as an antagonist, he quickly became one of the main heroes of the Mario games (and of course of his own series). Who is this ape?

Question 19

True or False: Mario and Luigi have a third brother.

First there was Mario, the Italian plumber dressed in red with a wide gut, romantic relationship with a princess, and amazing ability to jump. Then we got to meet Luigi, the second younger brother, taller, with a fondness for green clothing, a little bit more timid but fiercely loyal to his elder brother Mario. Together, these were he Mario Bros—the SUPER Mario Bros to be precise. But for years, people have spoken about a THIRD Mario brother. True or false: there really is a third Mario brother.

Question 20

Which Mario games involve racing?

Most videogame franchises are lucky to get multiple sequels. Really successful game franchises might get a spinoff game or two. The Mario games have had multiple gaming spinoffs. Paper Mario, Mario Tennis, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Super Mario Maker, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Yoshi’s Woolly World, and Super Princess Peach are just SOME of the spinoff games to come out of Mario. One of the many ongoing Mario spinoff series focuses on racing. Which sub-franchise of Mario games is a racing game?

Question 21

Which of these Mario games is NOT about sports?

There are a lot of Mario games, and a lot of those games are about sports. Mario seems to be a man of infinite talents. There is a Mario tennis game, a Mario racing game, and a game for just about every possible sport this Italian plumber could hope to win an MVP trophy for short of bobsledding. The Mario sports game series is so popular it they could threaten to put EA Sports out of business (if EA wasn’t doing that themselves). Which of these is NOT a sports game?

Question 22

Who are these wonky characters?

These wonky critters were introduced in the 1988 game Super Mario Bros 3 where they served as Bowser’s minions. Since then, they’ve appeared in numerous games. These seven siblings have bright colors and wild crests on their heads. Their names are Lemmy, Wendy, Morton, Larry, Iggy, Ludwig, and Roy. These characters serve as bosses at the end of beating a level, and a player would have to defeat the character to advance. What are these strange looking servants of Bowser called?

Question 23

What is one of the key actions of gaming in Mario platformers?

At its heart, the Mario games are platformers and like all platform games they have certain traits that are distinctive. Platformers have specific functions to them that make them engaging, and which allowed them to dominate the videogame world during the era of 2D arcade games and early console classics. Their technical limitations during the early days forced game designers to get creative. One of the ways Mario worked so well was using its functionality and gameplay so well. What was a key part of gameplay for the Super Mario platform games?

Question 24

What does a 1-Up Mushroom give a player?

The 1-Up Mushroom is probably the second most recognizable mushroom-based power up in the Mario games. It is definitely one of the most powerful of the power-ups in the world. In a realm of mycological magical items and strange creatures, this mushroom helps players grow to new successes. Unlike the red Super Mushroom, the 1-Up Mushroom is green. This mushroom first debuted in Super Mario Bros back in 1985, and has been in more than 25 Mario games. What does the 1-Up Mushroom grant a player?

Question 25

Identify this villain.

This villainous character is very old and very powerful. He is a Magikoopa, a variant of the Koopas equipped with eyeglasses who cast spells, except he outstrips these in years and in his abilities. He first appeared in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, and has been revealed to be Yoshi’s enemy—being one of the two primary antagonists of Yoshi’s games. He is a close ally of Bowser’s, being either an advisor to the demonic turtle kidnapper or at least an officer in the Koopa Troopas. Who is he?

Question 26

Name this mustache-twisting character?

This character is the evil opposite of Luigi. He first appeared on the Nintendo 64 Mario sports game Mario Tennis back in 2000, and honestly, lots of people did not like him at the time. Since then, his popularity has grown enormously, and he has even transcended console games to become a meme. Clad in purple, he has the Greek letter Gamma on his hat, meant to emulate Luigi’s L. His name even means “Bad Luigi.” Just what is that name?

Question 27

What’s this carnivorous flower called?

This is another of those enemies who created a serious impression on fans from the very outset back during the early days of the original Super Mario Bros. This enemy sank roots into the ground, and would pop up to get some sun—or to chow down on an unsuspecting Mario Brother. With its green stalk and red toothy flower, this plant is clearly inspired by the Venus Flytrap, except this flower trap eats more than just flies. What is this man-eating plant called?

Question 28

Who created Mario?

Mario was created in 1981 by one of the most famous videogame designers in the world. This Japanese visionary also created the characters of Donkey Kong, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, Princess Peach, and Toad. In addition to creating the Mario franchise and its characters, he also created other major Nintendo franchises like Star Fox, F-Zero, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda. Interestingly, this gamer also plays a number of musical instruments and is a lover of bluegrass. Who is the famous videogame designer that created Mario?

Question 29

What’s this bombastic figure called?

These iconic Mario figures have left an explosively large impact on videogame culture, and blasted across the consciousness of gamers around the world. They first appeared in Super Mario Bros 2, and since then, they have appeared in every single Mario game to come out. Every. Single. One. Amidst their booming success, shards of their shrapnel even touched the lives of people outside of games, as can be seen in the name appearing as part of a band name in the hit film Scott Pilgrim. What’s this enemy called?

Question 30

Name this visually unique character.

Another character who debuted in the game Super Mario Bros 2, this character has appeared in more than thirty Mario games to date. Looking like Yoshi crossed with a Snork, this pink character actually belongs to a species that shares a name with her (again, like Yoshi). She is incredibly confident, but also has shown a tendency to flaunt her beauty. In addition to the bow on her head, she wears a diamond ring. Who is this pretty pink person?

Question 31

Which game has Mario characters fight other Nintendo characters?

Mario has a huge cast of characters. Among its extended cast are characters from the Donkey Kong franchise (which preceded Mario) and a number of characters who got their own spinoff series, like Princess Peach, Wario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Toad. However, for all of their characters, there are still so many other awesome Nintendo characters not part of the Mario franchise. That’s why this game is such a hit, as it lets players pit Nintendo characters from different franchise against each other in combat. Name the game.

Question 32

Where are the Mario Brothers from?

The Mario Bros are not easy to pin down the identity of in some regards, especially when it comes down to their national identity. They are fictional characters who were created by a Japanese game designer. They are given first names whose pronunciation is intentionally both Italian and Japanese. They live in the fictional land of the Mushroom Kingdom, whose borders seem to vaguely defined. Furthermore, they weren’t born in any country, as they weren’t born at all but delivered by a stork. What is their nationality?

Question 33

Name this Mario character.

This character in the Mario franchise was not from a Mario game at all, but from the 2001 game Luigi’s Mansion. The leader of the fantasy enemies known as Boos, this monarch rules over the Paranormal Dimension. He is Luigi’s moral enemy, committed to plaguing the mustache-wearing younger Mario brother. After appearing in all of the Luigi’s Mansion games, he did go on to appear in games based around other characters, such as Mario. Who is this ghostly villain in a gold crown?

Question 34

What was Mario’s original name when introduced in Donkey Kong?

Strange as it may seem, Mario was not always called Mario. In face, Mario’s name is one of the many things to change about him. Back in the year 1981, he was introduced in the arcade game Donkey Kong, challenging the game’s titular ape. Back then, he did not yet have his characteristic red attire or his final appearance set in stone. He did not even have his name. at least, it was not the name he is known as today. What was Mario’s original name in the game Donkey Kong?

Question 35

True or False: Mario is the best-selling videogame franchise ever?

Mario has sold A LOT of copies. Over 500 million copies to be exact. That is in part because the character has appeared in more than 200 separate videogames. Some notable games include Super Mario RPG, Mario & Luigi, Paper Mario, and Super Smash Bros. It can even be said that Mario is the best-selling videogame franchise of all time. Of course, just because it can be said doesn’t make it true. True or False: Mario is the world’s bestselling game?

Question 36

What are the soldiers in Bowser’s army called?

Bowser is the big bad villain of the Mario game franchise. This gigantic horned demon turtle is known for kidnapping princesses and for sending his army to do his bidding. The most notable of his army are these smaller turtles. They patrol levels in the world and have been part of the series since their appearance in Super Mario Bros. They are not tough enemies, and their shells can be used against one another as weapons once one is defeated. What is this army of Bowser’s soldiers called?

Question 37

Which of the following terms best describes Wario?

Wario is a special character. He was first introduced in Super Mario Land 2: Yoshi’s Island, but it was in the game Yoshi’s Island that the origins of this character became revealed. Wario was one of seven children born with a Star—marking them as powerful beings destined for greatness. Well, greatness does not equal goodness. Some have theorized this character is Mario’s brother, or his cousin, or Waluigi’s brother. But he is very much his own person. Which word best describes his personality?

Question 38

Who is this character?

This heroine first appeared in 1989 in the game Super Mario Land, and is a ruler of Sarasaland—a realm that is distinctly separate from the Mushroom Kingdom. She is known as being the girlfriend of Luigi, but her personality grew increasingly over the years. She is incredibly energetic, talking with her hands and striking poses. She has been called a “tomboy,” and she works well with the shy Luigi as opposites really do attract. Who is this character in a yellow dress?

Question 39

Which of these Mario games is an RPG?

Mario has had more games than any other videogame franchise one can think of. What is even more interesting is that it is a series that has found new and interesting ways to build games. While the franchise started out making platformers, but they have also made sports games, fighting games, racing games, educational games, and RPGs. This last type of games allowed the existing characters to become fleshed out and offered players a chance to explore worlds more. Which of the following Mario games is an RPG?

Question 40

What is Mario’s surname?

There is power in a name. In videogames, names can be important for marketing, for magical systems, and for recognizing the role a character has within the world. Some characters have a name that is indistinguishable from their species, like Yoshi. Other characters have a title affixed to their name, like Princess Peach. Mario is most frequently referred to by his simple three syllable first name, just as his younger brother is known simply by the first name Luigi. What is Mario’s surname?

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