Every Mom Should Try This Easy Parenting Quiz

Life is full of surprises, and becoming a parent is one of them. For as long as we can remember, parenting has been the end goal (for some of us). So, why do we feel so unprepared when our clock starts ticking? With so much to learn and so little time, many new parents feel a little frazzled when trying to take care of another person for the first time in their life. But, don't worry, this becomes easier and easier as the days go by. Couples who have more than one child know this to be a fact, which is why they feel a lot calmer when bringing baby number two home. Although becoming a mommy or daddy is something that most of us have dreamed of since we were little, there's no way of preparing ourselves for the real deal.

We've pooled together some of the most basic parenting questions ever, and we're certain that every single mom will be able to pass this easy quiz. But, we can't be sure that everyone who is taking this quiz is already a parent. So, whoever is thinking of having a baby or waiting for their blessing to come along, make sure to pay close attention to each and every question, as the answers might come in handy someday. So, who's ready to pass this quiz?

Question 1

When does a baby learn how to roll over?

There are few things as precious as a baby, which is why most parents fall in love with their kids the second they lay eyes on them. Watching these little bundles of joy learn how to master minute tasks may just become the most anticipated moments of your life. At first, babies have trouble holding up their heads, but once that's over and done with, they can move on to trying to turn themselves over. Once this happens, the real challenges start to arise. These mainly consist of crawling, standing up on shaky little legs, and learning how to walk.

Question 2

When does a baby start smiling?

It goes without saying that parents want their children to be happy. In fact, they do everything in their power to ensure that their kids have everything they may need in life. For the most part, all a baby really needs is a clean diaper, a warm bed, a blanket, and a shoulder to cry on when life gets rough. While every child is different, the majority of them start smiling at around the same time. However, there's always that little runt who'll manage to smile from ear to ear as soon as they come out of their sacred womb.

Question 3

Name this kids movie

All Hiccup ever wanted was to make his father proud. Unfortunately for him, this proved to be a lot harder than it seemed. Training to become a viking just wasn't his forte, and he ended up getting made fun of everywhere he went. No matter what he did and who he'd become, he knew that his dad would love him just the same, but that didn't stop him from feeling like two left shoes. Although he was plagued as a loser, Hiccup was no coward. So, when he crossed paths with an injured Light Furry, he secretly nursed it back to health.

Question 4

Which item should new parents bring to the hospital with them?

Finding out that you're pregnant might be delightful news or a sensitive surprise. Either way, a mother has a choice to make and she usually makes it rather quickly. It takes nine months for a mother's womb to prepare the baby, giving her plenty of time to read baby books and prep her home for its newest arrival. With so much to do and so much to think about, it's a wonder that some mothers have to do everything alone. There are a few things parents-to-be should bring to the hospital with them, but one is the most important one of all.

Question 5

How can a parent help alleviate their baby's cold symptoms?

Being sick is bad enough as it is, but can you imagine having to take care of a sick newborn? Now that just sounds impossible. The problem with babies is that they can't tell you what's wrong, which causes parents to be on alert more often than not. When a parent starts seeing a change in their baby's temperament and well-being, it's vital for them to contact their doctor and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Since babies can't blow their nose or take cough medicine like an adult can, parents have to learn some tricks along the way.

Question 6

How should a parent get rid of their baby's umbilical cord?

We're all born with an umbilical cord dangling from our belly buttons, and there's nothing like having a baby of your own to remind you of that. Most of us have buried this memory so deep, that we'll never revisit it again. However, having a child can cause us to remember just how peculiar the cycle of life is. Umbilical cords are cut at birth, but there's a portion of them that gets left behind to dry out. After all, taking it out while it's still attached to the baby would cause it pain, and that's not something parents want for their newborn.

Question 7

How many hours does a newborn baby sleep every day?

It's no secret that babies like to sleep. After all, it seems to be the only thing that most of them do. However, babies also need to eat every few hours, which can cut their slumber party in half more often than not. In a perfect world, newborns would sleep 23 hours a day and feed on the off hour, but that's just not how things are done here. Babies don't know how to speak, eat, walk, and hold their own heads up. However, they do know how to sleep, eat, and poop. So, that's a start. How many hours should they sleep a day?

Question 8

How long can breastmilk stay in the fridge?

Modern women who live in technological worlds often find it hard to imagine themselves pregnant. After all, they've lost some form of connection with the biological world, causing them to forget that they are mammals. Those who feel like this often get weirded out by the concept of breastfeeding. However, they don't really have much choice in this matter because a baby's got to eat, and milks got to be pumped out of a mother's breast either way. Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to connect with your newborn. But, if it's not your jam, you can always pump and store.

Question 9

Can newborn babies drink cow's milk?

Humans are funny creatures, which is why we tend to forget about our roots and go with what seems normal at the time. Most of us were born and raised (for a little while) on our mother's breastmilk. However, the thought of this makes us crunch up our noses in denial. Funny enough, many of us drink cow's milk every single day, but that doesn't seem to bother us one little bit. In the end, we all do what feels comfortable at the time. So, if we drink cow's milk instead of breastmilk, what's stopping babies from doing the same?

Question 10

Is it normal for babies to spit up?

There's nothing like eating a good meal only to realize, in an instant, that it's not going to settle in your stomach. Vomiting is a natural occurrence that many humans and animals go through when feeling ill or unwell. Although it may not be the most charming phenomenon, it's natural and not uncommon. Babies are no exception to the rule, which is why they tend to spit up every single day until they reach a certain age. Seeing a baby spit up can be a little spooky, especially if you think that something might be wrong with them. So, why do babies spit up?

Question 11

True or False? Newborn babies recognize their parents' voices

Our mothers nurture us from the very second we're conceived, whether they know it or not! Every woman will realize that she's pregnant at a different time, meaning that she'll have more or less time to prepare for what's to come. Whether she's late to find out or not makes little difference, as the fetus has already began its transformation. Despite being in the womb, there are a lot of things that babies can pick up on. But, do you know if they can recognize their parents' voices? After a mother gives birth to her baby, will it know who she is by the tone of her voice?

Question 12

How can a pregnant woman minimize her chances of getting stretch marks?

Every woman is different, so why would their pregnancies be the same? In the end, we can read every single baby book this planet has to offer, and we'd still have trouble identifying certain changes in our bodies. Some women have seven children and don't have a single trace of a stretch mark. Other women think about getting pregnant and end up getting tiger stripes. All in all, stretch marks will happen if they're supposed to, and there's no way of stopping them. However, there are ways for pregnant women to minimize the amount of stretch marks that they'll get.

Question 13

Can babies play with LEGOs?

There are so many kids toys on the market, many of which we would have enjoyed playing with ourselves when we were young. However, most toys come with age limitations, and these tend to be set up for good reasons. Taking these age restrictions to heart is something that most parents do, because they want to ensure that their kids get the most out of their new toys. LEGOs are something we're all familiar with, because most of us used them to build castles and spaceships when we were children. Do you think it's appropriate for a baby to play with LEGOs?

Question 14

What prevents diaper rash?

Babies wear diapers for most of their early lives, and while they might be practical, they're probably not the most comfortable thing to wear. Parents do their best to ensure that their baby's diaper is dry, but newborns have a knack for making messes appear out of thin air. It can take parents a few minutes (or longer than that) to realize that their baby has soiled themselves, which can subject them to rashes due to moisture. And, since rashes are something that can cause great discomfort, moms and dads need to find a way to prevent them from happening.

Question 15

Name this kid's show

With so many TV programs to watch, it's a wonder that children end up falling in love with a particular show. This cartoon is a very beloved kids show. However, most parents would rather read the dictionary than have to watch another episode of this mindless cartoon. Regardless of this, babies and toddlers get to watch whatever is deemed age-appropriate, no matter how annoying its content might be. Many of u know what this cartoon is called, despite not having any children of our own. So, if you had to take a wild guess, which cartoon would you put your money on?

Question 16

Why can't babies walk right away?

There are many factors to why a baby can't walk as soon as they step out of the womb, and all of them make perfect sense. However, there is one major reason that stops them from taking their first few steps, or simply standing on their own two feet. After spending nine long months in the womb, it's only normal for babies to have shaky little legs. After all, they're still getting used to what gravity feels like here on Earth. Once a newborn starts to get a grasp on things, they begin to learn how to take things one step at a time.

Question 17

How can parents prevent their newborns from scratching themselves?

By the time a baby is ready to be born, many of its features have already been developed. In fact, most of them will appear to be perfect little bundles of joy right from the start. Fingernails might not grow at the speed of light, but they tend to grow quite quickly, which is why parents should clip their kids' nails every couple of weeks to prevent them from getting too long. Newborns don't know what's going on, which can cause them to flail about and harm themselves in the process. Preventing them from scratching themselves is something of great importance.

Question 18

When can babies start eating solid foods?

When a baby first comes into this world, the last thing they want is a BigMac trio with extra sauce and a large fry on the side. In fact, they don't really know what it is that they crave until their mother gives it to them. It can take some time before a newborn is used to drinking their mother's milk and keeping it down. In addition, it can also take time for babies to grow in their teeth and start chomping down. However, babies can start eating blended foods after a certain point. So, how old are they once this occurs?

Question 19

True or False? A baby's eye color can change after birth

Babies are adorable in every way, which is why we can't help but love them with all our might. From the very second that they are born, parents latch onto them and pray that they'll never grow up. But, as the days turn into weeks, and the weeks in months, parents start to notice that their little newborns are transforming into pudgier and brighter little human beings. Babies change drastically overnight, and grow before our eyes. In fact, many curious phenomena occur during this stage. Do you think that it's possible for a baby's eye color to change after birth?

Question 20

What are pregnant women not allowed to eat?

Back in the day, pregnant women could do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. But, times have changed and so have the rules. Today, pregnant women are put on special diets as soon as their pregnancies are confirmed, and they're encouraged to take prenatal vitamins as well. Following the right steps and methods should ensure that one's baby is born without any health complications. But, it's not a guarantee. There is a long list of foods that women should stay away from, and most of them do. Out of the four options we've listed for you, choose the one that's a major no-no.

Question 21

Name this kid's TV show

Do you remember sitting down on the couch and watching a similar cartoon when you were a kid? Because we sure do. However, it looks like everyone's favorite teacher got a major makeover or something. In today's modern world, this epic cartoon has a new face to it, meaning that the protagonist we all grew up with has been put in early retirement. This red-headed teacher right here is Miss Frizzle's younger sister, and she'll do anything to maintain her sister's stellar reputation. So, how many of you can name this timeless cartoon? We know that we'll never forget it!

Question 22

How much time do parents have to wait before finding out their baby's gender?

Back in the day, parents had to wait a full nine months before finding out if their baby was going to be a girl or a boy. But now, parents have the choice to find out a lot earlier than that. Regardless of this, there are still some people who enjoy a good old-fashioned surprise, which is why they make it a point to leave their baby's gender in the dark. Finding out whether you're having a boy or a girl can be practical though, especially since it can facilitate shopping and gift-giving. So, do you know how much time it takes?

Question 23

Name this kids film

Po spent most of his life serving noodles to his father's customers and dreaming of becoming something better. Unfortunately for him, his father had every intention of passing his restaurant down to his only son. After all, he was the only person he could trust his his family's secret noodle recipe. The restaurant business was in full bloom, but Po's head was elsewhere like usual. Despite having a less-than-holy physical appearance, Po managed to become a prized warrior by the end of the year, proving to his father and many others, that he had what it took to be great.

Question 24

Is it okay to freeze breastmilk and use it later?

Nursing mothers know a thing or two about needing to be at two places at the same time. It goes without saying that mothers need to be close to their children at all hours of the day. However, this isn't always a possibility for modern mamas. In a perfect world, every mom would receive her full paycheck and be allowed to stay home for an entire year after giving birth. But, every country has their different set of rules. Knowing this, some moms have to pump now and ask questions later. So, can you freeze breastmilk and use it at a later date?

Question 25

Which position should a newborn baby be sleeping in?

Becoming a parent is no joke, and this is something new moms and dads realize in the blink of an eye. Every little choice becomes a big deal, one that requires research and various phone calls. If there's one thing that can help people prepare for a baby, it's reading baby books and taking them to heart. This way, nothing will be a surprise and most things will make sense. Babies like to sleep the day away, which is why they need a comfy crib. However, there is only one position a newborn baby should be sleeping in. Which one is it?

Question 26

How many trimesters does a pregnancy have?

There are two types of women in this world; those who love being pregnant and those who wish they'd gone with a surrogate. Being pregnant for a full nine months is something that women have to deal with if they want to have a child. However, that's the least of their worries. Being pregnant is special and beautiful, but it's also restricting and uncomfortable. Most women undergo changes they never knew were possible, but they manage to conquer them in the end. Watching what you eat, refraining from dangerous activities, and wearing loose clothing becomes a virtue when you're pregnant.

Question 27

True or False? Pregnant women should take close-to-boiling baths

Being pregnant is a big responsibility, one that many women don't feel prepared to handle. But, at the end of the day, they manage to deal with the curveballs life throws at them. While it's true that being pregnant prevents women from pursuing their usual way of life, it also teaches them a thing or two about nurturing their bodies. Finding ways to unwind and get comfortable can become the most important things of all, especially when nearing the final trimester. Women can seek prenatal massages, or practice prenatal yoga with other pregnant women. But, can they take close-to-boiling baths or is that a no-no?

Question 28

Name this baby brand

Mothers and fathers want to make sure that their baby is growing up according to plan. Learning to stack blocks, push buttons, and recognize certain patterns starts to become a concern once their baby gets old enough. There are many baby brands that encourage development from an early age, which is why parents tend to side with them more often than not. This toy right here might not seem like a good time, but it sure is when looking through the eyes of a toddler. Can any of you recognize the little logo that is located at the bottom of the right-hand side?

Question 29

Explain swaddling

There are so many literary terms that come attached to motherhood, many of which we can't explain until we're forced to learn them ourselves. Swaddling is an old technique, and it's been around for ages. However, many of us haven't the slightest clue what this word entails. All in all, people only begin to educate themselves on these matters when they're expecting a baby of their own. The baby in this picture is being held by its mother, but is it being swaddled? Well, we'll leave that up to you to decide. So, how would you explain what it means to swaddle a baby?

Question 30

How accurate is a doctor's gender prediction?

When you go to the doctor to find out if you're having a boy or a girl, you expect their prediction to be right. So much so, that you end up painting a baby room pink or blue and buying plenty of themed clothing. So, what happens when your baby is born and isn't the boy or girl you expected them to be? Well, nothing really. In the end, mistaking the one for another is a rare but possible occurrence. So, despite being told that your baby is a girl or a boy, it's always best to choose neutral colors when it comes to decor.

Question 31

True or False? A woman's heart grows while pregnant

Some women dream about the day they'll become pregnant, and others clench their legs together and shake their heads in denial. Either way, both these women can end getting pregnant and delivering a baby into this world, which is pretty spooky but always worth it. It takes a lot of time and pressure to grow another human inside of you, which is why a woman can expect her body to go through enormous changes. In fact, most mothers agree that their bodies are never the same again after giving birth. So, is it true that a woman's heart can grow while pregnant?

Question 32

When should parents start brushing their baby's teeth?

There are some parents who think that brushing their kid's teeth is not important. However, this is false. Sure, a child will lose their primary dentition and gain their permanent one before going to high school, but taking care of both these dentitions is a must. Kids drink a lot of juice and eat a lot of sugar, and their teeth can easily get cavities if they're not careful. Getting fillings when you're a toddler can be a pretty bad experience, and can prevent adult teeth from growing in properly. Knowing this, it's best for parents to monitor their children's oral health until they can do so themselves.

Question 33

Should newborn babies sleep with pillows and blankets?

Becoming a parent is something that no one can explain. In fact, it can only be felt. So, it's only normal for new parents to feel a sense of panic when it comes to handling their child on their own. Wanting to do everything right is a shoe-in, but most parents will make mistakes at first before learning the ropes. Newborn babies are extremely gentle, which can make taking care of them a little nerve-wracking. But, luckily for us, every little concern is just a Google search away. So, should newborn babies be covered in blankets when in their crib?

Question 34

Can camera flashes cause harm to a newborn baby's eyesight?

Every parent is different. So, while some will hug their infant and smile down at them during their first few hours, others will snap pics and post them on social media platforms. In the end, there's nothing wrong with this, but some parents use flash when taking pics, which might harm their newborn's eyes. However, whether or not that is a true statement is up for you to decide. Most children get photographed on a daily basis while growing up. So, you would think that using a flash wouldn't be that big of a deal, right? So, make your choice.

Question 35

True or False? Over 50% of babies are born colorblind

Colors are beautiful, and they make our world special beyond belief. Although some of us might perceive colors differently, others might have issues seeing any colors at all. When newborns come into this world, their eyes see light for the first time, which can be a huge deal for their tiny little retinas. A baby's eye color will change after a few weeks of being born. So, what's not to say that their perception of light won't be affected as well? Do you think it's possible for children to be born colorblind and then slowly get introduced to different forms of light?

Question 36

Can newborn babies laugh?

If there's one thing that can make anyone's heart melt, it's hearing a little baby gurgle and laugh. This sweet sound is something that parents will forever cherish, but it can take some time before their baby starts finding things funny. Each baby is different, which is why some talk, walk, smile, and laugh at different times. This can make parenting a rewarding journey, because you never know which little task your baby is going to master on any given day. Before long though, every task will be mastered and you'll be dealing with a little person who has a big opinion.

Question 37

When do permanent teeth start to grow in?

People need teeth, which is why dentists see fit to charging an arm and a leg for dental work. Teaching children about the importance of dental hygiene is something of great significance, and it can even help you save a pretty penny or two. People only get two pairs of teeth in their lifetime, so cherishing them is something that we should all be doing. After all, who wants to end drinking their food instead of eating it? Babies get teeth rather quickly, but when does their permanent dentition start to kick in? Take a wild guess if you don't know for sure.

Question 38

When can babies start drinking water?

Most of us have been drinking water for so long that we can't imagine a time when this liquid was restricted. In fact, thinking about this is enough to make us laugh. Newborn babies drink their mother's milk and nothing else. But, we can't know that for sure unless we've had children of our own before. There will come a time when breastmilk will lose its allure, and fruits, vegetables, meats, and everything in between will become the next best thing. So, before picking an answer and sticking to it, try and think back to the last time you saw a baby drinking water.

Question 39

Is it okay to give kids adult medicine?

Everyone knows how it feels to be sick and unhappy, which is why we sympathize with people when they come down with a bug. But, there's nothing like finding out that your baby is sick and unable to complain about it. Taking care of a sick baby is a lot of work, especially since they can't tell you what's hurting them. Taking your newborn to see a doctor when they're acting strange is always a good idea, especially if their temperature is warmer or colder than usual. Babies are sometimes prescribed medication, but is it the same kind as adults?

Question 40

What is postpartum?

Every mother is different, and that's okay. But, some have a harder time adjusting to becoming a mother than others. A woman's body goes through so many hormonal phases while being pregnant, which can cause the brain to feel a little out of whack. Mothers experience painful breastfeeding, fatigue, confusion, and many other emotions and events after giving birth. Having a dedicated partner who is there to take care of you once the baby comes is always a good thing. So, single moms can benefit from having their mom or a friend with them for support during the first few weeks.

Question 41

True or False? It's recommended that children only stop using pacifiers after the age of four

Getting pregnant is the easiest part, but being pregnant, giving birth, and raising a baby is definitely the hardest. There are so many little things that parents do not know, which can end up causing their children harm in the long run. Did you know that letting your child suck on a pacifier can actually cause their teeth to grow in all crooked? Well, now you do. And because of this, many parents stop their kids from using pacifiers once their teeth start growing in. So, would you let your baby suck on a pacifier until they turn four years old?

Question 42

How many times does a newborn baby need to be fed?

It's hard to believe that we were all once little babies drinking breastmilk or formula. In fact, this tidbit of information sounds impossible. Little babies will one day grow to be as big and strong as the rest of us, which is why they need to be fueled with magic juice until they reach a certain age. All newborn babies do is cry, poop, pee, burp, eat, smile, and sleep. So, you can expect them to need a lot of love and attention. While most adults eat up to three times a day, infants are prone to eating a little more than that.

Question 43

Can newborn babies breathe underwater?

If there's one thing every parent knows all too well, it's that a baby should never be near a body of water without proper supervision. So, with this in mind, doesn't it make sense that babies can't breathe underwater? Because, if they could, why would parents be so worried about them in the first place? While this is true, there are also some people who believe that newborn babies have the ability to breathe underwater for a limited amount of time. Because well, they did spend nine months in a water-filled sack located inside of their mother's womb. Any thoughts on the matter?

Question 44

True or False? Babies can't take baths until they're two weeks old

While it's true that there is nothing more beautiful than the miracle of birth, there are some things that the movies don't show. Mainly, it's that babies don't come out of the womb without a speck of muck on them. In fact, newborns need to be properly washed before being handed back to mom and dad. This prevents them from contracting infections. Giving babies a bath is a must, but is there a time period where infants are supposed to stay dry as can be? After their initial wipe-down, do you think it's okay for them to take a bath at home? Or should they wait?

Question 45

How much exercise does a baby need?

Everyone on this planet needs to factor in some good old fashioned exercise. However, it's very rare to see a baby running on a treadmill at the gym. In fact, most gyms don't allow people under fifteen years of age to become a member. Exercise is a very important thing, which is why staying active is something that most children do. Funny enough, kids are jam-packed with energy, making it hard to stop them from getting their exercise in. Babies spend most of their time sleeping, but once they have mastered crawling and walking, should they start exercising as well?

Question 46

Which doctor specializes in children's health?

Having a newborn baby at home can be a little stressful, especially since you want them to be as healthy as possible. While most newborns have no issues with staying healthy, some can contract a sickness and become ill for a little while. When this occurs, bringing them to the hospital or to see their doctor is a must. With so many areas of expertise, we can only expect there to be a field of study dedicated to the early years of our lives. So, with this in mind, there is a doctor who specifically works with children and no one else.

Question 47

Name this film

We've all heard legends about the mysterious yeti. So much so, that many of us wouldn't want to get stranded on a snowy mountain top alone. The tales of the yeti are as old as time, and they were created due to someone stumbling across a huge human footstep in the snow. This kids movie is a spin on this old folks tale, one that'll make kids laugh like there's no tomorrow. If you're already a parent, your kids probably begged you to bring them to the theaters to watch this epic film. It's new, it's fresh, and it's hilarious.

Question 48

Which word do babies usually say first?

It is every parents mission to get their babies to say their first word, which is why parents tend to freak out when this special day comes knocking. Babies spend the majority of their time with their mom and dad, which is why it's common for them to say mama or dada before anything else. However, we never know for sure what our child's first word is going to be. It goes without saying that mothers have a special bond with their kids, which is why you'd expect a baby's first word to be "mama." But, some things aren't what they seem, or are they?

Question 49

When do babies typically start to crawl?

Taking care of a baby is hard enough as it is, but crawling can make this job so much more difficult. In the end, it's easy to keep track of a baby when they're unable to move around by themselves. But, all this changes once a little baby starts crawling on their own. Once this phase is reached, there's no going back. So, kiss the good times bye bye. Once crawling has been mastered, babies will never be where you last saw them, and curiosity will take them to different corners of the house. So, when does a babe start crawling?

Question 50

When can you introduce peanut butter into your baby's life?

Peanut butter is delicious, but it's also known for being poisonous to some people. Peanut allergies are common and shouldn't be taken lightly, which is why a lot of schools now ban peanut-related snacks. Food allergies can run in the family, but peanut allergies don't necessarily, meaning that anyone can have one. Knowing this, many parents are skeptical to introduce peanuts to their baby's diet, especially when living so far away from a hospital or emergency center. Funny enough, the longer a child abstains from peanuts, the more chances they have at developing an allergy. So, when should they eat peanuts for the first time? (healthline.com)

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