Every Girl Needs To Name These Chick Flicks (Or We'll Be Disappointed)

Here's the thing...it's no shock to anyone that rom-coms are typically classified as chick flicks. And there are a great many chick flicks out there, for sure. But not all chick flicks out in the world are rom-coms. There are all sorts of girly movies to be found. These include romances, rom-coms, dramas, historical romances...there are many more and plenty to be chosen from even in just those categories.

So, in this quiz, we will be looking through different girly movies. We're not going to say exactly just what these movies are though. It is up to the quiz-taker to name each and every one of these films. For those who happen to love chick flicks, this should be a pretty easy quiz to take.

And if not, then I suppose there could be shame had from those quiz-takers, but I have faith in the wide world of rom-com fanatics. So, that being said, I think it is time to dig into that very wide world of chick flicks and see just how skilled each and every quiz-taker here is when it comes to their favorite sorts of movies. How many can each person name!?

1Name this movie!

This film came out ten years ago and is based on a book that happens to share the same name. The whole film made $223 million and was, therefore, a commercial success but there were plenty of critics who just really didn't like the film. That being said, when I went to go see this film in cinema when it first came out, I thought it was pretty damn funny. I remember friends of mine actually on the floor laughing at this motivational movie.

2Name this movie!

This specific film came out just before the new millennium. It's a rom-com that has its fair share of drama and is geared toward the teenage crowd, for sure. This was back before Heath Ledger went off the deep end. Essentially, in a very loose-fitting sort of way, this film is a modern adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew, which is a Shakespearean comedy. Notable actors aside from Ledger in this are Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Julia Stiles as well.

3Name this movie!

This is perhaps one of the most classic Adam Sandler films of all time. There is something about it that really seems to get to people. This is also one of several Adam Sandler films that features Drew Barrymore as the female lead. I guess they just happen to have good chemistry on set. Either way, this is a hilarious film where Adam Sandler plays a guy who dreamed of being a big time artist who just never quite got there...until...

4Name this movie!

This is a pretty interesting romantic comedy starring the not-often-seen Jennifer Garner. She used to be a big name in the business but she's not been out there near as much in the past few years. This is sort of a fantasy movie about a girl who just wishes that she could be popular. She just really isn't. Even at her own birthday party, she is completely humiliated by people she knows from school. She finds herself making a wish and then she goes on a very interesting adventure revolving around that wish...

5Name this movie!

Imagine being a girl who has never ever been married...this might be easy or a good number of quiz-takers here. Now. imagine having been a bridesmaid at so many weddings it actually becomes excessive. That is essentially this romantic comedy. Katherine Heigl plays that very sort of character who just wishes that she could find her own wedding to be the bride at, rather than just another bridesmaid. Of course, given that this is a romantic comedy...she obviously gets her wish.

6Name this movie!

This is probably one of the better of the slightly more serious films that Adam Sandler has put out. Don't get me wrong, it is definitely a romantic comedy and there are some ridiculous parts in the movie, but there are also some pretty intense and heartbreaking moments too. This is one of several Adam Sandler films that stars Drew Barrymore. She plays a character that, at some points, doesn't actually even know that she is in a relationship with Sandler...

7Name this movie!

This is a pretty crazy rom-com that stars both Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore with some wonderful cameos played by a lot of the regular actors on the Sandler crew. There is something about having a horrible blind date with someone and then realizing that the very person who was on the blind date also bought half of the vacation destination that was intended to be relaxing. It makes for a rather interesting examination of two families and two single individuals forced to be around each other for a holiday.

8Name this movie!

Imagine being someone who is professed to stay away from marriage but is then forced into being the maid of honor for a very good friend because she needs that support and love. Imagine just how awful it would be to have to go through all of those ridiculous rituals that come with the typical wedding prep and final performance. That being said, also imagine how much fun it could be to take all the ladies involved on a very intense adventure to get to that wedding.

9Name this movie!

Well, I'm not sure exactly how this story of comedy and romance ever actually got put together in the first place. Somehow, I never expected that Colin Firth would ever be in such a film alongside Hugh Grant and Renee Zellweger. It just seems like an uncanny cast of actors. That being said, their individual quirks really do somehow come together and work out for this film that made it big when it came out back in the 90s.

10Name this movie!

This is a very interesting film starring Vince Vaughn. The whole idea is that a group of people want to go out on a cheap vacation to a tropical destination. That sounds like a fun thing to do. However, the only way they have been able to find a way to do this is take part in therapy session on this island getaway. There is a pair of people who wanted to do that, but the rest just wanted to have fun...but they learn a lot about themselves while there.

11Name this movie!

This is actually on the list of romantic comedies out there that I would go out of my way to watch again. Or at least on the list of ones that I wouldn't mind watching again if someone wanted to. It really is a good movie with a lot of comedy and a decent chunk of drama. There is also a great cast of characters as well. With Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell, and Julianne Moore at the helm...it's pretty good.

12Name this movie!

This is a pretty interesting retelling of the classic tale of The Scarlet Letter. Essentially, people would have a scarlet letter about their person to show the general public that they were thought to be rather loose women. When Emma Stone's character is accused of such a thing, she goes out of her way to embrace that lifestyle and pins a letter to herself to show off. Of course, this is not really how she feels or lives at all.

13Name this movie!

Imagine having a significant other who is a tv star. Now, imagine that person leaves in a fantastic way and there is no longer any chances of getting back together. Imagine that the best way to deal with this is maybe to disappear to Hawaii for a bit to have some fun and just get over things...but then imagine that the old significant other is there with his/her new plaything. And in the same bloody hotel! Now, that's got to hurt, for sure!

14Name this movie!

This is a great film. I would certainly not call it a romantic comedy, but it most definitely is a comedy. Sure, there is romance in it but the majority of the piece does not revolve around any one relationship at all. It actually follows a significant number of characters around while they deal with life, love and death. And even while they deal with some secrets from the past that might involve a love that no one ever expected.

15Name this movie!

This is one of the greatest musical adventures for the teenage mind ever! Even though the characters that are playing the teenagers in this film are all at least 30, for sure. But that is aside from the point. The point is that this classic musical tale of high school life in the 50s was and is quite iconic. I used to watch it all the time growing up...and I may watch it again tonight now that I think of it.

16Name this movie!

This is a bit of an unexpected romantic comedy, come to think of it. There are not many out there that have to do with trying to actively mess up a relationship or anything of that sort. At least not a relationship that the person is in directly. But that is the deal here. Essentially, one half of the relationship is trying to mess things up real quick, and the other half is trying to make things solid real quick.

17Name this movie!

This is a pretty messed up film, for sure. It's not enough that the main character is pregnant almost right from the get-go, but she also wants to put the thing up for adoption. Now, that's a common thing, so that's fine. But there is a bit of an issue. The couple that she has selected as the prospective parents of her child seem alright...but the prospective father starts falling for the girl carrying his (and his wife's) future baby.

18Name this movie!

Imagine looking almost exactly like some pop star out there in another country. Imagine going from school to travel to this country and being confronted with someone who thinks that "Ah, there is the person I've been looking for". Now, imagine that person was just using the fact that there is essentially a double of another person in order to screw over that other person. However, imagine that both people who look alike are actually both great singers and everything is happy in the end...

19Name this movie!

Alright, I do not mind admitting this one bit...this movie is actually my very favorite chick flick in the world. I am no chick but I could watch this movie over and over again. It follows the lives of several people, many of whom are interconnected in one way or another. It's all a big lead up to Christmas in each of their lives. The cast is just amazing. Colin Firth, Alan Rickman (rest in peace), Emma Thomson, Liam Neeson, Rowan Atkinson...it's great.

20Name this movie!

This is an interesting musical piece. AllI can say is that it is always a strange thing to have something named after an ABBA song. And that being said, this film is not necessarily the musical version to begin with. Either way, this film has to do with a hotel owner in Greece getting married. But before she does get married, she goes out of her way to seek out some people from her mother's past in order to find out who her real father is.

21Name this movie!

This is probably one of the most adorable and most depressing of all the movies on this list. Sure, there are some sad things that happen in other films in this quiz but it's nothing like this. For some reason, anything bad that happens to animals just seems so much worse. In this case Owen Wilson's character has always had this dog...at least until somewhere toward the end of the film. And that is the heartbreaking bit of this. Even though there is romance in there too.

22Name this movie!

This is one of very few romantic comedies that can actually make enough of an impact in my life that I would watch it again. I would actually go out of my way to watch this one again if I owned it. Drew Barrymore is no slouch when it comes to the romantic comedy genre, and Hugh Grant basically lives in it, so there is no surprise that there are all sorts of fun antics to be had. The soundtrack is great too.

23Name this movie!

It is always interesting to see just how big class distinctions are when it comes to romantic comedies. I think it is because the medium allows for there to be a real big deal with a really rich and famous person hooking up with a more common or average person. Hugh Grant (of course) is a bookshop owner and he meets Julia Roberts character, who just happens to be a big name in the entertainment business. They fall right away, but it's hard to bridge the gap between rich and poor, I guess.

24Name this movie!

Certainly an interesting film here, to say the least. It's not often that decent films are put out that are largely comprised of music but have a decent amount of dialogue...and both are decently well done. That is pretty rare. But this film has actually got some pretty amazing music. Imagine using red solo cups for a little table game that does not involve drinking. It's actually all about the percussion while people harmonize beautifully over top. That's the gem of this movie.

25Name this movie!

Well, this is definitely not a usual story, I don't think. I guess there are probably a few more stories like this thanks to this film, but otherwise, I do not think there are very many movies out there about a businessman calling up a "working girl" for a weekend...and after some time they both happen to fall for each other. Of course, there are a few issues in terms of trying to bridge the gap between a high-powered businessman and a "working girl".

26Name this movie!

This film is pretty well a retelling of a Shakespearean romantic comedy. Seriously. There are quite a few of these in the catalogue of Shakespeare plays. And they seem to be used fairly often when it comes to retelling a classic story. In Twelfth Night, A woman dresses as her brother in order to find her way. She falls in love with her male employer, and the woman who loves the brother thinks that the sister is him! This film is loosely based around that story.

27Name this movie!

This is one of the most depressing films of all the ones on this list. There is something about this that is just heartbreaking. Sure, it's not anything bad to animals, but it is bad in that this story is pretty well about two teenagers who both happen to have cancer. It is a beautiful story and they fall for each other and go out of their way to live life to the fullest...which is pretty well only because they have so little time left...

28Name this movie!

This is a pretty hilarious and very girly movie to be sure. That being said, I enjoyed it all the same. It is cute and a little ridiculous with a whack load of cheese but it has a great cast. I mean, how can Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway go wrong? And this was probably the film that pushed Anne Hathaway out into the spotlight. Going from a regular, nerdy schoolgirl who no one pays attention to, to a gorgeous and outspoken personality.

29Name this movie!

Well, it seems like there are a lot of people who just cannot say no to a rather blank and lifeless girl who is turned into a vampire to be able to live alongside the creepy bad-boy vamp who really takes a liking to her. It's something about the way the leading lady is meant to be vacant so that fans can picture themselves with the "hunky" and sparkling vamp. Anyway, when a pregnancy is something to worry about with a vamp and a werewolf...it sounds like a comedy.

30Name this movie!

This is probably one of the most classic of the romantic comedies in this quiz. It is the sort of benchmark for the modern day romantic comedy. And why not? It has a great cast and a pretty decent story, so far as I'm concerned. After all, it doesn't take much of a story to make a pretty decent rom-com. Starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, the whole film revolves around whether or not men and women can actually just be friends without naughty business getting in the way.

31Name this movie!

This is a very bizarre film that stars a group of people who have all joined in on each other's films time and time again. Paul Rudd is a pretty fun one from this group who managed to break out and do other things like dig into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That's a pretty big step. And Steve Carell did star in The Office for years. At any rate, Carell's performance in this long-awaited adventure comes as a sort of shock to a lot of people.

32Name this movie!

Well, this is probably one of the best-known French movies out in the U.S. Why? Well, because it draws that rom-com crowd into it, even without it necessarily being a romantic comedy itself. It's all about this beautiful young woman who really does make a difference in the lives of those around her and the influence she has on people, paired with the wonderful cinematic pleasure of the film make for a really engaging watch. And why not? Just because they don't serve Freedom Fried in Paris...

33Name this movie!

Oh, here is one of the most depressing films in the entire collection for this quiz. Why? Well, any time someone throws together a chick flick mixed with cancer...it's just really easy to produce tears from viewers. Essentially, Mandy Moore is dying of cancer...and she's in high school. She has a bucket list of things she wants to do and this boy helps her do almost all of the things. Even to the point of getting married to her. It's heartbreaking, and I'll probably never watch it again...

34Name this movie!

Here is a fun one. This is probably one of the first internet romance comedies out there and it was made back in 1998 when most people who had the internet were using dial-up and most people just didn't have the internet. At any rate, this story is all about two business owners who hate each other...but they happen to connect online through an anonymous site...and they fall in love. Well, one of them eventually finds out that it is their business rival they've fallen for...

35Name this movie!

Oh, this is a fun one with Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore, and Jennifer Aniston. It's got to be fun with those actors, right? The whole film is pretty well just a slice-of-life sort of story where a group of friends all have their own issues when it comes to relationships and love in their lives. They are all at varying stages and they are all looking for something or hoping for something. How very much like life. But it is a film so there is some Hollywood flash in there.

36Name this movie!

This is probably the standard romantic comedy of the 00s. This is the one that ushered in a whole ton of derivative films. Not all of which were necessarily chick flicks...but they all had certain similarities...and usually those similarities had to do with Seth Rogen. Either way, this film stars Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl. there are a bunch of great cameos, including an appearance from Ken Jeong of Community and Dr. Ken fame. Imagine worrying about having a deadbeat as the father of one's children.

37Name this movie!

I actually know someone who acted in this film. He was one of the crazy uncles, because that's a thing that happens in the sort of family that is featured in this film. That being said, imagine meeting someone and falling in love and wanting to marry them...and then realizing that there is such an intense cultural and social gap between this person the one's family that there is actually fear for the future of the relationship. Well, that is this romantic comedy in a nutshell.

38Name this movie!

This is a pretty big classic starring Drew Barrymore and David Arquette. And these two actors are two of the biggest from the 90s, so it only makes sense that the film did so well. Drew Barrymore basically infiltrates a high school, posing as a student (even though she's a journalist of sorts). She is meant to investigate the workings of the student body (not in that way). But she finds herself in a bit of trouble because she's fallen for her English teacher!

39Name this movie!

Anyone here can say what they want about Gerard Butler (though I'm sure most people here will just find him really attractive) but he actually does a good job in this chick flick. I certainly won't call this a romantic comedy by any stretch of the imagination because it is definitely too dramatic for that. Butler dies pretty well right away, but leaves his lover (Hillary Swank) a series of letters that are geared to help her move on with her life.

40Name this movie!

Trust it to Richard Gere and Julia Roberts to make an interesting and hilarious romantic comedy. Essentially, Roberts has never actually completed a marriage. She's tried three times but always ends up leaving her hopeful hubby at the end of the aisle. Gere is a writer who pans her in the paper. He's questioned about this though and in order to keep his rep, he goes to see what he expects will be the fourth failed marriage attempt for Roberts.

41Name this movie!

Anne Hathaway has managed to be a part of some great casts. This is not a romantic comedy. This wouldn't even necessarily be labelled as a chick flick. With Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep at the helm of this film, there is easily enough entertainment for men and women, whether or not they like chick flicks. This film is all about the story surrounding Hathaway getting a job as Streep's assistant...and having to deal with how cutthroat and seemingly awful she is.

42Name this movie!

Who does not love a story that takes place in some dystopian world that we all fear will be our world sometime in the not-so-distant future? This story has been the main focus of many books and movies for many decades. It's even spanned the course of centuries. This interesting series stars Jennifer Lawrence in her adventures, facing the evil of the powers in charge of the land. She is forced to face off against her own people to win fortune for only some of them.

43Name this movie!

This film is definitely one of the classic romantic comedies of the 90s. Starring Cameron Diaz, Ben Stiller and Mat Dillon...that's all anyone would ever need to know that this movie came from the 90s. At any rate, Diaz is this beautiful woman who everyone seems to want. Even the guy who Stiller has hired to find her for him. So, the film is ultimately all about a bunch of guys chasing after this one woman, hoping to catch her and live happily ever after.

44Name this movie!

Imagine Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. Got it? Now, imagine that Heigl is a high-strung tv producer who just can't seem to find true love. And imagine that Butler is a very opinionated and arrogant tv personality who likes to think he knows all about the ins and outs and the bull between men and women. Done? Now, put that in a film where the two are forced to work together...and then eventually fall in love, and that is the synopsis of this film.

45Name this movie!

J-Lo in a romantic comedy? No way! I mean, of course that is pretty well the only thing that she's done when it comes to acting. But that's not a problem. She makes people smile. And these movies are meant to be cheesy. that is why she ends up almost getting killed by a runaway dumpster in once scene...and that's where she meets the man she wants to be with. They both fall in love, but it turns out there are some complications...

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