Every Friends Fan Should Be Able To Pass This Ross Quiz

The first episode of Friends aired in 1994, and since then it has become one of the most well-known and popular sitcoms in television history. It ran for 10 seasons, until 2004 when the final episode aired and we said goodbye to the quirky group that redefined television comedy. With so many unforgettable moments and hilarious antics, it's no wonder Friends grew to the television giant that it is today, with millions of fans worldwide.

Friends tells the story of 6 friends navigating the ups and downs of adult life in New York City. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and of course Ross became iconic characters not only in television but in pop culture. Ross Geller is a Friends favourite, with a plethora of well-known quotes. A brainy character known for his on-and-off relationship with Rachel Green, there's no shortage of funny quotes and moments from Ross. Goofy yet lovable, Friends wouldn't be the same without Ross and his relationship woes, hilarious awkwardness, and love of fossils and science. We grew with the Friends, laughing with them every step of the way. This quiz is for the Ross Geller experts - those who know can name each one of his girlfriends, know his hilarious quotes, and are Ross trivia masters.

Question 1

Which actor plays Ross Geller?

As this quiz is all about the well-loved Ross Geller, a true Ross Geller expert will know exactly which actor plays him. Intelligent and goofy with a dash of awkwardness, Ross soon becomes well-known for his love for Rachel Green. He's a dad, scientist, and total nerd (in the best way possible, of course!) Always looking for love, we see him navigate the ups and downs of finding love in the Big Apple. So, Ross experts, which of these actors plays Ross Geller?

Question 2

What is Ross’s middle name?

Middle names are always an interesting subject. Some people have normal middle names, some people have sentimental nicknames, some people have no nicknames, and some people have nicknames but really wish they didn't. In the show Friends, Chandler is known for having the middle name "Muriel. " This is a common joke in the Friends universe, however many don't know that he isn't the only one with a middle name he wishes he could change. Ross also has a middle name - what is it?

Question 3

What are Ross’s children named?

Ross loves love, and is always looking for the love of his life. Throughout the course of the show, he has many relationships. While many of his relationships sadly don't work out, he grows from each experience and doesn't give up. In season one, we learn that Carol, Ross's ex-wife, is going to be having his baby. Even though she is in a new relationship with someone else, Ross still wants to be a part of the baby's life. Ross has 2 children during the show - what are they named?

Question 4

What was the name of Ross and Chandler's band in college?

. In a first impression, Ross may seem to be nothing more than the brainy, sometimes whiny dinosaur lover with his turbulent relationship with Rachel Green. However, true fans will know there's so much more to him than that. In fact, Ross Geller happens to be a bit of a musician. Through hilarious flashbacks to their college days, we learn that Ross and Chandler actually had a band in their college days. What was the name of their college band?

Question 5

What comic book superhero does Ross invent as a child

Known for his intelligence, zany intellect and love of dinosaurs, many see Ross as the smartest in the Friends group. Always a lover of science and a nerd at heart, it's not entirely surprising to learn that Ross invented a comic book superhero as a kid. We learn about this through a hilarious chain of events including Phoebe, a backpack, and getting mugged. Only a true Friends fan will know what that comic book was. So, what was the name of the comic book superhero that Ross invented as a child?

Question 6

Why does Janice end her relationship with Ross?

After recently finding out that his ex is getting married, Ross feels very frustrated and lonely. In a moment of irrational frustration, he goes out with Janice, Chandler's ex -girlfriend. At the time, Janice still thinks that Chandler is in Yemen. At first Ross thinks it’s nice that Janice seems to be a good listener, as he vents about Emily getting married and his many relationship woes. However, Janice doesn’t feel the same. Why does Janice end her brief relationship with Ross?

Question 7

Which of Chandler’s girlfriends did Ross also date?

In the first-ever episode of Friends, fans are introduced to Ross's character through his moping disposition. We learn that his ex-wife, Carol recently moved her belongings out of their apartment together. Ross then says "I just want to be married again!" And we quickly learn that Ross is a relationship-man. He loves love, and wants to find his soulmate. Always looking for fulfilment and companionship, this, unfortunately, causes him to often look for it in the wrong places. He ends up briefly dating one of Chandler's exes. Who did Ross date?

Question 8

What is Ross’s special karate word?

Ross is well-known for his quirky jokes and funny phrases. It would be hard to name every phrase that makes fans laugh, however, this is definitely one of the most-well known Ross Geller phrases. In season 6 of Friends, Rachel and Phoebe decide to take a self-defence class. They then tell the Friends group that they could defeat any one of them. Ross then claims to be a karate expert, and tells them that their self-defence is really useless without this "state of total awareness." What is the "karate" word he claims is this state of total awareness?

Question 9

What was Ross’s nickname for Rachel’s boyfriend Paolo?

In season 1 we are introduced to Rachel in a wedding dress. This is our first glimpse of her character and a great foreshadowing of the funny events that are to come from future episodes. This is also the scene that we get a look at Ross's growing feelings for Rachel. However, they both go through their fair share of relationships. One of Rachel's first boyfriends in the show is the charming Italian man Paolo. What is Ross's nickname for Paolo?

Question 10

Which one of Ross’s students did he date?

By season 6 we have come to learn that Ross is always searching for love. The ups and downs of relationships become a main theme in the show, and each relationship gives us something different. Ross teaches a palaeontology class, where he meets a pretty and charming student. He ends up dating this student, even though this student is much younger than him. The Friends make many jokes about this, and Ross ultimately ends the relationship as he knows she is too young. Which student did he date?

Question 11

What is Ross's job?

Ross is a major lover of science, fossils, dinosaurs, and more. Chandler, Joey, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe often playfully tease him about being a nerd. All jokes aside, it's hard to imagine Ross without his love of science. This is a huge part of who he is as a character, and part of what makes him so lovable. While we know he teaches classes at a college, he is more than just a teacher. So, Ross experts, what is his official job title?

Question 12

How many times was Ross married?

It doesn't take a Ross expert to know that Ross has had his fair share of relationships with many ups and downs. Out of Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica and Phoebe, Ross is the friend of the group that has been married the most. It's a common joke made about him, but we can't really blame him. He's always searching for love and is a total relationship guy. However, not many people know how many times he was actually married. How many times did Ross get married?

Question 13

What month is Ross’s birthday?

Birthdays are a favourite time for many. Some love celebrating their birthdays, while others avoid celebrating birthdays at all costs. There are quite a few episodes throughout the 10 seasons of Friends about birthdays. Most fans of Friends will know to expect some sort of funny event or mishap to occur during an episode about someone's birthday. However, not many people know what Ross's actual birthday is. This is a question many people get wrong. What month is Ross's birthday?

Question 14

Which actress plays Ross's on-again off-again love Rachel?

It doesn't take a hardcore Friends fan to know which actor plays which character. The actors behind the beloved Friends characters became well-known for their role in the famous show. For many, this show is actually what launched their careers. It can be hard to separate the actor or actress from their character. This character is well-known for her sometimes turbulent relationship with Ross Geller. The two have an on-and-off-relationship and eventually have a baby together. Which famous actress plays Ross's long-time love interest, Rachel Green?

Question 15

What is Ross's Monkey named?

Pets and animals always make shows that much more enjoyable. While most shows have animals like dogs or cats, Friends isn't your average show. This quirky show wouldn't do something as predictable as a dog. In season 1, one of the most loved moments in Friends history is when Ross adopts a pet Capuchin monkey. This adorable monkey is one of the most beloved characters of Friends, despite only being in the show for a short period of time. What was the name of this beloved pet monkey?

Question 16

Where did Ross get his pet monkey?

Many pet owners have endearing stories about where they got their furry friends. Some pets are rescued, some pets are found by a chance encounter, and some adopt them from family or friends. One of the most memorable moments of friends has to do with Ross getting his pet monkey in season 1. In true Ross fashion, he shows up to Monica’s party with the adorable capuchin monkey as his date. While he isn’t able to keep the monkey for that long in the show, it set a precedent for the hilarious and unexpected antics that could be expected from Friends. Where did Ross get his pet monkey?

Question 17

What fell on Ross's head in his nana's closet, bringing up happy memories of her?

Memories are a funny thing. It's common for many people to experience memories about past events from a certain smell or song. Smell is one of the most common triggers of memory, as our sense of smell is very strongly linked to our memories. Like with pets though, Friends never does things in the way we would expect. In Season 1, Ross and Monica sadly lose their nana. This episode has a few hilarious moments, such as Ross falling in a grave. In one moment, something falls on Ross's head and that sparks him to think of happy memories of his nana. What falls on his head?

Question 18

What interrupts Ross from telling Rachel how he feels about her on the balcony?

It can be very difficult to find the perfect time to express one's feelings - especially if those feelings have to do with love. It's a well-known fact that Ross loves Rachel, and this becomes evident very early on in Friends. In season 1 during a major city blackout, Ross thinks he finally has the guts and the perfect time to confess his feelings. He stands with Rachel on their apartment's balcony, about to tell her when something interrupts them. What interrupts Ross?

Question 19

What song did Ross play on the radio to try to get Rachel to forgive him?

It's not uncommon to make mistakes in relationships. Feelings can complicate things, and sometimes cause us to not make the best of decisions. This is a common theme throughout Friends, especially when it comes to Ross's feelings about Rachel. The two share a very up and down relationship. In season 2, Ross is torn between 2 love interests. In hilarious Ross fashion, he writes a list comparing the two women, in which he lists Rachel's flaws. Rachel finds out about this and gets very upset. Ross requests a song on the radio to apologize. Which song did he request?

Question 20

Who did Ross have a momentary relationship with while he and Rachel were briefly separated?

It's very normal for all sorts of relationships to have ups and downs. Things aren't always perfect, as humans aren't perfect. Many couples go through difficulties and take a brief separation period to think about things and calm down. After an argument, Ross believes that he and Rachel both agreed to take some time apart. At this time, Ross has a brief relationship with someone, believing that he and Rachel aren't technically together. This causes even more problems for him and Rachel. Who did he have the momentary relationship with?

Question 21

Who was Ross's first wife?

While it may be difficult to remember all of the many relationships throughout the' ten seasons of Friends, a true Ross fan will definitely remember who he married in the show. In the first season, we are introduced to Ross in learning that his recent ex-wife has moved out. We later learn that she will soon be having his baby. This storyline remains a relevant theme throughout the rest of the show. So, Ross experts, who was Ross's very first wife?

Question 22

Who was Ross's second wife?

It may be a challenge to name every woman that Ross dated throughout the show. It seemed like he was always either with someone, going through a breakup, or struggling with his on and off again relationship with Rachel. However, it's no secret that he wanted to be married - he even says so in the very first episode of the first season. After his first wife, there were girlfriends that came and went before his second wife. Who was Ross's second wife?

Question 23

Where does Ross end up after falling asleep on the train on his way to break up with his girlfriend? 

Ross is definitely a bit of a romantic. Even if he’s not always the greatest at showing it, he feels intensely and is always looking for love. In season 4, Ross meets a girl on the train. He instantly feels attracted to her, and finds her both intriguing and smart. In true Ross fashion, things are never easy. This girl lives out of town, and when he later tries to visit her, he falls asleep on the train and ends up somewhere else. Where does he end up?

Question 24

When Ross gets an earring, who does he compare himself to?

Jewelry is one of the most common forms of self medication, with many people having at least one piercing. Going for a spontaneous tattoo or piercing is seen by many as an exciting impulsive decision. However, Ross is not exactly known for a carefree attitude or spontaneous nature. In his relationship with Emily, she surprisingly manages to convince him to get an ear piercing. When he has his piercing, he says he compares himself to a particular famous musician. Who does he compare himself to?

Question 25

What zoo does Ross’s monkey get sent to?

Even casual Friends watchers will remember Ross’s pet monkey. The adorable monkey was an unforgettable part of the show, even though he was only in it for 8 episodes. Unfortunately, owning an illegal exotic pet comes with complications. When the monkey reached maturity, he started acting up. Ross soon learned that he wouldn’t be able to keep hm, and that he would need to give him to a better home. They decided to send the monkey to a zoo. Which zoo does he go to?

Question 26

At a college party, Ross thought he and Rachel shared their first kiss together. He later finds out it wasnt Rachel he kissed. Who was it?

College can be full of its fair share of hilarious, embarrassing and sometimes regrettable moments. Unfortunately this is definitely the case for Ross. He spent years believing his first kiss with Rachel was at a college party. However, we later learn that it wasn’t Rachel that he kissed at that’s party. In true Ross fashion, nothing is ever that simple. Th truth of who he kissed comes as a hilarious surprise. Who did Ross really kiss at that college party?

Question 27

Where was Ross's first kiss with Rachel?

First kisses are rarely ever forgotten. For most people, this can be one of the most memorable times. It’s often awkward, but sometimes it can be downright regrettable. Ross spends a long time believing that he and Rachel shared their first kiss years ago at a school party. However much to Ross’s surprise, this wasn’t their first kiss. Their first kiss happened much later. Many debate when their first date happened. So, Ross experts, when was their first kiss together?

Question 28

In the credits, who was credited as playing "Russ"?

The phenomenon of the doppelgänger is known worldwide. Many claim to have a “twin” that they aren’t actually related to. Friends hilariously plays on this concept with the introduction of the character “Russ.” Russ is a periodontist with an uncanny resemblance to Ross. He dates Rachel, which makes Ross very jealous. When the friends see how similar Ross and Russ are, they tell Rachel that she’s probably dating Russ because he reminds her of Ross. In the show’s credits, who is credited as playing Russ?

Question 29

Where do Ross and Emily end up after they first meet?

People meet in all sorts of funny, chance encounters. Whether it’s bumping into someone at the grocery store, or eyeing someone from across the room, there’s no telling how someone will meet. In true Friends form, nothing is ever quite what we expect. Ross meets Emily, the daughter of Rachel’s boss, at the opera. While at first he doesn’t seem very keen, the two hit it off and get married. When they first meet, they end up somewhere. Where do they end up?

Question 30

Which of these characters was never Ross's girlfriend?

Ross is often joked about as the one with the countless girlfriends. While most people have more than a couple previous relationships, dating and marriage are definitely major themes for Ross’s character. It can definitely be tricky to remember who dated who, who married who and when, and who left who- especially since Ross dated a girlfriend of Chandlers. However, a true Ross expert will know who he married, who he dated, and who he didn’t. Which one of these women did Ross never date?

Question 31

What does Rachel's dad call Ross?

When it comes to relationships, meeting the parents can be awkward and intimidating. Especially when you’re already a sort of awkward guy, like Ross. When Ross meets Rachel’s dad, things aren’t exactly a breeze. Rachel’s dad, Dr. green, doesn’t seem to be the biggest fan of Ross. Ross gets the impression that Rachel’s dad hates him, due to him frequently making fun of Ross with a particular nickname. Despite Rachel trying to convince him otherwise, Ross can’t shake the frustration. What nickname does Rachel’s dad call Ross?

Question 32

What classic phrase does Ross yell while he, Chandler and Rachel are trying to move a couch upstairs?

In every show and movie, there’s usually a thing or phrase that fans can never forget. A particular thing that stands out, is hilarious, and will be quoted for years to come. Friends has had many of those moments in the ten years that it was on, it would be impossible to list them all. However, one stands out the most. While moving a couch upstairs, Ross yells a particular phrase to Rachel and Chandler. What phrase does he yell?

Question 33

Ross dated a girl who lived out of town. Where did she live?

In season 4, Rachel, Ross, and Monica aren’t exactly in the festive spirit for the holidays. The desire to find love is often greater during Christmas, and Rachel and Ross definitely feel that desire. While Rachel sulks, Ross ends up meeting a girl on a train. His instantly enamoured with this girl, who he finds both attractive and smart. As Ross’s fate would have it, this girl lives out of town. While we never learn her name, we refer to her as “the girl from....” Where does this mystery train girl live?

Question 34

Which girlfriend does Ross start dating in China?

One of Ross’s memorable relationships was brief, yet a fan favourite for many. He dates this girlfriend for a few episodes in season 2, after they met in grad school. Both she and Ross are in the same field and seem to have a lot in common. Unfortunately for fans of this duo, their relationship doesn’t last long. Their relationship is frequently sabotaged by Rachel, who is envious of the this woman’s relationship with Ross. What is the name of this particular girlfriend?

Question 35

What iconic costume does Ross wear for Halloween?

Halloween is a highly anticipated time of the year for people all over the world. Many see it as a time to dress up as whatever costume they desire. Some people choose to go for a scary costume, some people choose to go for a cool costume, and some choose to go for a humorous costume. It’s not surprising that Ross goes for a clever and goofy costume for Halloween. However, his costume isn’t quite the success he hoped for. What was his famous Halloween costume?

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