Even True Simpsons Fans Can't Get Over 80% On This Quiz

The Simpsons is now the longest running show in television history, and it's easy to see why. The show has always had immense popularity among different age groups, and its smart, irreverent, and sometimes completely absurd humor has kept the series feeling fresh for almost three decades. The show's longevity also owes a lot to the heartfelt and genuine sentiment in some episodes, which inspired many other animated series that came after it. The show is still going strong, and there is more to know about it than ever.

Real Simpsons fans will always say that their knowledge of the show is greater than anyone else's. However, there are plenty of things that even the biggest fans might not know. There can't possibly be anyone who could know everything there is to know about a show that has been on for as long as The Simpsons has. There are so many little, interesting bits of information in the show that people tend to gloss over. There are so many great jokes in classic episodes. Some of them have been forgotten, but many of them have worked their way into the common vernacular. The truth is that The Simpsons has had more of an effect on pop culture than almost any other television show in history.

There might not be a single Simpsons fan out there that can get over 80% on this quiz! If they can, then they can declare themselves a true Springfieldianite!

Question 1

Which critic from another animated series came to Springfield to judge the film festival?

When the town of Springfield was experiencing trouble getting more tourist dollars flowing into their coffers, Marge came up with the rather brilliant idea to hold a film festival. Many of the citizens of the town decided to enter their own films in the competition, and Marge decided it would be nice to bring in a real film critic to help judge all of the entries. She and homer agree to ask this film critic, who was actually crossed over into the world of the Simpsons from his own animated Fox television show. He immediately got on Homer’s nerves by showing him up at every opportunity, like getting the last pork chop or belching the loudest.

Question 2

What name did Bart give to the elephant he won in a radio contest?

When the Simpsons are forced by Marge to take part in a massive spring clean, they find themselves very bored. Luckily, as Bart listens to the radio, he hears that they are holding a contest. When the radio station calls the Simpson household, Bart manages to win the contest, in which he gets to choose between $10,000 and a full grown elephant. Bart does what no one would expect and chooses the elephant, and although the radio station is hesitant to give it to him at first, he eventually receives his elephant, with whom he forms a real bond, despite constantly being put in its mouth.

Question 3

What is the name of the store owned by Ned Flanders?

Ned Flanders the simpsons

In one of the earlier episodes of the Simpsons, Ned Flanders announces at a barbecue he is having for his friends and neighbors that he is going to open up his own business in the Springfield mall. This business would cater exclusively to the needs of left-handed people. When he breaks the wishbone with Homer, wishes that Flanders’s business will not succeed. However, when the business really does start taking a dive, Homer begins to feel bad, and starts rounding up all the left-handed people he knows to go and shop there. Everything works out for everyone in the end.

Question 4

In what movie-based musical did Troy McClure play "the human?"

Troy McClure is one of the most recognizable guest characters on the Simpsons, and that may have something to do with just how many films, TV shows, and educational films he has appeared in. Of course, success can be fickle, and a rumor circulating about McClure has put his work on hold for a long time. However, when he enters into a sham marriage with Selma, his job suddenly gets a boost, starting with landing the leading role in a musical. Upon hearing that he will be playing “the human” opposite characters like Dr. Zeus, McClure declares “it’s the part I was born to play!”

Question 5

What dish does Principal Skinner claim he cooked himself for his lunch with Superintendent Chalmers?

In 22 Short Stories about Springfield, one of the most famous episodes of the series, one of the segments sees a troubled lunch between Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers. Skinner, as always, is incredibly nervous and overbearing around the judgmental superintendent. When his roast ends up catching fire in the oven, Skinner decides to pass off something else as his own cooking. Of course, all of the lies he has already told have gotten him in too deep, and he must make up a nonsensical name for the food he serves to the superintendent. Eventually, he must resort to the lie that his kitchen is not on fire, it’s just the northern lights.

Question 6

in what music festival does Homer perform by taking a cannonball to the stomach?

Homer has trouble connecting with his kids. This is even more apparent than usual when he is tasked with driving the kids to school every day. He tries desperately to get them into the music he loves, particularly his favorite band, Grand Funk Railroad. Unfortunately, the kids think Homer is supremely uncool. So, in an attempt to win them over, he scores tickets to a huge rock festival. There, one of Homer’s hidden talents is discovered, in that he can easily take a cannonball to the belly. He becomes one of the performers for the festival and befriends famous bands.

Question 7

What is the name of the country singer whom Homer manages?

When Homer and Marge get into a bad argument, Homer decides to take a drive out into the country. There, he finds a little country bar where a waitress is performing. Homer is so moved by her words and her voice, that he decides he needs to get her more attention. Much to Marge’s chagrin, Homer and this singer become very close, with Homer taking personal charge of her. Though she hits it big and sends Homer a lot of messages, he never falters. He returns home to Marge as the singer plays a song on TV, singing that she hopes Marge knows just how lucky she is.

Question 8

Where does Homer mistakenly find himself when he walks through a wall in Treehouse of Horror VI?

In one of the annual Simpsons Halloween episodes, the members of the family are trying to find hiding places so that they don’t have to spend time prying crabs out of shells that Patty and Selma found on their beach vacation. After hiding behind a bookshelf, Homer discovers that the wall is just an illusion, and that he can walk right through it. He finds himself in a strange place, filled with shapes, mathematical equations, and odd street signs. Though his family can hear him, they cannot see him, and they must bring in Professor Frink to explain where exactly Homer is.

Question 9

What does Homer briefly change his name to?

When a new cop show on television features a suave character named Homer Simpson, Homer is overjoyed. Unfortunately, the show is retooled so that the character is actually a bumbling doofus. After this, Homer is constantly made fun of. He decides that the appropriate course of action is to legally change his name, and though he has several options, the judge only lets him use the least ridiculous one. This new name allows Homer to brush up with high society, and he even gets invited to a cool party. Unfortunately, the party turns into a protest, and Homer decides that his old name is actually just fine.

Question 10

What food is Marge start selling after investing in her own franchise?

When Marge is kicked out of the investorettes, a group of women who pool their money and invest in businesses, she decides to strike out on her own. She goes to a franchise fair, and discovers a business that she really connects with. It’s not exactly glamorous, but she makes a go of it. Unfortunately, she finds that the business is much harder to run than she first anticipated. Homer sees Marge struggling, and enlists the help of the Springfield mafia to help her out. This leads to some complications, and ultimately results in a fight between the Springfield mobsters and the Yakuza.

Question 11

What is the name of the song Kirk Van Houten sings in order to win back his wife?

Marge decides that she needs to hold a dinner party for all of her and Homer’s friends. The night starts off innocently enough, but Kirk and Luanne Van Houten are snipping at each other all night. When the fight finally reaches its peak during a game of Pictionary, not even Lisa’s singing can stop what happens: Luanne asks for a divorce. At first the news is hard on Milhouse, but he eventually adjusts to it. Kirk tries out being a singer with a woman who helps him record a demo, however the incredibly bad title of the song makes Homer laugh.

Question 12

What was the name of Grandpa Simpson's army platoon during World War II?

The entire Simpson family does not really think much of Grandpa, deeming him a rambling old man with nothing interesting to say, which is why they stuck him in a home. However, when one of the remaining members of his old platoon passes away, he realizes that it is just him and Mr. Burns left, and as soon as one of them passes away, the other one gets the treasure found by their platoon during the war. Of course, this leads to Bart and Grandpa going on their own wild adventure, while Burns does anything he can to stop them.

Question 13

After Bart rents a car with a fake ID, what event do he and his friends decide to visit?

Lisa is made to go with Homer to the nuclear plant, while Bart says that because he wants to observe women in the workplace, he will stay home. However, Lisa suggests Bart go to the DMV to observe Patty and Selma. There, he takes a moment to make himself a fake driver’s license, which, in combination with $500 Martin earned at the stock market, is used to rent a car. Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, and Martin embark on a road trip (while telling their families they are going to a Grammar Rodeo). However, what they were searching for turns out to be a huge bust.

Question 14

What job was Homer given during Springfield's bicentennial celebration?

Springfield is about to celebrate its own bicentennial anniversary with a massive parade honoring the founder of the town, Jebediah Springfield. However, after finding a hidden parchment in a flute, Lisa discovers that Jebediah Springfield was actually a pirate named Hans Sprungfeld, who changed his name to escape the law. At the same time, Homer is given a very important job in the town’s parade, one that he takes to heart and uses to help Lisa in her quest to tell people the truth about the town’s founder. This episode is notable for featuring the guest voice of Donald Sutherland.

Question 15

What is the name of Springfield's rival town, whose residents stole a lemon tree?

Springfield has always had a rival town, and they have also always had a lemon tree, which is their pride and joy. Of course, the rivalry between the two towns reaches a fever pitch, and the lemon tree is stolen. Bart and his friends set out on a secret mission to infiltrate the rival town and find their missing lemon tree. Unfortunately, the tree is being kept under high guard, and the boys must recruit their fathers (and Ned Flanders’s RV) to get it back. The rival town writes their own version of events, and enjoys a nice glass of turnip juice.

Question 16

Which famous astronaut went into space with Homer?

When NASA realizes that people just aren’t interested in space travel anymore, they devise a plan to send a regular person up into space. While Barney is initially chosen, he flies away on a jet pack and Homer is given the opportunity to go into space. There, he is accompanied by a mathematician and a famous astronaut. While in space, Homer compromises the mission by first opening a bag of chips and then crashing into an ant colony, which sends the ants hurtling into the instruments, thus shorting out the controls. The ship has to return to Earth, and although Homer saved the day, the credit went to an inanimate carbon rod.

Question 17

What makes the talking Malibu Stacy doll suddenly more popular than Lisa's doll?

When the Simpson family is given a set of silver dollars by Grandpa, they decide to spend the money right away. The kids go to a toy store, where Lisa discovers that there is a new talking Malibu Stacy doll. The doll lets Lisa down, though, as she does not like the content of what Malibu Stacy has to say. She tracks down the original Malibu Stacy designer, and together they decide to make their own doll, one that can empower women and send a positive message. However, the doll is overshadowed when a new version of the talking Malibu Stacy is rolled out.

Question 18

What is the name of Mr. Burns's long lost teddy bear?

Mr. Burns has plenty of money and is able to buy almost anything to make himself happy, but soon a memory of a long lost teddy bear emerges in his mind, and he realizes that it is the one thing that is missing in his life. Luckily, the bear winds up at the Simpson house and is given to Maggie, who quickly falls in love with it (despite the fact that it is in very bad shape). Homer offers to trade the bear for money, but decides he can’t take the bear away from Maggie, who is very attached to it.

Question 19

Which of Lisa's classmates fell in love with her after a misinterpreted Valentine's Day card?

When Lisa sees that a boy in her class has received no Valentines Day cards, she feels bad for him and quickly makes one up for him. However, this sends the entirely wrong message, as the boy quickly falls in love with her. Lisa gets to attend the Krusty anniversary show with him, but finally must reveal that she never liked him, which breaks his heart. The two perform in the school show, and they finally talk about what happened between them, deciding that they should just be friends instead. The local radio station keeps playing Monster Mash by mistake.

Question 20

What was the name of homer's plow business?

Homer attends a car show and immediately falls in love with a large plow truck. While he is hesitant to buy it at first, he is convinced by the salesman who tells him that he can make money by plowing people’s driveways on the side. He quickly becomes a local celebrity, and even has his own commercial. He tells Barney, who is struggling to find a good job, that he has to get motivated. Unfortunately, Barney just starts a rival plowing business and starts cutting in on Homer’s turf. Homer eventually has to save Barney, and the two become friends once more.

Question 21

What is the name of Springfield's minor league baseball team?

Homer and the entire Simpson family love nothing more than going to the baseball stadium and seeing their beloved minor league baseball team play. In one episode, Mr. Burns offers up an employee night at the stadium, in which he ends up sitting next to Homer. Homer is displeased at first, but ends up having a great time with Mr. Burns, who enjoys baseball just as much as the Simpson family. However, Burns becomes annoyed with Homer when he begins dancing on the dugout to get the crowd cheering. The team wins, and homer becomes the team’s mascot, nicknamed Dancing Homer.

Question 22

Which former Krusty the Clown sidekick has been in jail several times?

This character has been in trouble with the law ever since his earliest appearance on the series. Voiced by Kelsey Grammer, this character has become a fan favorite for his recurring gags, his excellent voice acting, and his overall hilarious storylines. Several times he has wound up getting arrested for his plans which seem to go nowhere. He has tried to take out Bart and Aunt Selma on separate occasions, he has held Springfield hostage with a nuclear device, and he once ran for mayor and won (due to rigging the vote). He also has a deep dislike for rakes.

Question 23

During the filming of the Radioactive Man movie, what line does Rainier Wolfcastle have trouble saying?

Bart and Milhouse are overjoyed when they find out that Hollywood is making a Radioactive Man movie, and they are even more excited when they discover the film will be made in Springfield. Rainier Wolfcastle, the actor who plays McBane, is cast as Radioactive Man, and Milhouse, much to Bart’s chagrin, is cast as his sidekick, Fallout Boy. However, due to Wolfcastle’s accent, he has trouble nailing down Radioactive Man’s signature catchphrase. Though Bart is jealous that Milhouse gets to be in the movie, Milhouse does not like his experience, and is tired of saying the phrase “Jiminy Jillickers.” Also, the googles? They do nothing.

Question 24

What festival does the town put on after a motivational speech by Brad Sherman is interrupted by Bart?

When Homer and Marge are having trouble communicating with one another, they decide to follow the advice of motivational speaker Brad Sherman (voiced by Albert Brooks). The two of them begin communicating better with each other, and decide that the whole family should attend one of his seminars. Sherman discovers Bart’s audacity and is pleased by it, saying that the way Bart acts is how everyone should express themselves. This leads the entire town of Springfield to put on a festival where people can just be themselves and act in any way they please. This, of course, leads to a lot of problems.

Question 25

What is the name of Homer's bowling team?

Homer and his friends try to blow off some steam by going bowling, only to find that they are unable to get a lane due to the fact that it is league night. So, Homer, Moe, Apu, and Otto start their own bowling team with funding from Mr. Burns who does not remember giving Homer a cheque. However, once he finds out what happened, he asks to join the team. Burns is a very bad bowler, though, who can barely get the ball down the lane, let alone knock over any pins. The team does eventually win the league championship, which is then claimed by Burns alone.

Question 26

What short-lived Itchy and Scratchy character was truly unpopular?

When Itchy and Scratchy’s ratings start dropping, it is up to Krusty and the writers to figure out how to liven things up on the show. They decide that they need to add a new character, one that is hip, cool, and relates to the youth culture. During casting for the character, Homer impresses the creators of the show and is given the job. However, the character quickly becomes one of the least popular additions to the show, with many of the fans remarking that he was a bad addition. This is also the episode where the Simpsons have a new house guest named Roy.

Question 27

Which family do Bart, Lisa, and Maggie end up living with when they are taken away by social services?

When Homer and Marge go out for a day of fun and things go wrong for the kids both at school and at home (with Grandpa watching Maggie), the teachers call in social services, who misinterpret the Simpson home as being unfit for children. The kids are then moved to another family while Homer and Marge attend parenting classes. The kids are disheartened by their new surroundings. They do not exactly fit in with their new family (Bart notes that they put honey on pancakes instead of maple syrup). Eventually, the kids are reunited with their parents, and Homer is baptized in the process.

Question 28

What does Homer's half-brother Herb invent to make himself wealthy again?

Homer found out he had a half-brother named Herb Powell, whom his father had never told him about. When the Simpsons went to visit him the first time, he was a successful owner of a car company, which went under due to trusting Homer with helping to design a car. Later, Herb reemerges when he discovers Homer was awarded money in a lawsuit from the nuclear plant. He asks Homer to invest in his new idea, which he is sure will make him a lot of money. Homer tries to patch things up, but has a hard time. This was the last appearance of Herb in the series.

Question 29

What position does Lisa play when she joins a hockey team?

In “Lisa on Ice,” Lisa finds out that she is getting a low grade in gym, which to her seems ridiculous, but the truth is that she just does not have a knack for sports. That is, until Apu discovers that she is actually very good at hockey, and he drafts her onto his team. This begins a rivalry between Lisa and Bart, who are both playing hockey and vying for Homer’s attention and approval. However, they are also turning against each other in big ways. It is only during a crucial penalty shot that Bart and Lisa remember how much they love each other.

Question 30

What holiday is celebrated every year in Springfield that involves hitting snakes with clubs?

After Bart is expelled from Springfield elementary for hitting the superintendent with a tractor, he is forced to attend home school classes taught by Marge. At the same time, a favorite holiday is approaching in Springfield, one in which the citizens of the town arm themselves with clubs and go after all of the snakes they can find. Lisa dislikes the holiday as she thinks it is mean to snakes, and Bart soon learns through his new found appreciation for learning that the holiday is a sham. The kids team up with Barry white to save the snakes and end the holiday forever.

Question 31

When Homer sells his soul to the devil, what does he get in return?

There is a storyline in one of the Simpsons yearly Halloween episodes that closely resembles the famous story “The Devil and Daniel Webster.” Homer decides to sell his soul to the devil, and the resulting sale is challenged by his family, prompting a court case put on in the Simpson living room (which includes Blackbeard as a juror sitting in a high chair). Lionel Hutz decides to represent Homer, but, of course, does a pretty bad job at being a lawyer. Eventually, it is revealed that Homer’s soul belongs to Marge, and therefore cannot be sold to the devil, but Homer is punished anyway.

Question 32

What was the name of Homer's barbershop quartet?

Back when Bart and Lisa were very young, Homer and three of his friends started a barbershop quartet. They would mostly just sing in locations around Springfield, but they quickly became very popular. After getting rid of Chief Wiggum as a member, the group brought in Barney, who was actually a fantastic singer. They got themselves a manager, and soon hit the big time, even winning a Grammy for their work. Homer even managed to meet George Harrison, although he was more excited about the brownie he was holding. Years later, they performed a reunion show on top of Moe’s.

Question 33

What country charges Bart with a crime due to an expensive long distance call?

Bart and Lisa get into an argument about about the Coriolis effect, and in an effort to prove that his sister is wrong, Bart begins making collect calls to other countries. Eventually, he reaches one country and decides to reverse the charges. Unfortunately, the call leads to a major international incident, and Bart must travel to the country in order to apologize. While there, the Simpson family takes in plenty of the culture that surrounds them. When Bart goes to the courthouse and makes his apology, he is surprised to learn that there is an extra punishment in store for him: the booting.

Question 34

What is a phobia of Marge's that is discovered right before the family takes a trip?

When Homer and his family are offered a free trip anywhere in the United States (except Hawaii and Alaska), Marge reveals that she has a very specific phobia that will prevent her from going anywhere. For a few days, the resurgence of this phobia really starts to mess with her head. Eventually, she seeks out a therapist who helps her work through some of her repressed memories which led to this phobia. Homer is unsure of therapy though, as he thinks that the entire thing will be about blaming him. Eventually, Marge overcomes her phobia, just in time for the Simpsons' trip to go wrong.

Question 35

What caused Bart to miss out on spending the summer hanging out in the Simpson family's brand new pool?

When a massive heatwave hits Springfield, it seems like nobody has a good way to cool off. Moleman’s shirt catches fire, the figures at the wax museum all melt, and the Simpson family finds the only way they can cool down is building a tent attached to the fridge. When that plan fails, the kids convince their father to buy the family a pool. This new addition to the Simpson home makes the kids popular, but an unfortunate turn of events leaves Bart unable to join in on the fun. He instead sits in his room and spies on his neighbors.

Question 36

What video game does Bart want so badly that he ends up trying to shoplift it?

Around Christmas it’s hard to completely ignore the commercialism of everything. That includes just how many toys and video games are being marketed directly toward kids. That’s exactly what happens in “Marge Be Not Proud,” one of the most famous and enduring Christmas episodes of the Simpsons. Bart becomes obsessed with a video game but knows that his parents won’t get it for him. He finally resorts to stealing the game, but he is caught by the store detective, who calls his parents. Luckily for Bart, he is able to keep them from knowing but eventually has to admit his wrongdoing when he returns to the store for a family photo after being banned.

Question 37

What is the phrase that makes Bart a famous performer?

When Bart’s class embarks on a field trip to a box factory, which might just be the most boring place imaginable, Bart decides to skip out on the tour and head across the street to the television studio where shows like Krusty the Clown are filmed. Bart lands a walk-on role on Krusty’s show, but trips and ends up knocking over the entire set. After saying a single line, Bart suddenly is skyrocketed to fame. However, he soon grows tired of the phrase that made him famous, and wishes that he could show people he is more than just a catchphrase.

Question 38

Where did Homer start working after he quit his job at the Nuclear Plant?

In a flashback episode about the birth of the Simpson family’s youngest member, Maggie, Homer tells the family about how he finally got out of debt. With his most recent paycheque, he was finally able to quit the nuclear plant entirely and begin his dream job. Of course, some sacrifices had to be made, such as the fact that the family would be using regular toilet paper and only one kid would get to go to college (which both Bart and Lisa were fine with). Homer begins his dream job, but of course, with the birth of Maggie, he needs to make up for added expenses and must go back to the plant.

Question 39

Who is the only man to comprehend just how truly incompetent Homer really is?

In one of the most classic and beloved Simpsons episodes ever created, the writers decided to introduce a fairly normal person to the strange world of Springfield. Being highly qualified and intelligent, he begins working at the nuclear plant, where he meets Homer. He immediately takes note of Homer’s lack of intelligence, which only seems to bother him. The more he learns about Homer, the more he begins to resent him, until declaring the two of them enemies. He is finally put over the edge when he tricks Homer into entering a contest for children, which he wins. Still, no one seems to understand how frustrating this all is.

Question 40

Who does Homer work for when he takes a job at a different power plant in a different town?

When Homer receives an offer to take a higher paying and overall better job at the power plant in a town called Cypress Creek, his family is not entirely thrilled with the news. however, after assuring them that the move will be good for all of them, the Simpsons pack up their belongings and head out. Homer begins working for an eccentric new boss, who is overly positive but really a nice guy overall. He loves Homer’s ideas and keeps praising his work. However, this new boss is very obviously a supervillain, a fact that clearly goes right over Homer’s head.

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