Even The Smartest People Fail This Super Easy IQ Test

Let's be honest, many of us have forgotten a lot of the facts we learned during school. It's definitely not something that many people want to confess to but there were just so many dates, names, formulas, and symbols that we didn't end up having to think about or use later in life and they just kind of slipped our minds. Oops! But there are some things that we learned either in school or just throughout our lives that seem to be etched into our brains.

These things we totally can't forget, so remembering them when we're asked is super simple for many people! It can be a lot of fun to test our knowledge and see just how many basic trivia questions that we know.

Who wants to test their knowledge with a super easy quiz? Just try to get 100% of these questions right!

Question 1

Spinach is high in what?

Spinach is a leafy green vegetable that is a common ingredient in many recipes. From pasta sauces to salads and even green smoothies, this healthy veggie is one that finds its way into a lot of different recipes for people that want to eat healthily. Which of these things is spinach high in?

Question 2

How many months have 28 days?

There are twelve months in a year and although most of them have 30 or 31 days, not all of them do! Some months are a day longer or shorter than others and it's not always easy to remember how many days each month has. Who can remember how many months have only 28 days?

Question 3

Which insects make honey?

Honey is so delicious. It's sweet and tasty and is a perfect addition to a warm drink like tea in order to make it a little sweeter in a natural way! Honey tastes delicious and it's made naturally by a certain insect that collects pollen and then takes it back to their hive.

Question 4

Which animals were worshipped in ancient Egypt?

People keep a lot of different kinds of pets in their homes these days. From large animals to small ones and even animals that don't come in the house but instead live outside, the type of pets that a person keeps can be a personal choice. One common housepet was even worshipped back in ancient Egypt!

Question 5

What was the first Disney movie?

Disney has released so many movies over the years. Each new movie introduces us to a new set of characters and often a new Disney Princess. These movies are full of catchy songs and have such unique animation. They become instant favorites for Disney lovers. Which one of these was their first movie?

Question 6

What two colors mix together to make green?

Anyone who has played around with paint, food coloring, or any other type of pigment will know that most colors can mix together to make other colors. Adding white to a color will make it lighter and mixing together two separate colors will create a whole new shade. Which two will make green?

Question 7

What plant soothes sunburns?

We all know that going into the sun without sunscreen on or some sort of other protection is definitely not safe or good for our skin. But getting a sunburn is just part of life for many people because we can't always be perfect. Luckily, there is a plant that helps soothe those burns!

Question 8

Which of these is NOT typically an ingredient in sushi?

Sushi is a food that originated in Japan and has since become popular all over the world. Sushi can be made in a ton of different ways with a lot of different ingredients and shapes, but it always has a few things in common. Of these, which is NOT a common ingredient in sushi?

Question 9

How many legs do spiders have?

For people that find spiders just a little creepy, this question is one that is definitely isn't fun to think about. Spiders are a type of insect that is known for having several legs. While many insects only have four legs, there are a lot of them, like spiders, that have way more!

Question 10

What makes balloons float?

Balloons are a staple of any celebration or party. They can come in a ton of different shapes, sizes, and colors and some can even have party-themed messages written on them. Balloons are a super fun way to celebrate any event. Who can remember what they're filled with to make them float?

Question 11

What are the three flavors in Neapolitan?

Neapolitan is an ice cream that isn't just a single flavor. Instead, it's made up of three different flavors that are all in rows next to each other in the container. They can either be eaten separately or mixed up together and this ice cream is tasty either way. What are the three flavors?

Question 12

What is the word for a person that doesn't eat meat OR animal products?

Although eating meat and other animal products like milk and cheese can be delicious, there are some people out there that just aren't into it. These people prefer to stick to products that have no meat and don't come from animals in any way. What is the name given to these people?

Question 13

Are oceans made up of salt water or fresh water?

There are four main oceans on the face of planet Earth and a whole lot of other bodies of water in other parts of the world. Different bodies of water are made up of different types of water. They're all either salt water or fresh water. Who can remember which type of water makes up the oceans?

Question 14

What school did Harry Potter attend?

The Harry Potter series is a series of books and movies that follow the life of a young wizard named Harry Potter as he learns that he is a wizard and makes his way through his magical schooling. Most of the series is set at his school for learning magic.

Question 15

What does most coffee contain?

Coffee is pretty delicious. It can be served hot or cold and with all kinds of different creamers, syrups, and sweeteners to really make it taste delicious. It's the go-to drink for many people when they need to wake up in the morning because of one of the ingredients most coffee has.

Question 16

What is the largest state in the US?

There are 50 states in the US that come in all different sizes. Some of them are pretty large and have quite a few people who live there while others are a little smaller or don't have quite such a high population. Which of the following states is the largest one in the US?

Question 17

What fruit is this?

There are a ton of different fruits and berries that grow in different parts of the world. They're sweet and some of them are a little tart but they're all totally delicious. They can make a tasty dessert or a super sweet topping on waffles or just eaten plain! What fruit is this?

Question 18

Pearls can be found naturally inside of what?

Although there are some gemstones out in the world that can be man-made and created in a lab somewhere, there is also a lot that can be found naturally in the ground. Pearls are a specific type of gemstone that is found in the natural in a really unique place.

Question 19

What planet is closest to the Earth?

Humans live on the planet Earth, but that doesn't mean it's the only planet out there. Most people learn about the other planets when they're in school as young children. One major thing that most people learn fairly early on in school is the order of the planets in the solar system.

Question 20

Where are these ancient structures located?

There are a lot of different tourist destinations around the world. Each of them get so many visitors each year and they each have their own really unique, interesting backstory. The history of these locations are really what bring people to them. These ancient structures are the Pyramids and are located in a desert.

Question 21

What comic character resides in Gotham?

Comic books have been a huge deal lately and so many characters from comic books have been turned into movies. One comic book character that has been the subject of a ton of movies and TV shows is a billionaire that lives in a fictional city called Gotham. His real name is Bruce Wayne, but who can remember his superhero name?

Question 22

What is the study of rocks called?

There are scientists that study all kinds of different things. One field of study that many scientists specialize in is the study of rocks and the physical structure of the Earth. Studying solid rocks and solid formations on the Earth is a great way of learning about the history of the Earth.

Question 23

At what temperature does water freeze?

What's better on a sunny, warm summer day than having a nice cold glass of water, lemonade, or iced tea? Yum! In order to keep our drinks nice and chilly, we typically toss in a few ice cubes before we pour or drink. At what temperature does water turn into those ice cubes?

Question 24

Who painted The Starry Night?

The Starry Night is a really famous painting that has been an inspiration for many other artists throughout the years. The Starry Night was painted in 1889 and is currently on display in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City where it has been since the 1940s. Who painted it?

Question 25

In which country was Mulan set?

Mulan is a Disney movie that was released in 1998 and is based on an ancient myth about a brave warrior. In the movie, Mulan is a young woman whose father has been called to go to battle but because of his age, she worries that he won't return home. Instead, she disguises herself and goes in his place.

Question 26

Pi is made up of how many digits?

Time to think back to math class! Pi is a number that, when it was originally coined as a term, was defined as being the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Since then, mathematicians have come up with a ton of other uses for it. Most people know Pi as 3.14, but how many numbers make up Pi in total?

Question 27

How many continents are there?

This is a question that anyone who loves to travel will instantly be able to answer! The Earth is made up of multiple different continents, each of which are the home to different countries full of people with their own unique cultures, food, languages, and traditions. How many continents are there?

Question 28

Who is this pop star?

This pop star has been working in the world of music since the 1990s. She's become known for quite a few super catchy songs since she made her debut in the music world including Lucky, …Baby One More Time, and If U Seek Amy. Who can remember the name of this pop star?

Question 29

What is the world's tallest mountain?

Everyone has their own hobbies and things they like to do in their free time. For some people, training to climb mountains is that hobby. Although it's definitely not for everyone, it can be a lot of fun for people who enjoy trekking up the highest peaks on Earth. What is the world's highest mountain?

Question 30

What is the substance that comes from a volcano called?

A volcano is a mass on the Earth that is created because of the shifting of the Earth's tectonic plates. There are many volcanoes around the world, many that people are familiar with being located in Hawaii, and when they erupt, several substances flow out. One is this molten rock that has a specific name.

Question 31

Did dinosaurs and humans ever exist at the same time?

Dinosaur is a name for the large creatures that once roamed the Earth, millions of years ago. Dinosaurs went extinct and these days, we can only experience them as the fossils and skeletons that are on display in museums. There are some animals that are related to dinosaurs that are still around, but did humans ever exist at the same time as ancient dinosaurs?

Question 32

An apple helped Isaac Newton discover what principle?

There are a lot of different scientific discoveries that have come about in really unique ways. When he was still alive, an apple that fell out of a tree is what many people say helped Isaac Newton discover an important principle that relates to the way that we keep our feet on the ground instead of floating away.

Question 33

What food is the main ingredient in guacamole?

Guacamole is a super tasty food that can be used as a dip for chips, as a topping for nachos and tacos, or used in a ton of other ways. Guacamole is a pretty popular food and there are a lot of recipes for it, but they all have one main ingredient in common.

Question 34

What is the longest river in the world?

There are many different rivers in the world. Some of them are really long and span across an entire country while other rivers are not quite as massive and just lead to another, bigger river. Of all the large rivers in the world, there's one in the northeastern part of Africa that's known for being the longest river in the world.

Question 35

What fast food chain's logo is this?

The fast food chain that has these Golden Arches as their logo was founded in 1940 in San Bernardino, California. Today, this restaurant has locations in over 100 countries around the world and are known for their burgers, fries, and other delicious foods. What fast food chain's logo is this?

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