Even The Biggest Twilight Fans Will Get Less Than 50% On This Quiz

Now that a certain Twilight actor has been cast as Batman, isn't it time to take a walk down memory lane? Taking this fun Twilight quiz will be a great way to reminisce about this unforgettable vampire movie.

All of the questions are about the Twilight movie that was released back in 2008. The first movie in the franchise is the focus of this quiz and the first movie in the franchise was a total sensation. Those who think that they remember this film very well may just ace this quiz. Those who have hazier recollections of the movie may not ace the quiz the first time that they take it. They can always try more than once.

Some questions will be easy and others will be trickier. Try the quiz now to test that Twilight knowledge.

Question 1

Which Twilight character is this?

Even people who haven't seen Twilight will have no trouble getting this question right. This Twilight character is really a part of pop culture now. The actress who plays her is pretty well-known, too, and mostly because she took this important role. Pick the character's name to get a point.

Question 2

Which sport did the Cullens love to play?

When the Cullens feel like playing sports, which sport do they choose? There was a memorable scene from Twilight that involved the vampires' fave sport. This is why most people who've seen the film will probably get this question right. Others may need to guess. Pick a response now.

Question 3

Which rainy town was the movie set in?

The vampires of Twilight value rainy environments for a special reason. Some of these vampires settled in a certain town in the U.S., because its rainy climate made it easier for them to pass as human. Pick the right place now to boost quiz points. This is an easy Twilight question.

Question 4

Which actor played the part of Edward Cullen?

This is another simple question that most Twilight fans will be able to answer without needing to think about it. People who aren't that interested in Twilight may know the character's name, but be unsure of the actor's name. Pick the right response now to grab a quick quiz point.

Question 5

Who is this character?

This character captured the imaginations of Twilight fans. He has long, flowing hair and some animal instincts that aren't fully developed. The actor who played him got kind of famous due to this pivotal Twilight role. Those who know this character's name should pick it now to gain quiz points.

Question 6

What are vampires called in Quileute legends?

Test Twilight knowledge by picking a response to this question. The vampires are referred to in a certain way in Quileute legends. Real Twilight fans will know what they are referred to as. This question isn't too hard for big-time fans to answer. Those who aren't super-fans may need to guess.

Question 7

Can Edward read Bella's mind?

The main characters in Twilight are attracted to one another, even though they are definitely very different. They can't stay away from each other. One main character, Edward, has the ability to read minds, but can he read Bella's? Pick an answer now to try and ace this Twilight quiz.

Question 8

Which Twilight character is this?

This Twilight character is easy for many Twilight fans to name, but people who aren't into the whole Twilight universe may not remember what he is called. They'll need to check out the responses and then pick one. They may get this question right or wrong. Pick an answer now.

Question 9

Which of these traits represents Bella?

Bella is one of the characters in Twilight. She has a unique personality that makes her memorable. She has traits that set her apart. People who love Bella will be able to pick the right trait from the responses. They'll know right away which trait is the right one to pick.

Question 10

What is the first name of Bella's dad?

True Twilight fans will probably know the first name of Bella Swan's Dad. People who saw Twilight, but aren't major fans, may get this question wrong. Anyone who doesn't know the answer should take his or her best guess. This character is a good guy who cares about his daughter.

Question 11

Can Edward run faster than mountain lions?

How powerful is Edward Cullen? What can he do and not do? True Twilight super-fans know the answer. This question is about Edward's speed. Is he faster than a mountain lion or not? Twilight vampires do have some fascinating traits. Running faster than mountain lions may be one of them.

Question 12

Does the Cullen family feed on animals or people?

Cullen family experts will definitely know the answer to this question. There are fans who know absolutely everything about the Cullens. People who aren't so into Twilight may not remember whether this vampire family feeds on animals or people. Choose an answer to try and get a superb quiz score.

Question 13

Is the Cullen house in town or outside of town?

The Cullen house is an architectural marvel that is an expression of very good taste. Is this fascinating and stylish house located in town or outside of town? In Twilight, the Cullens are a glamorous family. They really stand out from the other townspeople. Pick a response now to try and get a quiz point.

Question 14

Do Twilight vampires need to sleep?

Do the vampires of Twilight need to snooze now and then or can they go without sleep? Those who aren't sure of the answer should try and remember scenes from the movie. If they can't remember, they should guess. Sometimes, guesses end up being exactly right. Pick an answer now.

Question 15

What happens to Edward in the sunlight?

Something interesting happens to Edward when he is in direct sunlight. To stop this certain something from happening, he tends to shun the sun. It's no accident that he lives in a place where it rains a lot. Choose a response now to test Twilight knowledge. Some will ace this quiz.

Question 16

Who is this character?

We can't say too much about this character, because we don't want to give the answer away, but she is an important character with some deep ties to other Twilight characters. While she isn't a main character, she is a fascinating supporting character with a dramatic history. What is her name?

Question 17

Name this charismatic Twilight character.

Few true Twilight fans will fail to get this question right, because this charismatic Twilight character is very popular. She is definitely a great character that a lot of fans really love. People who aren't quite sure of her name should guess. This character helped to make the movie entertaining.

Question 18

Why does Bella decide to move far away from Phoenix, Arizona?

Bella makes a decision to move far away from Phoenix, Arizona. She has a reason for her decision to move to a rainier place, but what is the reason? Big-time Twilight fans will know the answer. Those who aren't sure should guess and then re-watch the movie. Pick a response now.

Question 19

Where is La Push Beach located?

La Push Beach is located in a certain place, but what is that place? Where the beach is located ties into the movie's plot a little bit. La Push Beach is beautiful and it's suitable for surfing. Test Twilight knowledge by choosing a response now. Try to get this question right.

Question 20

Name the character on the left.

Some of the Twilight vampires go to school. Of course, most people don't know that they aren't human. Eventually, Bella figures it all out. One vampire that went to school in Twilight was the character that needs to be named. He's the one on the left in the picture. Name him now.

Question 21

Which character waits for Bella at a ballet studio?

One character waits for Bella in a ballet studio. The character is on a mission. He or she wants something from Bella. The character who needs to be named might be a hero or a villain. It might be a he or she. Guess now to try and get a quiz point.

Question 22

Who does Edward attend the prom with?

Edward goes to the prom, but who is his prom date? Sure, this question may seem ridiculously easy to most Twilight fans, but some people really don't know this stuff. We all have movies that we remember vividly and movies that we don't remember so well. Guess now to test that Twilight memory.

Question 23

Which character ended up breaking their leg?

At some point in the film, one Twilight character needs a cast. The character has a broken bone. Twilight fans will probably know exactly who this character is, without needing to mull it over. Others may not be totally sure. Pick an answer now, even if it's a total guess.

Question 24

Where was Waylon Forge's body found?

The body of a character named Waylon Forge was found in a particular spot. Where was the body found? This is a quiz question that may trip some people up. Sure, major Twilight fans will know the answer, but those who aren't mega-fans may not know the answer. Pick a response now.

Question 25

Name this Twilight "baddie".

Who is this Twilight "baddie"? Anyone who remembers her and the role that she played in the movie should name her now to get a quiz point. She's not a central character, but she is still important. Pick a response to try an ace this Twilight quiz. Some people will get a perfect score.

Question 26

Which actress played the part of Jessica Stanley?

The actress who played the role of Jessica Stanley in Twilight is quite well-known. She is famous, but not as famous as some other Hollywood actresses, such as Jennifer Aniston. Some people will know the name of this actress. Others won't, so they'll need to guess. Pick a response now.

Question 27

Legend has it that the Quileutes are descended from which animals?

This one shouldn't be too tough for most people who have seen Twilight to answer. Those who are having trouble coming up with the right response should guess. They'll probably guess right. Twilight was fun because there were legends and supernatural elements, as well as action and romance. Pick an answer now.

Question 28

Name this powerful tracker vampire.

This vampire is tenacious when he wants something. He will stop at nothing in pursuit of his target. We don't want to say too much more in case we give the answer away. Big-time Twilight fans will know this guy's name. Others may not be quite sure. Pick an answer now to try and get a quiz point.

Question 29

Who is Carlisle married to?

Major Twilight fans will know the name of the person that Carlisle is married to. Those who watched Twilight, but don't consider themselves big fans, may have no clue who Carlisle's wife really is. Choose an answer to try and ace the quiz. Some people will get a perfect score.

Question 30

Which Twilight actor didn't like their character?

There is one Twilight actor who didn't like his or her character. The actor was open about the fact that he or she didn't appreciate certain aspects of the character. This caused a bit of a ruckus. Choose an answer now to try and grab another quiz point. Most people will know the answer.

Question 31

Which state was the series mostly filmed in?

One U.S. state was the primary filming location for Twilight. People who don't know the state for sure may find that they get this question right when they guess. The state is a beautiful place where more than a few drops of rain are known to fall. Pick an answer now.

Question 32

Did a man or woman direct Twilight?

Twilight was an enjoyable movie. It was fun to watch. The person who directed this film did a great job. Was the director male or female? People who are really into Twilight will know the answer to this question. Others probably won't have a clue who directed this vampire movie.

Question 33

During which year did Edward turn into a vampire?

Only true Twilight fans will be able to get this question right. Other people may have watched Twilight and failed to absorb this important piece of information. Edward became a vampire during a certain year. Which year was it? Take a guess if the correct answer doesn't come to mind.

Question 34

Do the vampires in Twilight have fangs?

Fans who are intense about Twilight will consider this question a no-brainer. Those who watched Twilight, but don't consider themselves superfans, may not be quite sure of the answer. The vampires of Twilight are a little different. They have special characteristics. Mega-fans know what these characteristics are. Pick an answer now.

Question 35

Name this Twilight author.

This talented author wrote Twilight and a lot of Twilight fans know exactly who she is. People who watched the movie, but didn't read the novel, may not be quite sure what her name is. She used her creativity to captivate readers from different age groups. They love her vampire stories.

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