Even The Biggest TV Fans Stand No Chance Passing This Sitcom Quiz

Did you know that sitcom is short for situational comedy? This genre of television is identified by following a set of main characters. This kind of fictional storytelling originated on radio programs, but become more successful with television shows. A couple examples of sitcoms include Friends, Seinfeld, 30 Rock, That '70s Show, and The Office.

Another characterization of a sitcom is if the show is recorded with a studio audience present, and if there's a laugh track over the recording. However, this isn't a hard and fast rule, but is included in shows like Everyone Loves Raymond and The Big Bang Theory.

One of the first sitcoms to premiere on televisions in the United States is I Love Lucy on CBS in 1951. The show was shot in front of a live studio audience on 35 mm film. Similar to popular sitcoms today like Seinfeld, Friends, 30 Rock and Brooklyn 99, I love Lucy is also based in New York City. New York is the city where things happen and dreams come true, and viewers are able to live vicariously through the exciting lives of sitcom characters from their living rooms.

A big TV fan definitely knows about all of the shows mentioned above. Do the rabbit ears some justice and get 100% on this quiz.

Question 1

What city does The Big Bang Theory take place in?

The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom on CBS that premiered in the fall of 2007. It was recently announced, in August 2018, that the show would be coming to an end after its twelfth season. The show is about two roommate scientists that work together at The California Institute of Technology, their equally nerdy friends, and the aspiring blonde actress that lives across the hall. The theme song is created by a Canadian band, The Barenaked Ladies, and tells the history of the universe.

Question 2

What is the name of the coffee shop in Friends?

Friends is a NBC sitcom that ran for ten years from 1994 to 2004. The show is about a group of friends living in Manhattan, New York in their mid-twenties as they figure out their lives. Most of the friends are connected by relationships or blood by the end of the series. Monica and Ross are brother and sister, and she goes on to marry Chandler. At the end of season ten, Ross and Rachel, who have a baby together, get back together romantically.

Question 3

What New York City bureau does Seinfeld take place in?

Seinfeld, similar to that of Friends, is a sitcom about a close-knit group of people living in New York City. It's considered one of the most influential television shows of the 1990's. The main character is Jerry Seinfeld, a fictional character created by the actor of the same name, who is also a comedian. It's been called "the show about nothing" because Seinfeld is about the mundane lives of regular New Yorkers. The sitcom ran from 1989 to 1998.

Question 4

Which actor does the voice over in How I Met Your Mother?

How I Met Your Mother is a sitcom on CBS that tells the story of how Ted Mosby met the mother of his children. The whole series is Ted telling the elaborate story over nine seasons to his two teenage children. The show itself is inspired by the friendships the show creators had living in New York City. Ted Mosby is 27-year-old and played by Joshua Radnor, however, the voice telling the story is a completely different famous voice actor.

Question 5

Which character does the show revolve around in Arrested Development?

Arrested Development is a sitcom that originally aired on Fox in 2003, but was later picked up by Netflix, ten years later, in 2013. The show is about a dysfunctional family that was once very wealthy due to the father's business. However, the father did some unethical things in his business, which got him and his family into legal trouble. Although there are many characters, there is one that seems to keep this crazy family together. Who is this character?

Question 6

Who is Gloria's husband on Modern Family?

Modern Family is a sitcom on ABC that premiered in 2009 and is on its tenth season. Mitchell and Claire are siblings and the show is about their families living in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Claire married Phil Dunphy and they have three children together. Mitchell married Cameron Tucker, and they adopted a baby from Vietnam. The content is inspired by the two creators' families. Modern Family is the longest running ABC series and has 22 Emmy Awards.

Question 7

What kind of company in Dunder Mifflin?

Dunder Mifflin is a fictional company, and The Office is a mockumentary about the employees at the Scranton, PA branch. The branch is managed by a child-like boss named Michael Scott. Michael Scott worked his way up in the company and started as a salesman. The employees sometimes think Michael is a joke, but he always has good intentions. Michael, played by Steve Carell left the company in season seven to move to Colorado with the love of his life, Holly.

Question 8

Why does Jessica Day have to move on New Girl?

Played by Zooey Deschanel, Jessica Day is a teacher in her 30's who moves in with a group of three single men. The show is about the conflicts between the four roommates, especially with Jess being the only female and that she's quirky. Jess' best friend, Cece, visits her frequently and the model gets into an on and off again relationship with Jess' roommate, Schmidt. Jess also falls for one of her roommates, Nick Miller, a stubborn bartender from Chicago.

Question 9

What is Leslie Knope's job in the first three seasons of Parks and Recreation?

Parks and Recreation is an NBC sitcom about the parks department of the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana. Leslie Knope is one of the government employees and main character of the show. She is very passionate about her job and believes that the government should help its people. Leslie Knope is an over-achiever and puts her heart into every project. She meets her best friend, Ann Perkins after a public forum where Ann complains about a hole next to her property.

Question 10

What is the name of the hospital on Scrubs?

Scrubs is a sitcom that revolves around the employees of a hospital. The series aired in 2001 on NBC and was later picked up by ABC. Scrubs had a total of nine seasons, where it was canceled a year later after ABC took on the series. The first eight seasons is from the point of view of character J.D. (John Michael Dorian) played by Zach Braff, and the last was from the point of view from a new character, Lucy Bennett.

Question 11

What does the name "30 Rock" refer to?

30 Rock is a sitcom created by Tina Fey about her experiences as a writer for Saturday Night Live. Both shows appeared on NBC. 30 Rock appeared for seven seasons and has won many prestigious awards. Tina Fey plays character Liz Lemon who is the lead writer for TGS with Tracy Jordan. The show was originally just TGS (The Girly Show) until Tracy Jordon is brought on by Liz Lemon and her boss, Jack Donaghy, a network executive, in the first episode.

Question 12

What kind of Doctor is Frasier Crane?

Despite its success, the sitcom Frasier is a spin off from the show Cheers. Cheers ran from 1982 to 1993, and is about a Boston Red Sox Bar ran by former pitcher, Sam Malone. Dr. Crane leaves his life in Boston to move back to Seattle to start a new life. However, his ill father, a retired detective, puts a damper on his idea of the single life. Dr. Crane starts hosting a radio show about his field of medicine.

Question 13

What is Ray Barone's career on Everyone Loves Raymond?

Everyone Loves Raymond is about an Italian family living on Long Island. Raymond and his wife, Debra, and their children live across the street from Ray's parents, Marie and Frank. Raymond and Debra have three children, the oldest girl, Ally, and twin boys Michael and Geoffrey. The conflicts on the show revolve around Raymond avoiding responsibility and his parents being overinvolved in their lives. Ray has an older brother who is a gentle giant, and jealous of his brother's successful family.

Question 14

Where does Will Smith move from?

This is a no brainer for anyone who has memorized the theme song of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Because of a fight Will gets into, his mom sends him to live with the wealthy side of the family in California. Will frequently clashes with the lifestyle of his family in Bel-Air. They live in a mansion and have a high class lifestyle. Meanwhile, Will is a street punk. The story is loosely based on the home life of one of the producers.

Question 15

What state is That '70s Show based?

That '70s Show is a sitcom about six teenagers finding their way during the years of 1976 to 1979. The show's main character is Eric Forman, and the rest of the characters revolve around him. Eric is a tame and timid teen with parents that are anything but. It's Eric's house where the group of friends hang out, in the basement, after school and weekends. Eric has a long time crush on his next-door neighbor, Donna, who is one of the six friends.

Question 16

How many daughters does Danny Tanner have on Full House?

Danny Tanner, played by Bob Saget, is widowed after his wife loses her life in a car accident. He's left with his daughters, and enlists his late wife's brother, a musician, and his best friend, to help him raise them. Danny was a sports anchor before being added as a co-host to a local morning show, Wake Up San Francisco. Jessie falls in love with his brother-in-law's co-host, Rebecca, and they get married. The two have twin boys together, Nicky and Alex.

Question 17

Which actor plays Jake Peralta on Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is about a police detective in Brooklyn named Jake Peralta. He's immature, but good at his job, and comes in a lot of conflict with his superior, Captain Raymond Holt, and partner, Amy Santiago. Amy is a lot more serious than Jake, and a "by the book" officer. The show first appeared on Fox in 2013 and was to be canceled. However, fan reception of the cancellation caused NBC to pick up the series for a sixth season.

Question 18

Which show is a spinoff of The Big Bang Theory?

A sitcom about scientists who enjoy comic books, The Big Bang Theory is a caricature of nerd culture. Roommates Leonard and Sheldon work together at the California Institute of Technology and frequently disagree with each other about living styles. Leonard is a timid average guy who has a hard time with the ladies, and Sheldon is a confident genius who isn't interested in dating. The two have two other close friends, Raj and Howard who are also stereotypical nerds in their own respects.

Question 19

Why does Rachel decide to move to Paris on Friends?

Friends is about six New Yorkers figuring out how to navigate their 20s. The show starts off with the majority of the main characters getting coffee, when a frantic woman in a wedding gown enters. The woman, Rachel Green, is a childhood friend of Monica Geller. Rachel had just ran out on her wedding because she realized she's not in love with Barry. She tells her father that she's going to move in with Monica, and starts her New York adventure.

Question 20

Which character is Jerry Seinfeld's neighbor?

Jerry Seinfeld the character and Jerry Seinfeld the actor, writer, and producer, are both comedians. The character is semi-biographical of the man who plays him. Every episode of Seinfeld starts out with Jerry on stage doing stand up, and the bulk of the show is explaining the bit. He is the focus of the show, but there are characters around him that are important to the story behind the jokes. The plots are inspired by the lives of the writers.

Question 21

Who is the mother on How I Met Your Mother?

How I Met Your Mother is a sitcom that tells the story about how a man, Ted Mosby, met the mother of his two children. This story lasts 9 seasons and is narrated by Bob Saget. As Ted tells his children the adventures of his dating life that lead him to meet their mother, his friends also live their lives in New York City. One of his best friends, Marshall, met the love of his life in college, and that's all young Ted wants.

Question 22

Which character does George Michael fall in love with on Arrested Development?

Arrested Development is a show about a dysfunctional wealthy family that loses their riches due to the dishonest practices of the family business. George Michael is the son of Michael Bluth, the main character who keeps the whole family together. George Michael's grandfather (Pop Pop) gets put into prison for fraud. After failing to run the family business, Michael's mother and siblings ank him to take care of the company. Things brings the family closer together because they all have to live in a model home.

Question 23

Who is the middle child of the Dunphy family on Modern Family?

Modern Family is an ABC sitcom that has been the longest running series on the network. The show is about a family living in the suburbs of Los Angeles that deal with hilariously unfortunate situations. Jay Pritchett and his ex-wife had two children, and the bulk of the show is about their respected immediate family. Jay is now married to a younger woman from Columbia, named Gloria. Gloria has a son from a previous relationship, but she and Jay have a biological son together as well.

Question 24

What is the name of Jim and Pam's first child?

The Office is a sitcom that follows average everyday office workers at a paper company. The idea is that the show is a documentary that follows the lives of the people that work at Dunder Mifflin. Two of the people the production company follows are Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly. At the start of the series, Pam is a receptionist and engaged to another man, and Jim is a salesman. By the end, they're married with two children and looking to move to Texas.

Question 25

Who is the character that replaces Coach in the apartment on new girl?

After discovering that her boyfriend has been unfaithful to her, Jessica Day moves out of their apartment. She searches Craigslist and meets a group of three men her age that share a loft. Jess moves in with the guys, and thus becomes the "new girl". The guys have a hard time adjusting to Jess at first, but she ends up becoming an important member of the apartment. After the first episode, Coach moves on to live with his girlfriend and is replaced by this character.

Question 26

How many children do Ben and Leslie have on Parks and Recreation?

Leslie Knope is the deputy director of the parks and recreation department of the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana. She loves government, and constantly tries to overachieve herself. She also loves people, and becomes best friends with a nurse after trying to fill a hole that injured her boyfriend. Leslie meets Ben Wyatt in season two and by season five, they are married. At 18 years old, Ben became a mayor in Minnesota and the failure follows him his whole life.

Question 27

Who plays the janitor on Scrubs?

Scrubs is a sitcom about interns that grow their careers within Sacred Heart Teaching Hospital. The show is told from the point of view from J.D. (John Michael Dorian) as he fantasizes reality around him. From the pilot, J.D. has an uneasy relationship with the janitor for the hospital, who remains nameless until the last season on NBC. ABC renewed Scrubs for one more season with a new character in J.D.'s place, however, was canceled, and became the final season.

Question 28

Who is Liz Lemon's best friend?

Liz Lemon, played by Tina Fey, is the writer of an NBC show called TGS (The Girly Show) with Tracy Jourdan. The show is created by Tina Fey as well and it's inspired by her experience as a writer on Saturday Night Live. Although she is a very talented writer, Liz is socially awkward and a perpetually single third-wave feminist. The Liz Lemon character is a wildly celebrated character, and Tina Fey has won many prestigious awards for her character portrayal.

Question 29

Who is Frasier's youngest brother?

After getting a divorce, psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane moves back to his hometown, Seattle, WA. However, his father is sick and Frasier is forced to take care of him. Daphne Moon is hired to be the caregiver of the father. This character falls in love with his father's caregiver, but it's not announced until the seventh season. Frasier's younger brother is also a psychiatrist. Growing up, this character was very shy, but was close with his older brother which made him competitive.

Question 30

What does Raymond's brother do?

Ray Barone and his wife, Debrah, move into a house in Long Island across the street from Ray's nagging parents, Frank and Marie. After a divorce, Ray's older brother moved back with his parents. If Robert wasn't quirky enough, he also stands at almost 7-feet tall. Despite his size, Robert deals with anxiety from his mother's favoritism towards his little brother. He starts dating Debra's best friend, Amy, and after some time apart, gets married and buys his parents house.

Question 31

Which character didn't Jackie date on That '70s Show?

Jackie Burkhart is Point Place royalty. She comes from a wealthy family and thinks very highly of herself. She is the youngest of the group, and the most conceited. She frequently criticizes Donna, but also calls Donna her best friend. As the series progresses, so does their friendship into a genuine liking for each other. Jackie Burkhart was the breakthrough role for Mila Kunis, who lied about her age to get the role. However, the producers believed she was the best fit for the character despite being only 14 years old.

Question 32

Which isn't a name of one of Will Smith's cousins?

In the sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith's mother sends him across the country to live with their extended family, The Banks'. This is because Will got into a fight on the streets of West Philadelphia (born and raised) and his mom got scared and said, "you're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air." In Bel-Air, Will moves in with his three cousins, one whom becomes his best friend despite their different personalities and upbringings. Who isn't a cousin?

Question 33

Which actress plays Michelle Tanner on Full House?

The passing of Danny Tanner's wife leaves him to take care of their three daughters alone. This becomes overwhelming, and the morning television host gets help from his brother-in-law and best friend. The three daughters are D.J. (Donna Joe), Stephanie, and Michelle. Danny's life completes as the girls become older and become teenagers, but the makeshift family become close. Danny's brother-in-law Jessie falls in love with Danny's co-host on the morning television show and the two start a family of their own.

Question 34

What does the "99" stand for in Brooklyn 99?

Brooklyn 99 is FOX sitcom that premiered in 2013, and was later picked up by NBC for a sixth season. The show is about Jake Peralta, a NYPD detective, and conflicts between his superior and partner. Despite his carefree attitude, Jake always performs the best at his job. The sitcom is famous for approaching serious conversations with humor and having a diverse range of characters. The show is so beloved that it was the fans that convinced NBC to take on the show after FOX canceled it.

Question 35

What color are the walls of the living room in Monica Geller's apartment?

How does a chef and a coffee shop waitress afford a deluxe apartment in Manhattan? Rent control and illegal subletting. The apartment, where every member of the Friends crew has lived at one point, is owned by Monica and Ross' grandmother. This apartment is where everyone goes to hang out side from the coffee shop and on the last episode, it's revealed that everyone still has a copy of a key. Monica and Chandler leave the apartment to move to the suburbs.

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