Even Moms Will Have Trouble Naming Over 50% Of These Kids Movies

There are so many genres of movies out there. From romantic movies to spooky movies and funny movies, it can be pretty tough to pick a single movie to watch when it comes time for a movie night. But, as any mom will know, picking a genre isn't even that hardest part of picking out a movie for a movie night. Anyone who has young children will know that there are a ton of movies out there for kids and narrowing it down to just one for a little one to watch can be pretty tough, especially since so many of them are so different and kids totally have ones that they love to watch over and over. Because there are so many different kids movies, it can even be hard to keep track of them and remember the names and plots of all the different kids movies.

Any mom has probably seen the movies their kids love to watch a ton of times and totally memorized the characters, plot, and songs from those movies, right? But that doesn't mean that there aren't a ton of others that it's hard to remember the names of!

Who thinks they know all these kids' movies? Name 100% of them to prove it!

Question 1

Who can name this family flick?

This Pixar movie was released in 2004 and is centered around a family of superheroes. Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are a married couple and the parents to superhero children that include Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. Being a superhero would be pretty cool but being from a whole family of them? Even cooler! By day, this family is made up of totally normal people who live pretty average lives but when they need to don their superhero costumes and head out to save the world, they become a family of crime-fighting action heroes. Who knows the name of this Pixar movie?

Question 2

What animal movie is this?

This Disney movie was released in 2016 and is set in a fictional city that is inhabited entirely by animals. How cute is that? The main characters in this movie are some of the citizens of the large city that all these animals live in and include a rabbit who recently landed a job as a police officer named Judy Hopps and her co-worker, a sneaky fox named Nick Wilde. Even though she's new to the force, Judy Hopps works hard to prove that she's got what it takes and sets out with Nick Wilde to solve the latest case.

Question 3

Name this movie.

This Disney movie was released in 2014 and also spawned an animated series that is set after the events of this movie. This film follows a young boy named Hiro who lives in the fictional city of San Fransokyo and whose best friend is actually a robot named Baymax. Baymax's job as a robot is to take care of people, something that is taken to an extreme level after Hiro needs to turn Baymax into a fighting machine in order to help him and the other residents of San Fransokyo to battle against the villain that threatens the city they live in.

Question 4

What tropical film is this?

This tropical movie is about a girl who lives on a Polynesian island with her family. Her father is the chief of the village that they live in and life there is pretty nice. Unfortunately for her, her peaceful life on the tropical island is interrupted in a big way when she's forced to set sail on the ocean and retrieve a legendary item in order to save her people. This heroine is joined by a demigod from Polynesian mythology who helps her on her often tumultuous journey across the vast ocean. Who knows the name of this Disney movie?

Question 5

What movie is this?

This Disney movie was released in 2009 and follows a woman named Tiana. The movie starts with Tiana as a small child whose mother works for a rich family living in New Orleans where they live and whose father dreams of opening a restaurant one day. After losing her father, Tiana keeps his dream of opening a restaurant one day alive by trying to save up the money to open it all by herself. Unfortunately, her plans for the restaurant are thrown off track when a prince trying to make some quick cash comes to town and gets a curse put on himself.

Question 6

Who can name this classic Disney movie?

This movie was released in 1937 and is the very first feature-length animated film released by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Whoa! Even though it's from so long ago, this movie is still a classic animated film that many parents still show their kids. The movie is based on a fairytale and follows the main character as she stumbles upon a cottage inhabited by seven miners. When her stepmother, who is jealous of her beauty, learns that she's staying there, she decides to concoct a master plan to get rid of her once and for all. Who knows what movie this is?

Question 7

What comedic movie is this?

This movie is the very first in a series of movies and was released in 2010. This movie spawned a lovable little character known as a Minion. Minions are really difficult to avoid now as they even got their own spin-off flick and they're on all kinds of merchandise and in arcade games. In the movie, Minions are the helpers to a supervillain named Gru who plans to steal the moon but unfortunately, his plan is thrown slightly off course when he finds himself caring for three children who want to be adopted by him, regardless of the fact that he's a villain.

Question 8

Who knows this sports film?

This Pixar movie was released in 2006 and follows a racecar named Lightning McQueen who wants to win the big race that he's scheduled to appear in in order to gain the fame and fortune he dreams of having and to free himself of the sponsorship he no longer wishes to be part of. Unfortunately, he gets lost on his way to the big race and accidentally ruins the road in a small town called Radiator Springs which brings him a lot of unwanted trouble in the town, forcing him to stay there in order to repair the road he damaged.

Question 9

Who can name this nostalgic movie?

This movie was released in 2012 but it definitely has a nostalgic feel to it for many parents who watch it with their kids. This movie is about a character from an arcade game. Ralph is the main character of this movie and of a video game in which he's the villain. But Ralph is tired of being the villain in his game! That's pretty understandable, right? Who wants to be the "bad guy" in a game where so many people are rooting for the main character? To remedy this, Ralph decides to take a trip through a ton of games in the arcade.

Question 10

What Disney movie is this?

This 1991 Disney movie was remade in 2017 into a live action version staring Emma Watson as the main character, Belle. In the movie, Belle is a young woman living in a small village in France who is totally nothing like the other people living in her village because of the fact that her interests include things like reading and she wants nothing more than to get out of the small village. Unfortunately, her dreams come true a little when she gets out of her village but finds herself being kept in a castle on the outskirts of it by the owner there.

Question 11

Who knows this Disney movie?

This Disney movie was released in 2002 and spawned a whole franchise including toys, games, a TV series based on the movie, and even sequels to the film. It's pretty hard for anyone to avoid the little blue alien that makes up the main character in this movie these days! The story follows a girl living in Hawaii with her older sister whose life is changed when an alien who is on the run after escaping from the science lab that he was created in meets her and is adopted as her pet. Who thinks they know the name of this Disney movie?

Question 12

Name this Christmas movie.

Being left at home alone as a kid is either a dream or a nightmare for many kids. For the main character in this movie? Well, it's kind of both! This movie follows a young boy named Kevin whose family is set to go on a Christmas vacation to Paris, France but unfortunately, they oversleep and nearly miss their flight! In the rush to get out the door and to the airport, the family manages to forget one very important thing: Kevin. Kevin is left at home, totally alone, and finds himself the target of two robbers named the Sticky Bandits.

Question 13

What action movie is this?

Jack Black stars in this animated film as a panda bear who has some major dreams of becoming a martial arts master, like the fierce warriors that he idolizes, a group of animals and insects known as the Furious Five. Legend foretold the story of an unexpected warrior who would come forth in order to join them in order to battle against the enemy that would come to threaten their village but no one could have expected that it would be Po, the main character of this movie. Po is a panda who works at a noodle restaurant and isn't exactly known for his coordination.

Question 14

Name this Disney film.

This 2013 animated film stars Kirsten Bell as the princess of a fictional kingdom who has a very special power. Her name is Elsa and she possesses the ability to control ice and snow, something that causes some pretty major problems with her because of an accident she had with her powers and her insecurity about being able to really control her powers. In order to try to avoid the kingdom finding out about her powers, Elsa leaves the kingdom but unfortunately leaves her home covered in ice and snow and stuck in an eternal winter. Who knows the name of this movie?

Question 15

Who can name this Pixar movie?

Growing up, a lot of people had a favorite toy. Many people probably even still have a favorite belonging now, whether it's their smartphone, their purse, or a special blanket. For Andy, his favorite thing is his toy, Sheriff Woody. Woody is the main character in this movie in which toys come to life after all the humans leave the room. When Andy gets a new action figure named Buzz Lightyear for his birthday, Woody's life is thrown upside down. To make matters even more complicated, Buzz Lightyear is unaware he's a toy and refuses to believe he didn't crash his rocketship in Andy's room.

Question 16

Name this musical movie.

This animated film was released in 2016 and has a huge cast of anthropomorphic animals who live in a small town. One of them is a koala who has fallen on hard times and is having some major legal troubles, troubles that he believes he can solve if he gets business at his theater going a little stronger. In order to do this, he decides to host a singing competition and promises a grand prize of $1,000 for whoever wins the competition but unfortunately, the flyer claims the prize will be $10,000. Animals from all over come to audition for a chance to win.

Question 17

What kids' movie is this?

Growing up is definitely not easy, especially for people that are less than popular in school and with their peers. The main character in this live-action kids' movie, Mia Thermopolis, knows this better than most people. She lives in San Francisco and even though she has a few close friends, she's not exactly popular and is struggling with feeling awkward from time to time, something that many teens feel. This gets even worse for Mia when she learns that her estranged father was a prince in another country, meaning that she's set to be their princess now. Talk about a big surprise!

Question 18

Name this toy-based movie.

Chris Pratt stars in this toy-based film as a small toy figurine named Emmett that has never done anything in his life but follow the rules and do exactly what he's supposed to. His super ordinary life totally takes a change for the extraordinary when he finds himself in the middle of a plot to stop the villain of the movie from trying to freeze everything in place, exactly as it is, with his special creation, Kragle. Emmett finds himself on a super fun and colorful mission that changes his life forever as they try to stop the villain and his Kragle.

Question 19

What food-based movie is this?

Everyone has a dream, right? For many people, that dream involves cooking in some way. That's pretty great for us since it means we get to enjoy the delicious food they make in restaurants or the recipes they write and put in books or online! For the main character in this Pixar film, cooking is his dream but unfortunately, he's a rat so he can't exactly just get a job working in a kitchen. Luckily, he manages to make his way into one with the help of a human that he meets and becomes one of Paris' most popular chefs.

Question 20

What comedy is this?

This movie begins in New York City and follows a group of animals who make up the attractions at a zoo in that city. The characters include a lion named Alex, a giraffe named Melman, a zebra named Marty, and a hippo named Gloria who have all lived in captivity in the zoo for their entire lives without ever experiencing the outside world... Until all of that changes for them. The group of animals find themselves leaving the zoo in order to go on an adventure that takes them around the world and to a very different setting than their comfortable home at the zoo.

Question 21

Name this novel adaptation.

This movie is an adaptation of a novel series in which a teen boy, played by Logan Lerman, learns that his life isn't quite as average as he's been lead to believe it is. In fact, it's pretty extraordinary. As he finds out early on in the series, the main character of this movie and the novel series it was adapted from is actually the son of the Greek god, Poseidon. He then goes to a training camp for children of Greek gods and goddesses where he meets several others and learns to harness and use his powers and abilities.

Question 22

What movie is this?

Jerry Seinfeld stars in this movie as a honeybee named Barry who recently graduated from college and is ready to start his life as a worker bee but isn't exactly thrilled about the prospect of having such a boring, ordinary job. Instead, he decides to leave his home and flies out into the world where he meets a human and ends up talking to her. This is something that it strictly against the rules of the hive and it makes Barry's life really complicated but it takes him on a journey and teaches him things about the world that he never knew.

Question 23

Who knows this funny movie?

This Pixar movie takes monsters and puts a really hilarious spin on them by showing what their lives are like when they're not just giving children nightmares. This movie follows a pair of monsters named Mike and Sulley who work together in a factory that produces screams from children and uses them to power the entire city that they live in with the other monsters. Unfortunately, when one of their shifts goes wrong and a human girl named Boo finds her way into the factory, their entire city is put at risk and these two have to try to help her get home.

Question 24

Name this superhero film.

While most superhero movies are live-action flicks filled with all kinds of action and battling it out between superheroes and supervillains, this movie is a little bit different. Instead of being a live-action film, it's an animated film and it doesn't follow just a single superhero but several different iterations of that hero from different comic series, including Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Spider-Woman, SP//dr, and Spider-Ham to name a few. All of them have to come together and work together in order to try to save the world from the attack of a supervillain threatening all of the alternate universes that they're from.

Question 25

What Pixar movie is this?

In this heartfelt Pixar movie, Carl is an elderly man who promised his wife, Ellie, when they were young that the two of them would travel around the world and go on all kinds of adventures like their movie star hero did. After he lost his wife, he decided to go on one final adventure to the last place that he and Ellie had planned to go but unfortunately, were never able to see together. In order to get there, Carl flies his entire house with balloons. Unfortunately, a boy scout who was trying to earn a badge becomes an uninvited passenger.

Question 26

Who knows this family movie's name?

Adopting a child is a huge step for many families. When the Little family chooses to head to an orphanage to adopt a child, they're expecting to take home a human to join their family. But, despite the plans that the Little family had made, they end up going home with a mouse who was living in the orphanage instead. Pretty surprising, right? This movie follows their life after they adopted the small mouse and the fact that the family cat is definitely not a fan of his new rodent sibling. How many people think they know the name of this movie?

Question 27

What 90s fantasy film is this?

This Disney movie is one that is based on mythology but puts a much more family-friendly spin on it and, in true Disney fashion, adds some super catchy songs to the mix that it's impossible for Disney fans of any age not to sing along to. This movie was released in the 90s and follows a figure from Greek mythology who was born on Mount Olympus as the son on Zeus and Hera but was sent down to Earth to live among the mortals as one himself in order to protect him. In the movie, he trains to become super strong and powerful.

Question 28

Who can name this Pixar movie?

This Pixar film was released in 2017 and follows a young boy named Miguel who loves music, even though his family definitely does not allow it anywhere within their walls because of the fact that his great-great-grandmother was in love with a musician who left her and their daughter totally alone to go out into the world and become a world famous musician. The boy learns that the musician he idolizes is actually the man that his great-great-grandmother had been married to once upon a time and he sets out to perform a song at a talent show, regardless of his family's rules.

Question 29

Name this family film.

Family is important. We all know that and it's definitely a lesson that the main character in this Disney film, a young princess of a fictional kingdom in Scotland named Merida, learns during the movie. In this movie, her parents are ready for her to get married and they bring the hopeful suitors from nearby kingdoms to compete in order to win their daughter's hand in marriage, something Merida wants no part in. But, when she goes to a witch to try to get help taking her fate into her own hands, things don't go quite as she had hoped.

Question 30

What prehistoric movie is this?

This movie was released in 2013 and stars Emma Stone as Eep, the teen daughter of a prehistoric family living way back in the time of dinosaurs and cavemen. This is a pretty dangerous time to be alive but this family has managed to find a way to survive, especially thanks to their super overprotective father who doesn't let them venture too far from their home or do anything that might put them in danger. This is definitely not something that Eep has any intention of doing and the movie follows as she sneaks out and learns about life beyond her father's reach.

Question 31

What slightly spooky film is this?

This animated film is one that's definitely a little on the spookier side and is based on a novel by the same name by author Neil Gaiman. In this film, Dakota Fanning voices a girl who recently moved with her family to a new home. Her parents are both really busy a lot and don't exactly have a lot of attention or time to offer to her, something that she is upset about at different points in the movie. While exploring the new house, she finds a portal to another world where her "Other" parents live. these "Other" parents are totally different and attentive, but it comes at a cost.

Question 32

What fantasy movie is this?

This animated fantasy movie was released in 2010 and follows the son of the chief of a Norse clan of vikings, Hiccup. Even though his father is the chief and he should be the most popular person in their village, Hiccup is a little strange and definitely stands out more than he would like to, something that makes him an outcast among the rest of the clan. Even though most of his life is focused on fighting dragons, his plan for his future has to change when he befriends an injured dragon and ends up keeping it as a pet.

Question 33

Who knows this animated fantasy film's name?

This animated film is about a girl named Sophie who lives a pretty normal life and spends a lot of time at the hat shop that her father owns. But, her life becomes way different and more interesting when she meets a wizard named Howl who lives in a castle that flies around magically. Unfortunately for both Sophie and Howl, the Witch of Waste is incredibly unhappy about the budding friendship between Sophie and Howl and decides to do something about it. In order to stop it, she places a curse on Sophie that causes her to age faster than she should.

Question 34

Name this fantasy flick.

This fantasy movie was released in 2012. The main character is a boy named Norman who has a very unique ability: he can communicate with people who have passed away. Not only can he speak to them, Norman often prefers to talk to them over talking to living people, especially those his own age. This comes in handy when a family member of Norman's comes through from the other side in order to tell him that a curse that will bring zombies back to life to roam the Earth is about to come true and that he needs to stop them.

Question 35

What Disney Channel movie is this?

Anyone who has attended high school will know that the image that a person gives off can be pretty important. In this Disney Channel Original Movie, the importance of keeping up your image is one of the main plot points. In this movie, the basketball team star Troy Bolton learns that he's actually a pretty good singer after he does karaoke with newcomer Gabriella Montez. Unfortunately, doing musical theater is definitely not part of the image either of them have been giving off and they don't dare to bring unwanted attention to themselves by doing something different. What movie is this?

Question 36

What Pixar flick is this?

This Pixar movie was released in 1998 and is about a colony of ants that work each day to try to bring back enough food to keep the entire colony fed through the winter months when the air and the ground get cold and it comes time for them to retreat into their home and wait for the weather to warm up. In addition to getting food for themselves, these ants are also forced to gather enough food for a villainous grasshopper and his friends to take for themselves for the winter too. Unfortunately, one accident prone ant loses their food stash.

Question 37

What movie is this?

Music fans may know Rihanna for her hit music but any mom is sure to know her for voicing the main character in this 2015 movie. In this animated film, the pop star voices a girl named Pip whose life is interrupted in a major way when an alien race from another planet comes to Earth and forces everyone to move away so they can take over. Everyone, that is, except for Pip who hid from the aliens when they were in the midst of relocating all the humans that had once called Earth home. Pip ends up befriending one of the aliens.

Question 38

Name this sports movie.

This sports-based movie was released in 1996 and shows a funny and unique version of events and what happened between Michael Jordan retiring from the basketball scene in 1993 and his return to play again in 1995. The movie is a mix between a live-action film and a cartoon in that it features actual humans interacting with Looney Toons characters. Aliens steal the basketball talent from different basketball players, including Charles Barkley, Shawn Bradley, Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson and Muggsy Bogues and make it so the basketball players can no longer play. Bugs Bunny and the other Looney Toons step in to bring Michael Jordan back to help.

Question 39

What adventure movie is this?

This movie was released in 1996 and is a stop-motion adaptation of a novel of the same name by Roald Dahl. The movie follows a boy named James who is forced to live with his two aunts who aren't exactly kind to him. One day, he finds an enchanted piece of fruit and climbs inside it which takes him on a magical journey, far away from his home and away from the aunts that he had been forced to live with. Along with the talking, life-size insects that are aboard the peach, James starts to make his way to New York City.

Question 40

Who can name this animated film?

This animated film is a retelling of a classic Shakespeare play with a hilariously clever twist on it. The movie follows a pair of garden gnomes who live in the gardens of a pair of neighbors named Mrs. Montague and Mr. Capulet who totally dislike each other. Similarly, their garden gnomes aren't exactly best friends either. After the homeowners leave, their garden gnomes comes to life and have a hilarious rivalry. Unfortunately for these families, two members of the feuding families are secretly in love with each other and meet behind the backs of their disapproving family members in order to see each other.

Question 41

What animated movie is this?

After waking up from a long winter of hibernation, the animals in this movie stumble upon some new and totally unwanted neighbors in the form of a new suburban housing development that was recently built that they were definitely not expecting. Unfortunately for these animals, their new neighbors in that subdivision aren't ready to make friends with them either and call animal control when they're spotted digging through the trash in order to try to find something to eat, something that they seriously needed since one of the clumsy animals managed to lose their food stash by accident. Uh oh!

Question 42

Name this futuristic film.

Who doesn't wish time travel was possible? Whether it's because you want to go back in time to fix a mistake or want to travel into the future to see what the world will be like then, time travel would be pretty cool! In this movie, it is possible and a young science lover named Lewis finds out about it in a really hilarious way. After his latest invention was stolen by the time traveling villain Bowler Hat Guy, his son comes from the future to help him travel through time in order to get it back and make things right.

Question 43

What fairytale adaptation is this?

This Disney movie is an adaptation of a classic fairytale movie about a girl who lives in a tall castle and has magic hair that seems to grow endlessly. In this movie, the story is basically the same as the fairytale. Rapunzel, the name of the main character in the movie and the fairytale it's based on, was taken from her parents when she was young by a woman named Gothel who has locked Rapunzel up in a tall tower and uses the magical powers of her hair in order to keep herself young forever. Who can remember the name of this movie?

Question 44

Name this holiday movie.

Disney released this fantasy movie in 2018 during the holiday season, which is pretty fitting considering the fact that the film is a retelling of a different short story and a ballet that are fairly popular during the wintertime. The movie follows the main character, Clara, who was gifted a mysterious locked box by her late mother. In order to open the box, Clara needs to find the magical key that will fit into the lock and reveal the contents that are hidden within the box's walls. Luckily for Clara, she's able to find it when she travels into a strange world.

Question 45

Who recognizes this superhero movie?

Have you noticed how many superhero movies are hitting theaters these days? The main characters of this animated movie sure did. Unfortunately, they notice during this movie that they're not among the ranks of the superheroes that have been given movies lately and decide that it's time for that to change and that they deserve to star in one of their own. So, Robin leads the rest of the characters to Hollywood where they can try to make their dream of becoming superhero movie stars a reality. Unfortunately, making movies isn't easy and a supervillain puts their plan at risk in a huge way.

Question 46

What movie is this?

This animated film was released in 2002 and was directed by Hayao Miyazaki, a director who is known for making several other animated films along with this one. The main character in this movie is a girl named Chihiro who is traveling with her parents when the three of them stumble upon what appears to be an abandoned amusement park. Their trip to the strange location gets even weirder when her mother and father are turned into pigs. A strange figure approaches Chihiro then and explains that the amusement park is a relaxing getaway spot for supernatural creatures and she must try to get them back.

Question 47

Name this fish film.

In this movie from 2004, Will Smith voices an underachieving fish named Oscar. Oscar's life as a total slacker changes after he gets lucky one day, after unluckily losing at a horse race in which he bet all his money on a single horse, when a case of being at the right place at the right time leads people to believe that he's a hero. The newfound attention changes his life and he's suddenly at the center of the spotlight in Southside Reef where he lives, something that he could have never expected. Who can remember the name of this movie?

Question 48

Who can name this Christmas movie?

Every kid knows that Santa Claus works hard every Christmas to deliver gifts for boys and girls all over the world, right? This Christmas movie is based around that but it takes the traditional idea of the elves working in Santa's workshop and puts a really clever spin on it. This movie was released in 2011 and follows the youngest son of Santa Claus who finds himself forced to save Christmas after Santa Claus himself is unable to deliver gifts to millions of the children around the world that are anxiously awaiting his arrival so they can see what he puts under their trees.

Question 49

Who knows this mysterious movie?

How many people grew up in a town with a house that just seemed spooky? The three main characters in this movie definitely know what it's like to live somewhere with a house that seems like it might be haunted but unfortunately, none of the adults where they live believe there's anything wrong with the house. With Halloween coming up, the group of young children spot a perfect opportunity to head to the house to get their answers about whether it's haunted or just a regular run-down house once and for all. But when they go inside, they get way more than they bargained for.

Question 50

What under the sea film is this?

This Pixar movie was released in 2003 and follows a clownfish named Marlin who lost his family, save for one son who has a fin that is slightly smaller than the other one. After losing the rest of their family and because of his son's fin, Marlin has become a pretty overprotective parent. Unfortunately for Marlin, no level of hovering and intensely overprotective behavior can stop everything and a human ends up taking his son when he swims too far away from the reef. Oh no! Marlin has to team up with a forgetful fish and travel across the ocean to get his son back.

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