Even Michael Scott Wouldn't Pass This 'The Office' Season 1 Quiz

The Office was truly an original, ground-breaking show. The style of the "mocu-mentary" had been used in films and a time or two before on television. But NBC really took things to an entirely new level with their fledgling series. The show followed a group of employees who all worked in the same building and contractually agreed to be filmed on a regular or daily basis. The supposed "documentary" mostly covered the lives of the workers while at the office, but would also venture outside the building to see what was going on in their personal lives as well.

The series ran for nine years with many different ideas for possible spin-offs near the end.  The first and most talked-about rumor was a plan for a show titled, The Farm, which would follow the continuing events surrounding Dwight and Angela at the Schrute Beet Farm, with Mose still making appearances. For a brief time, there were rumblings of another show called, The Accountants. But those rumors were quickly quelled and turned out to be a concept for some bonus webisodes. During its nine-year run, The Office won five Emmys and two Golden Globe awards. Though the show officially ended in 2013, it is still regarded today as one of the Top 50 Television Shows of all time. So, take a few minutes, try our quiz, and reminisce all the way back to the first season. Good luck!

Question 1

What does Dunder Mifflin sell?

What a great place to work! If one can deal with the people, that is. Well, if you can deal with Michael mostly. And Dwight. Yeah, Dwight would pretty much be a challenge on a daily basis. Just ask Jim. He would know. As would most of the group. But, then again, so many of us come to appreciate the people we work with at some point. Sometimes our co-workers become our friends. They become like our family. And, often times, it's things like that that make work much more bearable.

Question 2

Where is Dunder Mifflin located?

Some of us like to be where the seasons change. And, some of us don't. Some of us like to be where the climate stays the same. However, in Pennsylvania, you get to see it all. There are the leaves that change color in the fall, the snow and the ice in the winter, and the sun does manage to come out in the spring and summer months as well. But, the real question here is ... which city in Pennsylvania is home to our Dunder Mifflin-ites?

Question 3

Michael Scott was once a salesman. True or False?

There are people who just start off at the top right from the beginning. And then there are those who have to work their way up the corporate ladder from the bottom rung. Maybe that means starting out in the sales department or maybe starting out in accounting. But, with Dunder Mifflin, there's lots of opportunity and lots of positions. Of course, if you work for Michael Scott, there's a lot of nonsense going on as well. But, that's pretty much a given.

Question 4

What does Michael call the "special filing cabinet" for the faxes from corporate?

Yes, there's no denying that Michael Scott is just a horse of a whole different color. But, that doesn't necessarily make him a bad guy. Does it? No. It just makes him different. And there's nothing wrong with being different. But, sometimes... there is something wrong with being inappropriate. And Michael clearly excels at that. There are times that he must be aware of it; just as there are times where he just seems totally clueless about it all as well.

Question 5

The temp's name is Matthew. True or False?

What an interesting way to start a job and what an interesting place to start it. It's pretty obvious right from the get-go that Michael makes the temp just as uncomfortable as he makes the rest of the employees that work there. But, there's also the weird connection that Michael seems to forge with him over time as well. Call it inappropriate, call it strange, call it just plain weird if you want to. Whatever it is, it's just the way he is.

Question 6

Michael's mug says, "Great Boss." True or False?

It takes a lot of gall for Michael to do most of the things that he does (whether he knows it or not). But, it also takes someone with a lot of immodesty to go out and buy yourself a mug that clearly states just how fantastic of a boss you are. But, hey, maybe it's true. Maybe it's just a matter of confirming something that everybody else already knows. And you can't really blame somebody for doing that. Seriously, facts are facts. It's not your fault.

Question 7

Does Dwight work in Sales or Accounting?

Most of the employees at Dunder Mifflin would probably tell you that it really doesn't matter what department Dwight works in... because it's still Dwight. Whether he's in Michael's office, in sales, in accounting, or in customer service, he's still THERE! And, knowing Dwight, he will find a way to annoy anyone and everyone, irregardless of his actual, geographical location. Because that's just Dwight and that's just what he does. Still don't believe it? Just ask Pam. She's fallen victim to his personality many times.

Question 8

Who is Michael's boss?

That's a tough question. Maybe a better question would be, who WANTS to be Michael's boss? He's already such a handful for his own employees to deal with on a daily basis; just try to imagine being the one in charge of containing most of Michael's blunders. Good grief. The irony of the whole thing is that, despite his constant insanity, Michael Scott's branch still puts out the best numbers and the best results. So, maybe there's need to be a bit more 'crazy' in every branch.

Question 9

Who's in charge of Human Resources?

There's a lot of paper, a lot of employees and quite a few different departments to choose from. You have the warehouse, you have sales, and you have accounting. You also have product quality assurance, customer service and human resources. Some of these individual sections only have one employee, while others have more. Darryl heads up warehouse and deliveries. Angela seems to be in charge of accounting (whether it's true or not). Kelly pretty much runs customer service by herself. But, who's the HR rep?

Question 10

Who put Dwight's stapler in JELL-O?

Okay... it's just straight-up funny and we all know it. In fact, it probably made a lot of us stop and wonder, "... how did they do that?" And most likely because there's a great deal of us out there who can think of some people we work with that we'd love to pull the same kind of prank on. It can't be that hard. It's just a stapler. Maybe just a little extra gelatin to hold the weight? Hmmmm...?

Question 11

Who is Pam engaged to?

"Big deal, engaged ain't married." Those were Michael's words, anyway. And, maybe he's right. Maybe it's not that big of a deal. Problem is, it seems like kind of a big deal to Pam. Not just the fact that she's engaged to be married, but how long she's been engaged to be married. Lucky for us (the viewers: spoiler alert!), we know that it's not really meant to last anyway. But, for the sake of the quiz, we need to know if anyone remembers the name of Pam's fiancé.

Question 12

What game does Pam like to play on her computer?

If we're all completely honest with ourselves, it's not that big of a secret and it's not that uncommon, either. 'Cause we're all guilty of it. Who hasn't spent time on their computer (while at work or anytime we're supposed to be doing something else) playing a game or checking our status on Facebook? Some people shop, some text message, and some of us just want to see what the new movies are going to be this week. And, some of us, we just like taking quizzes.

Question 13

What incident was the reason for the "Diversity Day" meeting?

What? Michael Scott acting inappropriately? Now, that's hard to imagine. Could it be possible that he actually said something offensive? Could he have actually said something that made others uncomfortable? Maybe. What is it that they say? Anything's possible, or there's a first time for everything. Okay, okay. Enough being coy. Everyone who's anyone who watches the show knows that Michael says or does something offensive every day. It's just what he does. That doesn't make it right. It just kind of makes it a little less surprising.

Question 14

What is the name of Michael's "Diversity Group"?

But, of course, Michael will not be undone; especially when he feels like he's not controlling the room anymore. Kind of like losing your audience. So, when Michael is forced to take part in a corporate mandated seminar of sorts, he doesn't like the fact that he's being upstaged (so to speak). So, when the liaison leaves, Michael feels the need to show everyone in the office what it truly means to be diversified. And, like so many of Michael's other solo ventures, it pretty much falls apart.

Question 15

How does Jim celebrate his big sale for the year?

It's Jim's biggest sale of the year. And that's a big deal. They really do love him over there for some reason. Nobody's really sure why. So he makes one call over there every year just to renew their account. And that one call ends up being 25% of his commission; for the whole year. So, he likes to celebrate a little. And this time, he's pushing recycled paper on them, for one percent more. Don't know, sounds a little pushy, doesn't it?

Question 16

Who is put in charge of choosing the new health-care plan?

As brazen as Michael can be at times, there are also times where he's just as afraid of facing the consequences for delivering bad news. As most of us may (or may not) know, deep down Michael just wants to be liked. And, it's already hard enough dealing with the fact that there might be downsizing at any given moment. But, now they want him to choose a health-care plan for everyone as well?! What if they don't like it? Maybe it's better to just pawn this one off on someone else.

Question 17

Which of these is Dwight's "unofficial" title?

Dwight's loyalty to Michael pretty much goes beyond words. Perhaps a better term to use would be dedication. But, there are times when loyalty and dedication kind of cross a line... almost into an obsession. However, the beauty of this warped equation is that Michael seems to thrive on it as well. Perhaps it's because it feeds into his ego. Perhaps it's because it means that there's at least one person out there who truly likes him, who truly wants to be his friend.

Question 18

What is the big surprise at the end of the day?

At this point, Michael knows that he's in trouble. The rest of the employees are already upset at him for not taking charge and just doing his job. Instead, he hid in his office and put the responsibility on someone else to choose the new health-care plan. So, now he has to find a way to dig himself out of the hole with his coworkers and make them all forget what a coward he's been. So, he promises them all a big surprise for the end of the day.

Question 19

Which way gets more information passed around the office?

Sadly, Dwight can sometimes feels as alienated and left out of things as Michael can. Often times, he feels like he's purposely left out of the loop when it comes to all the interesting and happy news that circulates around the office. Problem is, how does one get INTO the loop. Just how does all of this news get around the office so quickly? What's the strongest, most reliable source? What can Dwight do to tap into the ebb and flow of this scuttlebutt?

Question 20

Whose birthday does the office celebrate to distract from the downsizing?

Whew! The whole crisis of choosing the new employee health-care plan has finally blown over. But, now... what to do to quell all the rumors going around about the downsizing. Whether or not it's true really isn't the issue here. It's just how do we stop people from constantly talking about it. If only he had kept his mouth shut from the beginning. But we all know that's just not an option. Wait! How about a party?! Everyone loves a birthday party!! Too bad it's nobody's birthday.

Question 21

How much money does Michael pledge for the Walk-A-Thon?

"You know I'm always good for some serious buckage. The rest of the people out there do not care about diseases." As per usual, Michael is doing his darnedest to try and impress everyone around him. And, in doing so, has done what he always does best... leaping before he looks. Had he not, he might have seen that the pledges for Oscar's nephew's walk-a-thon were: per mile and not just single, one time donations. Poor, poor, clueless Michael.

Question 22

What kind of birthday cake do they get?

Once again, whether he realizes it or not, Micheal has inadvertently put himself ahead of the needs of his own employees. The whole point was to throw a big birthday party and distract everyone (for a while at least) from the constant buzzing of downsizing that has been going on. When it comes time to choose a birthday cake, Michael wants what he wants. And, when the party-planning committee informs him that the birthday girl is allergic to that particular cake, his response is, "... well, she won't be the only one eating it, now will she?"

Question 23

Who are the two teams playing basketball?

Before he knows it, there's a competitive basketball game with high stakes involved. Now, without any kind of forethought or any idea of what it might possibly do to office morale, Michael has divided his workers and even offended a few of them in the process. Then again, it's not much different than any other day in the life of regional manager, Michael Scott. What he doesn't realize is just how much of a pickle he's gotten himself into this time.

Question 24

What happens to the losing team of the basketball game?

Needless to say, Michael Scott thinks rather highly of himself most of the time. And, for some reason, this is even truer when it comes to the guys in the warehouse. So, when they decide to put in a few basketball hoops, poor, old Michael just can't help but let his ego run rampant. And, as one might expect, the situation quickly elevates to a somewhat ridiculous level. Before he knows it, there's a competitive basketball game with high stakes involved.

Question 25

Who wins the basketball game?

It's too late, now. The word is out, the game is on, and the stakes are high. Sadly, it's not until after the game has begun that Michael finally seems to be getting the hint that he might just be in over his head. Then again, the only remedy to the situation would mean admitting that he might possibly have been wrong; or that he might have been possibly been running his mouth a bit too much. As usual.

Question 26

What is the incentive prize for top sales?

At the first mentioning of Katy coming into the office to solicit anything, Michael immediately puts his foot down and says no. Of course, that was before he got a look at the young lady who'd come to sell her wares. Then, all bets were off. Not only does he encourage her to set up in the conference room to sell her items, but he soon offers her the coveted prize for top sales, just to hopefully get her to go out with him.

Question 27

What does Katy come to the office to sell?

Once again, good ole' Michael has a fantastic opportunity to really do right by his employees. But, when he (typically) gets so easily distracted, he forgets his good intentions altogether and vies for the heart of the young lady that he doesn't even know. Sadly, she does see just how crazy of an idea the whole things is and does her best to let him down gently. But, as we all well know ... Michael's not very familiar with the idea of doing anything gently.

Question 28

Who does Katy end up going out with?

Not surprisingly so, Katy's presence in the office quickly begins to cause quite a stir, as she garners the attention of a handful of the male employees and not just Michael. A quiet or almost unspoken (except for Dwight) competition for her begins. Jim finds himself being egged on by Roy as we suspect that he may or may not know about Jim's unspoken affection for Pam. Dwight even goes as far as to ask Michael for permission to court her.

Question 29

Dwight buys a purse. True or False?

In Dwight's desperate attempt to woo Katy for himself, he is unsuspectingly duped by Jim into believing that men actually do carry purses now-a-days and that they're actually considered as miniature briefcases in the business world. It almost makes one feel sorry for him as Jim and Pam look on and mock his genuine attempt to have a casual conversation with the attractive, red-headed salesgirl. The question is, just how far is Dwight willing to go to win Katy's favor?

Question 30

What is Michael's favorite McDonald's sandwich?

In Michael's fevered preparation to romance Katy after office hours, there's a scene where he enlists the help of the new temp to clean out his car and we get an interesting peek into the more private side of the Dunder Mifflin Branch Manager. One of the things being, "how many of these ______________ sandwiches did you eat?" Of course, some of the other juicy details come from questions like, "Pam, how do women your age feel about futons?" It almost makes one wonder just how private (or sad) Michael's life outside the office really is.

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