Even Lydia Martin Couldn't Pass This Quiz About The Girls Of Teen Wolf!

During its time on the air Teen Wolf was a pop culture phenomena. It was one of MTV's most popular television shows of all-time, and it didn't take a genius like Lydia Martin to figure out why.

Based off of the classic 80s film of the same name, MTV's 2011 television show Teen Wolf starred Tyler Posey as Scott McCall, a socially awkward outcast whose life is dramatically changed after he's bitten by a werewolf. On top of the lycanthropic changes, like enhanced strength and agility, natural regenerative healing, and violent mood swings, he's thrust into a whole new social realm when he secures the spot of co-captain on his school's lacrosse team.

Luckily for him, he has the support of his human best friend, Stiles Stilinski, and his girlfriend, Allison Argent.

However, Allison's family is hiding a secret that threatens to tear them apart: they're werewolf hunters. If that wasn't enough to deal with, Allison's best friend Lydia Martin is bitten by a werewolf with absolutely no effect, indicating that something is going on there. Over time, even more characters are added into Scott's life - including a plethora of beautiful, resourceful, and powerful girls that each have their own personalities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Teen Wolf offered a one-of-a-kind perspective on certain supernatural creatures, and brought life to some of the most dynamic female characters of the decade. Over the course of six seasons, quite a bit happened to them, from different romantic relationships to the discovery of long-buried family secrets to the development of unimaginable power - and only someone who knows the show inside and out could ever really keep track of it all.

Question 1

What supernatural creature is Lydia Martin?

On the night of a school formal dance, sophomore student Lydia goes outside to look for her ex-boyfriend, Jackson. Instead, she finds Alpha werewolf Peter Hale, and ends up being bitten by him. Surprisingly, the bite seemingly has no effect on her, and she recovers quickly - until things start to get weird. Waking nightmares, sleepwalking, and disappearing for days at a time all start to become normal for Lydia, indicating that the bite actually awoke something inside of her that she didn't even know was there.

Question 2

What was in the punch at Lydia's birthday party?

In the second season, Lydia Martin's birthday took place. She was once on the top of the food chain and had the best parties in town, but after her recent behavior had led to her being labeled as a whack job, her party was empty. After Stiles made a few phone calls, the party was in full swing and Lydia was happily flouncing around, serving up punch. However, it quickly became apparent that something was wrong: Scott, Allison, Stiles, Jackson, and other party-goers suffered from vivid hallucinations of their deepest fears...

Question 3

How old was Allison when her family began teaching her to hunt?

The Argents were an infamous family of werewolf hunters that have been reigning terror all over the world for over four centuries. They believed in matriarchal leadership and thus, always put a woman in a position of power. Allison's mother, Victoria, was in charge of making the decisions for her family. One of those decisions included waiting until Allison was a teenager to begin teaching her about the ways of the Argent family, so they could allow her a normal childhood.

Question 4

What was Kira's number on the lacrosse team?

Beacon Hills High School's lacrosse team was once made up entirely of male players. During Kira Yukimura's Junior year, she was discovered by Coach Finstock when she was sitting on the sidelines with her friend, Malia Tate, watching Scott and Stiles at practice. Because of the agility boost provided by her supernatural abilities, she was able to snatch a stray ball out of the air just before it made contact with Malia's face, which was so impressive that Finstock immediately asked her to join the team.

Question 5

What did Allison forget on her first day of school?

On her first day at Beacon Hills High School, beautiful new student Allison Argent was a bit frazzled. She was no stranger to the first day jitters, since her family moved around a lot due to her father's position as an arms dealer, but it never really got any easier for her to deal with. She discovered only after being dropped off by her father that she had forgotten to bring one of the basic necessities with her to school.

Question 6

Which of these girls was paralyzed by kanima venom the most times?

A Kanima is a supernatural creature that occurs when a person struggling with deep-rooted emotional issues comes into contact with the werewolf gene. Until their feelings are resolved, they are unable to fully transform, and instead become a reptilian creature that has unique physical attributes, including sharp claws, a long tail, and venom that paralyzes any creature that touches it for an indefinite amount of time. The only known occurrence of a true Kanima was Jackson Whittemore, although Tracy Stewart was engineered by the Dread Doctors as a half-Kanima chimera.

Question 7

How old was Malia when she went missing?

Malia was only a child when tragedy struck and changed her life forever. Eight years before the events of Teen Wolf, in the year 2004, she was traveling in a car with two members of her adoptive family, her mother, Evelyn, and her sister, Kiley. A sudden car crash triggered an unexpected and uncontrollable transformation for Malia. In her frenzied state, she attacked and took the lives of her family members. Overcome with guilt and grief, she fled into the woods, where she lived as an animal until Scott and his pack found her.

Question 8

What caused Erica Reyes to have seizures?

Erica Reyes was a troubled student in the tenth grade at Beacon Hills High School. She was cruelly taunted and tormented by her classmates because of her disability. The medication she had to take caused her to gain weight and gave her acne. She felt that it worsened her social situation and would often secretly stop taking it - much to the chagrin of Melissa McCall, a nurse at the hospital she'd grown close with, because it left her at risk of having dangerous seizures.

Question 9

What subject is the hardest for Malia?

After spending eight years in the woods living life as a fully-shifted animal, Malia found it a little complicated to just show up to 11th grade like nothing had ever happened. Each subject was a considerable task for her, to be honest, but one in particular was so hard that she would become stressed out enough for her claws to come out. Luckily for her, she found a loyal friend in fellow student, Lydia Martin, who just so happened to be a genius.

Question 10

What is Lydia's mother's name?

In the beginning of the series, Lydia Martin and her mother's relationship is a bit strained, although there's clearly a lot of love shared between them. It's easy to see how Lydia might feel a bit suffocated, considering that her mother works at Beacon Hills High School, first as a Biology teacher and then as a guidance counselor. However, at the end of the day, her mother is willing to do whatever it takes to comfort and protect her daughter, even if it means putting herself in danger.

Question 11

Why did Lydia break up with Aiden?

In the first half of season 3A, Lydia Martin begins a relationship with one half of the weird set of Alpha Pack Twins that can merge themselves into one gigantic beast. Well, okay, that's not entirely true. She begins a purely physical fling with him that slowly grows into an actual relationship with feelings involved - without her really meaning for it to, because she wasn't interested in getting a boyfriend in the wake of Jackson leaving town. However, it didn't last too long, and she had broken up with him by the end of 3B.

Question 12

Who is Malia's biological father?

Malia was found in the woods by Scott McCall and his pack after they spent days poring over every bit of information they could find about her disappearance. After she was broken out of her fully-shifted form by the roar of an Alpha, she appeared as a full-fledged human girl, wearing nothing but the skin she was born in, covered in dirt and leaves and having a seriously bad hair day. She finds herself admitted to the local asylum, of course, for some treatment, but she's eventually allowed to return home.

Question 13

Whose pack was Erica Reyes in?

After she was bitten by an Alpha werewolf, everything about the life of Erica Reyes underwent a drastic improvement. Suddenly, all of the weight she'd gained was distributed in all the right places and she looked phenomenal in tight pants, corsets, and leather jackets. She was a bit fierce, with the spirit of a fighter that she'd had even before taking the bite, and she was not the kind of person to back down. She was even described as being able to withstand more pain than the others in her pack.

Question 14

Who was the last person Allison tried to save?

The daughter of a fearsome family of werewolf hunters, Allison Argent went against everything that her family believed in by dating a werewolf, Scott McCall. Even after their break up, she continued to be friends with Scott and the other members of his pack, including another werewolf, Isaac Lahey. When the Nogitsune took one of their friends and took them to an unknown location, it successfully baited Scott's pack into hunting them down, hoping to win a battle that would allow it to survive.

Question 15

What is Malia's wereform?

Like a surprising amount of the population of Beacon Hills, Malia is a shapeshifter. She is overtaken by her inner animal at every full moon, and even struggles with controlling it when she's faced with extreme emotions like stress, anger, or sadness. She lived in her true form for a number of years following the tragic incident that took her adoptive mother and sister from her. There are many different forms that a shapeshifter can take, as it is influenced by their personality, and sometimes their genes.

Question 16

What was Lydia's nickname from her grandmother?

When the Deadpool starts wreaking havoc on the supernatural population of Beacon Hills, Lydia Martin is one of the first people to start working on cracking the code. She's one of the most important parts of solving the puzzle, because of her relevant supernatural abilities and genius level IQ. In the end, it's a collaborative effort between Lydia, Malia, Stiles, and Lydia's late grandmother, the latter of which left a series of coded messages for Lydia, knowing she would find them and be able to figure out the passwords.

Question 17

Which of these families does Cora belong to?

At some point, off camera of course, Cora shows up in the bank vault that Boyd and Erica are being held in. While Erica doesn't make it out, Cora does, and it's revealed that she's the younger sister of one of the main characters. She had previously left town and spent some time elsewhere, but she returned when she learned that the members of her family were beginning to find their way to a position of power in Beacon Hills.

Question 18

What is Braeden's occupation?

Braeden is a morally gray woman who's willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goals. She is initially brought into town to keep a close eye on Isaac Lahey, a young werewolf who's currently in-between the packs of Scott and Derek Hale. After she completes her task, she's believed to have lost her life, but she later returns to Beacon Hills to fill the same position again, this time growing close to Scott and the members of his pack, in addition to Derek.

Question 19

Who did Allison hallucinate was taunting her at Lydia's birthday party?

The punch at Lydia Martin's seventeenth birthday party was poisoned with something that caused vivid hallucinations for anyone who drank it. Each person's vision was a manifestation of their deepest fear: Scott saw Allison and Jackson making out, Stiles saw his heavily intoxicated father loudly blaming him for his mother's fate, Jackson saw his parents with their faces blurred out, and Allison envisioned someone close to her taunting her for constantly crying for help and being unable to handle herself.

Question 20

Which of these hobbies is Lydia interested in?

Lydia Martin is an incredible young woman with a wide variety of talents and interests. One of her most obvious interests is school, where she puts her genius level IQ to work and passes her classes with flying colors. Another is reading, which sort of ties into the school thing, but even so, it's incredibly common to find Lydia somewhere with her nose buried in a non-fiction book, absorbing as much knowledge as she can. She enjoys makeup and fashion as well, as is evidenced by her cute everyday looks.

Question 21

What was the new Argent family code implemented by Allison?

When Allison Argent's mother, Victoria, passed away, Allison found herself quickly ascending the ranks in her family of werewolf hunters. She was suddenly in charge, and her father and grandfather alike were looking to her to make decisions about how they should handle things. At first, the pain and resentment caused by her mother's tragedy corrupted her, and she was as aggressive as the rest of her family, following with the code, "We hunt those who hunt us," but her true nature and her close relationships with Scott, Lydia, and her other supernatural friends lead her to make a statement of her own.

Question 22

What kind of Kitsune is Kira?

Kira Yukimura is the daughter of an ancient Kitsune and a human man. Her mother, Noshiko, is a Celestial Kitsune that is over 900 years old. Kira and her mother have many things in common, as do all Kitsune, when it comes to their supernatural abilities. Kitsune have incredible speed, strength, and agility, and the ability to heal naturally. They also have an innate talent for handling themselves in combat, especially with weaponry. They are also able to produce Foxfire, although the type of magical energy that manifests varies.

Question 23

What was Melissa McCall's maiden name?

His father, Rafael, left when Scott was only a child after an incident where he injured Scott. His parents filed for divorce, and he didn't see his father again until his late teen years. His mother, Melissa, kept the last name McCall even though she was divorced from Rafael. When Scott asked her why she didn't change her last name back to her maiden name, she stated that she kept it because of the fact that it was Scott's last name, indicating that Scott is the most important thing to her.

Question 24

Which of these characters has a sister?

Siblings in Beacon Hills aren't actually a very common thing. Well, at least not with both of them managing to stay alive. Aiden and Ethan were identical twin brothers before one of them passed away. Malia had a younger adoptive sister before she involuntarily took her life. Theo had a younger sister before he sacrificed her to the Dread Doctors. Derek had many siblings before the Hale House Fire. Sometimes neither sibling survives, like in the cast of young Betas Brett and Lori, who were taken out together by a hunter.

Question 25

How did Erica describe being a werewolf?

Before she was bitten by an Alpha werewolf, Erica's life was significantly different. She was bullied by her fellow students to a horrific degree, including one incident that nearly caused life-ruining damage, when her classmates discussed putting something in her mouth while she seized. She once had a seizure during class and wet herself, while someone recorded it and put it online. Needless to say, she was a little bitter after she was turned, but she was happy, hoping that she could now live a normal, if not privileged, life.

Question 26

What is Lydia's little dog named?

Lydia Martin is the loving owner of a small, fluffy dog that's named after a designer clothing label. She once had to wear a bandage on her leg because the dog bit her. Even so, when there was a series of human sacrifices, Stiles noticed that a few of the victims had all been owners of small dogs, which led him to plead with Lydia to get rid of her dog. She vehemently refused, indicating that she loved her dog too much to even consider it.

Question 27

Which of these two girls never met Allison Argent?

In the first few months of Scott McCall and his friends' Junior year of high school, the unthinkable happened: Allison Argent passed away. No one saw it coming, because she was a strong, clever girl who could handle herself in a fight and always seemed to have the upper hand on her opponents. Around that time, Malia and Kira were introduced to their pack and slowly began to form bonds with them, but only one of them actually got to meet Allison.

Question 28

What is Kira's weapon of choice?

Kira Yukimura is a Kitsune, which is a powerful supernatural creature that hails from Japan. In addition to the ability to manifest her energy as a magical weapon called Foxfire, she enjoys enhanced strength, speed, and agility. She can also rapidly heal from any wound she sustains, and her life will go on significantly longer than her peers, as is evidenced by her near-millennia old mother, Noshiko. Another perk of being a Kitsune is that she's a natural when it comes to wielding a weapon.

Question 29

Which of these people has Lydia Martin said "I love you" to?

In the beginning of the series, Lydia Martin is in a relationship with Jackson Whittemore. After a particularly traumatic series of events leads to him sustaining life-threatening injuries right in front of her, she comforts him by saying, "I do still love you." Thankfully, Jackson survives, but he is forced to leave town by his parents - and the widespread belief that he's deceased. After Jackson leaves, Lydia avoids emotional attachments, and doesn't really do much in regards to talking about her feelings. However, there is one person that she actually tells that she loves them.

Question 30

What language did Lydia help Allison translate?

When the Kanima is causing mayhem in Beacon Hills, Allison works with Scott and Stiles to figure out who it is. They are racing against Derek's pack to protect Lydia, whom they believe to be the threat. Finally, Scott's pack catches a break when they acquire information about the Kanima, but their happiness is short lived because it's in a language that none of them know. One night, Allison returns home, distraught, only to find Lydia Martin, faithfully waiting to talk to her - and offering to help translate for them.

Question 31

What movie did Lydia like to watch every weekend?

When she was dating Jackson Whittemore, Lydia was pretty bratty when it came to their weekend activities. No matter how much of a fight he put up, she would never budge even slightly and allow him to choose the movie they rented together. She liked one movie in particular and insisted on getting it every weekend, even though they had seen it a million times. Jackson would occasionally put up a fight, but he'd always end up in the video store, hunting it down for her.

Question 32

What did Lydia invite Allison to do with her and Jackson on a double date?

When Allison transfers to Beacon Hills High School, she's immediately taken into the clique of resident popular girl Lydia Martin, which includes her boyfriend and star lacrosse player, Jackson Whittemore. Allison takes an interest in Scott, a student who was once an outcast but is now the new co-captain of the lacrosse team. Once Scott and Allison are official, Lydia invites the two of them along on a double date with herself and Jackson, much to the heartbreak of Scott's best friend, Stiles, who's had an obsessive crush on Lydia for years.

Question 33

What did Lydia try to make in the chemistry lab?

During their Sophomore year, Scott, Stiles, Allison, Jackson, and Lydia found themselves trapped in a classroom at Beacon Hills High School, being stalked by a large, fearsome creature of the night. They were all terrified, of course. Lydia attempted to contact the police but they weren't interested in hearing what she had to say, which left them to deal with the problem on their own. Luckily for everyone, Lydia was an undercover genius, and she quickly hatched a plan to concoct a powerful chemical weapon for them.

Question 34

What is this girl's name?

This young lady was a student at Beacon Hills High School at the same time as Derek Hale. She was a talented member of the school's orchestra, where she played the cello. She was a quiet, shy girl who often bickered with Derek, but the two of them eventually fell in love. She lost her life at his hands after her body rejected an Alpha's bite, and was inadvertently the celibate sacrifice that restored life to an ancient and powerful supernatural tree called the Nemeton.

Question 35

What was Jennifer Blake's true form called?

Julia Baccari served as the emissary for Kali's pack, and was accidentally spared when Kali turned on them to claim her Alpha status. She crawled to the Nemeton and used its spark of power to bring herself back to life, although she was permanently corrupted. She began using the name Jennifer Blake and set to work on making multiple sacrifices in order to gather enough strength to exact revenge against Kali and her Alpha pack, using the innocence and emotions of Derek Hale's first love, Paige, to manipulate him into doing what she wanted.

Question 36

What is Lydia trying to help Allison do?

After Scott, Allison, and Stiles make a symbolic sacrifice in order to find their parents, they're just not the same. Stiles begins to be unable to tell whether he is awake or dreaming, which sets into motion a rapid deterioration of his mental stability. New Alpha Scott begins to grow scared of losing control of himself and is haunted by his own strength, seeing a large, fearsome creature as his shadow. Allison suffers from visions of a late family member, as well as the loss of certain abilities, but Lydia quickly comes to her side.

Question 37

What is this girl's name?

This girl was a childhood friend of Stiles Stilinski. They had known one another since they were around two years old, and even used to take baths together. Over the summer, when he goes to a party with Scott, she greets him at the door with kiss and informs him that she wants to go all the way with him. While he's upstairs searching for something, she waits in the basement, where she's unfortunately abducted and used as a sacrifice by Jennifer Blake.

Question 38

Whose funeral is Allison attending?

If there is one thing that Allison Argent is no stranger to, it's loss. One of her first losses is the opportunity to have a normal teenage experience, something that most people take for granted, due to the amount of moving around her family must do to sustain her father's job as an arms dealer. She also loses her relationship with her first love, Scott, after she learns that her family is actually made up of fearsome werewolf hunters that would sooner see him lose his life than be a part of hers. Her family's werewolf hunting status costs her several close relatives, too.

Question 39

Where did Kira's family move from?

Kira Yukimura shows up in Beacon Hills at the beginning of her Junior year of high school. She attends Beacon Hills High School, where she quickly develops a crush on the captain of the lacrosse team and overall sweetheart, Scott McCall. She goes out of her way to provide him with as much information as she has about the supernatural forces that are troubling his pack, including the fact that several members seem to be trapped in-between awake and asleep.

Question 40

Who bit Victoria Argent?

Allison's mother, Victoria Argent was incredibly strict and somewhat controlling. The way she handled Allison left such a lasting impression that in times of distress, Allison was sometimes plagued by visions of her late mother berating her. However, Victoria loved her daughter and was truly only trying to protect her. In a desperate attempt to separate her from her werewolf boyfriend, Victoria tried to eliminate him, but was instead bitten by an Alpha. Unfortunately for Allison, that meant that she had to take her own life to avoid turning into a werewolf, per the Argent family code.

Question 41

What academic award did Lydia say she would win?

There's no denying that Lydia Martin is a genius. She attends AP classes at Beacon Hills High School and even has the opportunity to attend college early instead of sticking around for her senior year, although she rejects it in favor of staying with her friends. When she's forced by her best friend to be Stiles' date to a dance, he attempts to convince her to dance with him by complimenting her intellect, saying that she'll win an award for it one day. She does end up agreeing to dance with him, but only after correcting him about exactly which award she'll win.

Question 42

How was Erica able to access information about Jackson's parents?

When the Kanima was reigning terror on Beacon Hills, Erica Reyes took a strong interest in figuring out who it was. She was initially somewhat convinced that it was Lydia Martin, and was willing to eliminate her if it came down to it. However, after Stiles Stilinski continually asked her questions about Jackson and his biological parents, it became apparent to her that Jackson was the Kanima. During a detention session in the school library, she helped Scott and Stiles out by giving them some valuable information about his biological family.

Question 43

What was the name of Allison's ancestor who took on The Beast of Gévaudan?

In the beginning of the series, Allison Argent learns that the legendary Beast of Gévaudan was slain by one of her ancestors in the 1700s. The Beast is later resurrected by the Dread Doctors and begins to wreak havoc on Beacon Hills. It is revealed that another Argent ancestor, Sébastien, brother of the legendary huntress, was the Beast. Even after she has passed away, it is Allison who saves Scott's life. While preparing to execute him, Sébastien sees Allison in Scott's memories and, due to their likeness, mistakes her for his sister.

Question 44

Which of these physical activities did Allison do?

Before she moved to Beacon Hills, Allison might not have been able to have much of a stable social life, but that didn't stop her from digging into a few extra curricular activities! Once she learned the truth of her family, she became a skilled combatant and learned her way around quite a few different weapons, but even before that, she was involved in physical activities that gave her a good head start on having to learn to fight and defend herself.

Question 45

Where did Malia plan on spending the summer?

After spending the majority of her childhood as an animal, and most of her high school career in a committed relationship with Stiles Stilinski, Malia was aching for some freedom. She planned on getting out of not only Beacon Hills or the state of California, but the entire country of the United States of America. She wanted to explore part of the world she'd never seen before by heading to a European country for the summer, where she could immerse herself in a new culture and surround herself with new people, for once.

Question 46

What subject did Jennifer Blake teach at Beacon Hills High School?

While she may have secretly been a dark, powerful druid bent on revenge that was born from betrayal and the corruption of life itself, Jennifer Blake didn't let that show. During the day, she played the part of an innocent, compassionate teacher at Beacon Hills High School who greatly valued her students' academic success and general well-being. She was so convincing that her true identity went unnoticed as she formed a romantic relationship with Derek and taught a class which featured Scott and all of his friends. They even trusted her to help them fight off danger during an incident at the hospital.

Question 47

What AP class do Kira and Lydia share?

Lydia Martin and Kira Yukimura are friends for a lot of reasons, such as how each of them is resourceful, loyal, and clever. Their cleverness extends to street smarts, making them someone that anyone would want on their side in a battle, and book smarts, making them someone that anyone would want to work with on a group project. In their Senior year at Beacon Hills High School, the girls are both in the same AP class taught by Mrs. Finch.

Question 48

What does Lydia see that ends her comatose state in Eichenhouse?

After a series of suspicious events leads her mother to have Lydia admitted into Eichenhouse, she finds herself trapped outside of her body, unable to wake herself up. She meets with another of her kind, Meredith, who begins teaching her to channel her powers and learn to control them, so that she can awaken and survive. However, she ends up being abruptly pulled from her comatose state when she has a vision of something terrible happening to someone she cares about.

Question 49

What was the name of the nightclub Hayden worked in?

Hayden Romero has a job at a seedy nightclub in Beacon Hills. Since she's underage, she has to be paid under the table, which means that she gets stiffed on her tips a lot. It's not glamorous or anything, but at the end of the day, it's enough for her to be able to help her older sister, Valerie, out with the task of having to take care of them both, which is particularly hard since Hayden has required an expensive medication ever since her kidney transplant.

Question 50

What did Allison make from silver as her rite of passage?

The Argents are a fearsome, ancient family of werewolf hunters that have passed their traditions down since the 1700s. One such tradition is that a hunter forges something a silver bullet after completing their training. The reason for this is that Argent is the word for Silver in French - in fact, the legend that a silver bullet can take the life of a werewolf comes from the Argent family's legacy. In her Junior year of high school, Allison and her father work together to forge Allison's bullet, but she ends up making something more relevant to herself instead.

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