Even Hardcore Vampire Diaries Fans Can’t Pass This Season 1 Test

The Vampire Diaries is without a doubt one of the best supernatural TV shows out there. Season one of the show aired exactly ten years ago, all the way back in 2009. According to IMDb, eight seasons and 171 episodes were released in total. The show ended two years ago, in 2017, much to the dismay of its countless fans.

The Vampire Diaries was so successful that a spin-off series was released in 2013. It was titled The Originals and it focused on the Original Vampires. However, since the Original Vampires were not introduced to The Vampire Diaries until season two of the show, there won’t be any questions regarding them on this quiz. After all, this quiz is all about season one of The Vampire Diaries!

As most fans are probably well aware, the plot of The Vampire Diaries focuses on a human girl named Elena and two vampire brothers named Stefan and Damon. Both Stefan and Damon have feelings for Elena and while initially Elena is smitten with Stefan with time she grows rather fond of Damon too.

As mentioned previously, season one of the series aired 10 years ago hence why we doubt that anyone will get a perfect score on this quiz. Only true fans of the show stand a chance of even passing this quiz. Those who have re-watched the show once or twice are obviously at an advantage.

Question 1

What is the name of the town that The Vampire Diaries is set in?

Let’s start off easy. Every true fan of The Vampire Diaries should know the name of the town in which the series is set in. The town is located in Virginia and was founded in the mid 19th century by a number of Founding Families. It is in this town that the show’s female protagonist, Elena Gilbert was born. It was also in this town that the two male protagonists, Stefan and Damon, were born too (although they moved away after they were turned into vampires they nonetheless eventually returned to their birth place). Not much is revealed about the town or its history throughout the show although we do know that it has always been a hotbed of supernatural events.

Question 2

“For over a century, I have lived in secret.” Who said this - Stefan or Damon?

This question is slightly harder. Still, if you’re a loyal fan of the series (and especially if you have re-watched the show after it ended) you should have no difficulty answering this question. The above line was uttered early on in season one of the series. But can you recall whether it was Stefan or Damon who said it? Obviously, both Stefan and Damon are vampires and they have both lived as immortals for more than a century. Like most vampires, Stefan and Damon live in secret. They don't want anyone finding out that they have supernatural abilities for it could put their lives into serious danger.

Question 3

When Stefan and Damon first meet it is revealed that they haven’t seen each other for many years. How many exactly?

As most people taking this quiz are probably well aware, Stefan and Damon Salvatore are brothers. Damon is slightly older than Stefan, which might explain why he had such a hard time growing up – he always covered up not only for Stefan but also for his mother, not wanting them to get into trouble (for example, who can forget that time when he took the blame for taking his father’s money even though it was his mother who took the money in the hopes of escaping her mean and abusive husband). Growing up Stefan and Damon were incredibly close but their love for the same woman tore them apart.

Question 4

What piece of jewelry does Stefan give Elena?

When Stefan and Elena first start going out, he gives her a gorgeous piece of jewelry and of course, Elena is more than thrilled. She says that the gift is gorgeous and he tells her that he has had it forever and that he never wanted to give it to anyone but that all changed when he met her. Stefan asks Elena to wear the piece of jewelry for “good luck”. However, the piece of jewelry is actually laced with vervain – a herb that repels vampires. As such, Stefan knows that if Elena wears the piece of jewelry she will be protected against vampire manipulation and compulsion.

Question 5

Who is this?

Recognize this man? He was an important character in season one of the show and appeared in a grand total of eight episodes. We last saw him in the final episode of season one of the series, which was titled Founder’s Day. This character was Mayor and member of the Founder’s Council (which was later renamed Town Council). He was also the father of one major character. Curiously enough, he was the carrier of the werewolf gene. However, he never activated it which means that he never did turn into a furry beast. He passed away during Founder’s Day after a vampire snapped his neck.

Question 6

What is the name of Stefan’s and Damon’s "uncle"?

We first met this character in the show’s Pilot. All in all, he appeared in only five episodes of the show. He was a distant nephew of Stefan and Damon Salvatore and lived in the Salvatore Boarding House. Like so many other non-supernatural characters, this man was also a member of the Town Council. In fact, he was the one who supplied the town with vervain (he grew it in the basement of the house), a powerful herb that can help humans protect themselves against vampires. This character was not at all happy when Stefan and Damon showed up at his doorstep and announced that they will be living with him. In the end, Damon took his life.

Question 7

Damon and Stefan were once in love with a woman named...?

We’ve already mentioned that Damon and Stefan Salvatore are brothers and that they once had a great relationship. Unfortunately, their relationship turned sour after they fell in love with the same woman. They were still human when they fell head over heels with a female vampire. The vampire loved both of them and could not choose so she decided to turn both of them into immortals too. Damon was aware of her plan – although he had no idea that Stefan was going to be turned also - whereas Stefan was oblivious. In the end, Stefan alluded to his father that the woman he was in love with was a vampire. Their father was furious and trapped the woman which created a rift between the two brothers.

Question 8

How does Elena meet Stefan on first day of school?

In the first episode in the series, Elena and Stefan first meet on their first day of school. Later Stefan can’t stop staring at her (which might have something to do with the fact that she looks exactly like his old flame) during class and eventually they start going out. But who can remember the circumstances under which the two lovebirds met for the very first time? It was also the very first time that they talked to one another, although they did not exactly say much to each other. Nonetheless, it was obvious from the very beginning that they felt a deep and passionate connection.

Question 9

Name this character.

Let’s be honest – most of us were incredibly upset when this character passed away. This character first appeared in season one episode eight of the series. The episode was titled 162 Candles which makes sense seeing how this character came over to celebrate Stefan’s 162nd birthday. She was Stefan’s best friend and she always visited him on his birthday. This character was obviously a vampire and was actually much older than both Stefan and Damon. It was this character who helped Stefan leave behind his Ripper ways and embrace a bunny diet. Unfortunately, Damon took her life towards the end of season one although she did visit Stefan in the form of a spirit later on in the show.

Question 10

What is the name of the new history teacher?

Who thinks they can recall the name of this particular character? We were first introduced to this character in season one episode nine of the series, which was titled History Repeating. This character was introduced as the new history teacher. Most of us were quick to fall for him. He was charismatic, funny and fair. Of course, it did not take us long to realize that he had a secret agenda. He was no ordinary teacher. Rather, he was a vampire hunter and he was determined to locate the vampire who he believed took the life of his wife. However, in the end, it turned out that his wife had actually asked the vampire to turn her into an immortal.

Question 11

What was the name of the teacher that Alaric replaced?

The character whom we asked you to name in the question above was introduced as a new history teacher midway through season one. But who can recall the name of the character that he replaced? This character first appeared in season one episode one of The Vampire Diaries. He was a history teacher and as some might be very well able to recall, he was not very nice. This particular character was not just a teacher. He was also a football coach. His life was taken by Damon who wanted to prove to Stefan that he had no humanity left in him.

Question 12

Damon struck up what kind of deal with Bonnie’s ancestor Emily?

Bonnie Bennett might not have known that she was a witch when we first met her but it was inevitable that she was going to discover her unusual talents at one point or another. After all, she came from a long line of witches. For example, her ancestor Emily who was alive in the 19th century was also a powerful witch. She was also a handmaiden to the vampire whom both Stefan and Damon loved. Unfortunately, this vampire betrayed Emily to the Founder’s Council and she was burned at the stake. However, before she passed away she struck up a deal with Damon.

Question 13

Why does Damon return to his birth town?

Out of the two Salvatore brothers, Stefan was the one we met first. Most of us were instantly smitten with him. He was sweet, gentle and caring. But of course, a show with no drama would be much too boring which is why at the end of episode one, we were also introduced to Stefan’s big brother, Damon (who, as we were quick to realize, was the polar opposite of Stefan). Stefan was rather taken aback upon sighting Damon - he obviously did not expect to see him. After all, the two were not on the best of terms. However, Damon had a pretty good reason for returning to his birth town. Who can remember what that reason was?

Question 14

What was Logan's job?

Remember Logan? He was at one point dating Elena’s and Jeremy’s aunt and guardian. However, their relationship did not work out because Logan was unfaithful to her (it is worth mentioning that we did not see any of this – the information regarding their past relationship was alluded to although we did see Logan trying to get close to his ex-girlfriend once more at the start of season one). This character was a member of the Town Council and naturally had a great dislike for all supernatural beings. He was even involved in a vampire hunt with two other prominent members of the Founder’s Council. But what did he work as?

Question 15

Where does Damon take Elena after he saves her from a car accident?

In episode ten of season one of the show, Damon saves Elena after she spots a mysterious figure on the road and in an attempt to avoid it, crashes her car. Not wanting to waste time (and the opportunity to get closer to Elena of course) Damon decides to take her with him to see an old flame and a powerful witch in the hopes that she might be able to help him. However, she proves fairly useless and Damon almost loses his life. Luckily, Elena is there to save him. Both Elena and Damon end up having a good time on their road trip and naturally, they bond.

Question 16

Who saved Elena from the car crash that was fatal to her parents?

Speaking of car crashes, who can remember who it was that saved Elena from the car crash that was fatal to her parents (or rather, her adoptive parents)? The accident occurred on the notorious Wickery Bridge – Elena’s father accidentally drove off it. He and his wife drowned but Elena was saved. Indeed, she was the only survivor of the accident. Who can remember who it was that saved her? Or did she save herself? The accident left Elena and her younger brother (or half-brother) Jeremy with no parents. As most fans can probably recall, both Elena and Jeremy found it incredibly difficult to cope with their new situation.

Question 17

What is the name of Anna’s mother?

Annabelle, better known simply as Anna, was a centuries old vampire who came to town so as to free her mother from a tomb that contained numerous ancient vampires. She was a rather important character. Indeed, she appeared in as many as 18 episodes in total although it is worth mentioning that she passed away at the end of season one. As such, in later seasons she appeared as a ghost and not as an actual living and breathing vampire. In order to free her mother, Anna befriended Elena’s little brother Jeremy. Initially she was only planning to use him for information but with time actually fell for him (he was not indifferent to her either).

Question 18

What does Matt work as at Mystic Grill?

Matt was a human and probably the only character in the entire show who did not gain any supernatural abilities. He was a major character whom we met in the show’s Pilot. He was in love with Elena whom he had previously dated. As such he was quite jealous of Stefan Salvatore since he could see that Elena was attracted to him. Matt also had a sister – who was known for her wild lifestyle and her use of various illegal substances - but unfortunately she was turned into a vampire early on in season one and since she posed a threat she was eliminated. Matt was always the responsible one and had a pretty steady job in season one. Who can remember what his job was?

Question 19

What was the theme of the school dance in episode 12?

In season one of the series, a themed dance was held in the town's high school. Who can remember the theme of this dance? Pretty much everyone dressed up for it with the exception of the Salvatore brothers of course. During the dance, Elena danced with Stefan but unfortunately, their fun was cut short thanks to the appearance of a mysterious vampire named Noah who had been after Elena for quite some time. Eventually, Stefan cornered him and got him to confess as to why he was obsessed with Elena. His admission did not save him however for he was later staked.

Question 20

What was the name of Stefan and Damon’s father?

Naturally, Stefan and Damon Salvatore were not always vampires. Once upon a time – sometime during the 19th century to be exact – they led normal, human lives. Indeed, they were human when they both fell in love with the same girl who ended up turning them into vampires. Once their father found out that they had been turned into immortals, he wanted nothing to do with them and was prepared to take their lives himself. While that might sound a bit extreme it makes sense - Stefan’s and Damon’s father was not a very pleasant man. He was mean and abusive. Even his wife – Stefan’s and Damon’s mother – could not stand him and wanted nothing more than to get away from him. But who can recall his name?

Question 21

What is the name of Bonnie’s grandma?

Bonnie’s grandma, whom she called Grams, was a powerful witch. She was kind of like a mother figure to Bonnie seeing how Bonnie’s mother – a capable witch who had been turned into an immortal – had to leave town after she trapped a diabolical vampire inside a tomb. It was Bonnie’s grandma who told Bonnie that she had magical abilities which at the time were yet to manifest and helped her to control her powers when they did. Bonnie’s grandma also told her tales about her family’s past. She disliked vampires and had no desire to get involved in vampire business.

Question 22

How did Bonnie’s grandma pass away?

We’ve already mentioned that Bonnie’s grandma was a very powerful witch. And we’ve already asked you to name her. Now we’d like you to try and remember as to how Bonnie’s grandma passed away. As most fans will without doubt recall, Bonnie’s grandma did not make it past season one. Most of us thought it a pity – Bonnie’s grandma made for an interesting character and it would have been cool to learn more about her life. Of course, Bonnie was incredibly upset when her grandma passed away and even tried to use spells to bring her back to life. Like most characters, Bonnie’s grandma appeared in later seasons of the show, albeit in the form of a spirit.

Question 23

What is the name of Matt’s mother?

We didn’t see all that much of Matt’s mother. Matt pretty much lived on his own (with his sister until she passed away) since his mother had left town with her boyfriend after she was fired from her job. She returned to her birth town in episode 15 however but that did not make Matt’s life any easier. Indeed, even though she was back, Matt continued paying for all the bills since she did not have a job. She was very immature and could often be seen in the company of much younger guys. Eventually Matt caught her with one of his friends and decided that he had had enough. He packed her bags and told her to leave the house. She did as she was told.

Question 24

Who is Elena’s biological mother?

We’ve mentioned in passing that Elena was actually adopted. As such, it was not her biological parents who passed away in the car crash on Wickery Bridge but rather her adoptive parents. This also means that Jeremy was not Elena’s brother but rather her adoptive brother. Of course, Elena did not know this and when Stefan told her the truth she was taken aback. She got to meet her biological mother in season one of the show but did not like her very much at all. Her biological mother was not only selfish and cold, she was also friends with the woman who turned Stefan and Damon into vampires and who made Elena’s life miserable.

Question 25

Who is John Gilbert?

Remember John Gilbert? We met him towards the end of season one. To be more specific, we met him in episode 18, which was titled Under Control. John was a member of the Founder’s Council and of course greatly disliked vampires. Indeed, he had a seemingly foolproof plan to get rid of all of them which he shared with the Council. John knew Elena, Jeremy and Jenna, but who knows how exactly he was related to Elena? Most of us did not like him very much but in the end he turned out to be one of the good guys.

Question 26

How does Elena meet Damon for the very first time?

Previously on this quiz, we asked you to try and recall how Elena and Stefan met for the very first time (and by met we mean talked, even if only very briefly). Now we ask you to try and recall how Elena met Damon for the very first time. Elena first talked to Damon after she had already gotten to know Stefan pretty well. She had no idea that Stefan had a brother however and as such was taken aback when Damon introduced himself as such. She was rather fond of him at first - after all, Damon can very charming - but changed her opinion when Stefan told her that he was responsible for all the "animal attacks" in town.

Question 27

When does Elena realize that Stefan is a vampire?

When Elena first met Stefan she had no idea that he was a vampire. She was quick to fall for him and he was obviously not indifferent to her either. In fact, he had fallen in love with her even before he had actually talked to her for he had observed her from afar and realized that they shared many things in common. Eventually he decided to get to know her better and the rest is history. Of course, he didn’t actually tell her that he was a vampire at the start, which was a mistake on his part for it made him look dishonest.

Question 28

Where do Elena and Stefan kiss for the very first time?

When Elena and Stefan first meet in episode one of season one, it is impossible not to see the deep connection between them. As such, we all knew that it was only a matter of time before they would start dating. When Stefan and Elena first started going out, most of us were ecstatic. They were a gorgeous couple but more importantly, they shared similar hobbies and similar values in life. They had their first kiss early on in season one of the series, much to the delight of the show's fans. But who can recall where it was that they shared their first kiss?

Question 29

Who wins Founder's Day beauty pageant?

As most fans are probably well aware, there’s a beauty pageant held in Elena’s birth town every single year. Since the pageant is named after the town itself we naturally can’t explicitly refer to it (having asked you to name the town earlier on in this quiz). Still, we’d like you to answer the question above! As most can probably recall, the beauty pageant was featured in episode 19 of season one of the show. Elena participated in it in honor of her adoptive mother since she was really into Founder’s day celebrations and had even once won the pageant herself.

Question 30

Bonnie truly realizes she is a witch when she does what?

As mentioned previously on this quiz, Bonnie had no idea that she was a witch when we first met her. However, with time her supernatural abilities began to emerge. Luckily, at the time her grandma was still alive and was more than happy to teach Bonnie how to control her magical powers. Of course, as some might be very well able to recall, Bonnie was skeptical about her abilities at first but realized that she was a witch when she performed a particular spell. Who can remember what that specific spell was (or rather, what that specific spell did)? Go ahead and choose one of the four options above!

Question 31

Who fed on his father to complete the transition – Stefan or Damon?

The process of turning into a vampire is by no means a simple one. You need to not only pass away with a vampire’s blood in your system but also to feed on a human being. Skip the latter step and the transition will not be completed. We mentioned that Stefan’s and Damon’s father was not exactly a nice man but still, he did not deserve to pass away the way that he did. As most fans can probably recall, his life was taken away by one of his own sons. But who was it that fed on him to complete the transition – Stefan or Damon?

Question 32

Stefan tries out for which sport?

Vampires enjoy countless supernatural abilities such as super speed and great coordination which makes them great sportsmen (or sportswomen). As such, it comes as no surprise that in season one of The Vampire Diaries Stefan ended up trying out for a specific sport and was incredibly good at it. Indeed, Elena was very much impressed by Stefan’s athletic skills. But who can remember which one of the above four sports did Stefan try out for? He didn’t really keep at it – we didn’t see him doing this sport past season one for example – which makes us think that only the truly dedicated and loyal fans of The Vampire Diaries will get this one right.

Question 33

“How come you don’t sparkle?” Who said that?

Most of us tend to think of vampires as fictional beings from folklore. In folklore, vampires can’t step out into the sun and if they do, they sparkle (Twilight might have something to do with this strange misconception too). According to various myths and legends, vampires are also not huge fans of garlic or holy water. One can also apparently occupy a vampire by spilling grains or poppy seeds in front of him for he will be forced to count them all before he moves on. As such, it comes as no surprise that most characters in The Vampire Diaries did not believe that vampires were a thing and when they were proven wrong they thought all of the above misconceptions true. But who was it that uttered the ridiculous line above?

Question 34

What were the names of Elena’s adoptive parents?

When we first met Elena we believed that her parents passed away in a car crash on Wickery Bridge. However, with time we learned (as did Elena) that the people who drowned after the fatal incident were not actually her parents, at least not biologically speaking. Rather, they were her adoptive parents. Naturally, Elena was curious to meet both her biological mother and her biological father but was left rather disappointed by them. As such, she always thought of her adoptive parents as her real parents (and she always thought of her adoptive brother Jeremy as her real brother). Who can remember the names of Elena’s adoptive parents?

Question 35

At the end of season 1, did Damon kiss Elena?

When Damon first comes to town he doesn’t really care about Elena in the slightest. He is intrigued by her of course, but then again she does look exactly like the woman that he once loved. However, with time he grows fond of Elena (especially when he realizes that the woman he was head over heels in love with never really cared about him) and before he knows it he develops feelings for her. Of course, this complicates his relationship with Stefan even further. At the end of season 1, did Damon kiss Elena?

Question 36

What is the name of Elena’s and Jeremy’s guardian?

After Elena’s and Jeremy’s parents pass away their whole life is turned upside down. Luckily, they have an aunt who is more than happy to come and look after them. This aunt eventually becomes Elena’s and Jeremy’s legal guardian. Being a guardian to two teenagers is of course not easy. The aunt herself was pretty young and she had once led a rather wild life. She tries her best to lead by example but has no clue what approach to take when disciplining Jeremy who is naturally upset over the passing away of his parents (and who copes by taking drugs and acting out).

Question 37

Where did Stefan and Elena find Emily’s spell book?

In seemed like pretty much everyone in season one of The Vampire Diaries was preoccupied with the idea of opening a tomb that contained countless ancient vampires. Opening the tomb proved more difficult than it seemed at first sight, however. Indeed, the spell needed to open the tomb was written down in Emily’s grimoire (another word for spellbook) which, for a long time, no one could locate. Eventually however Elena and Stefan read Stefan’s father’s journals and in consequence, learned of the grimoire’s location. So, who thinks they can remember the exact spot where Emily’s spell book was to be found?

Question 38

Who asks Anna to be turned into a vampire?

We’ve already mentioned Anna earlier on in this quiz. She was a centuries-old vampire who was determined to break her mother out of an ancient tomb regardless of the consequences. It was for this reason that she came to her birth town in the first place and it was for this reason that she befriended Jeremy. Anna freed her mother eventually but her happiness was short-lived. The lives of Anna and her mother, as well as the lives of other ancient vampires, were taken during Founder’s Day celebrations. Still, before Anna passed she almost turned one major character into a vampire (not against the character's wish but rather upon the character's request). Who was it that wanted to become a vampire?

Question 39

Name this character.

Think you can name this character? Then go ahead and choose one of the options above! The man in the image above was a major character hence why everyone should get this one right. We first met him in the show’s Pilot. Most of us were not very fond of him. He was arrogant and mean and he kissed his best friend’s mother which obviously put a strain on their relationship. This character turned out to be a werewolf although he was not aware of this until season two. At the end of season one, however, we got plenty of hints of what was yet to come. He was affected by the Gilbert Device (which affects all supernatural beings) during Founder’s Day and crashed the car he was driving.

Question 40

Who does Liz Forbes befriend - Stefan or Damon?

Elizabeth Forbes, or simply Liz, was Caroline’s mother. She was a major character whom we were introduced to in season one of the series. Unlike most characters, she managed to survive until season six which is when she succumbed to cancer. Liz worked as the town’s sheriff and was also a member of the Founder’s Council. Like most members of the council, she had great a dislike for vampires. Still, without knowing it she actually befriended one. She didn’t realize that he was a vampire for quite some time and believed that he was her greatest ally when it came to tracking down immortals.

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