Even Hardcore Twilight Fans Can't Pass This 'Fill In The Blank' Test!

According to IMDB, the very first Twilight movie was released into theaters in 2008. Originally a modestly budgeted film adaptation of a popular tween book series, Twilight quickly snowballed into becoming one of the highest-grossing film franchises of all time! Who would have ever thought someone as seemingly simple as a movie about teenage vampires could become such the huge cultural phenomenon that we know it as today?

There is just so much to love about these movies! There's drama, action, and of course, lots of romance between Bella Swan and her vampire soulmate, Edward Cullen. There's also the addition of a third character to take this relationship and turn it into a complicated love triangle, thanks to Jacob Black's love for Bella as well. But Jacob also added another dimension to the movies, and that was the introduction of werewolves into the mix!

Each film brought something special to the franchise. Twilight was all about Bella and Edward; New Moon was about Bella and Jacob; Eclipse was about Bella, Edward, and Jacob, and the two Breaking Dawn movies featured Bella's transition into becoming a vampire herself! With so many movies in the franchise, is it possible for anyone to be able to remember the films' best quotes? We challenge anyone who thinks they're an expert on these movies to take this quiz and see for themselves if their memory is as good as they think!

Question 1

"One of the best things about Charlie? He ___."

This quote is given by Bella in the very first Twilight movie. In fact, it occurs in one of the very first scenes of the film in which Bella and her dad, Charlie, have reunited after a few years of absence and he is helping her get unpacked in her bedroom. There is an obvious awkwardness looming between these two, which is largely due to the fact that it has been so long since Bella has even been in Forks. She used to spend a few weeks every summer there, she explains in the voice-over at the beginning of the film. After more awkward small-talk with her dad, Charlie leaves Bella alone and she makes this remark.

Question 2

"Hi, I'm Jacob. We used to ___ when we were little."

This quote is delivered by Jacob Black in the very first Twilight movie, and it also happens to be his first line spoken in the entire film franchise. He and his father, Billy, have just arrived at the Swan house to gift Bella with her brand new (well, new to her) truck. As Billy and his good friend Charlie go off on their own to joke around, Jacob sidles up to Bella and introduces himself. He also reminds her that this isn’t really the first time they’ve met. They used to hang out when they were kids, but what would they do together back then?

Question 3

"It's like first grade all over again, and you're ___."

This quote is given by Jessica in the first Twilight movie after Bella has joined her and all of her friends at their cafeteria table. At this point, Jessica has already met Bella in their gym class, having run up to join the conversation when she saw Bella interacting with her friend (and crush) Mike Newton. Now, Jessica has had to sit and watched as even more of her male friends go out of their way to try and make a good impression on the new girl. After those boys leave the table, Jessica moves her chair closer to Bella and makes this remark, albeit a little bitterly.

Question 4

"I had an adrenaline rush. It's very common. You can ___."

This quote is given by Edward Cullen in the first Twilight movie after he heroically placed himself between Bella and an out-of-control van that was speeding right towards her. Although he manages to save her life, he also inadvertently shows Bella that he definitely isn’t human, considering he was able to push away the van with only one hand and leave a significant dent in its side. A few days later, while on a class trip, Bella approaches Edward and demands answers, but he has already come prepared with a less-than-convincing reason for his inhuman abilities that day in the school parking lot.

Question 5

"You know, your mood swings are kind of giving me ___."

Bella says this quote in the first Twilight movie as she is preparing a salad for herself in the cafeteria. Edward has approached her and offered up his friendship to which Bella is understandably confused. After all, Edward has been nothing if not unpredictable the entire time she has known him. First he doesn’t even want to sit beside her in their biology class, then he saves her life in the parking lot, though he won’t admit how he did, and now he wants to try and be her friend. He definitely has some intense mood swings, but what does Bella say they are giving her?

Question 6

"What if I'm not the hero? What if I'm ___?"

This line is delivered by Edward in the first Twilight movie. He has just offered up his friendship to Bella in the cafeteria at school, but she won’t agree until she gets some real answers about who or what he is. Amused, Edward asks to hear her theories and Bella admits that she’s considered radioactive spiders and kryptonite, largely pointing to the characters in comic books who demonstrate the same inhuman abilities as Edward. However, he doesn’t think she should be thinking of him as a superhero, because he could very well be something else. But what could he be, if not the hero?

Question 7

"Your skin is pale white and ___."

This line is given by Bella in the first Twilight movie is perhaps one of the most iconic scenes out of the entire series. In this scene, she has followed Edward into the woods behind their high school and is finally about to admit that she knows he isn’t human. In fact, she knows exactly what he is – a vampire. But before she gives her conclusion, she first points to all the facts about him that has led her to this. She starts by saying that he is impossibly fast and strong, his eyes change colour, and his manner of speaking can be super old-fashioned. She also talks about his skin, but what about it?

Question 8

"You better hold on tight, ___."

Edward delivers this line in the first movie after inviting Bella over to his home for the afternoon. The two have just slipped away from an awkward meet-and-greet in the kitchen with the rest of the Cullen clan in which Bella admits she’s already eaten, despite them cooking a meal special just for her. Now, alone in Edward’s room, Bella teasingly taunts him and then finds herself thrown onto his back as he flies out the window to a nearby tree. He says this line in a teasing manner before quickly climbing up the entire length of the tree to the very top.

Question 9

"And so the lion fell in love with the ___."

This line is delivered by Edward after he has finally revealed his true vampire self to Bella in the very first movie. They’ve just had their encounter in the woods, at which point Edward gave Bella every reason not to want to be with him, largely due to him being so dangerous. However, after all his warnings, Bella still maintains that she wants nothing more in this world than to be with Edward. This moment can be regarded as the very beginning of their romantic relationship, in which Edward says this line and calls himself a predatory lion. He also calls Bella something, but what?

Question 10

"That's my ___."

Rosalie Cullen says this line in the very first Twilight movie during the iconic baseball game between the members of the Cullen family. In this scene, the ball has just been hit by Jasper out into the field where an awaiting Emmett eagerly chases it. In order to catch the ball and render Jasper as “out”, Emmett quickly clambers up a tree so he can snag the ball out of the air and throw it back to the pitcher, Alice. Upon watching this happen, Rosalie appreciatively delivers a line about Emmett and grins after her mate, showing more personality than we have seen from her up until this point in the film.

Question 11

"You brought ___."

This line is given by the character of James in the first Twilight movie during the baseball scene. Up until this point, James had remained fairly quiet beside his companions, Laurent and Victoria, as they talked with the noticeably tense Cullen family. Of course, they had reason to be nervous – they were talking with three ravenous vampires while a very human Bella stood just feet away. In spite of this, it seemed like Bella was going to be able to slip away undetected with Edward. That is, until the wind caught her air and delivered her scent to James’ appreciative nose. He then delivers this line, but what does he say to the Cullen family?

Question 12

"I don't have the ___ to stay away from you anymore."

Edward delivers this line in the first Twilight movie after finally agreeing to let himself be with Bella. Since they first met, he has only struggled to fight his vampire urges around her, since her scent is just so strong that it virtually renders him powerless. Because of this, he often does his best to stay as far away from her as possible. She takes this as being deeply personal, but she simply doesn’t understand that it is all for her own good! However, after finally revealing the truth about his being to Bella, Edward admits that he just can’t stay away from her anymore. But why?

Question 13

"Like what? Like watch baseball on the flatscreen? Eat at the diner every night? Dad, that's ___."

This line is given by Bella near the middle of the first Twilight movie after she’s found out that the hungry vampire, James, is now tracking her. In order to ensure her father Charlies’ safety as well as her own, Bella decides to leave Forks until the Cullen family have successfully eliminated James. However, in order to leave Bella must first come up with an excuse for Charlie. She ultimately decides the best reason for her leaving would be due to her reluctance to wind up stuck in Forks and doing the same things over and over again. Her speech clearly hurts Charlie’s feelings, but he does eventually let her leave.

Question 14

"Is it not enough to have ___ with me?"

This line is delivered by Edward and comes during the dance scene at the end of the first Twilight movie while Bella and Edward have escaped the crowded dance floor to be alone outside in a beautiful gazebo. As Edward gracefully twirls Bella, she admits that she would like to someday be like him – that is, become a vampire. Edward is understandably reluctant to see Bella become like him and makes it clear that this is not what he wants. He asks her this question, to which Bella responds that she would still like to become a vampire, despite his obvious reluctance to see this happen.

Question 15

"You are my ___ now."

Edward delivers this simple yet passionate line in the first Twilight movie after reluctantly leaving Bella to go and track down James. Of course, he has left her in quite the capable hands of Alice and Jasper, but this doesn’t mean that Edward doesn’t still worry about her. Knowing that anything could happen to her, he decides this is as good a time as any to deliver such a heartfelt goodbye line to her. As he helps Bella into Jasper’s car and shares one final moment with her through her window, he gives this line and then the two share a kiss.

Question 16

"I leave you alone for two minutes and ___."

This line comes at the very end of the first Twilight movie during the dance scene. Edward has just left Bella alone for a brief moment after they have arrived at the venue. In his absence, a surprisingly well-dressed Jacob Black emerges from the woods and comes up to Bella to reluctantly deliver a message from his father, Billy. It all has to do with her involvement with the Cullen family, which Billy clearly does not approve of. However, Jacob makes light of the situation and the two share a laugh before Edward returns and Jacob disappears once again, prompting Edward to say this line.

Question 17

"Bella, you give me everything just by ___."

Edward delivers this line at the beginning of New Moon as he and Bella are walking through the hallway of their high school. Just before he says this, he and Bella have been discussing her birthday, particularly her reluctance for Edward to give her a gift. He points out that just moments ago she allowed Jacob Black to give her something for her big day, yet she still remains adamant that Edward is not allowed to give her a present. Bella admits that this is because she has “nothing to give back” to him, to which Edward delivers this line.

Question 18

"Alice. I saw him. Maybe I'm crazy now, but I guess that's okay. If ___ is what it takes to see him, then that's what I'll find."

This line is given in voice-over form by Bella in New Moon. For much of the movie, Bella has found a way to cope with the absence of Edward and the rest of the Cullen family is to send emails to her favourite of the Cullen children, Alice. Despite the fact that each and every email she sends is unable to be delivered, she continues typing out messages to her anyway. At one point in the film, Bella has discovered that there is a way to feel like Edward is with her again and to feel close to him, so she decides no matter what the cost, she will keep doing these things to feel that way.

Question 19

"What a happy surprise! Bella is alive after all. I love happy endings, they're so ___."

Aro delivers this line near the end of New Moon after he has come face to face with Bella and Edward at the Volturi’s lair in Italy. Before this moment, he had been operating under the assumption that Edward’s mate, Bella, had perished, since this is the reason Edward gave for wishing to voluntarily be eliminated by the Volturi himself. Since they refuse to get rid of such a powerful vampire like Edward, they decide not to do the deed themselves, leaving him with no choice but to force their hand. However, as it turns out Bella is alive and well, and so Aro happily makes this observation upon meeting her.

Question 20

"You're such a hypocrite! What? Am I not ___?"

This line is delivered by Jacob in New Moon after he has revealed that he is a werewolf to Bella and she asks him if there’s any way he can simply stop being one, since she believes it’s “wrong.” Jacob is understandably quite upset by Bella’s comment and defends his kind, saying that being a werewolf is not “a lifestyle choice.” He then goes on to accuse Bella of being a hypocrite, considering her contentment with the Cullen family even though they are all dangerous vampires. Bella defends the Cullen’s and says they never hurt anyone, prompting Jacob to insist that neither have the werewolves.

Question 21

"Doesn't he ___?"

Edward delivers this line in the movie Eclipse while he is handing over Bella to Jacob for their day together. In this scene, he and Bella pull up to the treaty line between the vampires and the werewolves. Because of this treaty, Edward cannot cross the line towards the Reserve but Bella can. He must stay back at the car and simply watch as she joins Jacob on the other side of the road. However, before he lets her go over to him, Edward is able to get in a long, deep kiss and a sarcastic quip for good measure.

Question 22

"Stop. I'm tired of this. From now on I'm ___."

This line is given by Bella in the movie Eclipse. At this point in the film, she is understandably growing frustrated of the constant bickering and back-and-forth between her boyfriend, Edward, and her friend, Jacob. It’s as if every time these two guys get together, they have to fight about something. In an effort to keep the peace, and knowing that these fights all have to do with her, Bella steps in between them and delivers this line. It’s a clear sign of her frustration and exhaustion with their silly arguments, and she clearly hopes they will take her words to heart and stop, at least while she’s around. She calls herself a neutral country, but which country is it?

Question 23

"I am exactly right for you Bella. It would be as easy as ___."

This line is given by Jacob Black near the end of the movie Eclipse. It is already quite clear that Jacob has some pretty strong feelings for Bella. He has proven time and time again that he doesn’t believe she should be with anyone else, but especially not a dangerous vampire like Edward Cullen. In this scene, Jacob is pleading his case and trying to convince Bella that the only person who is truly right for her is him. He insists their relationship would be so easy for her, unlike all the hardships she goes through the adapting she has to do to be with Edward.

Question 24

"If we weren't natural enemies, and you weren't trying to steal my ___, I might actually like you."

Edward delivers this line in the movie Eclipse while he and Jacob are awake in a tent together. In order to keep Bella as far away from the impending battle between the vampires/werewolves and the newborn vampire army, Edward decides to take her up to a snowy mountaintop where they will camp until the fight is over. However, the nighttime proves much too cold for Bella to handle. Since Edward is too cold himself to do anything about this, he begrudgingly lets Jacob come inside the tent to sleep with Bella and warm her up. During the night, while they believe Bella is sleeping, Edward and Jacob have a fairly civil conversation which prompts Edward to deliver this line.

Question 25

"I'm going to fight for you. Until ___"

This line is delivered by Jacob in the movie Eclipse while he and Bella are sharing a moment together. He has just admitted that he loves her and insists that Bella loves him too, even as she denies it. He tells her that they would be good together and that if she chose him, she wouldn’t need to change, like she feels she has to with Edward. In a final attempt to convince her to be with him, Jacob kisses Bella, which prompts Bella to punch him in the face. This, however, ultimately fractures Bella’s hand, but at least Jacob was able to plead his case before this happened.

Question 26

"No measure of time with you is long enough. But let's start with ___."

Edward gives this line at the beginning of the movie Breaking Dawn Part 1 during his wedding to Bella. The entire series has been leading up to this point, particularly since his proposal in the last film. Now, after all the drama and adventures these two have been on, they finally get their long-awaited wedding day. After the beautiful outdoor ceremony, Edward takes to the stage during the reception and gives a passionate and heartfelt speech to his new bride. He promises to always love her and then delivers this line, but what does he say they should start with?

Question 27

"Being any kind of happy is better than being miserable about someone ___."

This is one of the most memorable lines given by Leah Clearwater and it is said at the beginning of Breaking Dawn Part 1. While she and the rest of her wolf pack are on the beach, she and Jacob stand off to the side together and observe the happy wolves who have already imprinted on their soulmates. Jacob begins to talk about his own lack of love life before Leah cuts in with this line. She is clearly referring to her love for Sam that will forever be unrequited, since he imprinted on another girl named Emily and has long since forgotten about Leah.

Question 28

"Last night was ___."

Edward delivers this line in the movie Breaking Dawn Part 1 during his honeymoon with Bella on Isle Esme. In fact, he says this quote on the morning after their very special wedding night, when he finally delivered on his promise to Bella that he would try physically being with her. However, he doesn’t exactly feel like the night was the huge success that Bella thinks it was, considering that she came away from the experience covered in bruises. Edward doesn’t share in her happiness that morning at all. Feeling disappointed now, Bella asks if he even enjoyed himself last night, to which Edward says this line.

Question 29

"After eighteen years of being utterly ordinary, I finally found that I can ___."

In the movie Breaking Dawn Part 2, Bella delivers this line after successfully becoming a vampire. Ever since she met Edward, Bella has been dreaming of this moment. She has always wanted him to turn her into a vampire so that she can truly live out eternity with the love of her life. Now, she has awoken to find that she is finally exactly what she wanted, and she could not be happier. She is especially pleased with her newfound abilities and her new way of looking at life, which she feels have made her into a much different but better person than she was before.

Question 30

"Jacob, I can see what everyone is talking about. You really do ___."

This humorous line comes from Bella in the movie Breaking Dawn Part 2 after she has first been transformed into a vampire. As a newborn, all of her senses have now been heightened. When she meets up with Jacob Black for the first time, she cannot help but remark on something that she has often heard about him from the other vampires in the Cullen family, but never actually been able to experience for herself. Now that she is a vampire, she knows exactly what they’re talking about and she lets it be known that they were right about him all along.

Question 31

"You named my daughter after ___?"

Bella delivers this line in the movie Breaking Dawn Part 2 after she has briefly been reunited with her newborn baby daughter. At this point, a nervous Jacob insists that Bella not push herself too hard and give up the baby to someone else. He is clearly worried about Bella being a new vampire and perhaps not having the self-control that the others do just yet. While telling her to hand over the baby, Jacob accidentally let slip the less-than-traditional nickname has given Bella and Edward’s daughter. Upon hearing it, Bella erupts at Jacob and demands to know why he would ever give her such a nickname.

Question 32

"It's your turn ___."

This line comes from Edward in the movie Breaking Dawn Part 2. He says it right after Bella has woken up to her new life as a vampire. Despite all of his worries about her becoming one, Edward is clearly very happy with the outcome and remarks that now they are the same temperature. He also seems to enjoy her being able to come outside and hunt with him and the two partake in a friendly race through the woods. There is one moment however when Bella does something that prompts Edward to let her know it is now her turn to do something, but what is it?

Question 33

"Jacob imprinted. They can't hurt her. Whoever a wolf imprints on can't be harmed. It's their ___."

This line is delivered by Edward in the movie Breaking Dawn Part 2. It is said during a face-off between Jacob and the rest of his wolfpack which he has abandoned to start his own. In that time, word reaches pack leader Sam about Bella and Edward’s new baby who they believe will be dangerous to their kind. So, they set out to eliminate the child Renesmee before she can get to them first. However, upon arrival, they learn that Jacob has actually imprinted on Renesmee, meaning they cannot touch her. Edward translates this fact for his vampire family who cannot hear the wolves’ thoughts.

Question 34

"She was born, not ___."

Bella delivers this line in the movie Breaking Dawn Part 2. In this scene, the Cullen family are discussing the fact that the Volturi have decided Bella and Edward’s daughter, Renesmee, is a threat to their kind. As such, they have set out to see to it that Renesmee no longer exists. In defense of her daughter, Bella insists to her family that she is not what the Volturi think she is. She was conceived while Bella was still human and born while Bella was still human. However, it is not her family she will have to convince of this fact, but ultimately the Volturi.

Question 35

"Now you know. No one has ___."

This is one of the last lines of the entire Twilight film franchise and it is delivered by Bella herself. This scene appears at the very end of the movie Breaking Dawn Part 2 as Bella and Edward lounge together in their favourite meadow. After having spent the entire movie practicing and strengthening her power shield ability, Bella demonstrates to Edward that she has learned how to essentially push the shield off of herself, if only for a moment, so he can finally read her thoughts. In doing so, she shows him everything she has ever thought or felt for him, and then delivers this final line.

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