Even Hardcore Grey's Anatomy Fans Can't Pass This Season 1 Test

Although the first season of Grey's Anatomy (2005 -) is very short, it's still a very intense and funny season! We get to meet many characters that we love long after they are gone. We're talking about George O'Malley and Izzie Stevens. We're talking about Addison Montgomery and Preston Burke. Last but not least is our beloved Cristina Yang, and Derek Shepherd whose absence is somewhat recent, and yet it is very persistent.

We get to see couples share their first kiss. We get to see how everyone was before all these incredible and sad events happened. It's not only the personal aspect of their lives that are interesting. We see our favorite characters as interns once again (before they were big shots!). We get to see them trying to decide which specialty they want to take. Some, like Cristina, know exactly what their ambitions are. Others, like George, aren't sure.

Let's see how many real Grey's Anatomy fans are out there! How many details of our favorite doctors are that memorable that even after so many years we still know the right answers? What about a few small details? Let's have some fun by answering these questions about season 1!

Let's start!

Question 1

Name George's crush in season 1

George O'Malley (T. R. Knight) is a member of the main cast in season 1. He arrives at the hospital along with some other interns and he is supervised by Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson). From the very beginning, we understand that George has a crush on one of his coworkers. To make things clearer, according to the Oxford Dictionaries a crush is "a brief but intense infatuation for someone, especially someone unattainable." Based on this definition, we can say for sure that George felt exactly like that even if he tried to say otherwise in the beginning! Remember George's crush?

Question 2

Where is Grey's Anatomy set?

Grey's Anatomy first aired on March 27, 2005, according to IMDB, and it brought to life a new binge-worthy world. We instantly fell in love with Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) and his blue eyes, for instance, but we also couldn't handle the awesomeness of Dr. Miranda Bailey. We were thrown into the world of medicine, and we have loved every second of it ever since! The perfect combination of drama, romance and comedy, Grey's Anatomy has been a source of inspiration over the years. This atmosphere is also emphasized by the show's setting. Does the city that Grey's Anatomy is set come to mind?

Question 3

Who is chief of surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital?

According to Wikipedia, a chief of surgery "(also called head surgeon or chief surgeon) is an attending surgeon in a senior management position at a hospital or other medical institution." Needless to say that a lot of doctors try to shape their career in a way that will get them such a job at some point. A lot of doctors in Seattle Grace Hospital, for instance, dream of this job and will do anything to get it! Even if when Grey's Anatomy first aired, many doctors dreamed of getting this job, there was a chief of surgery already at place. Remember who that was?

Question 4

Name this character

This character is introduced to us in season 1 and she is portrayed by Sarah Utterback “an American actress,” according to Wikipedia who “studied drama at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and the School at Steppenwolf in Chicago.” This character is not part of the main cast, but she brought a lot intrigue into the show’s plot. Although she leaves Seattle Grace Hospital after the merger with Mercy West Medical Center, she returns once again in season 14 after her son needs medical attention. Now married and looking back at her past as a nurse, she brings back a lot of memories! Remember her name?

Question 5

What is the specialty of Derek Shepherd?

Seattle Grace Hospital is a big hospital that includes many different services, from very general medical care to very specific specialties. By specialties here we mean “a branch of medical practice” according to Wikipedia. By having several specialties Grey’s Anatomy is able to show us a variety of illnesses and unique situations. After all, how many times have we seen patients with so complex symptoms or wounds that several doctors have to cooperate to save their lives? Too many, but let’s face it, this is part of the show’s success (it always keeps us at the edge of our seats!). Remember the specialty of Derek, for instance? What type of illnesses does he treat?

Question 6

Who is an only child?

We all know the stereotypes for an only child. They are spoiled, strange, and lonely in general. This, of course, isn’t true about every person out there that doesn’t have a sibling! Although 21st century families tend to be small, this wasn’t the case in previous centuries. 19th century families, for instance, were quite large for various reasons. One of them, however, was that they were seen as unnatural. G Stanley Hall, the American psychologist for example, argued that “being a lone child was a disease in itself.” Thankfully, such views are not common anymore! It’s quite interesting that even if families are smaller nowadays, Grey’s Anatomy characters have a lot of siblings! There are exceptions of course! Remember who is an only child?

Question 7

Who worked as a model to pay for his/her student loans?

Student loans are a very common way to pay for school in the US and especially medical school. An interesting fact about student loans in the US is that there are two types! According to Wikipedia, students loans are divided into “federal loans sponsored by the federal government and private student loans, which broadly includes state-affiliated nonprofits and institutional loans provided by schools.” Now we know that a lot of characters in Grey’s Anatomy have taken student loans (even if we don’t know which type!). One of the interns, however, decided to do some modeling so that he/she will not graduate with a great debt. Remember who that was?

Question 8

Name this character

This character is introduced to us in season 1 and he is portrayed by Isaiah Washington. Although he is a very talented surgeon of cardiology, this character always wore colorful surgeon caps because he believed that they brought him luck. We’re not sure if he was right, but it made him feel better, so we certainly found it very adorable. We know several things about this character and one of those things is that he loves to cook! Interestingly enough, according to Wikipedia ,he learned to cook because "his mother owned a restaurant in Alabama!" Remember who is a great surgeon and a great cook?

Question 9

Who flirts with Cristina?

Cristina is a very ambitious and talented person. She graduated top of her class in every one of her degrees and she loved every moment of her career. Perhaps her success in academia and as a doctor doesn’t involve her personal life as well. When we first meet her, she doesn’t enjoy being very close to people emotionally (even if later on she is Meredith’s person!). Her commitment issues are mostly obvious in her romantic relationships. So, even if Cristina is fluent in French (in the French version she is fluent in Italian according to Wikipedia!) this is the only language of love that she can speak innately! Remember who was flirting with her back in season 1?

Question 10

Who gets Syphilis?

Back in season 1, there was a syphilis outbreak in Seattle Grace Hospital. Being an STD, syphilis is transmitted through the obvious way, but according to Wikipedia it “may also be transmitted from mother to baby during pregnancy or at birth, resulting in congenital syphilis.” This outbreak brought a lot of laughter in the show’s beginning episodes mainly because of the reactions of the unlucky ones to get it. Well the reactions of those that didn’t was even funnier if we’re being honest, but let’s give the other guys a break! Although many nurses and doctors had it, there was one particular intern that was the focus of the outbreak. Remember who that was?

Question 11

Name the owner of the bar next to Seattle Grace Hospital

Although this character is not a doctor, nurse or intern, we get to see him quite often in the show. Our lovable bar owner of the Emerald City Bar is portrayed by Steven W. Bailey and stays with us until season 7. Interestingly enough, according to Wikipedia, the “scenes at the bar were filmed at the former McMurphy's Restaurant & Tavern before a set replicating the bar was built” (never noticed any difference!). Regardless, the Emerald city bar will always be in our hearts since a lot of our favorite couples met there! Derek and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) may have been the first ones, but they were definitely not the last! Remember the bar owner’s name?

Question 12

Name this character

This character is introduced to us in season 1 and she is portrayed by Kate Walsh. She is Derek’s wife, whom he left back in New York, when he found out that she was sleeping with his best friend Mark Sloan (Eric Dane). This character is an obstetrician-gynecologist. When she first arrives to Seattle Grace Hospital she wears salmon scrubs which make her stand out. Later on, she starts wearing blue scrubs for no obvious reason. According to Wikipedia, “Kate Walsh stated in an interview that it was decided to let [her character] wear the navy blue scrubs to make her more part of the attendings group.” Perhaps this makes more sense! Remember the name of this character?

Question 13

Whose mother was a famous surgeon?

This character, played by Kate Burton, is the mother of one of the main cast. A very famous surgeon, who was nominated for the Harper Avery Award five times, but got it twice! Both the nominations and her awards are indicative of her talent and her intellect. A fun fact about the Harper Avery Award is that, according to Wikipedia, the award “was named after Shonda Rhimes' daughter Harper” (didn’t see that one coming!). Although this character was a great surgeon, she didn’t have the best relationship with her child and her ex-husband. Overall, she was famous and she had earned it! Remember the name of her child?

Question 14

Who said: "No one holds a scalpel until I'm happy like Mary Poppins?"

This character is known for saying it as it is. He or she is introduced in the first season and ever since then we have loved him or her for his/her openness and honesty. This particular quote refers to Mary Poppins, the main character in the Mary Poppins books by P. L. Travers, according to Wikipedia. Mary Poppins, a British nanny, is both stern and lovable. The doctor that says this quote can be characterized exactly like that. Although he/she might get easily annoyed, he/she is loyal and loves saving lives. Remember who said this particular quote?

Question 15

Who narrates the opening of each episode?

We know that each episode of Grey’s Anatomy begins (and ends!) with a small narration by a character. This few minutes in each episode reminds us of Narrative films, what has been defined by Wikipedia as "a film that tells a fictional or fictionalized story, event or narrative” during which “believable narratives and characters help convince the audience that the unfolding fiction is real.” This is true about Grey’s Anatomy as well. Starting with the thoughts of one specific character, we get to see a more humane and emotional side of our favorite doctors (after all to us they are superhuman for what they do!). Remember who narrates the beginning of each episode?

Question 16

Who is nicknamed 007?

Perhaps we all know that 007 refers to the famous spy James Bond. What might come as news to us is that James Bond is "a fictional character that was created by Ian Fleming" (thank you Wikipedia!). Calling one of the interns 007 doesn't mean that someone at Seattle Grace Hospital is a spy of course! It is just a joke that refers to one of interns and how he or she lost a patient. Although we feel bad for the intern, we got to admit that that is a very witty joke! Remember which one of the interns is called 007?

Question 17

Who is Meredith's roommate?

In the pilot episode Meredith claims that she is going to sell her house because it’s too big. She eventually changes her mind, and decides to keep the house, but she knows that in order to keep it she has to get some roommates. According to Wikipedia, Meredith “requested that her roommates be non-smokers, and have no pets” when she first started looking around for roommates. Although a lot of people approached her about her offer, Meredith kept saying no to everyone. For this reason, someone even commented that Meredith doesn’t really want roommates. Influenced by that comment, Meredith chooses two candidates. Remember which one of the characters bellow was Meredith’s roommate.

Question 18

What illness does Ellis Grey have?

When we meet the characters of Grey’s Anatomy, we learn that Meredith’s mother has a serious illness. We also know that there is no turning back which is quite obvious from the moment she appears on our screens. After all, according to Wikipedia, Ellis Grey “believed that George was Thatcher, that Burke was Richard and that Meredith was a close friend from college” due to her illness. For this reason, even if Meredith doesn’t have a great relationship with her mother, she doesn’t like seeing her mother like that (well let’s be honest no one would...). Remember what type of illness Meredith’s mother has.

Question 19

Where is Derek from?

From the first scene that we see Derek, we know that he is a decent guy. Other than his good character, we can’t help but notice that he is also good looking. That’s why he is known by a certain nickname! A fun fact about Derek is that “for Swedish viewers, he is known as Dr. Drömprins, meaning Dr. Dreamprince. In Brazil he's known as Bonitão, which means "Handsome". In Finland he's known as Unelmatohtori, which means "Dream Doctor" or "Doctor of (my) dreams” (thanks Wikipedia!). Throughout the years we learn a lot about Derek. One of those things is his home! So, where is Derek from?

Question 20

Who doesn't like being hugged by the patients' families?

It’s so interesting that when a doctor gives us good news inside a hospital, most of the times we are inclined to hug them! Besides the obvious reason (we are happy and grateful) according to Mind Body Green “the nurturing touch of a hug builds trust and a sense of safety.” This sense of safety and trust is what we really need inside the four walls of a hospital. Now, most doctors feel great about being hugged by a patient or a patient’s family! After all, who wouldn’t feel great by making someone feel those types of emotions. Well, for some a hug is something very personal, so they don’t feel so comfortable! Remember who doesn’t like being hugged by patients?

Question 21

How many sisters does Derek have?

Let’s go back to Derek for a second! In the beginning, Meredith felt that Derek wasn’t really opening up. In an attempt to show her what she means to him, Derek gives a series of trivia for himself. We then learn that Derek has sisters and that he has nine nieces and five nephews (woah that’s a lot!). With some many nieces and nephews, one has to wonder! How many sisters does Derek have (he also says that in his rant, but we can’t say!). All we can say is that, according to Wikipedia, Derek walked down the aisle all of his sisters except from one. Remember how many sisters Derek has?

Question 22

Who is Viper?

This character appears only in one episode of Grey’s Anatomy (even if we definitely wanted to see more of him!). In those few moments that we get to see him, he spends a lot of time with Meredith. He is friendly and charismatic and we can’t get over the fact that his name is Viper (I mean who goes around with the name Viper right?!). According to Merriam Webster, a viper is “a venomous or reputedly venomous snake,” so the connotations of such a word are not that positive. But, his name couldn’t be more wrong from his personality! Remember who Viper is?

Question 23

Who said: "You and me it's not the thrill of the chase?"

According to Cambridge Dictionary, the thrill of the chase refers to “the excitement that you feel when you are trying to find something or achieve something difficult.” In this particular situation, one of our favorite doctors tries to prove that flirting with the person in front of him/her is not a game. If that’s what the other person thinks, it’s not the truth since although the intensity of his/her feelings could be read as an extravagant performance, they are genuine and heart-felt. Now we can’t say what the other person thought about all this, but we definitely believed it! Remember who said this particular quote?

Question 24

What did George find inside a patient's body?

When we go to the hospital for a surgery, we are waiting for a specific type of procedure. Sometimes, however, we are leaving the hospital with a small surprise that’s not very pleasing. It’s not often, of course, but there are occasions when a surgeon accidentally leaves something behind during the operation. According to Thought Co, the most common items to be found inside a patient’s body are “sponges, scalpels, scissors, towels, clamps, tweezers, scopes, surgical masks, measuring devices, surgical gloves, and tubes” (didn’t see that one coming!). Such an incident happened in Grey’s Anatomy in one of the episodes of the first season! George finds an item inside a patients body. Remember what he finds?

Question 25

Why does Bailey list Burke's flaws?

There are a lot of things that we can say about Burke. Some of them are great (he is very loving, understanding and a talented surgeon) and some of them not so good (he has a sense of pride and sometimes we can say that his ego gets the better off him). Perhaps Burke has an inflated sense of ego because, according to Wikipedia, “he had the lowest mortality rate while at Seattle Grace Hospital.” After all, saving lives on a daily basis can affect one in certain ways! During an episode of season 1, Bailey starts listing Burke’s flaws. Remember why?

Question 26

Why does Burke bring Cristina coffee?

From the get-go, Burke is a very intriguing guy. He is a surgeon, (and therefore a man of science) but he also has a spiritual view on life. He is stern, but he is also very caring. It might surprise us now, but Burke wasn’t always meant to be portrayed as such. According to Wikipedia, Burke “had originally been described as a nebbishy, stout forty-something man.” That’s a very different Burke from the one we know. We see Burke’s complexity in many ways and small gestures. One such gesture was his decision to get Cristina coffee. Remember why he got Cristina coffee?

Question 27

Who walked in on Meredith and Derek?

There are many reasons why one shouldn’t be with their boss. Besides all the drama and the rules, the basis of the whole relationship has to do with power. According to Thought Co, a relationship with a boss has to do “the inequity of power, desire to associate with power or attain more power all factor into the situation.” Well, Derek and Meredith didn’t really pay attention to all this (even though they knew it was there) and after many years of ups and downs, of being together and apart, we saw many happy moments. But when other doctors found out about the relationship in the beginning, they couldn’t get past the power play. Remember who was the first one to find out?

Question 28

Why is Alex excluded from a tumor surgery?

We all know Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) from the very first episode. What might come as a surprise, however, is that according to Wikipedia Alex “was not in the original pilot script. He wasn't added until after the pilot was shot. Therefore, scenes with him were either reshoots or digitally altered to include him.” Can we even imagine Grey’s Anatomy without Alex Karev in it? (not really right?!). Well, Alex might have grown on us over the years, but we have to admit that in the beginning he wasn’t exactly our favorite! Many of his bosses had an issue with his attitude, and one time in particular, Alex was excluded from a tumor surgery. Remember why?

Question 29

Who is the father of Cristina's baby?

We all love Cristina. She is strong, she is independent and very talented. That doesn’t mean, however, that Cristina doesn’t have her flaws. She can be quite emotionally unavailable, for instance, because she is not a big fan of losing people. One of the most hilarious ways of distancing herself from others is how she behaved with her interns! According to Wikipedia, Cristina “doesn't want to memorize her interns' names. In season four, they got numbers and in season nine, they are named after the 7 dwarfs.” Based on all that, Cristina wasn’t sure if she wanted to have a baby at least at that point in her life. Furthermore, her relationship with the father was somewhat complicated at the time. Remember the father of Cristina’s baby?

Question 30

Who operates on Richard Webber?

Richard Webber (James Pickens, Jr.) is one of the high ranking doctors that we like. He is a leader and he knows it. He understands both the difficulties and the perks of being a leader. But at some point in his career that wasn’t entirely true. Specifically, we eventually find out that Webber has a drinking problem. This both clouds his judgement and creates a lot of health issues. What’s mostly sad is that, according to Wikipedia, “Ellis Grey is the reason Richard started drinking” which eventually became a problem. Even if it was over, perhaps for Webber it was still a wound. Eventually, Webber has to be operated on. Remember who operated on him?

Question 31

What type of procedure do Izzie and Cristina perform without consent?

Consent, according to Cambridge Dictionary, is defined as “to agree to do something, or to allow someone to do something.” Consent is essentially another word for permission. Inside a hospital, especially when one is an intern, everything has to be done under someone’s (a boss’) okay. Cristina and Izzie (Katherine Heigl) weren’t always big on rules. This is evident either when they work on their own, or when they work together (double trouble!). One such example is back in season 1, when Cristina and Izzie wanted to find the answer about something and they were specifically told not to a certain procedure. They ignored their orders and they did it anyway. Remember what was the procedure?

Question 32

How long does the interns' first shift last?

The pilot episode of Grey’s Anatomy begins on the first day of work of five interns. Even if it was the very first episode, the show began strong and many people thought so as well since, according to Wikipedia, “the episode was watched by an American audience of 16.25 million, and received positive reviews from television critics.” What was it that we loved from the very first moment? Was it Bailey’s attitude? Derek and Meredith’s chemistry? Cristina’s strong presence? Well why not all of those together! Every moment of that very first episode (and first shift) was intense, fun and intriguing! Remember how long does the interns’ first shift last?

Question 33

How many rules does Bailey have?

According to the Oxford Dictionaries, a rule is “a principle that operates within a particular sphere of knowledge, describing or prescribing what is possible or allowable.” A rule, therefore, implies a certain amount of control over people. One figure tells other people what they can and cannot do. Now, in a working environment this is pretty basic. A boss has certain rules that the employee has to follow. So, during the interns’ first shift, Bailey (the boss) recites certain rules that the others have to follow to keep her happy. No one said of course that every rule is reasonable, but it is what it is. Remember how many rules does Bailey have?

Question 34

Who said: "You took advantage of me and now you want to forget about it?"

Taking advantage of someone doesn’t sound pretty good does it? Well no! According to the Cambridge Dictionary taking advantage means “to use an opportunity to achieve results, sometimes in an unfair way.” Although this phrase doesn’t have a very positive meaning, in this particular quote the character says this in a playful manner. After all that is the beauty of communication! Saying something in a certain way can change its original meaning and that is fun! We don’t think that the character really felt he or she was used by another person, but humor is a great thing in life! Remember who said this particular quote?

Question 35

Who invited Bailey to the party?

In the 5th episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Izzie throws a party in Meredith’s house for her boyfriend. It turns out that she eventually does a surgery with Alex instead of spending time with her boyfriend, so he decides to end things. Considering that the episode revolves around a party and many funny things end up happening, we think that it is entirely appropriate that the episode is named ‘Shake your Groove Thing.’ Fun fact, according to Wikipedia, “the episode’s title originated from the song Shake Your Groove Thing, originally sung by Peaches and Herb!” The party has its ups and downs and Bailey’s presence is funny! Remember who invited Bailey?

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