Even Expert Potterheads Can't Ace This Magical Objects Quiz In Two Minutes Or Less

The world of Harry Potter is a complex and intricate universe made up of seven books by famous author J.K. Rowling, eight movies by various directors, many theme parks, and millions of fans all around the world. These dedicated fans may sometimes be referred to as Potterheads and if they really are so loving, dedicated, and fanatical, they should find this quiz to be a piece of cake. For all other people, this quiz will surely be a challenge worth taking. Get ready to jump into a universe all Potterheads find enchanting, intricate, and familiar. This universe contains all sorts of complex and interesting characters and uniquely strange creatures.

This universe is also filled with all kinds of objects which wizards and witches know about or use on a day to day basis. Wands and brooms are far from the only things Harry and his friends interact with. There is a myriad of other magical objects inhabiting the world J.K. Rowling created more than a decade ago. Knowing about these magical objects may be just one more way to feel closer to the magical universe of Harry Potter, to feel like belonging in this beautiful and often scary world. For people who aren't really Potterheads, taking this quiz may instil some cool knowledge to pull out at a party or in a trivia situation.

Now, let this magical and spellbinding quiz begin!

Question 1

What does one see in the Mirror of Erised?

Harry Potter himself stumbled upon this extraordinary object one night as he was hiding form Filch, the caretaker. When looking into this mirror, young Harry saw his family surrounding his pale reflection. When Harry asked Dumbledore what the headmaster saw in it, the old wizard replied that he saw himself with a thick pair of socks. How strange! The mirror was later moved out of Hogwarts at Dumbledore's request, because he found it too dangerous. What exactly is the Mirror or Erised supposed to show you?

Question 2

Whose wand is this?

Wands are perhaps the most well-known magical objects of the Harry Potter universe, maybe because they are not exclusive to the world J.K. Rowling created, but rather exist everywhere in popular culture representations of witches and wizards. In the world of Harry Potter however, it is made quite clear that "the wand chooses the wizard" and so each character is very much attached to his or her wand. Which witch or wizard of the Harry Potter universe did this wand pick?

Question 3

Match the object to the right Hogwarts founder

Every one of the four founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is known to be associated with a legendary magical relic. The following artefact is a small golden cup with two fine handles that once belonged to one of Hogwarts founders. The cup was passed down until it ended up in the hands of Hepzibah Smith, a descendent of the celebrated founder. She had the cup stolen from her by Tom Riddle, a young Voldemort, and the cup was then turned into a horcrux. Which founder did this magical object belong to?

Question 4

What's the name of this magical object?

This magical object first appeared in the second Harry Potter book and movie: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The object consists of a red envelope that's been enchanted to loudly scream the message it was sent to convey with the voice of the person who sent it. After the letter has been read, the object bursts into flames. Ron Weasley received one of those explosive letters from his mother after she learned that he and Harry had stolen Mr. Weasley's car to get to Hogwarts. What is this magical object called?

Question 5

True or False?

Any well-read, knowledgeable, and respectable Potterhead knows about Hogwarts' Sorting Hat. This magical hat places new students in their respective houses every year and also sings a song at the beginning of the welcoming banquet each year. The Sorting Hat can speak through a tear in its fabric and the hat's appearance is quite old, battered, and dirty. It has been said that at Hogwarts' founding, all four wizards enchanted the hat. True or False, the legend also says that Godric Gryffindor originally owned the hat?

Question 6

Match the wand to the wand owner

A wand's description: its core, its wooden exterior, its origin, can tell a lot about the witch or wizard who owns it. After all, one must not forget that its is the wand that chooses the wizard. Wands are a way for witches and wizards to channel and control their magical abilities. In Great Britain, wandmaker Ollivander is considered to be the most talented. Read the following sentence: Walnut, 12 and three-quarter inches, dragon heartstring core, unyielding. Whose wand was just being described?

Question 7

Which family is associated with these objects?

The Hallows are three highly magical objects which, if the tales are true, have been created by evil itself. Any good Potterhead also knows that it is rumored that the witch or wizard who possesses the three Hallows becomes master of evil. (What does that even mean?) However, many witches and wizards do not believe that these extraordinary objects really exist and think they were made up. Which wizarding family was apparently the original owner of the Hallows?

Question 8

Who did this belong to?

This next magical object is a diadem which was said to have been lost centuries ago, but which turned out to have been stolen by the owner's daughter. Later, this beautiful magical artefact ended up in the hands of a young Lord Voldemort, who turned the tiara into a horcrux. The object was suspected to have certain properties and the following sentence was etched into the diadem: "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure." Which very intelligent historical figure did this magical artefact originally belong to?

Question 9

True or False?

In the fourth installment of the Harry Potter series, both the movies and the books, Harry is thrown in the middle of a highly dangerous tournament which he never asked to be a part of. To enter said tournament, Hogwarts students had to throw their names into the Goblet of Fire, a magical object with incredible power. It is the Goblet that chooses which student will get to represent their school. True or False, the Goblet of Fire cannot be bewitched?

Question 10

Guess this magical object

The following magical object is a dark one which was sold in a very sinister Knockturn Alley shop; Borgin and Burkes. Draco Malfoy even asked his father to buy him this object when it caught his eye during the boy's visit in the shop. This magical object consists of a shrivelled and old looking hand which, when a candle is inserted between its fingers, gives light only to the person holding it. Which dark magical object is being described here?

Question 11

Whose wand is this?

This next magical object is perhaps one of the most well-known in the Harry Potter series, not only because it's a wand and wands are a basic and common tool in J.K. Rowling's world, but also because of this particular wand's owner. Ollivander was the maker of this wand and he was there when it chose its wizard. The wand itself is eleven inches long, it is made out of holly, its core is a phoenix feather, and it has been described as nice and supple. Who was chosen by this wand?

Question 12

What's the name of this magical object?

This magical object was used many times throughout the Harry Potter series, in both the movies and the books. This object is any normal object that has been enchanted to transport people either at a specific time to a specific place, or simply to a certain place whenever it is touched. This travelling method is far from pleasant, a fact that has been acknowledged by pretty much almost every wizard. What is the name of this kind of magical objects?

Question 13

What are these objects?

In The Tales of Beetle the Bard, a book every child who grew up in the wizarding world should know about, one of the stories is about three brothers and the way they stumbled upon three very powerful magical objects: the Hallows. In The Tale of the Three Brothers, three wizards are awarded gifts by evil because they found a way to avoid being taken by her. These three powerful objects were things the brothers asked for in order to make fun of evil. What are the three Hallows?

Question 14

True or False?

The Marauder's Map was given to Harry Potter by the Weasley twins during his third year at Hogwarts, when he wasn't yet allowed to visit Hogsmeade with his friends. The map is not only an incredible object but it is also an impressive magical achievement for those who created it. With its help, Harry was able to follow other people's movements around the castle. True or False, the creators of the Marauder's Map were James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and Newt Scamander?

Question 15

How does this work?

In the third installment of the Harry Potter series, Harry and Hermione have to go back in time to fix the terrible situation they have found themselves in. To achieve this, they use a very special magical object: the Time-Turner. This object has the shape of a small hourglass but it comes in the form of a necklace. Hermione even used this powerful object in order to attend all of her classes during her third year at Hogwarts. How is the Time-Turner used?

Question 16

What is this broomstick called?

Brooms are one of the many ways in which wizards like to transport themselves. It is also one of the essential components in a game of Quidditch. Complex and intricate spells are used on the broomsticks to make them fly, but also to make them confortable, fast, and easy to use for the riders. Harry Potter's first broom was a Nimbus 2000 given to him by Professor McGonagall so he could play Quidditch. What is the name of the second broom Harry Potter owned?

Question 17

Match the wand to the wand owner

As most people know after watching the Harry Potter movies or reading the books, wands are to wizards what arms are to muggles. They are an extension of them, a way for their powerful magical abilities to be channelled and used. A witch or wizard's wand can also be very representative of their personality. Minerva McGonagall wand, for example, has been described as stiff... Read the following description: made of yew, thirteen and a half inches long, and a phoenix feather core. Who did this wand belong to?

Question 18

Which wizarding family owned this?

Slytherin's Locket was a very old and very valuable piece of jewelry belonging to none other than one of Hogwarts' founders, Salazar Slytherin. One particular feature of the locket is that it was enchanted by its maker to only allow a Parselmouth to open it. After Salazar's demise, the locket was passed down his family tree until it reached a certain wizarding family lead by Marvolo and composed of his two children, Morfin and Merope. What was the name of this wizarding family?

Question 19

What is this Quidditch related object?

In the wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling, Quidditch is the most popular and well-known sport played by witches and wizards. Harry Potter immediately finds a passion for this game during his first year at Hogwarts and he goes on to be Gryffindor team's keeper for the following years. There are three important "balls" in play during a Quidditch match. One of them has the purpose of being hit by a team's Beaters towards the other team's players. What is it called?

Question 20

True or False?

In the Burrow, which is the Weasley family's home, there is a very special clock that stands in the living room. This impressive magical object has the purpose of showing each of the family members' position or situation. Whether someone is at school, at home, or in mortal danger, Mrs. Weasley will know about it. Now that's a useful clock! True or False, after Lord Voldemort's second rise to power, all of the clock's hands were pointed towards the mention "mortal peril"?

Question 21

How does this object work?

As was established previously, the Marauder's Map was perhaps one of the most useful magical document Harry owned during his time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Thanks to this amazing map, he was able to track anyone's position within the castle. However, when Fred and George Weasley gave the map to Harry, they had some instructions for him. When one is done using the map, one has to tap it with their wand and say "Mischief managed". What must be said for the map to be viewed?

Question 22

What happened to this object?

The Elder Wand is a legendary magical artefact that makes up one third of the mythical Hallows. According to the tale, evil itself gave this wand to a deserving wizard. It was also rumored that this wand was the most powerful of all time, able to defeat any other wands that crossed its path. Made of elder wood, measuring fifteen inches, and possessing a core of Thestral tail-hair, this wand was definitely a unique one. In which of the following does Harry destroy the wand?

Question 23

Whose wand is this?

It cannot be said enough that wands are to wizards what arms are to us muggles. A wizard's wand is his weapon and most useful tool, making it indispensable to pretty much every single witch and wizard in the world. The following wand belongs to a Hogwarts professor; it is nine and a half inches long, made of fir wood, has a dragon heartstring core, and was described as being stiff. This last adjective could also apply to the wand's owner. Who is it?

Question 24

When was this magical object used?

During Voldemort's first reign of terror, Vanishing Cabinets were very popular among witches and wizards. To be useful, a pair of Vanishing Cabinets is required and they must be put in different places. When fearing for your life, you must simply get into one and it will transport you into the other. If the cabinet is broken, one runs a risk of falling into a sort of limbo if trying to use the cabinet to disappear. In which installment of the Harry Potter series was this object used by Draco Malfoy?

Question 25

Who made this legendary object?

The Sword of Gryffindor is a thousand years old and it was the property of one of the four Hogwarts founders, Godric Gryffindor. During Harry Potters' second year at the magical school, when he was fighting the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets, the sword appeared for Harry inside the Sorting Hat. Having absorbed Basilisk venom, the sword became even more powerful and it was used to destroy Horcruxes. Who among these possible answers is the person who made this legendary sword?

Question 26

True or False?

The Golden Snitch is perhaps the most important "ball" of every Quidditch match, because once a team's seeker catches it, the game automatically ends. Snitches are very special objects, possessing unique properties. For example, they have flesh memories and therefore can remember the first person who touched them. This is why a new snitch is used in every Quidditch match, so it can be known for sure which seeker caught it first. True or False, the team of the seeker who catches the snitch is awarded 165 points?

Question 27

What is the other name for this object?

The Deluminator is a magical object created by Albus Dumbledore. He can be seen using it in the very first Harry Potter movie and its use was also mentioned in the first book. The Deluminator looks like a cigarette lighter, but its purpose is not the same; this object is able to remove the light from its surroundings. After Dumbledore's demise, the Deluminator was left to Ron Weasley and during a time of need, the magical object guided him to his friends. What can this object also be called?

Question 28

What is this object used for?

In the headmasters office at Hogwarts, there is a very special magical object called a Pensieve. It looks like a big stone cup, resting inside a glass cabinet, and containing a shallow metal bowl inside of which is a strange gas and liquid-like substance. Albus Dumbledore has been seen many times using this object and during he and Harry's search for Horcruxes, him and Harry have used it many times as well. What is a Pensieve used for in the wizarding world?

Question 29

How does this magical object work?

During Harry's first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Neville Longbottom received a Remembrall from grandmother. This glass ball is meant to help its owner remember when he or she has forgotten something. During their broom flying lesson, Draco Malfoy stole the Remembrall and threw it, prompting Harry to get on his broom and catch it. This in turn is what made him noticeable to Professor McGonagall, who then made sure Harry would be taken as a seeker on the Quidditch team. What color is the smoke filling the ball when something has been forgotten?

Question 30

What is so magical about this object?

During Harry Potter's first year at Hogwarts, he is introduced to one of the games Ron Weasley is actually good at: Wizard's Chess. This happens to serve him because one of the things defending the Philosopher's Stone was a gigantic version of a Wizard's Chess board. Thanks to his skills, Ron was able to let Harry through to the precious stone. The rules of Wizard's Chess are the same as Muggle chess, the board and pieces look exactly the same, so what is so magical about Wizard's Chess?

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