Even Diehard Grey's Anatomy Fans Won't Be Able To Pass This Test

Fans of Grey's Anatomy think the show to be the best medical TV drama ever made, and for good reason. The show has not only been well received by critics and the audience alike but it also consistently draws high ratings. Season one of Grey's Anatomy was released more than 10 years ago, all the way back in 2005. Currently, 15 seasons of the show have been released.

The show focuses on the lives of surgical interns, attending physicians, and residents although we also get a glimpse into what it is like to be a nurse as well as a patient. The protagonist of the series, Meredith Grey, starts out as an intern but over time becomes the Head of General Surgery. We watch as she interacts with her co-workers and family members and we get to see her grow not only as a person but also as a doctor.

Since the series features quite a few characters, it makes sense that over the course of 15 years countless talented actors have been cast. For example, Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers, Katherine Heigl, Chandra Wilson and Patrick Dempsey (IMDb) have all been featured on the show at one point or another. All these characters and their personal stories contribute to the overall plot but they also complicate things too. Who thinks they can remember every single detail about the show?

Question 1

Who worked as a model to pay off her medical school debts?

Most medical students are left with huge medical school debts. It is easy to ignore these debts and hope that they will go away on their own, but it doesn’t really work like that. Take Alex Karev as an example. He was one of the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy who tried to ignore his medical school debts and was incredibly stressed out when anyone brought up the topic. However, one Grey’s Anatomy doctor managed to graduate with no debts whatsoever. Fans of the series can probably recall that this character did not have wealthy parents who could help her with the fees. Rather, she worked hard as a model and made enough money to pay off the debt herself.

Question 2

Who was known as “McDreamy”?

Pretty much everyone on the show had a nickname (or two or three). But who can remember which one of the above four characters was nicknamed “McDreamy”? You have to admit, that’s a rather nice nickname and one that most people wouldn’t mind having. This character was given this nickname as a result of his good looks. He really did look dreamy. Like most good nicknames, it stuck. This question is rather simple so anyone who considers themselves a Grey’s Anatomy fan should ace it. And if you don’t... well, it might be a sign that you need to re-watch the show!

Question 3

And who coined the nickname “McDreamy”?

In the question above we asked you to identify the doctor who was given the nickname “McDreamy”. If you have ever watched the show then you probably aced the question. After all, it is one of the simplest questions that we could have possibly asked on this quiz. This particular question on the other hand is slightly more difficult although true fans of Grey’s Anatomy should have no trouble getting this one right either. So, who knows the name of the doctor that coined the very apt nickname “McDreamy”? Was it Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, Izzie Stevens, or George O’Malley?

Question 4

Where did Derek Shepherd live before he moved to Seattle?

Derek Shepherd wasn’t originally from Seattle. Indeed, he spent most of his life in a different U.S. city. It was in this city that he grew up in and in this city that he started his own practice. He probably would have stayed there forever if his wife Addison Montgomery, who also had her own private practice, had not felt neglected in their marriage. It was this feeling of neglect that prompted her to pursue a relationship with Derek’s best friend Mark Sloan. They weren’t very secretive about it for Derek eventually realized what his wife and his best friend were doing behind his back and thus decided to start his life all over again elsewhere.

Question 5

Where did Finn Dandridge take Meredith on the first date?

Remember Finn Dandridge? He was a veterinarian who treated Doc, Derek and Meredith’s dog, after he got sick. It was at his office that Meredith first ran into him. She had just been left by Derek who decided to give his marriage with Addison another shot. As such, she was rather vulnerable and in no way ready to date again hence why she initially turned Finn down. Nonetheless, that same day she reappeared at his office once more and asked him if he still wanted to go on a date with her. He seemed hesitant at first which made Meredith think that he had changed his mind. He hadn't though.

Question 6

What was the name of Meredith Grey’s mother?

Meredith Grey’s mother wasn’t exactly nice. She might have been a world famous surgeon who was awarded the prestigious Harper Avery award not once but twice but she was also arrogant, intense and overbearing. Still, she did not deserve to be left by the man that she loved more than anything else in the world (as some might be well able to recall, that man was none other than Richard Webber who left her because he was jealous of her professional success) and she also did not deserve to get Alzheimer’s at the end of her life. What was her name?

Question 7

What nickname did George get when he froze in his first surgery?

George O’Malley was one of the original interns whom we first met in season one of the series. He was passionate about his job although nothing came easy to him. He barely got accepted into the program at Seattle Grace despite the numerous recommendation letters that he had. Furthermore, during his first ever surgery he almost ended up taking the life of his patient which earned him the nickname “007”. Still, he proved that he was a skilled and clear-headed surgeon when he had to perform surgery on a patient after getting stuck in an elevator with him and Alex. The latter froze up whereas George flew solo.

Question 8

What was the name of Meredith and Derek Shepherd's adoptive daughter?

It was shortly after Meredith and Derek found out that Meredith had a hostile uterus that they met an African girl that was born with a spina bifida. The girl came to Seattle thanks to Alex Karev’s Africa Project. Derek was quick to fall in love with her, perhaps because she stopped crying immediately after he took her into his arms. He wasted no time in suggesting that he and Meredith adopt her. Meredith thought it a great idea but the adoption process was much harder than they thought. Nonetheless, after numerous difficulties they became the African girl’s legal parents. But who can recall her name?

Question 9

Who did Callie have a daughter with?

Speaking of kids, who can remember the name of the doctor with whom Callie had a daughter with? Callie had not planned on getting pregnant – it was an accident – but was thrilled at the prospect of having a baby and ended up naming her Sofia. The pregnancy was rather complicated in that prior to giving birth Callie was in a car crash. As such, the baby had to be delivered via a C-section and was born 16 months prematurely. She had no heartbeat and barely weighed one pound. She was placed in an incubator so that her internal organs could mature.

Question 10

How did Derek Shepherd pass away?

Fans of the show were ecstatic when Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey finally got together. As a couple they went through quite a lot together so it only seemed fair when they finally seemed to get their happily ever after. Only their happily ever after did not last long. At the end of season 11 Derek passed away, leaving Meredith with an incurable heartache and three little children with no father. It was not just Meredith who was crushed – the show’s fans were just as upset to see one of their favorite characters go. But how did Derek Shepherd pass away?

Question 11

What was the name of Jo Wilson’s ex-husband?

Remember when Alex Karev first proposed to Jo Wilson? We all thought that she would be overjoyed and as such would say yes immediately so we were all taken aback when she effectively turned him down. Only later did we learn that the reason she said no to Alex’s proposal was because she was already married. It was later revealed that Jo’s husband was not only mean but also abusive and that she eventually fled, not being able to take it any longer. She moved to Seattle and changed her name, not daring to file for divorce in case he found her.

Question 12

Why did Alex Karev and Izzie Stevens divorce?

Most of us thought that Alex Karev and Izzie Stevens would make for a beautiful couple right from the beginning so when they did in fact get together we were all incredibly excited. As a couple they went through quite a lot – Izzie made Alex realize that he was a good man whereas Alex not only helped her to get over her patient (and lover) after he passed away but was also by her side when it became apparent that she had cancer. In the end however their love story was not meant to be and they ended up getting a divorce. But who can recall the reason behind their separation?

Question 13

What country did Cristina move to?

Most fans will probably agree that Cristina Yang was hands down the absolute best character on the entire series. She was a great role model. Not only was she an amazing surgeon known for her work ethic, she was also an incredibly loyal and understanding friend. Furthermore, even though she appeared tough and goal oriented, she knew how to have fun. As such, it came as no surprise that fans were absolutely crushed when Cristina left Seattle for another job. Granted, the job that she was offered was very good and it wouldn’t have suited her personality to turn it down, but still. We all miss her.

Question 14

How many half-sisters does Meredith have?

It wasn’t just Meredith Grey’s love life that was complicated. Her familial relationships were just as confusing. For example, who can remember the exact number of half-sisters that Meredith had in total? We met them all at one point or another in the show although initially not even Meredith herself knew the exact number of siblings that she had and even refused to believe that she was related to some of them. Furthermore, Meredith wasn’t exactly nice to some of her half-sisters, at least not initially – which makes sense seeing how she hardly knew them – but later on ended up befriending them.

Question 15

What was Miranda Bailey’s first husband called?

Miranda Bailey is one tough woman, or at least, she appears to be tough from the outside. She is both formidable and gentle at the same time and she is an amazing surgeon. You’d want to be in her good books of course for she can be ruthless to those she does not like. Over the course of the series we got to see Miranda in plenty of vulnerable situations. For example, who can remember that time when Miranda’s first husband left her? She was incredibly upset and yet she probably knew even at the time that everything was going to work out for the better and that she’d eventually meet a man who wouldn’t expect her to be home for Sunday roast dinner.

Question 16

How did Matthew Taylor propose to April Kepner the first time?

When Matthew Taylor was still a new paramedic at the hospital he was quick to fall in love with April Kepner. He thought that she was one of the strongest and most beautiful women that he had ever met and before long the two were dating. They had a lot in common. For example, they were both very religious. As such, it was no surprise when Matthew eventually proposed to April. She said yes but then during the wedding ceremony she ran off with her ex-lover Jackson. Nonetheless, eventually Matthew and April got back together again and this time, their wedding ceremony went smoothly.

Question 17

What did Owen do before he joined Seattle Grace?

Owen Hunt used to work as Head of Trauma and at one point he was also the Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. We were first introduced to him in season five of the series and most of us were quick to fall in love with him (although of course there are plenty of those who can’t stand him too). Owen is a skilled and innovative doctor who does not like to talk about his past. Over the course of the show he was involved with quite a few women but his love life is certainly not very successful. The women that he chooses never want the same thing that he does. But enough about Owen’s love life – what did he do before he joined Seattle Grace?

Question 18

Which of the below characters has NOT lived at Meredith’s mother’s house?

For much of the show Meredith Grey lived in her mother’s house. Both her mother and her grandmother had once lived there but the house was too big for Meredith and as such she was initially planning on selling it. However, she quickly realized that perhaps it would be better to live in it. This prompted her to look for a couple of roommates. However, it wasn’t just her chosen roommates that lived in the house. Plenty of other people, such as her sisters (or rather, her half-sisters), her friends and her roommates’ romantic partners, also found themselves living there at one point or another during the show.

Question 19

Why did Owen Hunt bring his former lover Teddy Altman to Seattle Grace?

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy will probably have no difficulty in recalling that it was none other but Owen Hunt that brought Teddy Altman to Seattle. He convinced her that she would enjoy working at the hospital for it had not only amazing staff but also plenty of modern technology. She thought his offer appealing and as such, took it. Of course, the two had known each other from before. They were once really good friends and as such Teddy trusted Owen and did not suspect that he had an ulterior motive. But what was the reason behind Owen’s decision to bring Teddy to Seattle?

Question 20

Why did Teddy Altman marry one of her patients?

Throughout the show countless doctors ended up developing feelings for their patients. When it happened the first time we all thought the story heart-warming and unique. And we all thought that the doctor’s and the patient’s love was going to last forever. Of course, it ended badly and we learned the hard way not to invest our feelings into a relationship that was doomed from the very beginning. Still, most of us could not help but root for Teddy Altman and her patient Henry. Henry had a rare genetic condition known as the Von Hippel-Lindau disease and before long he and Teddy had tied the knot. It ended badly of course – Henry passed away and Teddy was left with an incurable heartache.

Question 21

What was the name of the patient that Izzie Stevens fell in love with?

Who can remember the time when Izzie Stevens fell in love with one of her patients? The patient had a heart problem and was hospitalized a number of times. He was promised a heart transplant but it was not until Izzie took matters into her own hands that he actually got one. By that time she was already head over heels in love with him and he wasn’t indifferent to her either. The heart transplant was successful – even if what Izzie did to get it was illegal - but the patient passed away anyways, leaving Izzie inconsolable, especially seeing how he had proposed to her mere hours earlier.

Question 22

What happened to Nathan Riggs’ fiancee?

Pretty much everyone was in love with Meredith Grey. Not that we can blame them. After all, she was pretty, ambitious and funny. Of course, there was only one man that Meredith truly cared about – Derek Shepherd. No one else came even close to him, which is perhaps why she found it so easy to let go of everyone else. For example, at one point she dated a doctor named Nathan Riggs. However, their relationship ended after his fiancee Meghan re-appeared. Nathan wasn’t so keen on resuming his relationship with her – he wanted to continue seeing Meredith instead – but did so anyways after Meredith insisted that it was the right thing to do.

Question 23

What is the name of April Kepner’s and Jackson Avery’s daughter?

Remember when Jackson Avery interrupted April Kepner’s and Matthew Taylor’s wedding ceremony? He obviously didn’t do it just for fun. He loved April and wanted to be with her. Indeed, almost immediately after running off together they got married and soon enough April found herself pregnant. Unfortunately, the baby passed away shortly after he was born, and as was to be expected, April and Jackson were inconsolable. April especially could not face reality and as such decided to volunteer at a war zone. She postponed her return for months, hurting Jackson in the process. Shortly after she returned they got a divorce but then April found out that she was pregnant once again. This time, the baby was born with no complications. What was her name?

Question 24

Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd got "married" on what color post-it note?

Derek Shepherd’s proposal to Meredith Grey was certainly unique. If you can recall he was waiting for her in the elevator, which he had decorated with scans of all the surgeries that they had performed together. Meredith was moved and accepted his proposal. However, as their wedding day approached it became obvious that Izzie’s cancer had returned. Wanting her to experience the happiest day of her life, Derek and Meredith gave her their wedding day, which she had planned anyway. They were going to get married in the town hall but did not have time and as such ended up writing down their vows on a post-it note. What color post-it note was it?

Question 25

What did Arizona Robbins lose in the plane crash?

The plane Crash was without a doubt one of the biggest events on Grey’s Anatomy. Six doctors – Meredith, Derek, Lexie, Arizona, Cristina, and Mark – were on their way to Idaho where they were to help separate conjoined twins when their plane crashed. Everyone was affected by it. The pilot needed C-spine stabilization and ended up paralyzed. Lexie passed away. Mark lost consciousness and later passed away in Seattle. Meredith had minor wounds. Derek had a serious hand wound. Cristina was diagnosed with reactive psychosis. But what happened to Arizona Robbins? What did she lose in the plane crash?

Question 26

True or False – Addison first came to Seattle to win Derek back?

When Addison Montgomery was introduced in season one of the series we knew that we were in for a lot of drama. Addison was Derek Shepherd’s wife. The two had spent years together but that did not stop Addison from getting together with Derek’s best friend, Mark Sloan. Naturally, Derek was quite upset, even if Addison did have a good reason for doing what she did – she felt neglected in their marriage. Derek couldn’t even look at his wife after her betrayal and he thus moved to Seattle where he quickly fell for Meredith Grey. But then Addison appeared and things got complicated.

Question 27

What was the name of the professor that Cristina dated when she was a medical student?

In one of the episodes in season three of the series we got to meet Cristina’s former professor from Stanford. It turned out that while Cristina was a student there she was romantically involved with him. They went out for three years and he had apparently asked her to marry him on numerous occasions. She of course turned him down each and every time. When he showed up at Seattle Grace he tried to get back together with Cristina. However, she was no longer interested in him and told him that she is in a serious relationship with Preston Burke.

Question 28

Why did Preston Burke leave Cristina Yang at the altar?

Preston Burke and Cristina Yang could not have been more different. He was spiritual whereas she was an atheist. He did not eat red meat whereas she loved steak. He wanted her to open up whereas she found it hard to commit and give up her freedom. Nonetheless, they were very much in love with one another and as such they made their tumultuous relationship work. However, when their wedding day approached Preston left Cristina at the altar. Shortly after he also packed up and left Seattle. Cristina was crushed – she not only lost her lover but also her teacher.

Question 29

Which of the below doctors was accidentally stabbed by an icicle?

Doctors save lives and yet sometimes they need others to save theirs. Who can remember the name of the doctor who was accidentally stabbed by an icicle? It was a freak accident – if the doctor had moved a step forward or a step back or even to either the right or left side, he or she could have avoided the unnecessary pain. Luckily, the doctor was treated by someone who knew what they were doing. This accident was rather memorable so true fans of Grey’s Anatomy should ace this particular question. Not sure which one of the above four answers is correct? Then go ahead and make a guess.

Question 30

Name Richard Webber’s second wife.

Richard Webber was still married to his first wife when he met the woman who was destined to become his second wife. They were very flirty towards one another but Richard did not let things go any further. Why? He realized that he needed to be by his wife’s side for at the time she had Alzheimer’s. However, when his first wife could no longer recognize him – and when she got “involved” with another man – he decided to pursue the other woman. Nonetheless, when his first wife passed away, Richard withdrew into himself and pushed the other woman away. With time however they grew close again and eventually – after many arguments - they got married.

Question 31

Which doctor did not pass medical boards?

You don’t have to be a fan of Grey’s Anatomy to know just how important Board Certification is, although we’re not denying that being an avid viewer of the show might help. It is through Board Certification that doctors showcase their knowledge and skills in a particular specialty. Doctors who pass Board Certification have exceptional expertise in a specific area. The boards consist of practical, written and simulator-based tests and are obviously quite difficult. Indeed, not every doctor on Grey’s Anatomy passed their Boards on their first try. Who knows the name of the doctor who did not pass the Boards the first time round and had to re-sit them the following year?

Question 32

Who was this?

We were first introduced to this particular character in season seven of the series. She was an OB/GYN attending as well as maternal-fetal medicine fellow. She was in a brief relationship with Alex Karev. Initially she didn’t like him – he had assumed that she was a nurse and made fun of one of her patients – but eventually grew fond of him. Of course, it helped that Meredith Grey put in a good word for Alex. Eventually this character began dating Alex but their relationship was short-lived – believing that Alex did not consider her a factor in his decision making she took the job at Namboze which he was thinking of taking.

Question 33

Who was Amelia Shepherd married to?

Amelia Shepherd was Derek Shepherd’s sister and the Head of Neurosurgery. When she came to Seattle she was quick to fall in love with one of her co-workers. The two bonded over their rough past but their relationship was complicated at best. Eventually however they decided to get married. The decision might have been rushed for neither knew all that much about the other. This made Amelia rather uneasy. Nonetheless, she still thought that she had made the right call at this time. Things began falling apart however when it turned out that Amelia had no desire to have kids whereas her husband did. In the end, their different opinions on life – and on kids – is what led them to sign divorce papers.

Question 34

Who was Lexie Grey in love with?

Lexie Grey was a surgical resident at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. She was cheerful and good-natured. She was also an ambitious doctor and one of the best interns at the hospital. Indeed, she even won the intern competition that was set up by Izzie. Of course, like most doctors on Grey’s Anatomy, she was quick to fall in love. The man she had feelings for was not indifferent to her either but their relationship was very complicated. As most fans are probably well aware, Lexie passed away in the plane crash and as such never got the love story she deserved.

Question 35

How many times did Ben Warren change his profession?

We first met Ben Warren in season six of the series. He was instantly smitten with Miranda Bailey and of course she had a crush on him too. The two made for a great couple even though they didn’t always agree on everything. One of the things that they disagreed on was Ben’s professional life. As fans might be well able to recall, Ben wasn't sure that he was on the right path in his life and was tempted to try something different. Despite their differences - and Miranda's belief that Ben was indeed on the right path in his life - they walked down the aisle together and have been living together happily ever after (or as happily ever after as one can live in a Grey's Anatomy universe) since.

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