Even Diehard Fans Can't Name All These Spider-Man Villains. Wanna Try?

Spider-Man is one of Marvel Comics' most famous and enduring superheroes. He has been the face of Marvel since nearly the beginning of the Marvel Age of Comics which started back in 1961. It was once said that a hero can only be as good as his villains, and if that's the case it is easy to see why Spider-Man has become so famous. From the beginning of his comic run, he has been fighting some of the most garish rogues in all of comics. It has been argued that Spidey's stable of villains can only be outdone by Batman's. Spider-Man not only has his great villains to choose from, but he has also fought almost every one of the major villains in the Marvel Universe. There is not a threat that Spider-Man hasn't faced and helped defeat.

This quiz has been created to celebrate the many and various villains that Spider-man has clobbered in his time as a hero. Some of these characters are iconic and some are flashes in the pan. So sit back and have Aunt May throw on the wheat cakes. Naming all these Spider-Man villains is going to take a lot of knowledge, and a little luck. Give it a try!

Question 1

Who is this Spider-Man Villain?

This character is one of the greatest villains that Spider-Man has ever faced. There have been four incarnations of this character over the years. Norman and Harry Osborn both used the identity, and so does Harry's therapist, Bart Hamilton. Phil Urich also becomes this character, but he did so as a superhero. This villain has superhuman strength and he flies around on a glider. He throws pumpkin bombs, and some iterations can shoot lasers from their fingers or cause harm with their laugh. Who is this villain?

Question 2

Who is this Spider-Man villain who becomes an anti-hero?

This villain was created when Spider-Man brought back a new costume from the Beyonders Battle World. This costume was an alien symbiote that could change color and shape to be any piece of clothing Spidey could think of. The new costume made Peter more mean and eventually, he chooses to get rid of the alien. This symbiote found Eddie Brock, who was a rival of Peter's at the Newspaper. Eddie and the symbiote combined to form this character who can evade Spider-Man's Spidey sense. Who is this villain?

Question 3

Who is this "child" of one of Spider-Man's villains ?

This character was born when an inmate was sharing a cell with Eddie Brock. The symbiote grew back on Eddie, allowing him to escape, and a seed symbiote was left behind for Cletus Kasady to find. Cletus was in prison for terrible crimes, and he drove the young symbiote mad when they bonded. This villain would go on a spree with other Spider-Man villains, and he would force Spidey to team up with former enemies to defeat him. Who is this villain?

Question 4

Who is this Spider-Man Villain?

This villain took many gimmicks and tricks from an older Spider-Man advisory, including the mask, the glider, and the pumpkin bombs. The character has been used by six different people, though many of them were just pawns created by the most powerful person to wear the mantel, Roderick Kingsley. He even brainwashes others to wear this villain's costume, to protect himself from being caught. He brainwashes Peter's friend Ned Leeds and even tricks Spider-Man for some time. Who is this villain?

Question 5

Who is this Spider-Man villain who flips between good guy and bad guy?

This character started out as a Spider-Man villain, first appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man # 4. However, the character would also spend a lot of time fighting The Fantastic Four. This character can turn his entire body into a particular earthly substance – which we won't name to avoid giving away the answer. He can control his density, change size, and shape as well. Who is this villain who shares his name with a DC character?

Question 6

Who is this brilliant foe that stole Spider-Man's body?

This villain started out as a world-famous scientist who got fused to his safety arms after an experiment went wrong. The accident took an already fragile mind and broke it completely. After the incident, this character starts living a life of crime, mostly to help pay for his scientific work. With his extra arms, he is able to cause Spider-Man a lot of trouble. The arms are nearly indestructible and super strong. Who is this villain who almost married Aunt May?

Question 7

Who is this Spider-Man villain who changes costumes a lot?

This character works on his special combat suit almost as much as Tony Stark. There have been seven different characters to wear this armor. This villain started out as a Human Torch villain, and when he was first shown his armor had long fingers with suction cups on the end. The character always has some kind of wings, heavy armor, and lots of firepowers. The person most associated with the armor is Abner Jenkins, who built and modified the armor. Who is this villain?

Question 8

Who is this villain who started in Spider-Man but became more of a Daredevil villain?

This supervillain first appeared in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man. He was revealed to be one of the most connected mob bosses in the entire city, and he disliked Spider-Man for interfering with his business. Some have made the mistake of thinking that this character is out of shape, but they often find out that this mountain of a man is nearly all muscle, who has been trained in many forms of combat. Who is this character who runs New York's crime?

Question 9

Who is this Spider-Man villain?

This Spider-Man villain was born in Australia but moved to the U.S as a young man. He grew up loving baseball and eventually worked his way up into pitching for the majors. Unfortunately, he started taking bribes and is kicked out of the league. With his life in ruins, this character accepts a position at a crime organization and takes on his new persona. He uses his skill for throwing to help fight heroes like Spider-Man and The Hulk. Who is this villain?

Question 10

Who is this living vampire that fights Spider-Man?

After the Comics Code Authority was enacted, many supernatural creatures were banned. There is a famous story that creator Marv Wolfman had to prove that his legal name was Wolfman so that his credit could be approved by the Comics Code. This code made it very hard to use vampires, so writers had to find workarounds. One thing they could do was have a vampire who was created by science and only drank plasma from his hands. Who is this character created to circumvent the Comics Code?

Question 11

Who is this Spidey villain who is Liz Allan's step-brother?

Mark Raxton worked as a scientist who was always looking for things that would make him rich. He worked for Oscorp and helped develop the Spider-Slayers. When he was helping with a new experimental alloy Raxton decided to try and sell the metal for money. His partner got angry at this and in the ensuing fight, he coated Raxton in the new metal. Instead of harming him, this metal gave him super strength. He certainly didn't use his powers for good, but was stopped by Spidey. Who is this villain?

Question 12

Who is this Spider-Man villain who uses robots?

This Spider-Man villain created and deployed robots known as Spider-Slayers. The first one was bought by Peter's boss J. Jonah Jameson and was almost able to catch and reveal Spidey's identity. The robot ultimately fails, and Jameson fires this character. However, the villain keeps building more and more versions of the Spider-Slayers until eventually he performs experiments on his own son to turn him into the ultimate Spider-Slayer. Who is this Scientist, who is often a thorn in Spider-Man's Side?

Question 13

Who is this Spider-Man villain who is based on another arachnid?

There are a few different kinds of arachnids in the world, they are defined as having 8 legs and two body sections. Spiders are often the most famous example of arachnids cited. Mac Gargan was a private investigator hired by J. Jonah Jameson to find out how Peter Parker got his pictures. When he fails, Jameson decides to pay him to take part in an experiment that will give him super strength and a suit of armor. The experiment worked, but causes Mac to go mad. Who is this villain?

Question 14

Who is this old Spider-Man villain?

This Spider-Man villain is an older person, Adrian Toomes, who was an electronics engineer. He creates a pair of flying wings and moves to a life of crime. Spider-Man's creators loved the idea of a teenage superhero having to fight a much older villain. The contrast helped the story and this villain became a recurring character in Spidey's rogues gallery. There were other characters that also used this name, but Toomes is the most famous. Who is this villain who was played by Michael Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming?

Question 15

Who is this Spider-Man villain who stole Spidey's identity?

This Spider-Man villain believed himself to be the greatest hunter in the whole world. When he heard of a man like spider in New York he had to hunt it. Though he has tried to hunt Spider-Man many times, he is usually unsuccessful. However, in one of the greatest Spider-Man stories of all time, this villain actually defeats Spider-Man. After capturing Spidey, he buries him and fights crime as Spider-Man for a time, proving he is better than Spider-Man. Who is this villain of The Last Hunt?

Question 16

Who was Spider-Man's first super villain?

This super villain is the first one that Spider-Man ever encounters in Amazing Spider-Man #1. The only person Spider-Man fought in Amazing Fantasy 15 was the non-powered criminal who shot Uncle Ben. This character can impersonate anyone on the planet with different masks and costumes. This character is a master spy and has stolen information from other heroes, including Hank Pym and Tony Stark. Eventually, the character would get superpowers that allowed his face to become fully malleable. Who is this villain who was once defeated by Aunt May?

Question 17

Who is this Hollywood props creator who became a super villain?

Though this character's costume design is one of the silliest (seriously who wears a fishbowl as a helmet?) the character has always been quite the foe. Using skills and abilities he learned while helping make practical special effects for movies, this character has convinced many heroes that they were losing their minds. He usually focuses on Spider-Man but has also tormented Daredevil and Dr. Strange. This title has been most often used by Quentin Beck, but 3 other people have used the identity. Who is this villain?

Question 18

Who is this super strong Spider-Man villain?

Aleksei Sytsevich was a thug who volunteered to have a super strong polymer applied to his skin. This augmented his strength and increased his speed, but it could never be removed. This character is one of Spider-Man's more dimwitted foes in most of his appearances, but in some storylines, like "Flowers for Rhino" (a reference to the story Flowers for Algernon) we see that he may be more insightful than Spider-Man gives him credit for. Who is this large and strong villain?

Question 19

Who is this villain?

Morrie Bench was working on a cargo ship that became a battleground for Namor and Spider-Man. Morrie was changed forever after an experimental generator was turned on. This accident makes Morrie able to...well we're going to leave that part out. He blames Spider-Man and decides to make it his life mission to take him down. This villain is usually just a small-time crook and he is often found working for other more powerful villains as a hired guard. Who is this villain?

Question 20

Who is this villain whose image has changed a lot since his first appearance?

This villain has always had one of the worst masks in comics. Though it is supposed to be electricity, it always looks more like a starfish. He was redesigned for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 film, and many fans prefer that new look for him. This character got his powers when he was struck by lightning while working on an electric line. This accident gave him the ability to shoot electricity and absorb it. Who is this villain who can ride on electric lines?

Question 21

Who is this villain who is one of Peter's professors?

This villain was created when a brilliant scientist, Dr. Curt Connors, tried out an experimental formula to regrow his lost arm. The formula worked, but it also caused him to mutate into a large monster. With his new found strength he decided to live in the swamps of Florida until Spider-Man could hunt him down and turn him to human form. Connors would relocate to New York and start teaching at Peter's school. Who is this villain who wants to turn the whole world's population into reptiles?

Question 22

Who is this anti-hero who first appeared in Spider-Man?

This anti-hero made his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man when he was hired to eliminate Spider-Man. This character, believing Spidey to be the menace the papers said he was, starts to hunt Spider-Man. While he is trying to finish the contract though he finds out that Spider-Man is a good guy, and that a bad guy had hired him. This does not sit well with this anti-hero and he teams up with Spider-Man to defeat the real villains. Who is this character?

Question 23

Who is this gangster villain?

When Marvel comics first started making villains they decided to never mention the mafia by name. There were many reasons for this, not the least of which was a concern for the staff's well being. So they created another criminal cartel to write about in their comics. This group was called the Maggia and one of their leaders was this supervillain. This character's head has been reinforced with vibranium (or sometimes adamantium) which allows him to break through walls with just his head. Who is this villain?

Question 24

Who is this Spider-Man villain?

This character was an albino man who had no superpowers originally. He was just large, with filed teeth to help him look more intimidating. This was hardly needed though after the character received super strength, reflexes, speed, stamina, and resistance to harm. He is a very skilled hand to hand combatant who has been able to hold his own with both Spider-Man and Daredevil. The character usually works for other Marvel and Spider-Man villains, but he has been known to freelance. Who is this imposing villain?

Question 25

Who is this villain who started the Clone Saga?

This villain is responsible for one of the most over complicated storylines in all of Marvel history, the Clone Saga. The original clone story arc was a good read. However, the storyline was brought back in an arc that ran for three years in over 40 issues of the comics and became way too convoluted to keep track of. This villain created the cloned versions of Spider-Man, as well as a clone of Gwen Stacy. Who is this villain who was Peter's biology professor?

Question 26

Who is this sometimes villain, sometimes love interest?

Felicia Hardy was the daughter of a world-famous burglar. She trained in acrobatics and fighting styles and decided to follow in her father's footsteps. She started fighting Spider-Man but eventually decided to become his partner. The two also started dating. Originally she had no superpowers, but she gains the ability to control luck subconsciously, and she gets superhuman strength, agility, and retractable claws. Though she sometimes works with the heroes, she is still a villain when she wants to be. Who is this independent female?

Question 27

Who is this villain who tormented Spider-Man and the X-Men?

This character was first introduced in an issue of Marvel Team-Up, which starred Spider-Man and The X-Men. He is a genius who creates an elaborate world to trap his enemies in so he can play with them while he defeats them. Though he appears to be a comedic character, he is very powerful and has almost defeated many different heroes. The character's love of games often leads to his defeat. Who is this villain who enjoys pinball and video games?

Question 28

Who is this villain who is the uncle of Miles Morales?

In the Marvel 616 universe, this character is Hobbie Brown, a villain who reforms and becomes a hero. In the Ultimate Marvel Universe though this character is Aaron Davis, and he is the uncle of Miles Morales, who becomes a version of Spider-Man. The character has no superpowers, but the suit is capable of firing projectiles, and a pneumatic cape which can become rigid allowing him to glide. This character was played by Donald Glover in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Who is this villain?

Question 29

Who is this villainous trio?

These characters were first hired by the Big Man to defeat Spider-Man. The team line-up changes from time to time, and has been known to include Fancy Dan, The Ox, Montana, Snake Marston, and Hammer Harrison. Each character has unique skills. Dan is a diminutive martial artist, Ox is a strongman, Montana is an expert with the lasso, Snake is a contortionist, and Hammer is a boxer who wears steel gloves. Who is this team of villains who have troubled Spider-Man from the very beginning?

Question 30

Which gothic character does Spider-Man face?

There was a stretch of time where every major superhero fought this villain. Not just at Marvel but at DC as well. This character is based on the original created by Bram Stoker, but he has been highly modified by the comics writers. He has fought the X-Men, Spider-Man, Blade, The Avengers, Dr. Strange, and Dr. Doom. When Spider-Man fought this villain, it was to help get a medication to save Aunt May's life. Who is this gothic character who has fought the Marvel Universe?

Question 31

Who is this villain?

This villain looks like a mashup of many of Spider-Man's more famous villains. He first appeared in Machine Man 19. The character flies on a glider, throws pumpkin bombs, but instead of wearing a goblin mask, this character wears a carved pumpkin mask on his head. The name has been used by five different people, with most having similar powers. The notable exception was the 4th version of this character who actually had the ability to change his head into a pumpkin. Who is this villain?

Question 32

Who is this villain that can mimic Spider-Man's fighting style?

This supervillain first appeared in the Avengers where he fought the whole team to a standstill. He is a mercenary who can mimic the fighting styles and maneuvers from anyone he can see. He can't gain Spider-Man's strength or agility, but he can mimic his maneuvers while having his own peak human strength and agility. He can also figure out what Spider-Man will do next, which helps give him an advantage. Who is this combat expert who has fought Spider-Man and won on many occasions?

Question 33

Who is this villain who looks like a nightmare version of Spider-Man?

During the Infinity War storyline in the comics, many versions of our favorite heroes and villains were released into the universe. Spider-Man's non-hero version had six arms and was faster and stronger than the original was. He also had razor-sharp claws and razor-sharp webbing. After many of the copies had vanished, this one remained in the 616 and teamed up with other villains during Maximum Carnage. The creature does not seem to have advanced though and acts like an animal. Who is this monster?

Question 34

Who is this villain, who is really more of a Marvel Universe villain?

This Marvel character has at one time or another been at odds with every single hero in the Marvel Universe. Though he has it out for Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four the most, he is not above fighting any would be hero that tries to get between him and ruling the world. He is the ruler of Latveria, and he is one of the smartest people in the whole Marvel Universe. He also has magic, and a superpowered suit to make him even more powerful. Who is this villain?

Question 35

Name this hooded Spidey villain.

This character is one of Spider-Man’s newest villains. He his a crime lord who fought a demon and stole its cloak. He is a master marksman and he has been known to use many A.I.M and Hydra tech items. The cloak gives him the ability to walk on air and become invisible. He also can see through illusions and turn into a monstrous form that gains super speed, strength, and durability. He hardly ever has to fight, however, counting on his minions to help defeat Spidey. Who is this bad guy?

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